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Issue # 225 November 8, 2010

The Conservative Voice of Henry County

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time .. And you would achieve nothing." ~Margaret Thatcher

Obama says 'midcourse corrections' to come at home

Like he has a choice!

Your Support is Appreciated While addressing a group of students in Mumbai, the president admits
that the midterm election outcome 'requires me to make some
midcourse corrections' in attempt to win back the electorate and work
The Conservative Voice of Henry
with the empowered GOP.
County has opened a venue for news,
comment and opinion that exists nowhere
else. It is because of you; a steady list of
nearly 4,000 people who read and submit The rise of the Tea Party movement shows "democracy works," former
President George W. Bush says in an interview to air Tuesday night on
articles sharing ideas and principles.
Fox News' "Hannity."

"Here's what I see. I see democracy working. People are expressing a level
of frustration or concern and they're getting involved in the process."
The Citizen newsletter is now
available online at Scribd! View online at "The only two people I am endorsing this year are Nathan Deal and
Over 5,900 online reads! Check it out. Herman Talmadge." --Congressman Mac Collins.

I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.

Thank you for your support and participation


Herman Talmadge - Conservative Republican

Working for the Republican Party and specifically the election of candidate, and then president George W. Bush he was
awarded a Commission of Accomplishment by the Presidential Roundtable Commission in 2000 stating:


Herman Talmadge was also awarded a second Commission of Accomplishment by the Presidential
Roundtable in 2004, again among only 100 Georgians to be so honored.

Herman was also awarded a Warrant of Membership by the 25th Anniversary Republican Senatorial Inner Circle
Commission. He was again among only 100 Georgians to receive this recognition.

Through his work and efforts to support and promote Republican Party ideals of conservatism, Herman has raised
several hundred thousand dollars for the party at local, state and national levels.

Everyone knows the Talmadge family as leaders in the community, state and national politics. Since 1940 the family
farm, business and residence has been in Hampton, Georgia. Herman's great-grandfather Eugene Talmadge (1884-
1946) served as the 67th Governor of Georgia from 1933-1937 and again from 1941-1943. Elected to another term in
1946, he died before taking office. To date only Joe Brown and Eugene Talmadge have been elected four times as
governor of Georgia.

It is interesting to note that president Franklin Roosevelt opposed Eugene Talmadge's run for the US Senate. Eugene did
not support FDR's New Deal. From the beginning, then, it is wrong to associate the Talmadge name with liberal
Democrats for their programs.

With the Reagan Revolution America's South revolted against the increasingly liberal policies of the Democrat Party.
Candidate and then president Ronald Reagan eloquently described the differences andhow the nation must return to
conservative values. In reality the southern Democrats did not change; the Party left them.

Herman Talmadge III is a Conservative Republican. Again taking from history and definition of the term, Herman is
conservative on social issues and supports economic freedom. He is among good company sharing these views with the
likes of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Pro-Life Issues Yielded Election Victories,

John Boehner Gets It

The mainstream media reported heavily on the importance of economic issues in the 2010 elections as if to exclude the
perennial importance of the life issues.

Our Executive Director at National Right to Life, David N. O'Steen, said it best. "Post-election polling has shown that
pro-life issues played a major role in what happened at the polls yesterday and provided a margin sufficient to guarantee
victory in many close races."

Polling showed that 22% of respondents voted based on abortion and voted PRO-LIFE. Twenty-seven percent of voters
said abortion funding in the health care law affected their vote and they voted for candidates who opposed the health
care law as opposed to only 4% who said abortion funding in the health care law affected their vote and they voted for
candidates who favored the law.

The polling also showed a tremendous rejection of health care rationing. Forty-four percent of voters polled said that
rationing in health care affected their vote AND they voted for opponents of the law. And 56% said they opposed the
health care law while only 39% favored it.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, who is likely to be the next Speaker of the House, released a document titled
"Pillars of a New Majority." It is a compilation of some of his speeches meant to represent his legislative priorities.

The very first section is called "Culture of Life" which is a transcript of the speech he gave at this year's National Right to
Life Convention in Pittsburgh when receiving NRLC's Legislative Leadership award. The block quote above that section
quotes Leader Boehner saying, ""The defense of life and the defense of freedom are necessarily linked. We know this to
be true. And if we accept it, then the current political agenda in Washington is a threat to freedom."

What an amazing job the grassroots pro-lifers did who helped spread the word about abortion and rationing in the
Obama health care law! And what a voice those pro-life voters gave to those who cannot speak for or defend

Room for Compromise

"The campaign season is over," the president said Saturday in his weekly radio and online address. "And it's time to
focus on our shared responsibilities and work together. I believe there's room for us to compromise and get it done

The Bush era tax cuts and healthcare legislation are two big issues that voters took to the polls last week. Republicans
said this week they strongly favor renewing all the Bush tax cuts, given the struggling economy.

The White House said this past week after stinging midterm elections for Democrats that Obama is willing to consider a
compromise for a one- or two-year extension of all the tax cuts, even for families earning more than $250,000 a year.

During the 2008 presidential campaign and for two years in the Oval Office Obama has pushed and charged and forced
an agenda of spending and growing the size and influence of government. Under Obama and a cabal of socialist leaders
in the House and Senate, the national debt exceeds $13,688,085,000,000 - reflecting $44,064 per American citizen, and
a whopping $124,187 per taxpayer. also reports official unemployment at 14,650,717 people. But the actual number
of unemployed is 27,142,457. When government reports 10% unemployment they do not include those who have
exceeded benefits or have simply stopped seeking jobs. They only report numbers of people applying or receiving
unemployment benefits.

Sen.-elect Marco Rubio of Florida said in the Republican address that lawmakers owe it to the voters to make a course
correction from government spending and deficits.

"The past two years provided a frightening glimpse at what could become of our great nation if we continue down the
current path: wasteful spending, a growing debt and a government reaching ever further into our lives, even into our
health care decisions," Rubio said.

Rubio said during the campaign that he opposes any compromise that does not extend current tax policies to all
taxpayers. He said he does not support any tax increases with the economy in its current condition.

Compromise is the art of making all parties feel good about themselves. It has nothing to do with right, wrong or
actually taking correct action. In some matters, there should be no room for feel-good deal-making. The election is
over and it's time to get down to business.

A Long Two Years

The words and the vibes that came from the president's post-election news conference suggest a long and difficult two
years ahead. Said he right off the bat: "If the Republicans have ideas . I'm happy to consider some of those ideas."

The Republican victory in the House dwarfed the GOP tsunamis of 1946 and 1994, with more than
60 House seats changing party hands. The same independent voters-a large and growing slice of the American
electorate-who propelled Mr. Obama to victory in 2008, swung to the GOP. At the same time, loyal Democratic voters
said they were dispirited with the administration and Congress and were thus less likely to go to the polls at all.

John Boehner (R-OH) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), have doubled down on their election pledge to repeal the
Democrats' landmark health care reform bill.
Republican leaders are vowing to repeal President Obama's signature healthcare law and extend Bush administration tax
cuts for the wealthiest Americans in the wake of their gains in the midterm elections. One day after winning control of
the House and reducing the Democrats' Senate majority, House Republican Leader John Boehner said the healthcare bill
threatens to bankrupt the United States.

Rep. John Boehner: "I believe that the healthcare bill that was enacted by the current
Congress will kill jobs in America, ruin the best healthcare system in the world, and bankrupt our country. That
means that we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with commonsense reforms
that will bring down the cost of health insurance."
Take the outcome of the election - an unmistakable repudiation of the President's policies. As columnist GEORGE WILL put
it, "This election was a nationwide recoil against Barack Obama's idea of unlimited government."

He's right. And, voters also sent another message: they don't want the President's pro-abortion, government-run health
care law. It's clear that most Americans who went to the polls oppose ObamaCare and want it repealed. EXIT POLLING
found that 59% of those who voted on election day favor repealing the law - numbers that have been consistent since
the troubling health care measure was passed in March.

The two parties will almost inevitably clash as the president digs in to defend his legislative achievements, including the
sweeping health-care law, which aims to cover the uninsured and control costs, and a major overhaul of financial-
industry regulations.

Many Republicans elected Tuesday will feel that their mandate is to undo that legislation. Tea-party members have been
outspoken opponents of government spending and regulation.

Commissioners in the Pocket

A probe into Gwinnett County government and land deals proved what many people already knew. Money leads the way
and taking care of friends is the order of the day. Not only is the practice dishonest on its face, elected officials know
how to tap the public treasury for fun and profit.

In the AJC longtime government watchdog, Brenda Lee, said, "We have a standing joke that things don't get done unless
the right person owns the property." But it is not a joke. It is a perquisite of the job when elected to a city council or
county commission.

District courtesy is the practice employed. Any board action that directly affects a specific commissioner's district is left
to his/her discretion. That includes land deals, zoning changes and economic development. The Gwinnett grand jury
found county land acquisitions had gone terribly awry. Public officials used the system to benefit political cronies at the
expense of taxpayers. The Henry County commission generally follows the same rules - but not always.

Henry County's wetland mitigation bank is one of the complicated deals that most citizens do not understand. Wetland
mitigation works by purchasing land in a watershed basin to offset other land that will be developed. One entity has
preserved wetlands that it has to spare in a "wetland mitigation bank" - which it sells to entities that are impacting
wetlands elsewhere due to a construction project - in the form of units called "wetland credits".

It all sounds like a sound eco-friendly way to manage resources. On the surface, any undeveloped wetland - or land the
county declares suitable - would suffice. Unless the target property is already under zoning conditions and set for
development, but the developer cannot sell it under the current market conditions.

In steps a county official, already known to be in the developer's pocket, and a deal is proposed. Although the county
water authority is already in the wetland business, the plan calls for setting up another county department to oversee
wetland management. Without intervention by other board members this deal would have passed and Henry County
commissioners would be joining Gwinnett in defrauding taxpayers.

Economic development is another buzzword some Henry County commissioners like to use. We need jobs. We need
better infrastructure. Similar to the failed policies of the federal government, they see government as the banker that
chooses winners and losers.

The proposed movie studio in Hampton posed an opportunity to both payoff a political crony, and spend $Millions of
taxpayers dollars - socialism at its best. The deal called for $40-Million in development bonds for the upstart company.
As talks proceeded the county looked at purchasing 94 acres from the developer-turned-movie mogul, and then leasing
it back to him. Again intervention by more honest commissioners brought this travesty to a halt.

District courtesy is a nice, diplomatic way to control infighting at the board. But it is like disciplining an unruly child.
Someone must enforce the rules of conduct, just like the reigns on a horse's neck. We are fortunate in Henry County
that citizens and some commissioners see the truth about abuses of office. A good question is how much goes on that
we do not see?

93 Price Quarters Rd Ste 95

McDonough, GA A Nice Way to Say It:
(770) 898-1600
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~ Saturday Breakfast Buffet ~
~ Sunday Dinner Buffet ~ Early Voting

District 2 Runoff - Henry County

Early voting in the Elections Office the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of

Cemetery Research Group Thanksgiving week. If the ballot comes in early they will start early. The Board of Elections will meet Monday after recount and we will know if they
decide to open the Hampton Satellite for Dist. 2 Run-Off.

345 Phillips Drive

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McDonough, GA 30253
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We're all about you!
Shirley wrote:
"Back when the financial market had taken a nose dive I went to a townhall
meeting. I sat and watched the people there. No one asked any financial
questions. The people where too terrified and you could see it in their faces.
A Political Christian Says. They did not understand any of this mess. You cannot stand up at a large
meeting and voice concern or fear only anger. No one asked anything important
Publish America is proud to after the meeting either. It was just about manipulating anger into votes.
the recent release of Louie Stanley's Herman Talmadge does not do that. He privately talks to the people in the
new book: A Political Christian community. I like his method."
Says. (Politically Proper): Short
articles designed to help readers
think John Douglas
for themselves; an alternative to
Are we going to have to fight ourselves for control of the GOP now? I hope the
today's political reporting from one
establishment Republicans can see a new day has arrived in DC and around the
Christian perspective: It is okay for country and we are tired of the status quo, compromises with liberals and other
Christians to be political! counterproductive actions. Let's move forward united to solve the problems of
this country.
To secure your copy of the book:
Click Here.
"They should elect representatives who will stand firm against the rising tide of
direct and indirect taxation, and who will not be coerced into supporting them ,
or rubber stamping them by bigwigs supporters political donations" ~~ Eugene
Talmadge August 11, 1936

Elect Herman Talmadge III

District 2 Commissioner
Comment on Commissioners in the Pocket:

Shirley Tyree Is that what contributes to artificially inflating real estate so

the retired person on a fixed income will have to pay higher property taxes
because he is competing against bond money for politial cronies. Well, we
should vote for Herman Talmadge because he is knocking on ordinary people's
door and when the people voice their concern he will be open to understanding.
We want solutions and explanations which does not penalize the common
people who work hard.

NOW - Community Night of Worship

The Landing Church is sponsoring NOW - Community Night of Worship

on Sunday, November 14th at 7 pm.€ All local groups and churches are
invited to come together as one voice to worship the Lord in one
accord.€ Our worship team alone cannot fill up our choir loft and
platform, so we need your help.€

If you are musical and can lift your voice, we€invite you to be part of our
Community Choir.€ Practice is scheduled for Thursday and Friday,
November 11th and 12th at 7 pm.€

Whether you decide to be a part of the choir or not, please be sure to

come out and worship with us Sunday night.€ A coffee and desert
fellowship will follow the worship service.€

The Landing Church is located at 1640 Hwy 42 North in McDonough at

the intersection of Hwy 42 and Jodeco Road.€ See You Sunday Night at
7:00 pm.

I am seeking an administrative opportunity, in the Conyers/Covington/

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after a 25+ year successful career. My unemployment is due to the
failure/closing of my last employer.

If you know of anyone who has a need for a seasoned professional with
strong administrative skills as well as expertise in: day to day business
operations, accounting, management reporting, process/procedure
development & implementation as well as advanced in Microsoft Office, data
entry and typing, please contact me.

A. Kim Decker
770-922-0201 Home
678-346-0074 Cell

Henry County Republican Party


What an exciting Tuesday night! Your efforts paid off for America and the momentum that has been created leading up
to November 2nd must continue for us to make further gains in 2012. Remember that the Presidential campaign really
began on November 3rd. Over the next several months, we must continue to remind our elected officials (new and
returning) that they work for us and that we have given them a mandate. We all expect exceptional progress in the
current and future direction of our country and community. Let's celebrate our victories and get right back to work,
preparing for 2012.

Special congratulations to all of our local and state candidates. With more than 60,000 votes cast, Henry County had
an exception turn-out for the midterm election. A special thank you to the many volunteers that either worked on a
candidate's campaign and or helped develop precincts. The work of the party is truly a grassroots endeavor and each of
you deserve all of the credit. Again, thank you for working to keep Henry County and the state in the RED!

As a reminder, there will be a runoff election held for District 2 Commissioner seat. We have two conservatives that are
on the ballot, Mr. Fred Auletta and Mr. Herman Talmadge. Both gentlemen will serve the district well. Al efforts must
be focused on getting voters from the 2nd District to vote on November 30, 2010. Please contact either candidate if
you are interested in assisting them.

The upcoming monthly business meeting for 2010 will be held on November 9, 2010 and will feature Representative
Steve Davis as our guest speakers. Mr. Davis won his re-election for the 109th District Seat. Our meeting begins at
7:00 PM and will convene at the Board of Commissioners Administration Building.

Please make plans to attend and invite a guest. This is a great opportunity to hear from Mr. Davis. In closing, if there
is anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, thank you for all that you did to help
make last Tuesday a great day for conservatives!

Warmest Regards,

Mike Eddy

Meeting Notice
November 9, 2010
7:00 P.M.
Henry County Administration Building
Community Room
140 Henry Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253

Representative Steve Davis

Mr. Davis will be sharing with us his plans and that of the Henry County Delegation for the upcoming General Assembly.
Be sure to join us for our November 9, 2010 Republican Meeting!
"CHANGE" has come and more "CHANGE" is on the way!

All 912ers and Henry County Patriots,

This coming Monday, November 8th, is our next 912 Project meeting; We have an outstanding program lined up.
This is one you won't want to miss. Meeting time is at 6:30 at the Henry County Park and Recreation Building on Lake
Dow Road. For more information please check our website:


*The Federal Reserve: Sean Mangieri is well versed in the mysteries of the Federal Reserve and will share his
knowledge with our 912 Project. This is a presentation that you absolutely do not want to miss.

*The Appleseed Project: Jesse Bickel is an instructor in the Appleseed Project and he will explain what the project is all
about. Hopefully, our 912 Project will be willing to sign up for a day of instruction with Jesse.

*Young Americans for Liberty: Joseph Brown is the chapter leader with Young Americans for Liberty at Clayton State
University. Joseph will talk about the explosive growth of this college student program, already established in over 500
colleges and universities in all 50 states.

*The New World Order: We all have heard this phrase used by many of our leaders, including those occupying the
highest office in our country. What does The New World Order represent? Ricky Passmore has some very interesting
answers and he will be sharing them with us Monday night.

*Free Tickets: On Tuesday, November 9th, from 8:00am to 5:00pm,"Seize the Day" will be in Atlanta at Philips Arena.
Some of the participants will be Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Laura Bush, Ben Stein, Les Brown, Terry Bradshaw, John
Maxwell, Tom Hopkins, John Maxwell and Phil Town. If you are interested, see me Monday night and I will give you the
free tickets.

*Elections: Congratulations America! Tuesday's election results were fantastic. We have been working hard to
make our country aware as to what has been happening. It looks like America is waking up. It took a long time to get
into the situation that we are in, and it will take a long time to restore our country to the vision our Founding Fathers
had for it. Tuesday was a great start for reaching that goal. Lets remember that "the price of freedom is eternal

Keeping the Faith,



What are the new job prospects for Henry County?

Come and Learn at a Public Meeting
Sponsored by 3DCC, Inc.
(3DCC, Inc. is a non-partisan and non-profit community coalition)

Monday, November 15, 2010

7:00 p.m.
McDonough Presbyterian Church
Guest Speaker will be
Mr. Bob White, Ex. Dir.
Henry County Development Authority

Industry & Trade€(Jobs) in Henry County
Current & Future Projections

Come meet Mr. White, bring a friend and have a good time learning about the economic development
activities within the County.€ It is your County and future.

Coweta Tea Party

The election is over but our work is not! We need to stay involved and keep vigilant.
Two items to mark on your calendars for next week.


Coweta Tea Party Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, November 9, 2010
6:30 PM
Carnegie Library Downtown Newnan
The Greater Fayette Republican Women's Club asked us to relay this invite for their upcoming meeting:
The next meeting of the Greater Fayette Republican Women's Club will be held in the Redwine Room at the Whitewater
Creek Amenities Center, 130 Killarney Dr., Fayetteville, on Thursday, November 11th at 6:30pm.

Please join us for Wine & Cheese and view the newly released film, Fire From The Heartland (see Fox News review and
trailer below), which traces the long history of the many conservative women who have been the backbone of this great
nation. From the Founding Mothers of our Republic to today's activists, politicians, and commentators, follow the women
leaders who have fanned the flame of liberty across America. All Republican women, their families, and friends are invited.
No reservations are necessary. For more information, please call Debby Dickinson, 404-376-4132 or Alberta Lucas, 770-719-

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Henry Citizens for Responsible Government

Larry Stanley, Editor
899 East Lake Road, McDonough, GA 30252
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