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The Leader in Me

& Life Skills Conference & school tour

March 23, 2015:

Jaarbeurs Convention Center
in Utrecht, The Netherlands Join us in The Netherlands

Combined with a guided tour to

The Leader in Me schools, in the
region of Utrecht on March 24, 2015!

A comprehensive experience of The Leader in Me® and the

integration of Life Skills in elementary school practice. Including
keynote speakers, panel discussion, dialogue cafe with best
practices, time for meeting, networking opportunities and school
tour. Take part in an educational event you will not forget.
We are excited and happy to welcome you at this conference in
The Netherlands, and we are proud about the program and the
line up of speakers!

The Leader in Me®

The 7 Habits are applicable and effective to develop
your potential and strenghten relations. The essence
of the 7 Habits is captured in the concepts of self
leadership and life skills. The Leader in Me® is the
proces in which the 7 Habits of Stephen Covey are
included. Worldwide The Leader in Me® is applied
wih astonishing success in more than 2000
elementary schools. More and more schools
are becoming interested and active with the
implementation of this great process. People who
adopt the skills and behaviour of the 7 Habits,
have better social skills and achieve more. They
can optimally develop their talents and personality.
The process effects the social emotional develop-
ment and behaviour of students. And students make
notable progress with language, literacy, numeracy.
CPS Academie
Keynote speakers on March 23, 2015

Muriel Summers: Make your school special

As principal of A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School, Muriel Summers and
her staff created the first leadership elementary school in the nation using FranklinCovey's
7 Habits program as a foundation. A.B. Combs is a diverse elementary school, boasting children
from 64 countries. By recognizing that each student possesses unique gifts and talents, and
building on students' strengths rather than their weaknesses, Muriel and the other team
members guide students to continually achieve high levels of academic performance year Muriel Summers
after year.

Carla Luycx: The Leader in Me® at Atlantis Elementary School

Eight years ago she started a new school with 13 students: Atlantis Elementary School in
Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The school grew fast to 550 students now and has a waiting list
each year. The children are educated in leadership and life skills. This school found an answer
to the question that many schools deal with: How can we focus on personality and leadership
of students? Starting point for her were Covey's 7 Habits. Atlantis Elementary School won the Carla Luycx
Dutch 'Jos van Kemenade Award' for innovation in education in 2011.

´ The key to success

Danny MekiC:
In 2009 he won the title of most successful young entrepreneur of The Netherlands. In addition
to running his company, which he founded at the age of 15, he is active as a university lecturer,
mediator, management consultant, investor and opinion maker. Without a high school
diploma, Danny studied Law at the University of Amsterdam. What is his key to success? How
did he reach his goals? What did he appreciate in his education and what aspects did he miss?
A glimpse into the world of a young successful entrepreneur and his view on the importance Danny MekiĆ
of life skills in education.

René Lydiksen: LEGO Education

Since 2013 René Lydiksen is managing director of LEGO® Education in Europe. He has a passion
for application of technology to improve education and to enable students to develop creative
skills, to find solutions and contribute to society. Learning is at the very core of the LEGO®
Group’s most heartfelt values, and the company’s education division has invested many years
in cooperation and research with child development specialists and teaching professionals to
build a rich understanding of what it takes to provide truly effective learning experiences. René Lydiksen

School tour on March 24, 2015 For whom?

School leaders, middle managers, coordinators,
On the second day of the conference you will see how teachers, support staff in elementary education.
The Leader in Me® works in Dutch schools and classrooms.
The children will take the lead on Leadership Day. They Tuition - includes conference, school tour,
will show their leadership roles, for example 'greeter', lunches, refreshments:
'presenter', 'filmmaker', and 'photographer'. In addition € 399,00 - Early bird price (first 75 registrations)
children will share with you the way they use the 7 Habits € 449,00 - Normal price
in their school. In the morning you will visit Atlantis
Elementary School, the first The Leader in Me® school in Recommended hotels near
The Netherlands. In the afternoon the group splits up. You conference venue Jaarbeurs Convention Center:
will visit De Bron Elementary School (practicing The Leader Park Plaza Hotel Utrecht****
in Me® process for one and a half year) or Noorderlicht NH Hotel Jaarbeurs Utrecht****
Elementary school (started 6 months ago with The Leader
in Me® process). The school tour will show how each school Read the complete program and register at:
shapes The Leader in Me® process in its own way.

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