Explain why and in which ways media gained importance, how did it affect the participants, what is the

impact of the society on media and the impact of media on the society 1. Over time, with the development and expansion across the globe to mass media, we talk about a globalization of the entire media. Influences that have entered from various directions, contributed to this growth and have been poured and the population that uses media. Such people have reached that state of dependence in terms of the way of expression and information. Also, with the development of media (radio, television, newspapers and most recently, Internet) population could experience the spatial and temporal characteristics of their social life. Since most of the population wanted to be informed about all events in reality, the media has gained ground. Took advantage of her hand due to rapidity of transmission of information. The means of transmitting information, which media they used, their use and preservation of the public will use for her, not just objective and ethical. By manipulation, it has managed to approach a well-defined segment. Easy and speed by which people receive certain information, has been another asset for what would be the average. The fact that it is possible to show only a particular part of this reality and giving people only what they would like to eat, was another feature that has supported media. For example, in Romania there is a private TV channel, PRO TV, which is part of a great trust, Media Pro. Pro TV is the television watching the news from Romania, but news bulletins contain material mostly negative: murders, rapes, robberies, suicides. Purpose: To intimidate the viewer and placing him in reality. Thus, by this means of expression, media gained importance because it has the opportunity to provide viewers, listeners and readers the information they need in real time and immediately after the event occurred. For example, an incident occurred in a public manifestation of a party. The press is called to the scene, get in minutes, installs all the equipment and send information simultaneously. It is normal in this case the public to prefer the Internet or television to announce immediately all happened.


this is possible through the pictures that you post. a website is mandatory and necessary. Most things started and continues to organize the virtual world. and also we make shopping. and this also allows the synchronization of the elements they want to transmit. about more people. The Internet allow to communicate with our friends abroad and not only. there can work in a job. we think the Internet immediately. I missed and news. making it a priority to mass media class. Not used the same recipe as for television when a news is broadcast live. when we want to launch a company. For example. 2 . For students who had to review those materials did not have the printed version of newspapers they studied. The Internet facilitates communication and exchange of ideas between different organizations worldwide. low prices. currently and cheap. a simple access to Internet pages. Thus. Hi-5's are a way to meet other people or see what your friends have done. and if I missed transmission. Often when we think of media. with one access. Lately. It was a case that was even the case study of certain works license. In online we can.But the Internet has gained in recent years some valences. We check mail and are announced on the Internet about a specific project to which we wish to participate. exceeds television or radio. it all adds up to the Internet. The speed by which information is transmitted. etc. media development is very important for the society we live. On the Internet we can make friends. extremely fast. and this is probably reflected in the ease with which we can undertake any activity through it. For example: last year was highly publicized case in which a girl who was eleven years old. and the public can be served by it at any time. find out the latest news on the internet. was raped by his uncle (nineteen years). The technique that has developed over time. As a result. Not only was the media that about the health of girl. So they use the benefit of certain services. we learn more things in less time. and the advantage is that it is fast. but national and international authorities. to find that information even after several months when it was posted. information is immediately put on the line. the Internet has facilitated the work because those publications and an online version.. on the Internet we play games. All this we create a global a Community we can change perceptions. Now.

For example. for example. resulted in some widely the information that has been generated by the Company desire to be informed.ro) in which. also has an online version (www. the more impact on its average is less harmful. as is to be expected for a publication on the Internet. and this may generate some sympathy from the public receiver. and some frustration and behavioral problems. For example. are items provided the media have some effect on those who follow them. even children. 3 . If an adolescent.libertatea. As we know. all those receiving a computer and an Internet connection can access any page they wish. two public figures who have certain problems and is in conflict can express their views publicly through the media. that is why we think that we live in a computer company. but to be led by all sorts of devices. Rapidly developing mass media are of course many advantages that account should be taken. unfortunately. a company will no longer fight to elect presidents or leaders of state. So if a child is allowed to have parents computer. displaying great people who want to manipulate and influence the society. in a moment in which she played a friend of his. but people involved: the more it has more control over the information received. Although this computerization and development of the media gives us many advantages. First. his curiosity him to read and see what's what. It all depends but not media. hear and they find interesting. This new wave may adversely affect us: that dramatic view images such as abused children or children who witness the violent situations. where more updated information that interesting. This message can remain in the subconscious of the child and it is possible. not obscure the fact that there are negative elements generated by the fast pace of expression through all forms of media. to act in an improper manner and to follow the example because they are accustomed to copy everything they see.Every day we capture technology. would see the series "Saw". it would generate internal conflict and also a violent one which might affect people who are in nearby. Another example that can influence the life of individuals is the viewing of films by youth violence. and accidentally enter a website where one sees such as "He stabbed and strangled male partner. people starve. who may. so between the two there is a close community. the most read tabloid of Romania.

was the scandals that were involved in Romania's national team footballers. Mutu. After the case was made public. the media became the best way to handle individuals. 4 . There are also cases where positive influence media company. so they could go 2-3 times a year in quarters with them. and the fact that they follow a particular program excessively can lead to an imprinting of certain ideas or opinions submitted by average. which unfortunately did not have the best conditions to train and to practice sports resection. one of the most efficient Romanian footballers. for example: Recently. I watched on television a feature on several children passionate about skating. as we used to. and personal life. a media far too much of a public person adversely in terms of both their person and on professional activity. Although there is an ice rink in town. For example. no light. Hence the impact of media on society is very high. but also a certain media. in this case. the impact of media on society is negative because it formed the character of a person mistakenly. Although trained on rollers. and one which stressed all this division. was involved in a scandal alongside two other girls who are said to spent and "drank the morning and wine and vodka." although it was in quarters. a takeover of the media information may gain and some valences. few people have asked the financial possibilities and offered them money to children to practice on a rink with ice and were offered and the equipment necessary for their activities. So harsh conditions for talented kids who want a sports career. In conclusion. things are in Romanian football regression. Media coverage and their involvement in some scandals have had negative effects on the unfolding activity and hence the decline of the whole team. and the space training was actually the school basketball court. the media offers many advantages society consume. to skate on ice.Of course. lately. This helped in the press has hurt a lot. As a result. it no longer works for 8 years. young people have managed to make performance. after escaping the drug scandal that has affected the professional lives. The people are great consumers of media. not ice. as the conflict is reached. with coach trips and paying them. although on the list of the Ministry of Youth and Sport as being used. especially television and Internet.

so using any type of message.Concluding. the item that bears the title of "Bucharest subway accident! A woman was injured "was read over 31. often with effects negative impact on their education. all of which are consumed by society to address. 100 times. have changed. 5 . for example. Each time we face. For example. and the picture below support this: In terms of society. There is a message that could learn a thing readers. which has a positive or negative impact on society. Manipulation is the word that defines the current average. Back to tabloid Freedom aiming incentive and attracting the public by any means. not the manipulation that comes from society. but as one that comes from the media. is a perishable news. the media offers less information than those offered by reading a book. in terms of culture. So. because people have used that information to be informed. In order to show that time spent watching TV by young people is much higher than they spend. only one day. reading. Be it sexual scandals. but not her request for a specific message. whatever we want. follows the priorities of young people. not even slightly influence the media. it is clear that the impact of media on society is very evident. this track both positive aspects and negative aspects. with the advent of new means of information. fraud or other negative things.

it does not discriminate. involving both direct and through feedback. It's all about ourselves and our desire to keep the media as is and make our mark. everyone is equal in the virtual world and we all have the possibility of expression. a society in which we “controlled "media. 6 .When referring to the Internet. but that gives us the possibility of expression. to make and remove things you do not want them in the media today. We live in an information society.