Berlin in 7 days

Berlin, 7 Days

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Guide Description

AUTHOR NOTE: This one week trip to Berlin will give you a flavour of what the German capital has to offer. From crystal clear lakes and beaches to history and a town steeped in culture, to sweaty techno clubs to cocktails and German beer by the river there is something for everyone in Berlin.


Itinerary Overview
Day 1 - Berlin
Park on no man's land

things to do restaurants hotels nightlife

Cassiopeia Lux 11

Bar, frieluftkino, skatehall, club, outdoor area

A home away from home

Sushi Bar Ky
Small but sweet


Day 3 - Berlin
Strandbad Müggelsee
Nostalgic lakeside atmosphere

Big Brother is watching you!

Stasi-Ausstellung Café Zapata

Big brother is watching you!

Müggelsee Terrassen Rübezahl
Dine by the water

Cult café in Tacheles

Hackescher Markt
The lure of the East

Kaffee Burger Lux 11

Café for thespians

Lux 11

A home away from home

A home away from home

Day 2 - Berlin
Berliner Mauer Dokumentationszentrum
Berlin Wall memorial

Day 4 - Berlin
Mariannenplatz Morena Bar
Conglomeration of Fun


Kreuzberg's breakfast club

Red wine and revolution

Landwehrkanal Görlitzer Park

East Side Gallery
Art on the Berlin Wall

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll

Bar 25

Multi-ethnic meeting place

Outdoor club by the river

Karl-Marx-Allee Morgenland

Berliner Prater Garten
Berlin's oldest beer garden

Monumental socialist boulevard

Booming nightlife

Multicultural & stress-free


Fashionably unfashionable


Itinerary Overview Lux 11 A home away from home things to do restaurants hotels nightlife Wiener Blut Forget Austria Day 5 . oh my! Authentic pizza 4 . modern hotel … Großer Wannsee Il Casolare Forests and lakes.Berlin Friedrichstraße Reichstag Three Historic Kilometers Rosi's Combine clubbing and art Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte Central. modern hotel … Germany's old and new parliament Day 7 .Berlin Museumsinsel East & West History Collide Holocaust Memorial Memorial for Murdered Jews of Europe Topographie des Terrors Former Gestapo headquarters Alexanderplatz Tiergarten Berlin's windswept heart Die Eins Views over the river and Reichstag Idyllic inner-city park Treptower Park Riverside park with Soviet memorial and observatory Zoologischer Garten Berlin Over a thousand different species Sowjetisches Ehrenmal im Treptower Park Bombastic Soviet war memorial Freischwimmer Dine on the water Babylon Berlin: Mitte Movies & more Spindler Klatt Lounge with a view Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte Central. modern hotel … Watergate Club Throbbing hot club Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte Day 6 .Berlin Potsdam Jewel in the crown Central.

Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) fax: +49 (0)30 2500 2424 (Touristen Information) http://www. The sushi chef prepares his goodies on the 5 . as word has obviously got out that Ky has some of the best (and most affordable) sushi in town. © wcities. The park runs along the site of the former Berlin Wall and therefore also attracts many a guitar playing hippie. and customers can watch him from one of the eight bar stools which are strewn across the room. but what is lacking in space is certainly made up for in location: Oderberger Straße 40 Berlin 10435 hours: Daily 5p-midnight 1 Mauerpark DESCRIPTION: You want second hand vintage gems of times past. who celebrate a freedom truly unique to Berlin in this Prenzlauer Berg grassy park. digested with a roasted Bratwurst sausage and washed down with a Berliner Pilsner beer? At Mauer Park you got it! Every Sunday the park plays host to the biggest Trodel or junk market in town.mauerpark.Day 1 . but is augmented by the broad smiles of the team behind the bar.sushiky. But most people aren't lucky enough to get a seat here. Here you will find everything from 1950s furniture to sheep skin rugs and unique artists' prints and photos. © NileGuide 2 Sushi Bar Ky DESCRIPTION: This inconspicuous looking place in Prenzlauer Berg's Oderberger Straße is fairly location: Eberswalder Strasse Berlin Berlin 10437 hours: Call for details contact: tel: 49 30 4405 8969 http://www. The decor is plain. the sun loving barbecue gangs and all sorts of folk from the cities nooks and crannies.

Don't miss the beer garden in the summer. There are also concerts. The huge DDR disco ball caused some disappointment to the secular communists as when it is hit by the sun reflects a huge cross shaped light off its mirrored surface. Big Brother is watching you! The lengths that the Stasi went to to control all aspects of life in East Germany were never too location: Panoramastraße 1A Berlin Berlin 10178 hours: Mar-Oct: 9a-midnight. 6 .. If you do not enjoy these thespian frolicks. © location: Oranienburger Straße 54-56a Berlin 10117 hours: Tu-F 10a-3p contact: tel: 49 30 2804 6495 fax: 49 30 2804 6808 location: Torstraße 60 Berlin 10119 hours: Su-Th 7p onwards. films. used to secretly collect the "smells" of undesired people so as to be able to track them down with sniffer dogs . Snacks such as are available all day. theater performances and African peanut butter soup. tins and trash art. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 242 3333 fax: +49 (0)30 242 5922 http://www. others are truly horrifying. which houses a cafe and is adorned with various satellites and antennas. that can be seen across the city centre. While some exhibits make you laugh..continued. F 8p onwards. The tower acts as a central orientation point and will help guide you around the city. Zapata is a weird. flirt and dance. free © wcities. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 2241 7470 location: Mauerstraße 38 Berlin Berlin 10117 hours: Call for details contact: tel: 49 30 281 6109 fax: 49 30 281 6109 http://www.berlinerfernsehtur m.kaffeeburger. Sa 9p onwards 4 Stasi-Ausstellung DESCRIPTION: The notorious East German security police. wonderful and way-out establishment typical of Berlin's alternative scene. And although not spectacular. Decorated with metal and barbed wire. © NileGuide .Day 1 .cafe-zapata. the exhibition will give you an insight into another unhappy chapter of German history. NovFeb: 10a-midnight 3 Fernsehturm DESCRIPTION: The Fernsehturm or TV tower. © wcities. Here you can listen to little-known local authors reading from their latest publications. It stands at 368m and was aimed to prove Soviet advancement to the West Germans. Fantasy? Fiction? Not in the slightest. The bland concrete tower is topped by a mirrored glass orb. was built in 1965-69 as a mark of East German technological finesse. lectures. the legendary squat-turned-cultural 5 Café Zapata DESCRIPTION: Located on the ground floor of 6 Kaffee Burger DESCRIPTION: The influence of the nearby Volksbühne theater can be clearly felt in Kaffee Burger. it is all fairly surreal. The place really gets going in the evening when hundreds of people gather to chat. just retreat to the quiet section at the front of the bar or out into the garden. as is a decent selection of beer. the Stasi.

. an internet 7 . Try out the services of the inhouse more photos on Hotels.. it is a hotel that spells style and elegance.Day 1 .designhotels. Lux 11 lies in one of the trendiest districts of Mitte. DVD players and fax machines. and if you are too busy to matrix_engine/content. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 62 9010 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) / +1 800 3746 8357(Reservations) fax: +49 (0)30 6290 1100 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) http://www. which whips up some very lip-smacking dishes. LCD-TVs. All 72 apartments are equipped with a kitchenette. © wcities.php location: ROSA LUXEMBURG STR 9-13 Berlin Berlin 10178 7 Lux 11 DESCRIPTION: Located about 10 kilometers from the airport.continued. visit the on-site restaurant. It fuses historic architecture along with modern designs. Opened in 2005.

as well as Mexican dishes like burritos. enchiladas. The museum itself documents the history of the Wall in a series of moving and disturbing 8 . and in the middle. olives and raisins and pastel de choclo. you may have to search for a long time. nachos and exquisite crab Wall. one of which is the recently erected memorial at Bernauer Straße. in fact. © wcities. For those of you wanting just a small bite to accompany your wine. There is little left location: Bernauer Straße 111 Berlin Berlin 13355 hours: W-Su 10a-5p of this Cold War relic in present-day .Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: 1 Berliner Mauer tel: +49 (0)30 464 1030 Dokumentationszentrum fax: +49 (0)30 4606 9740 http://www. the scene of some of the most spectacular and tragic escape attempts. © wcities. This serves as a potent reminder of what many Germans regard as a symbol of totalitarian evil. onions. contact: tel: 49 930 624 1767 location: Weserstraße 5 Berlin 12047 2 Orlando DESCRIPTION: This restaurant is named after its owner. a strip of no man's land. such as empanadas filled with beef. a sweetcorn soufflé. Two walls run parallel to one another down the street. white bread with a hot coriander sauce. Señor Orlando Mardones. a reconstruction of the original Wall. What you will see here is. The Olga Benario art gallery is located on the same premises. try the pan con pebre. Orlando serves Chilean specialities.Day 2 .berliner-mauer-dok DESCRIPTION: If you're looking for remnants of the Berlin umentationszentrum. Just a handful of sites are left. due to a popular desire among Germans to eliminate all traces of their previous division.

pratergarten. © wcities. When the Iron Curtain fell in 1989 many parts of the wall were destroyed as the city of Berlin was reunited following the end of the Cold location: Kastanienallee 7-9 Berlin 10435 hours: M-Sa 6p onwards.stadtentwicklung.. Many of the bars here are fairly new additions to the nightlife scene yet Simon-DachStraße has already become extremely popular with students and other young Berliners and is without doubt one of the liveliest places in the eastern part of town. Su noon onwards contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) http://www.Day 2 . so come by and enjoy the long summer days with some drinks with friends.bar25. however its future is m location: Mühlenstrasse Berlin Berlin 10243 hours: Call for details 3 East Side Gallery DESCRIPTION: The biggest outdoor gallery in the world. Restoration is planned however regeneration of the area may threaten this political landmark. contact: tel: +49 30 2758 3209 http://www.b erlin. the pavements on both sides of the street are lined with benches and tables which join together to form one huge location: Holzmarktstraße 25 Berlin 10243 hours: Tu to Sa from 04:00 PM to 00:00 ung/de/warschauer/simondac . the East Side Gallery runs along the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall.eastsidegallery. The complex also has an open-air stage which is used by the Volksbühne. © wcities.shtml location: Simon-Dach-Straße Berlin Berlin 10245 4 Bar 25 DESCRIPTION: Outdoor club by the river with occasional live music. constructed by the Soviets in 1961 to divide East from West Berlin. yet the Berlin version is equally lively and immensely popular.. The East Side Gallery has remained untouched for the last 20 years. Simon-Dach-Straße is home to a vast variety of pubs. Photo courtesy of Bar 25 5 Berliner Prater Garten DESCRIPTION: The original Prater is in 9 . the most popular being the legendary Astro Bar. This place offers inexpensive beer. bars and restaurants. © NileGuide . contact: tel: +49 (0)30 251 7159 fax: +49 (0)30 2529 9831 http://www. The street is fairly narrow and in summertime the trees meet in the middle of the street to form a natural rooftop.Su from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM contact: tel: 49 30 448 5688 fax: 49 30 4434 0904 http://www. cafés. Berlin's oldest beer garden serves up rustic German food which you can dig into in the loveliest of surroundings.continued. During the warmer months. 6 Simon-Dach-Straße DESCRIPTION: Friedrichshain's answer to Mitte's Oranienburger Straße. 160 international artists were invited to paint giant murals along the wall that runs along the River Spree in the eastern district of Freidrichshain. one of Berlin's most inventive theatre companies.

that features club lounges.continued. DVD players and fax machines. and if you are too busy to cook. Lux 11 lies in one of the trendiest districts of more photos on Hotels. which whips up some very lip-smacking dishes. located in the center of Friedrichshain is a 4. Try out the services of the inhouse matrix_engine/content. visit the on-site restaurant. The clubs are booked mainly for big events.000 meter facility. All 72 apartments are equipped with a kitchenette. an internet connection.designhotels. Cassiopeia contact: tel: +49 (0)30 62 9010 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) / +1 800 3746 8357(Reservations) fax: +49 (0)30 6290 1100 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) http://www. festivals and concerts like the Fete de la Musique and Blockparty which draws in the crowds. hours: 24 hrs contact: tel: +49 30 4738 5949 www. Berlin's highest climbing tower and an indoor skate park..cassiopeia-berlin. This multi-faceted venue always has something up it's sleeve and promises a pleasurable time always. © wcities. The concerts performed here feature different genres of music ranging from hip-hop to funk and rock to hardcore. It fuses historic architecture along with modern designs.Day 2 . it is a hotel that spells style and elegance.. © wcities. a beer garden. an exhibition area. Opened in location: Revaler Strasse Berlin 10245 7 Cassiopeia DESCRIPTION: Cassiopeia.php location: ROSA LUXEMBURG STR 9-13 Berlin Berlin 10178 8 Lux 11 DESCRIPTION: Located about 10 kilometers from the 10 .

a perfect accompaniment to any schnitzel or wurst! © wcities. May-Aug: M-Sa 11:30a-10p. you can drink and dine outside on the deck and enjoy the view of the aesser/detail/ 11 .Day 3 . is very worthwhile. the largest lake in the close vicinity of the German capital. this restaurant and beer garden is a great place to rest your feet after a walk around the 2 Müggelsee Terrassen Rübezahl DESCRIPTION: Located on the scenic Grosser Müggelsee. Su 11:30a-8p 1 Strandbad Müggelsee DESCRIPTION: Built in the early '30s near Rahnsdorf. but an excursion to Müggelsee. The fare is mainly comprised of traditional German On warm days. you can warm up in the elegant indoor dining location: Müggelheimer Damm 143 Berlin 12559 hours: Sep-Apr: M-Su 11:30a-6p. html location: Fürstenwalder Damm 838 Berlin Berlin 12589 hours: Call for details contact: tel: 49 030 65661688 11 fax: 49 030 65661688 14 http://www. and when the weather is inclement. while children build their sandcastles and youngsters play volleyball. with a wide selection of starters and entrees to choose from.mueggelseeterras sen. And you can't forget about the wine and beer selection -. Lean back in wicker beach chairs and watch the distant boats pass by. © wcities. this is not Berlin's most central swimming pool.Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: tel: +49 30 9 0120 http://www.

and if you are too busy to cook. visit the on-site restaurant.designhotels. DVD players and fax machines. Daily tours of the city leave from outside the Hackescher Markt train station and be sure to check out the craft market here every Thursday and Saturday. contact: 3 Hackescher Markt tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) http://www. All 72 apartments are equipped with a DESCRIPTION: A great place for wining and dinning on nswuerdigkeiten/s-bahnhof-ha your first evening in Berlin. it is a hotel that spells style and elegance. 4 Lux 11 DESCRIPTION: Located about 10 kilometers from the airport. Try out the services of the inhouse © NileGuide . Packed with über cool location: Oranienburger Street Berlin Berlin 10178 hours: Call for details contact: tel: +49 (0)30 62 9010 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) / +1 800 3746 8357(Reservations) fax: +49 (0)30 6290 1100 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) http://www. which whips up some very lip-smacking dishes. cafes and galleries this is the perfect place from which to start exploring the historical centre of Berlin.php thriving centre of Berlin's Mitte matrix_engine/ more photos on Hotels. Opened in 2005. It fuses historic architecture along with modern designs.continued. LCD-TVs.php location: ROSA LUXEMBURG STR 9-13 Berlin Berlin 10178 boutiques. an internet connection. © wcities.Day 3 . Hackescher Markt sits in the ckescher-markt/index.. Lux 11 lies in one of the trendiest districts of 12 .

Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: 1 Mariannenplatz tel: +49 30 24 0210 this part of the city combines /org/quartiersmanagement/ma culture. Situated near Görlitzer Park.morena-berlin. © wcities. The platz is surrounded by shops and restaurants and street contact: tel: 49 30 2437 5331 http://www. Morena Bar is an institution for those who find early starts a bit of a challenge. In the evening the café transforms into a trendy neon-blue hangout for Kreuzberg's party people. Princess of Netherlands.Day 4 . © chshain-kreuzberg/verwaltung DESCRIPTION: Named for Marianne. free live concerts occur on an outdoor location: Mariannenplatz Berlin DE 10997 stage and the Street Football World Cup is always a violent 13 .html performers entertain outside. When the weather is nice. location: Wienerstrasse 60 Berlin 10999 hours: Su to Sa from 09:00 AM to 03:00 AM 2 Morena Bar DESCRIPTION: Nights in Berlin are long and it is no surprise that dozens of cafés choose to serve breakfast until late into the afternoon. No visit to Berlin would be complete without an excursion of Marrianenplatz. The breakfasts are generous and tasty and will fill you up regardless of whether you go for the continental or Anglo-Saxon incarnation. and modern day fun.

as well as a tourist hotel and an enormous cinema. The rebellion was quashed with tanks and resulted in enormous loss of life. The street.The only architectural feature worthy of mention is the Pamukkal Turkish fountain. Stalinallee immediately gained notoriety as the scene of a bloody revolt on 17th June 1953.10785 3 Landwehrkanal DESCRIPTION: The Landwehrkanal was completed in 1850 after five years of construction. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 611 7424 http://www. © wcities. known today as the International. Renamed Karl-Marx-Allee after Stalin's death in 1961. Typical! © wcities. Designed by master landscape architect Lenné (also responsible for the Tiergarten and Pfaueninsel). Winding through the city. it is also extremely broad—for a the boulevard is just as impressive today as the day it was completed. but Görlitzer Park is full of life and is a popular weekend retreat for Kreuzberg's multiethnic contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) fax: +49 (0)30 2500 2424 (Touristen Information) http://www.. who wished to link Berlin with a new industrial area in Köpenick.Day 4 . named after the great Russian dictator. The canal is the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon stroll. it is lined with trees and parks. Lined with monumental eight-storey buildings in the wedding cake style popular at the time. a picnic spot and meeting place for families and friends. 14 .de/orte/sehe nswuerdigkeiten/karl-marx-all ee/index. © wcities. There are plenty of pleasant cafés along the way (particularly at Paul-Licke-Ufer) where you can stop for refreshments..html location: Tiergarten / Kreuzberg Berlin Berlin 10961 . But the building of the canal was also part of a larger scheme—to fight the dramatic unemployment which plagued Prussia at the time. when builders and construction workers demonstrated against the government. both the Eastern and Western sectors of Berlin began a massive reconstruction programme to repair the damage inflicted by war. and a cycle path follows its route. was to contain spacious apartments for workers. a dance the fountain has recently been turned off due to technical ttenburg-wilmersdorf/bezirk/le xikon/landwehrkanal. the whole area was reduced to rubble during the War and remained that way until being transformed into a park during the nswuerdigkeiten/goumlrlitzerpark/index.php location: Görlitzer Straße 1-2 Berlin Berlin 10999 4 Görlitzer Park DESCRIPTION: Once the site of one of Berlin's main railway . East Berlin's mayor.php location: Karl-Marx-Allee Berlin Berlin 10243 5 Karl-Marx-Allee DESCRIPTION: After the War. as is clear from this example. tanks and other military vehicles for East Germany's annual May Day parade. when it becomes a football field. In 1959. the 12km canal was built on the orders of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. The street needed to be wide enough to hold thousands of goose-stepping soldiers. The eighties weren't known for their beautiful landscape gardens. Built in contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) fax: +49 (0)30 2500 2424 (Touristen Information) http://www. Friedrich Ebert. laid the foundation stone for a flagship building project—a monumental boulevard called .

visit the on-site matrix_engine/content. but this seems to go down well with the punters. Try out the services of the inhouse spa. The atmosphere is very more photos on Hotels. © wcities. DVD players and fax machines. All 72 apartments are equipped with a kitchenette. Lux 11 lies in one of the trendiest districts of Mitte. © wcities. Recommended bar snacks are the Maistaler in a cream 15 . Warm apricot colored walls and the responsive service add to the stress-free experience. Beer. which whips up some very lip-smacking dishes. as well as the sumptuous breakfasts.continued.Mo from 04:00 PM to 04:00 AM contact: tel: +49 (0)30 62 9010 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) / +1 800 3746 8357(Reservations) fax: +49 (0)30 6290 1100 (Design Hotels Berlin Office) http://www. an internet connection. The interior reflects the 'anti-fashion' concept of the location: Kottbusser Damm 104 Berlin 10967 hours: Tu to Su from 10:00 AM to 04:00 AM. Ankerklause is now one of Berlin's most happening bars. © wcities.designhotels.. Opened in 2005. who start to pour in as early as midday after a visit to the nearby market. Sa-Su 10a onwards 6 Morgenland DESCRIPTION: This is a simple but good bar-cum-cafe. LCD-TVs. contact: tel: 49 30 693 5649 http://www. All possible subcultures and nationalities stop by to be part of the relaxed atmosphere found at Ankerklause 8 Lux 11 DESCRIPTION: Located about 10 kilometers from the airport.Day 4 .ankerklause. it is a hotel that spells style and elegance. and if you are too busy to cook. wine and hot beverages are quite inexpensive. It fuses historic architecture along with modern designs.php location: ROSA LUXEMBURG STR 9-13 Berlin Berlin 10178 7 Ankerklause DESCRIPTION: Once the ticket office for the sightseeing boats which sailed down the Landwehrkanal . contact: tel: 49 30 611 3291 location: Skalitzer Straße 35 Berlin 10999 hours: M-F 9a onwards.

com . 16 .three of Berlin's new architectural highlights. DESCRIPTION: Friedrichstraße is Berlin's answer to the location: Von dem nordlichen Teil der Mitte bis Hallesches Tor im Kreuzberg Berlin Berlin 10117 hours: 24 hrs Champs Elysées. a vibrant melting pot where history. Before the fall of the Wall. the southern section of Friedrichstraße was located in the West. The new shopping district is now centred around Französische Straße underground station. The crossroads at Leipziger Straße were lined with swanky boutiques before wartime bombs left their deadly mark.friedrichstrasse. culture. visitors still pour into places like the Friedrichstadtpalast.Day 5 . Berliner Ensemble. Beginning at Mehringplatz in Kreuzberg. Deutsches Theater and Kammerspiele. Have fun! © wcities. entertainment and fashion meet.Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: 1 Friedrichstraße tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) http://www. A magnet for theatre-goers since the 19th century. the three kilometer-long street leads through the heart of the city centre. to Oranienburger Tor. The northern section of the street leads into theatre town. past the former border crossing at Checkpoint Charlie. and the northern part in the East. Oxford Street or Fifth Avenue. unified Berlin's pulsating nightlife district. the exclusive Quartier 206 and the awe-inspiring Friedrichstadtpassagen shopping mall . and includes the fabulous Galeries Lafayette. the area around Stadtmitte underground station used to be Berlin's premier shopping district.

the remaining buildings were torn down shortly after the end of the War.continued.000m2. The roof of the Reichstag sports a huge glass dome designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster. The Holocaust Memorial consists of 2. The Tierpark was the former hunting ground of the Prussian princes and of Kaiser Wilhelm II..711 concrete blocks of different heights and sizes. divided by the former Siegesallee (Avenue of Victory) which was dismantled after the fall of Hitler. MaySep: daily 10a-10p 3 Holocaust Memorial DESCRIPTION: Standing in the centre of Berlin. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 200 7660 / +49 (0)30 2639 4336 fax: +49 (0)30 20 0766 x20 / +49 (0)30 2639 4321 http://www.. An exhibition showing the history of the Holocaust lies underneath the memorial and is open 7 days a week. Excavations in the early 1980's brought the foundations to light-a long wall covered with pale white tiles-and a makeshift museum was immediately established on the wasteland close to Hitler's bunker.bundestag. Directly opposite the Reichstag is the forest canopy of the Tierpark. Severely damaged by wartime bombing raids. The memorial was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and built in 1999. from which spectacular views out across the ever changing city of Berlin can be location: Platz der Republik 1 Berlin Berlin 11011 hours: Call for details 2 Reichstag DESCRIPTION: The Reichstag building. Admission is free. when the building stood on the edge of the Iron Curtain. The Allied authorities wanted all traces of Germany's evil past to be destroyed as swiftly as possible.Day 5 .de location: Niederkirchnerstrasse 8 Berlin Berlin 10963 hours: Oct-Apr: daily 10a-6p. to the DDR. From an attempted communist coup and Nazi empowerment. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 2270 fax: +49 (0)30 2273 6878 http://www. represents the heart of German politics and has been a witness to the country's troubled past.topographie. completed in 1894. laid along uneven ground and covers 19.holocaust-mahnm location: Cora-Berliner-Straße 1 Berlin Berlin 10117 hours: Oct-Mar Tu-Su 10a-7p. just five minutes walk away from the Reichstag the huge Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe stands as a remembrance of the darkest time of European history. AprSep Tu-Su 10a-8p contact: tel: +49 (0)30 2548 6703 fax: +49 (0)30 262 7156 http://www. © NileGuide . The Topography of Terror stands beside the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial (still in the planning phase) as one of Berlin's most important memorials to the darkest chapter of German history. © NileGuide . © . 4 Topographie des Terrors DESCRIPTION: Not much is left of the Gestapo's former headquarters in Wilhelmstrabe. 17 .

b erlin. dedicated to the 5000 soviet soldiers.000 Soviet soldiers who died during the battle for Berlin in 1945.gastro-lloyd. sculpted with lines of grim faced Soviet soldiers. but is particularly imposing in the winter. guests can choose from a variety of different breakfasts. a popular place for outdoor summer parties and the Berliners favourite summer past time – grilling. pingpong tables and grassy river side sunbathing areas.shtml location: Puschkinallee Berlin Berlin hours: Call for details 5 Die Eins DESCRIPTION: Located on the banks of the River Spree in the heart of the new government quarter. a grand soviet memorial was erected in the park in 1947.s html location: Puschkinallee Berlin Berlin hours: Call for details contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) http://www. lending the area a surreal. 7 Sowjetisches Ehrenmal im Treptower Park DESCRIPTION: This imposing communist monument was built in memory of the 20. It took en/laufstrecken/laufstrecke6. The daytime menu includes crunchy salads.stadtentwicklung.. decorated with friezes depicting the Red Army's heroic struggle and culminating with a gigantic statue of a sword-wielding Soviet soldier.b erlin. awestriking atmosphere. killed in . Located in the former East German district of Treptow. or island of youth. which is situated in the same building. The terrace offers pleasant views over the river and the imposing Reichstag parliament -eins/ location: Wilhelmstraße 67a Berlin 10117 hours: Daily 9a-1a contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) 6 Treptower Park DESCRIPTION: Treptower Park lines the banks of the river Spree to the south east of the city centre and was created by Johann Gustav Meyer in 1876. Nowadays the park offers a diverse selection of outdoor fun with BBQ boat rides. An abandoned fun park with a big wheel and miniature train set lies to the south of the park just past the Insel der Jugend. when the snow absorbs all sound. Located in leafy Treptower Park. thirsty visitors can enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the bar.Day 5 . who are buried there.. © NileGuide .200 workers over three years to build (1946-9) and is constructed from the granite which had been previously ordered by the Nazis for their own victory monuments. delicious pastas and other home-made specialties. standing stoically on a plinth bearing friezes of cheerful peasants and workers. Spread out before you is a 200m-long walkway. And in the evening. A broad path leads to the enormous entrance portal. Die Eins is particularly popular with government officials. In the dhoefe_begraebnisstaetten/d e/sowjet_ehrenmale/treptowe rpark/index. The memorial is impressive at any time of year. 18 .stadtentwicklung. © wcities. as well as with the staff of the ARD television studio (the German public service broadcaster). the sheer size of the memorial is striking.continued. © wcities. contact: tel: 49 30 2248 9888 fax: 49 30 2248 9890 http://www.

Guestrooms have modern decor and furnishings and all include satellite television. modern hotel set inside the historic former foreign location: Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 30 Berlin 10178 hours: Vary contact: tel: 30-319 86 180 location: Hedemannstraße 11-12 Berlin Berlin 10969 8 Babylon Berlin: Mitte DESCRIPTION: This Cineplex has 6 screens for your viewing pleasure. Wireless Internet access is available in public areas of the hotel and the 24-hour front desk staff can assist with bookings.Day 5 . For a more enjoyable Babylon Berlin: Mitte 9 Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte DESCRIPTION: Central. contact: tel: 49 30 242 5969 fax: 49 30 2472 7800 http://www..babylonberlin. 19 . sit back and relax with popcorn and a soda from the refreshment stand.continued. located 300 meters from Checkpoint Charlie and 80 meters from Friedrichstrasse. For film times. © wcities. . ticket prices and further information please see their website. high-speed Internet ports and safes.

Potsdam was founded in 993 and became the seat of the Prussian royal family in the 18th century. in particular the Babelsberg Film Studios where classic German films like The Blue Angel were filmed. Potsdam is also known for its film industry. The grandiose baroque palace and landscape gardens of Sanssouci belong in the same league as other magnificent European royal residences like Versailles and Windsor Castle. Other architectural highlights the city has to offer include Nikolaikirche church. It is now the capital of the state of . 20 . Potsdam has much more to offer visitors—there are dozens of atmospheric cafés.Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) http://www. © wcities.Day 6 . riverside villas and beautiful streets in the historic city centre which are perfectly suited to a leisurely stroll. even for children who don't know who Marlene Dietrich is! And that's not all. To see everything the grounds have to offer will take the greater part of a day. the magnificent baroque city of Potsdam is a magnet for day-trippers and a must for visitors with time on their hands. The Film Museum is definitely worth a eitrag/10000948/33994/ location: Potsdam Potsdam Brandenburg hours: 24 hrs 1 Potsdam DESCRIPTION: Only half an hour S-Bahn ride from Berlin.potsdam. Cecilienhof and the historic Dutch quarter. Located to the south-west of Berlin.

Most of the customers come from the neighbourhood.html location: Wiener Straße 14 Berlin 10999 hours: M-F 6p onwards.Day 6 . particularly in the south-west. © wcities.. Then it was modernized and transformed into a modern lounge-bar with gleaming silver plates covering the walls and red leather sofas. A popular summertime destination for day-trippers. offering cheap beer and table football. It used to be one of the many pubs in the Kreuzberg district that never closed. © wcities. potsdam and Spandau. you'll find throngs of youngsters here grinding and gyrating to the sounds of deep beats and thumping bass. Su 4p onwards 4 Wiener Blut DESCRIPTION: Despite its . Nearly every night of the week. this bar actually has nothing to do with the Viennese lifestyle. However. contact: tel: 49 30 618 9023 http://www. Sa 3p onwards. Europe's largest inland beach. See website for event schedule and Photo courtesy of Wiener Blut contact: http://www. ambiance and its charming hospitality that make this restaurant and pizzeria truly Italian. Several boats offer cruises on the lake and surrounding waters and there are also ferries to Peacock Island. and the beer is as cheap as ever.. Yet the city is richly endowed with nslate location: Wannseebadweg Berlin Berlin 14219 hours: Call for details 2 Großer Wannsee DESCRIPTION: Not many people associate Berlin with densely foliaged forests and crystal clear lakes.stud Grunewald Forest like glistening emeralds. © wcities. so you can see what it used to be like.continued. where several idyllic lakes .wiener-blut. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) http://translate.rosis-berlin. sun-worshipers gather at Strandbad Wannsee. location: Grimmstraße 30 Berlin 3 Il Casolare DESCRIPTION: Il Casolareis known for it's authenticity in its Rosi's 21 .de/ location: Revalerstrasse 29 Berlin 10245 5 Rosi's DESCRIPTION: This high-energy dance club books the hottest in both local and international DJ talent. while water sport fanatics and hobby sailors take to the water. the old green color of the walls shines through the new styling occasionally.of which Wannsee is the largest .google.

high-speed Internet ports and safes.. modern hotel set inside the historic former foreign ministry. 22 .continued. Guestrooms have modern decor and furnishings and all include satellite television.. located 300 meters from Checkpoint Charlie and 80 meters from Friedrichstrasse. . Wireless Internet access is available in public areas of the hotel and the 24-hour front desk staff can assist with bookings. contact: tel: 30-319 86 180 location: Hedemannstraße 11-12 Berlin Berlin 10969 6 Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte DESCRIPTION: Central.Day 6 .

Formerly seen as the centre of East Berlin. A popular destination for tourists who want to shop.Berlin QUICK NOTE contact: tel: +49 30 266 2987 fax: +49 30 266 2161 http://www. boxed in by department stores. © wcities. A plan also exists for combining the two archaeological museums that reside on opposite sides of the divide created by the befallen Berlin wall. eat Bratwurst and get a feel for inner city Berlin. the soviets built their famous TV tower in Alexanderplatz in 1965-69. the new Alexa shopping complex. trams and trains running all over the . Massive renovation is taking place.Day 7 .b location: Am Lustgarten 1 Berlin Berlin 10117 1 Museumsinsel DESCRIPTION: An ambitious "masterplan" for the Museumsinsel is projected to be complete by 2015. visitors can browse the collections of archeological artifacts and muse at the unique architecture of the five main buildings that make up the complex. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touriten Information) http://www. which stands a lofty 368m above the streets below. 23 .museumsinsel-ber lin. high-rise hotels and buses. © NileGuide .de/planen/staedtebau-pr ojekte/alexanderplatz/index_e n. No need to wait until 2015 to enjoy the museum's treasures as the Museumsinsel will be open during reconstruction. Alexanderplatz also offers a great orientation point from which to explore the city.stadtentwicklung.shtml location: Alexanderplatz Berlin Berlin 10178 hours: 24 hours 2 Alexanderplatz DESCRIPTION: Alexanderplatz is a central Berlin square based in the district of Mitte. When all is completed.

The park was devastated in the Second World War and during subsequent winters. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 25 0025 (Touristen Information) location: Strasse des 17 Juni Berlin Berlin 10117 hours: Call for details 3 Tiergarten DESCRIPTION: Stretching from the Brandenburg Gate in the east to Zoo Station in the west.freischwimmer-berlin. Restaurant: Daily from 8p 6 Spindler Klatt DESCRIPTION: Modern lines and expansive lounge space make this restaurant and bar one of the most popular party spots in the area.. Visitors can either enter the zoo through the exotically-designed Elephant Gate beside the aquarium or through the Lion Gate directly opposite the Zoologischer Garten train station. contact: tel: +49 30 6107 4309 fax: +49 30 6951 6735 www. contact: tel: 49 30 695 66 775 fax: 49 30 695 182 75 http://www. there is an outdoor deck area filled with even more lounge chairs 24 . creating a great ambiance for live performances. Knut! Knut was famously hand reared by zoo location: Köpenicker Strasse 16/17 Berlin 10997 hours: Lounge: Daily from 6p. open air wooden pavilion in the water. The event space is open and wide with dim lighting. 210kg adult bear. bridges.zoo-berlin.5m tall. Winter: Daily 9a-5p 4 Zoologischer Garten Berlin DESCRIPTION: Zoologischer Garten The Zoological Garten. sculptures and flower beds. © wcities. contact: tel: +49 (0)30 2 5401 x0 fax: +49 (0)30 2 5401 x255 http://www. after his mother Tosca rejected him in 2006. © NileGuide . lakes. Replanted in the fifties. the Tiergarten was transformed into an romantic landscape garden in the early 18th century by Peter Joseph Lenné. with large sofa cushions bordering the eating . The restaurant is decorated in muted black and white. and you will feel as though you're dining in an exotic lagoon..not to mention a great view over the water. is one of the worlds largest zoos and home to the famous Berlin polar location: Vor dem Schlesichen Tor 2a Berlin 10997 5 Freischwimmer DESCRIPTION: Freischwimmer is a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful. Thomas Dörflein. who designed a series of winding paths. The menu is short and location: Hardenbergplatz 8 Berlin Berlin 10787 hours: Summer: Daily 9a-6:30p.Day 7 . If the weather is good.continued.spindlerklatt. Originally conceived as a hunting ground for Prussian kings. the Tiergarten is now as beautiful as it ever was and very popular with locals and visitors alike. Tiergarten park is one of Europe's largest and most beautiful inner-city parks. allowing guests a place to relax with friends before and after a meal. The fluffy bear cub attracted millions of tourists from around the world and has since grown into a healthy 2. Zoologischer Garten is one of Germany's first zoos and was opened in 1844. © wcities.

html DESCRIPTION: If you like to go clubbing you'll enjoy this Berlin location: Falckensteinstr.Day 7 . Guestrooms have modern decor and furnishings and all include satellite television. but ram/index. contact: 7 Watergate Club tel: 49 0 30 612 80 396 http://www. ..49 Berlin-Kreuzberg 10997 hotspot. modern hotel set inside the historic former foreign ministry. Wireless Internet access is available in public areas of the hotel and the 24-hour front desk staff can assist with bookings. high-speed Internet ports and Watergate Club contact: tel: 30-319 86 180 location: Hedemannstraße 11-12 Berlin Berlin 10969 8 Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte DESCRIPTION: Central. 25 .continued. © wcities. with some unique touches to the decor like a plate-glass floor/ceiling for a look-see at the party above or below.water-gate.. located 300 meters from Checkpoint Charlie and 80 meters from Friedrichstrasse. perhaps to not detract from all the human eye candy. featuring some of the most well-known and celebrated DJs in the world. The club is ultra-hip and chic. The layout of the interior is modern.

however. The district to the north-east of Mitte. but still has some of Berlin's best bars. past the splendid Crown Prince's Palace. makeshift charm is gradually disappearing. But there is also a rebuilding process taking place less visiblyin the hearts and minds of Berliners. symbolized today by the Tacheles cultural center or the Acud theater. Germany's biggest multicultural street festival. Architecturally speaking. Boasting an enormous shopping center. strung out like pearls along the magnificent boulevard Unter den Linden. restaurants and clubs. In the years after the fall of the Wall. Full of ponds. including some 200. Along with the TV Tower on Alexanderplatz. A stone's throw north of the River Spree. a refuge for nature-lovers. joggers and sunbathers. cafés and clubs and is a popular spot with students. this was the last area to be cleared of squatters and is still the focal point for Berlin's left-wing anarchist scene. is the sublime Tiergarten park. as well as many of Berlin's grandest buildings. in the Kulturbrauerei. It is also the district of alternative galleries and artistic experimentation. which takes place here every summer. Humboldt University and the State Opera House. the Palast der Republik(to be torn down completely in Spring 2009).a haven for squatters. Prenzlauer Berg is no longer an insider tip. which also has numerous alternative bars and cafés. we leave Kreuzberg and enter the Tiergarten district at Potsdamer Platz. A bit run down in places. A safer bet is to visit the annual Carnival of Cultures. Potsdamer Platz is a magnet for tourists and locals alike. This is the Mitte of bars. Berlin's most central district which literally meansthe center. Other buildings. eager to settle in the charming turn-of-thecentury houses around Kollwitzplatz. Mitte contains some of the city's oldest buildings such as Marienkirche and Nikolaikirche in the Nikolaiviertel. Kreuzberg is home to many immigrants. and efforts are now concentrated on turning Berlin into a international metropolis. Kreuzberg Crossing the River Spree on the Oberbaumbrücke.entertainment complexes such as the Cinemaxx and the Sony-Center. used to be the center of alternative culture and political resistance in the GDR. past the ruins of Anhalter Bahnhof(an old train station) and the Martin Gropius Building. such as the postmodern Volkswagen Showroom on Unter den Linden and the futuristic glass department store Galeries Lafayette on Friedrichstraße. such as Hotel Adlon on Pariser Platz. late-nineteenth century town houses.the Arkaden. Tiergarten The real highlight of the district. Many of these have now been replaced by capitalist temples of consumerism. restaurants. Mitte was scattered with drab socialist high-rises. The site of the first settlement in the Middle Ages. alternative culture is now becoming more and more established(for example. cafés and clubs. Art collectives and squatters moved into the empty. Prenzlauer Berg. the face of Mitte changes once again. Prenzlauer Berg Let's stay east of the former border. a casino and a musical theater venue. alternative impulses to the area. the former East German parliament is one of the city center's few remaining symbols of the GDR era. imperfections and blemishes. alternative Berlin culture. Stretching from Museum Island(Museuminsel with the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Pergamon Museum) past the imposing Berliner Dom and the lovely fountains and evergreens of the Lustgarten. dominated by one of Germany's most controversial buildings. Potsdamer Platz is now complete. due to the major construction work taking place on both sides. The old and new German capital is in a constant state of flux. the district to the south of Prenzlauer Berg. Just a decade ago. punks and left-wing intellectuals.Berlin Snapshot Local Info Berlin is a city of contrasts and contradictions. which is now home to a multi-screen cinema complex). Kreuzberg is still the venue for violent demonstrations every 1st of May. Perhaps the latter point is the most poignant. The city is made up of 23 different districts. run-down buildings and brought new. millions of young people descended on Tiergarten 26 .the heart of Berlin's buzzing nightlife scene. Potsdamer Platz Heading up Friedrichstraße. The area around Simon-DachStraße is heaving with alternative bars. but that's another story. Berlin has been undergoing major rebuilding and planning efforts. each with its own unique character. which are visible in the new cityscape around Potsdamer Platz and the eastern city center. Some of this Oriental flair can be experienced in the area around Kottbusser Tor and Oranienstraße. Friedrichshain Friedrichshain. always"becoming" something without having ever"been. As in Mitte.000 Turks. hippies. Mitte is also an urban mishmash full of holes. Friedrichshain is an intriguing mixture of concrete socialist high-rises. But it has since been flooded by wealthy West Germans. Mitte Let's begin in Mitte.the Brandenburg Gate. Tiergarten park is crowned in the middle by the golden Siegessäule victory monument. monumental Stalinera mammoths(along Karl-Marx-Allee) and stylish. Until 2006. The following summary will help to give you an overview of this fascinating city and provide you with a guide to what you can do in each particular district and what you can expect to find there.inevitably accompanied by pitched battles with the police. This spontaneous. the historic boulevard is crowned by the emblem of the old and new capital. Although any remaining anarchists have long since fled to neighboring Friedrichshain. For many years a huge construction site." This phenomenon has accelerated since the fall of the Wall. we reach the legendary Kreuzberg district. Although it contains many of Berlin's architectural showpieces. although nowadays it's almost impossible to see where the Wall used to be. has now taken over the mantle as the last outpost of indigenous. Kreuzberg became infamous during the 1960s and 1970s as the center of West Germany's anarchist scene. For the past few decades. The site of the former Royal Palace(pulled down in the 1950s) is now a rather open space. a unique subculture sprang up in the area around Hackescher Markt and Oranienburger Straße. have been rebuilt in the classic style of the early 1900s. Situated next to the Wall in former West Berlin. full of excitement and forever evolving. grottoes and dotted with sculptures.

a smaller copy of the Eiffel Tower. Wittenbergplatz and Adenauerplatz which makes up the center of western Berlin. Berlin's many rivers and canalssuch as the beautiful Landwehrkanal are flanked on both sides by broad. can't escape from the shadow of Communist East Germany. Hohenschönhausen or Marzahn have been repainted in friendly pastel colors and now boast the largest entertainment complexes and the most modern shopping malls in the region.home to Berlin's gay sceneare at their busiest(and most colorful) in the early morning hours. towers over the Exhibition Center and the International Congress Center. © wcities." Frederick William I. like Volkspark Friedrichshain and Volkspark Humboldthain. It regained some of its flair in the seventies and eighties and is still a good place to see and be seen. a place to meet"real" Berliners. However. an evening cocktail or a bit of night-time partying. however." Although they both have a reputation of being ghettos for the poor. Forests& Lakes Berlin is a city full of green oases. Schöneberg Schöneberg." This used to be one of Europe's finest and most elegant boulevards until it was reduced to rubble during the Second World War. There's plenty to discover here. It then fell on the Prussian"Soldier King.perfect for mooring the yacht at the bottom of the garden! Steglitz Steglitz is friendly. seat of the German President. Tegeler See(Lake Tegeler) and the Müggelsee(Lake Müggel) with wild boar. In 27 . Lined up one after the other are the newly-constructed ministries. Bröhan Museum and the Berggruen Collection. featuring dozens of opulently decorated rooms and chambers. lies in the Charlottenburg district. the Funkturm. The icing on the cake is the wonderful variety of lakes and forests in the suburbs. Further south. a hedonistic feast of music and dance for techno fans from all over the world. the young city soon invited in its first batch of immigrants to make up for the loss in population: French Protestants. they are not as bad as they are made out to be. the streets around Nollendorfplatz and Motzstraße.the Egyptian Museum. Rehberge and Britzer Gardens. Its main artery is Kurfürstendamm. which is sometimes referred to as the"Berlin Bronx. part of the Wilmersdorf district and around Dahlem in Zehlendorf. persecuted in their home country and looking for religious freedom were a welcome addition to Berlin's workforce. Indeed. The Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz. Hasenheide and Jungfernheide. unemployed and other down-and-outs. The area around Lake Wannsee is a particularly popular spot with Berlin's high-society. On the other hand. Parks. while the food hall on the top floor of KaDeWe department store is a feast for the senses. so what do the remaining districts have to offer? Wilmersdorf The southwest of the city is the place where wealthy Berliners live. Treptow. to develop the city. In fact. which is also home to Berlin's Free University. notbecause. even though much has changed here since the fall of the Wall. speakers of which still call a sidewalk atrottoir. Their influence can be seen today in the area around the Französischer Dom(French Cathedral) or in the Berlin dialect. and the Krumme Lanke. sushi bars and art galleries. Ku'damm's side-streets still bristle with theaters and hotels.and that'sdespite. particularly after the market on Saturday afternoons. Back in 1300. Several world-class museums. Eastern Districts The eastern districts. the two neighboring trading towns of Berlin and Coelln joined forces centering in the district now calledMitte(meaning"center"). Largely spared during the War. Most of this area. All but destroyed by the Thirty Years War. such as the Kempinski. on the other hand. green and clean and has two major attractions: the spectacular Botanical Gardens and some wonderful shopping facilities around Schloßstraße. Joggers and horseback-riders share places like the Grunewald Forest. Wedding and Neukölln More down-to-earth are the workingclass districts of Wedding in the north and Neukölln in the south. but it seems to be losing out in the popularity stakes to Unter den Linden and Friedrichstraße in eastern Berlin. affectionately known by Berliners as"Ku'damm. Charlottenburg's crowning glory is the magnificent Schloss Charlottenburg royal palace. they are lively places with an earthy proletarian flair. the triangle between ErnstReuter-Platz. is still brimming with camerawielding tourists. offering great views over western Berlin. The north side of the park is the nerve center of political power. exudes some of the calm of the surrounding park. foxes and deer. Also very popular are Tegeler Forest. the monumental Reichstag parliamentary building and the equally monumental Chancellor's Office. this highly popular institution had to be re-located to the Rhineland for organizational reasons. Well. such as the world's second biggest Jewish Cemetery in Weißensee or the monumental Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park. is a popular place to go for an afternoon coffee. as well as the lush Royal Gardens. for the Love Parade. Weißensee. we've now covered the inner city. The area around Savignyplatz is a great place to go for a bite to eat or for a latenight History Berlin is in good shape. The cafés and bars around Winterfeldtplatz are always full. which now attract more attention and more investment. a scenic nineteenth century bourgeois quarter. Only the palatial Schloss Bellevue. Most of the gray concrete towers in places like Lichtenberg. which celebrated its heyday back in the Golden Twenties. of its 800-year long history. the perfect place for a relaxing Sunday afternoon stroll.Berlin Snapshot continued once a year. there are hundreds of beautiful villas in Grunewald. Charlottenburg It's high time to discover Berlin's"second" city center. leafy parks and meander through the city like ribbons of green and blue. all in close range to the controversial Jewish Memorial consisting of numerous concrete blocks. Savoy or Steigenbergerwith boutiques. you would hardly ever need to leave the city limitsif it weren't for even more idyllic lakes and forests in the surrounding region of Brandenburg.are located close to the palace. Lake Schlachtensee.

the choice of places to stay in Berlin is vast. Berlin was reduced to little more than a pile of rubble. and William I became emperor of the Second German Reich in 1871. especially the persecuted left-wing movements and. strengthened Prussia's role as a major player in Europe. Mitte On the other side of the Brandenburg Gate. Since Berlin's first backpackers' hostel. All this was cut short by the First World War. Berlin became the focus of the failed 1918/19 revolution and went on to become the capital of Germany's first fragile democracy. Cheaper accommodation can be found in a number of modern. and fantastic buildings such as the ornate Konzerthaus and the imposing Altes Museum were erected. nearly half of the city's population. Hitler even envisioned the city as"Germania. or the Savoy on Fasanenstraße. medium-sized establishments such as Hollywood Media or the Concept Hotel. While the German Democratic Republic proclaimed East Berlin its capital. Thousands more fled the country. wining and dining. Other more intimate and inexpensive alternatives in the western center are Hotel California and Hotel Augusta. At this time. Gropius and Feininger forged a legacy that left a lasting impression throughout Europe. opened in 1995. The whole of the western part of town seems to have lost its attraction in recent years. the Weimar Republic." the capital of a global empire. Britain and France. each of which was ruled by one of the Allies. If you're looking for something slightly smaller yet equally extravagant. he made Berlin the capital. the Grand Hotel Esplanade and Hotel Berlin. similar establishments have mushroomed all over the city. and Komische Oper. Both tourists and locals now tend to head east for shopping. the bourgeois revolution of 1848 was short-lived. family-run boarding houses. Kennedy's famous words. are equally inexpensive but have a slightly moth-eaten image in comparison to the trendy new backpackers places. while artists like Gerhard Hauptmann and Wassily Kandinsky paved new ground in the arts. try Bleibtreu or Hecker's. Fabrik in Kreuzberg. of course. An entire generation had grown up knowing Berlin only as a divided city. from mammoth international hotel chains to small. Changing Appeal Much has changed in the decade since reunification. the Prussian court was a cradle of enlightenment. Berlin continued to spearhead reform movements. the USSR. Berlin's love affair with the arts is reflected in the fact that the city still boasts three opera houses. The Napoleonic occupation of Berlin in 1806 was met with fervent patriotism and produced a powerful liberal reform movement. while at the same time being an industrial powerhouse. Berlin is a city of two centers. one of the largest hotels in town. Backpackers now flood to places like Circus. Charlottenburg Most hotels in the western city center are located on Kurfürstendamm itself or in the quieter side-streets just off the main strip. At the time. Many of the major hotels can be found on the upper end of"Ku'damm" between Uhlandstraße and the Memorial Church. and began to leave his megalomaniac mark on the architecture and the infrastructure of the city. The Potsdam Agreement divided the city into four sectors. Thirty five years later. At the end of World War II. and his son. the three western sectors remained under Allied supervision until 1990. Berlin is once again the capital of a democratic state. All too soon Berlin became the focus and symbol of Cold War animosities(and the preferred location for spy movies).Berlin Snapshot continued 1709. Staatsoper. its population halved. US President Clinton would make a point of echoing John F. frequently visited by the philosopher Voltaire. yet unification is very much a work in progress. as well as the Schweizerhof. such as Kempinski and Steigenberger on Los-Angeles-Platz. Jewish cultural life has only recently known a revival(in the Scheuenviertel). From astronomically expensive establishments boasting every conceivable luxury to basic backpackers' hostels. but few expected the Wall to fall overnight. and this is reflected in the concentration of accommodation aroundKurfürstendamm in the western city center andUnter den Linden in the eastern center. More than 60.000 Berlin Jews. with Berlin as its capital. The city assumed the status of a glamorous arts and entertainment center. died in the Holocaust. Berliners suffered under Nazi rule. artists such as Brecht."Ich bin ein Berliner"("I am a Berliner").in Berlin's historic eastern city center there are several more deluxe establishments vying for potential clients: Hotel Insights Whatever your budget and whatever your taste. © wcities. in the 1920s. Berlin boomed during the Founding Years at the end of the 19th century. On both sides of the Wall — erected in 1961 to stop East Berliners from as the Kempinski or InterContinental are now struggling to hold their own against the young upstarts from the east. The area between Breitscheidplatz and Lützowplatz is home to several deluxe hotels: The Palace and the InterContinental. this city has it all. it isn't just the hotels that are suffering. However. or sightseeing. Frederick the Great.the USA. Berlin remained the capital of Germany during the Nazi era. the large Jewish community. Industrial giant Siemens built a modern underground system capable of transporting hundreds of thousands of people every day. Many of Berlin's major hotels are now situated in the eastern part of the city. Many of West Berlin's traditional flagships such 28 . Nowadays. such as the extremely central Jugendgästehaus Berlin. The King's appreciation of the humanities paved the way for a new era of classicist architecture. Level-headed politicians on both sides of the Iron Curtain had been working towards a cautious reconciliation since the early 1970s. during his 1998 visit to Berlin. Scientists such as Robert Koch led the world in research and development. another kind of a revolution has taken place. After the war. such as the peace movement in the West and opposition to the one-party regime in the East. In fact.the Deutsche Oper. such as the legendary Hotel Adlon next to the Brandenburg Gate or the wonderful Four Seasons on Gendarmenmarkt. The fall of the Wall in 1989 wasn't entirely unexpected. At the opposite end of the price scale. Berlin's traditional youth hostels.

or wait until night falls and mingle with Kreuzberg's young generation in Ankerklause. Boxhagener Platz and Schreinerstraße. while places like Austria and Jolesh are good bets for more traditional fare. a large number of hotels are congregated around Berlin's three airports. The best restaurants and cafés in the western city center are found in the side-streets between Kurfürstendamm and Kantstraße as well as in the area around leafy Savignyplatz. there are plenty of places that offer great value for the money that are slightly out of the city center. Another place worthy of mention is the Hotel Agon on Alexanderplatz. Fans of the traditional Berlin Currywurst sausage couldn't do any better than at the Imbiss stand at Amtsgerichtplatz in Kantstraße. you'll find that you have to pay a bit extra for the privilege of being so centrally located. none are situated directly on Unter den Linden. the Imbiss stand next to Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn station is widely reputed to have the bestdöner kebabs this side of Istanbul. Kreuzberg is also home to thousands of Turkish immigrants. Lodging Near the Airports Last but not least. Otherwise head to Tai Ji for some great Chinese. the Eastern residential districts still only have a limited choice of medium-sized hotels. If you can still handle breakfast after a long night on the town. That means that prices can increase dramatically at certain times of the year. Kreuzberg has certainly evolved since the fall of the Wall. to Le Canard for fantastic French or to Hitit for Turkish delights with an Oriental flair. While you can still savor some of that old revolutionary flavor in a number of bars around Oranienstraße and Wiener Straße. A liquid diet was definitely the safer option. Riehmers Hofgarten. Check out the spacey Astro Bar.. it can often be a relief to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas and immerse yourself in the real Berlin.125 rooms) not far from Schönefeld airport in Neukölln. such as Hotel Greifswald near Kollwitzplatz. And it's not always the case that the classy neighborhoods are full of luxurious lodgings and that less well-off districts are full of dingy dives. Altes Zollhaus and Medici serve up some of the best"neue deutsche Küche" in town. Leander and Apotheke have a good selection at knock-down prices. Gourmets are now spoiled for choice as more and more first class restaurants open their doors to the public. catering to all tastes and all budgets. In fact. if 29 . the Four Seasons and the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin. But if you don't need your lodgings to be totally central. with the Park Inn in Prenzlauer Berg and Upstalsboom in Friedrichshain being two rare examples. Michaels-Heim in the heart of exclusive Grunewald. © wcities. the Hilton Berlin Hotel. Schöneberg. Many of Berlin's most scenic cafés are situated on the banks of the canal at PaulLincke-Ufer. Gourmets with a deep wallet should pay a visit to Ana e Bruno for exquisite Italian. a popular bar-cum-club intriguingly decorated with East German political memorabilia. Budget travelers are well catered to by hundreds of Imbiss fast food restaurants. Fortunately. Once a haven for punks and anarchists. Guests wanting to sample a"typical Berlin dish" could easily be dissuaded by the mere mention of such alleged delicacies as pig's ear with yellow peas. the pricey Park Consul(with private golf facilities) in working-class Moabit and the elegant turn-of-the-century Hotel Riehmers Hofgarten in multicultural Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg For conservative radicals. Sit down.. the cocktail lounge next door to Dachkammer. while those on a normal budget could try the legendary pizzas at XXII Apostel. a French bistro better known for its well-heeled clientèle and late-night cocktails than for its food. But at the rate that new places are opening up. Celebrity spotters will be in their element at Paris Bar. And. and finish off the evening in Tagung. pop into Zwiebelfisch.Berlin Snapshot continued The Westin Grand Berlin. Thus you'll come across the moderately priced Hotel St. the D:O:M:I:C:I:L:. plenty of smaller hotels and guesthouses to choose from. the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon brunch. Great food can also be found in many cafés. The queues are always long. For you're looking for a bit of pre-Wall flair. So when in Rome. relax and watch the world go by from the gardens of Café am Ufer or Café Übersee. Berlin's gastronomic landscape has since changed beyond recognition. cool cafés and underground clubs. There are however. eating in Berlin was regarded as a minor sideline to the more important matter of drinking. Kreuzberg. With the exception of the Hotel Adlon. Friedrichshain A popular hang-out for students and young Berliners. Most are centered around SimonDach-Straße. In all the above-mentioned areas. Prenzlauer Berg& Friedrichshain On the other hand. Wilmersdorf& Tiergarten The Western residential districts of Schöneberg. Wilmersdorf and Tiergarten all have a wide range of places to stay.once the realm of the greasy sausage. which offer a selection of national and international dishes at reasonable prices. Kreuzberg. Friedrichshain is the last bastion of Berlin's"alternative" subculture and is the best district to explore if you're looking for hip bars. while lovers of Mediterranean cuisine should pay a visit to Sale e Tabacchi. it won't be long before Friedrichshain loses its insider feel. Restaurants Insights Before the fall of the Wall. Located next to the Exhibition Center are a couple of more affordable options. The Dorint Budget Hotel Tegel. the Kanthotel or the Ibis as well as familyrun pensions host guests during major trade shows at the Messe. southern Kreuzberg(around Bergmannstraße) is now dominated by chic cafés and exclusive restaurants. are the most prominent examples. but in the atmospheric Friedrichstadt quarter near Gendarmenmarkt. but it's well worth the wait! Good bets for a lazy Sunday brunch are Restaurant 31 and Pasticceria e Rosticceria Italiana. Charlottenburg Chic and up-market. Mercure Tempelhof Airport and the enormous Estrel(1. so it's generally no problem if you're staying in a hotel slightly further afield. Public transport in Berlin is very reliable and runs throughout the night. Francophiles should head for Le Cochon Bourgeois. Diener or Dicke Wirtintraditional Berlin pubs that haven't changed in years.but now brimming with Asian and Middle Eastern delights for just a few Euros.

many people would claim that Berlin is itself little more than one big entertainment complex. a rustic pub with hearty local fare and live jazz on Sundays. a first class restaurant with a sumptuous summer terrace. Comedy Well. Yet. Tom's Bar. Slightly softer. Gourmets can savor the finest new international cuisine at Borchardt and Vau while fans of hearty German food will be in their element at Stäv. the southern part of Tiergarten is a popular haunt for businessmen. Schöneberg Plenty to do here. up-and-coming district. the best of which we shall list here. Connection or Begine later on. If you're the more traditional type. Gourmets should head straight to Bamberger Reiter or Fischer's Restaurant for classic and modern German dishes and an enormous selection of wines. when Schöneberg wasthe place to go out in West Berlin. While tourists now outnumber locals in many of the establishments around Oranienburger Straße. Lenz die Bar is popular in the early evening. a peaceful oasis just a stone's throw from Ku'damm. at least you won't have to search for long until you find a place that you like. © wcities. And when it comes to tradition. For those looking for a quick snack: Zarskes Gaststätte. wine and dine with Berlin's high-society in Paris-Moskau. tree-lined Kollwitzplatz acts as a magnet for tourists who descend in droves on the atmospheric cafés and restaurants that adorn the quaint nineteenth century square. packed with bars. the hearty Russian dishes and live folk music at Pasternak or the Kurdish specialties consumed on traditional floor cushions at Miro. check out the likes of Madonna or Intertank. Storch for traditional Alsace cuisine and Baharat or Habibi if you're in the mood for a quick falafel. there's nothing like Golgatha's beer garden on a warm summer evening. The area around Hackesche Höfe is equally busy. the Oranienburger Straße strip has something for everyone. Volksgaststätte or Zur Letzten Instanz. Schöneberg is also the focal point of Berlin's vibrant gay community. prefer to meet at cafés such Anita Wronski and Sowohl Als Auch. Mitte The undisputed center of Berlin nightlife. cafés. But if you want to avoid the masses and fancy a bit of local flair. try one of the superb cocktails at Green Door. you're spoiled for choice. the great antipasti at Il Pane e le Rose. Locals. if you can take some heavy satire. Prater is also a popular destination with a fantastic beer garden. the highlight being Harry's New York Bar in the Grand Hotel Esplanade. Charlottenburg also has plenty to offer. try Café Ici or Hackbarth's in nearby Auguststraß of Berlin's most attractive beer gardensor to the popular Schleusen Krug on the Landwehrkanal. Alternatively. Alternatively. From the legendary Distel to the Chamäleon's late night shows in the Hackesches Hof Nightlife Insights Famous throughout the world as a Mecca for culture and entertainment. If you're just looking for somewhere to relax during the day. restaurants and clubs. try Cheban for great Lebanese. with its traditional 30 . Roses is a popular spot among the gay crowd. try the glorious Café im Literaturhaus. head to Jimmy's Diner for dinner and finish off the evening with a cocktail in the earthy Berlin Bar. as places like the Odeon and Babylon Kino feature the latest flicks for English speakers. A real Berlin institution is Café Einstein. The cafés and restaurants around Ludwigkirchplatz heave with students during weekends. and finish off the evening with a cocktail in the Bar am Lützowplatz. Prenzlauer Berg The fashionable. Popular lunchtime venues are Café Hackescher Hof and Yosoy tapas bar. head for Mittendrin in Sophienstraße. Tiergarten Pricey and not particularly exciting. For more obscure films try the Acud. with countless gay bars and clubs located around Motzstraße and Fuggerstraße. April and Montevideo. an exquisite coffee house with original 1920s flair. Many of the cafés and bars near Winterfeldtplatz and Goltzstraße sprung up in the 1980s. Guests looking to venture out of the hotel in the evening could try the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine on offer at Am Karlsbad. Check out cult favorites such as Café M and Mutter. Particularly during the warm summer months. Hotel bars and restaurants naturally dominate the gastronomic scene. while nightowls flock to Cocktailbar Baal or Sage Club. the spicy curries at Mao Thai. Berlin Mitte is the place to be. beautiful. Berlin's high temple of drinking. Many Berliners come from far afield to breakfast in style at places such as Tomasa.Berlin Snapshot continued If you're looking for a taste of legendary hard-core Kreuzberg. See and be seen in places like Café Solo or Manzinis. Cinema Berlin boasts over 100 cinemas. politicians and visitors staying in the hotels around Lützowplatz. whereas the Cinéma Paris features movies for the French crowd. there are some special places in this entertainment nirvana. check out Cafe Mia. There's good food aplenty to be had in Prenzlauer Berg: check out the breakfast buffet at Li(bi)do or Schall& Rauch. evening favorites include the South American restaurant-bar Brazil. And don't worry if your German isn't up to par. If you wish to drink in a smoke-free atmosphere.perfect for a relaxing brunch or an afternoon coffee break. Hafen. said to be Berlin's oldest restaurant. If you're here on a warm summer evening. but still very"Kreuzberg" are Morena and Wiener Blut. From the sleek Café Orange to the wacky Café Zapata in Stachelschweine Kabarett Theater. When it comes to eating in Schöneberg. Otherwise. on the other hand. from ultra-modern multi-screen complexes to traditional film theaters such as the UFA Palast. both of which are highly recommended. take a stroll through the idyllic Tiergarten park to Café am Neuen See. or at late-night bars like Luxus Bar. A particularly atmospheric establishment is the Soviet-style International on Karl-Marx-Allee. Wilmersdorf This area caters to a young and affluent crowd. pay a visit to Yorckschlösschen. where you won't be disturbed by hundreds of popcornjunkies.

but fringe theater).or simply head straight to the Philharmonie to listen to the worldfamous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Along Ebertstraße. A kaleidoscope of modern Chinese art.after shopping in the US-style Arkaden. Behind the Friedrichstadt-Passagen is Gendarmenmarkt. For an in-depth look into 2000 years of Jewish history. Across the road from the cathedral. situated on Pariser Platz. and the Brandenburg Gate. for techno. nearby is the site of the Berliner Mauer(Berlin Wall). which features an exhibition recounting the history of Nazi crimes. Built in 1905 and modeled on St. while the Grips-Theater interacts with its young audience. provides information about the Jews who were under the wrath of Nazi forces. movie theaters and music venues that will guarantee a great evening out.Stachelschweine and the more comedy-oriented Bar jeder Vernunft. hipper. Berliner Dom was destroyed during the war and then painstakingly rebuilt over the ensuing decades. This broad. Near the Reichstag. cafés. Clubs It's getting late and you want to move your dancing feet? The clubs around Rosenthaler Platz have the remedy! Some are tucked away in backyards and have irregular opening hours. The Sophienclub quenches the pop. © wcities. the former royal gardens once used by the Nazis and East Germans for military marches. salsa parties or readings by writers from developing countries are on the agenda at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. art and concerts. International avant-garde dance troupes step it up at the Hebbel Theater. soul and Latin thirst. Berlin counts numerous nightclubs. veteran Claus Peymann reinterprets Brecht at the Berliner Ensemble.Berlin Snapshot continued Wühlmäuse. The UFA-Fabrik. Beginning at the former border-crossing on Friedrichstraße. Marilyn Manson is still supposed to enjoy some absinth around the corner. which spans the River Spree. including the Max Liebermann Haus. a musical theater. the Neues Museum will reopen in 2009 to the public. you can still see the Things to Do Insights Most cities only have one center. Friedrichstraße Friedrichstraße was the focal point of Berlin's thriving nightlife during the"Golden Twenties. is a must. each with a mix of restaurants. shops. the Theater am Potsdamer Platz and a multi-screen cinema. While director Frank Castorf heckles the audience at the Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz. Next. But if you're looking for something more typical. Although East and West Berlin have successfully interwoven to form a more-or-less homogeneous city. the Sage Club for Afro-beats and hiphop and the SO 36 for alternative/punk/ rock. 31 . formally known as the Monument to the Murdered Jews in Europe. others are hard to find for lack of a name over the door. which was once the border of East and West Berlin. walk back towards the main street through the lovely Lustgarten. such as controversial contemporary Anglo-American drama at theBaracke or a light comedy with mass appeal on Ku'damm(Komödie& Theater am Kurfürstendamm). including a casino. acrobats and magicians put a spell on the Wintergarten. city planners are still trying to cope with the"problem" of two centers. but Berlin has two. Begin at the Brandenburg Gate. Top addresses include Kreuzberg's Junction Bar or Bebop for jazz. brings you toMuseumsinsel(Museum Island). Music Berlin is also a great place for music lovers. Classical aficionados have to make the painful choice between three opera houses. To see the longest and most famous stretch of Wall. Visit the popular Haus am Checkpoint Charlie to learn about the history of the Cold War. Brandenburg Gate For those in Berlin for the first time. Alternative Culture All of the above too middle-of-the-road for you? Check out the innumerable centers of alternative culture that Berlin is famous for. one of Berlin's most beautiful squares. After years of reconstruction. you'll always find plenty to do in the two streets that even Berliners love to confuse. pay a visit to the Jewish Museum. you'll need to take the S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. while the Kulturbrauerei is good for alternative theater. Alte Nationalgalerie. Further options include the Watergate Club or the Pulp Mansion. Other Options Confused or undecided? The Potsdamer Platz offers. the Tränenpalast(Palace of Tears) conjures up memories of tearful goodbyes as Berlin's divided families bode farewell after an all-too-brief visit. while the Pfefferberg concentrates on the younger. but all are open until dawn. yet plenty of food stands provide visitors with refreshments and snacks. Also. bars.many entertainment options. Today Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of German reunification. Big gigs take place at the Arena and Columbiahalle. nearby on niederkirchnerstraße is the Topographie des Terrors.Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg and Oranienburger Straße in Mitte. This 1. The Altes Museum." but now has become filled with ritzy shopping malls like Galeries Lafayette. a stroll down Unter den Linden. Theater Theater in Berlin can mean a lot of different Restaurants are mostly located inside the hotels in this area. In addition. a 3D IMAX Movie Theater. home of the German government. for example. the northern part of the island in which several renowned museums occupy. Berlin's most prestigious boulevard. is the place to be in summer. the former symbol of a divided Europe that endured four decades of uncompromising and unrelenting politics of the Cold War era. lies a huge field of concrete blocks. Even though David Bowie and Iggy Pop are long gone. red stripes on the road mark the route of the Wall that many would prefer to forget. tree-lined avenue contains many of Berlin's historic landmarks. you can't miss the enormous Berliner Dom which rears up on your left. The Holocaust Memorial. Pergamon Museum and Bodemuseum make up one of Europe's most impressive art collections. multi-cultural clientele of reggae and rai concerts. Museumsinsel The beautiful Schlossbrücke. head to Friedrichshain's Berghain or to Tresor's new location on Köpenicker Straße. featuring the graceful Deutscher Dom and Französischer Dom.3kilometer(3/4 mile) long stretch of Wall was painted by artists from all over the world in 1990 and has now been turned into an open-air exhibition known as the East Side Gallery. the Cinemaxx. Anglophiles should check out the English Theater Berlin(not opera.

the historic birthplace of the city. Guided Tours Insiders Walking and Bike Tours Berlin( +49 30 692 3149/ http://www. the airport offers a special shuttle service that Travel Tips Getting There Air Currently three major airports service Berlin: The northwestern Airport BerlinTegel(TXL)(+49 1805 00 0186/ http:// www. Alexanderplatz. situated behind the Memorial Church. You might enjoy a visit to Berlin Zoo. The only remnant of the original palace is the triumphal U-Bahn(subway) or S-Bahn(tram) to anywhere in the city. hop on a bus and see for yourself. Nearby you can also visit the Knoblauchhaus. turned InterSky(+49 30 6951 2686/ Transavia(+49 695 09 85 446/ http://www. an important railway Condor(+49 180 5 767 757/ http://www11.tuifly. The bus passes many famous sights along the way. which has been incorporated into the State Council Building on the south side of Schlossplatz. Nikolaiviertel& Alexanderplatz Near the State Council Building you will reach the 900 109 95 95/ http:// Easyjet(+49 900 1100 161/ http:// www. the centerpiece of this historic city quarter is the 13th-century Nikolai Church.iberia. the smart shopping boulevard that runs through the heart of the western © Germania(+49 1805 737 100/ http:// SAS(+49 1805 117 002/ including the Memorial Church on Ku' Tour-theEast( +49 30 4703 4747/ http://www.icelandair. turn right into Knesebeckstraße and follow the road until you hit Savignyplatz.condor. Tastefully revamped by East German authorities for Berlin's 750th anniversary celebrations in Icelandair(+49 69 29 99 78/ http:// Norwegian(+47 815 21 815/ http://www. or you can always pick up a tour book. an 18th century house. 100 bus departing from the bus station at Zoologischer Garten. past the legendary KaDeWe department store until you reach Breitscheidplatz.continental. Within this square you can tour around the Red City Hall. dominated by the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.airfrance. the former East German parliamentary chamber. and Bohemian-types will like Zwiebelfisch café.de/) Berlin Sightseeing( +49 30 79 74 56 00/ http://www. After it opens in 32 . Airport Berlin-Tegel Air Berlin(+49 1805 737 800/ http:// www.germania. For visitors from Dresden. From here you can connect by Snapshot continued gloomy Palast der Air Italy(+356 2364 5300/ http:// Finnair(+49 180 3 34 66 24/ http://www. Stops are located outside of the From the Airport Airport Berlin-Tegel Public Transport: It's easy to find public transportation connections from Tegel to the heart of the city: The buses 109 or express X9 will take you to Zoologischer Garten. the Victory Column and Bellevue Palace in the Tiergarten. the southeastern Airport Berlin-Schönefeld(+49 1805 00 0186/ Ryanair(+49 900 116 0500/ Airport Berlin-Tempelhof Brussels Airlines(+49 30 6951 3850/ http:// TUIfly. the State Opera on Unter den Linden and the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz.aerlingus. The Dicke Wirtin offers typical Berlin Swiss International Air Lines(+49 30 4101 2764/ http://www.germanwings.tourthe-east.brusselsairlines. Bus Tours Berlin City Tour( +49 30 68 30 26 41/ http://www. and Berliner Seegler-Verband( http:// Germanwings(+49 900 19 19 100/ Airport Berlin-Schönefeld: Aer Lingus(+49 89 552 533 53/ http:// Condor(+49 180 5 767 757/ http://www.transavia. the downtown airports in Tegel and Tempelhof will be British Airways(+49 180 5 26 65 22/ Air France(+49 1805 830 830/ http://www. the royal palace that was deemed unworthy of restoration and was demolished by East German authorities in the Delta Airlines(+49 180 333 7880/ http:// Eurowings(http:// www. you will experience the city's historical significance while you venture through the modern landscape of Berlin.segeln-in-koepenick.php/) Unwrapping History( http:// Continental Airlines(+49 180 3 21 26 10/ http://www.airitaly. Continue down Joachimstaler Straße and take a right onto Ku' LTU International Airways(+49 30 6091 3898/ http:// LGW Luftfahrt-Gesellschaft Walter(+49 30 6951 2681/ LTU International Airways(+49 30 4101 3601/ http://www.htm/) A cheap alternative to an organized tour is a trip on the Oldtimer Berlin( + 49 30 21 90 21 88/ http://www. and the famous Fernsehturm(TV Tower). It was built on the site of the glorious 15th-century Berliner Schloß.de/).ba.airberlin.lgw. Tickets are valid for two hours for all public transport. Boat Tours Reederei Winkler( +49 30 349 95 95/ http://www. Buses run every ten minutes. head down Tauentzienstraß BBS( The former Central Airport of the GDR(Schönefeld) is being expanded to become the Berlin Brandenburg International If you're feeling Iberia(+49 1805 44 29 00/ Sky Airlines(+90 242 3108500/ http:// www. Kurfürstendamm Starting from Berlin's oldest underground station at Wittenberg Platz. It is supposed to be deconstructed by February 2009. Guided and boat tours offers insider and the central Airport Berlin-Tempelhof(+49 1805 00 0186/ Berliner Wassertaxi( +49 30 65 88 02 03/ http:// www. the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.bbsberlin. Whether you travel by land or sightseeing_english_berlin_hotel_incoming/ Lufthansa(+49 180 3 80 38 03/ http://www.ltu.

berliner-verkehr. Avis(+49 30 4101-3148/ http://www. 28 tram lines(S-Bahn). Bus The Central Bus Station(Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof(ZOB)). 163 bus lines and six ferries. Various bus stops are located outside of the airport where you have access to the 104 and the 248. see above. © wcities. On Saturdays or Sundays. from which all intercity services depart. N71 Taxi: Taxis are located either directly outside of the terminals or outside of the train station. Juni. For more information visit: Pedal Power( E-Sixt(+49 1805 252525/ http://www. The following bus companies have regular departures from the ZOB to all major German& European cites: Berlinien Bus(+49 30 302 5361/ http:// www. Ostkreuz. For a list of companies. Special fares to watch out for include: Schönes Wochenende Ticket(Happy Week-end Ticket): EUR33/35.40. such as Ostkreuz. Charlottenburg. N60.htm/) Berlin Linien Bus(http:// www. Hertz(+49 30 4704674/ http://www. only the slower. travelers are able to reach their final destination in Berlin by using public transport for free if they have a valid Deutsche Bahn(DB) train ticket. 4. Car Rental: Avis(+49 30 6951 2444 or +49 30 6581 2340/ http://www. Potsdamer Straße and Brandenburgische Straße.berlinlinienbus.Berlin Snapshot continued will take you to your destination and back.wide streets. reserved(and respected) bike lanes." 33 .hertz. Straße des 17. If you want to reach Schöneberg. which will take you to other German traffic. RB22.avis. However the Intercity Express(ICE) does not service this station. it shouldn't be expected Car Rental: The car rental counter is located near parking space P2.nationalcar. you have easy access to the subway(S9) that will take you to many of the downtown locations. Brandenburg Ticket: EUR27/29.4 million(city).budget. offering a comprehensive service to German and other European destinations. Bismarckstraße. 736. Trains serving this station are RE7.berlinienbus. Schedules can be found on their website. Ostbahnhof.europcar.sixt. Companies include: Taxi-Ruf Würfelfunk"0800-Cabcall" AG:+49 800 222 22 55 Quality Taxi:+49 800 26 300 00 Funk Taxi Berlin:+49 30 26 10 26 TaxiFunk Berlin GmbH:+49 30 44 33 22 Even though most taxi drivers speak is Germany's national railway. is located in the west of city.9 million(metropolitan) Average Winter Temperature:-6° C/ 31° F Average Summer Temperature: 18° C/ 65° F Most Precipitation: 100 mm/ 4 in Annual amount of taxes to be paid to own a dog: EUR150. Getting Around Public Transport Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe(http://www. or the Car Berlin can be accessed by the Autobahn. He once reportedly described they city as"the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine. Hertz(+49 30 6981 9892/ http://www. see above. It is valid from Monday to Sunday for one day of your choice from 9a until 3a of the following day. German 2pin-plug Country Dialing Code:+49 Area Code: 30 Did You Know? Musician David Bowie and Iggy Pop lived in Berlin during the 1970s. S45 will take you to these Budget(+49 30 4101-3364/http://www. From there it will take you about 15 minutes to reach the city center at Friedrichstraße from where you have access to subway lines serving Zoologischer Garten. you have access to the Deutsche Bahn(DB).de/) operates nine underground lines(U-Bahn). Bike In comparison to other German cities.avis.budget. From Europcar(+49 30 6904 700/ http:// www. regional train. 163. From here you catch the U2 atMesse Nord/ICC(direction Vinetastraße/Pankow) to get to the city center.avis.europcar.sixt. 171. 162. Bicycle Station provides bike rentals and tours of Berlin. A wide range of buses depart from the airport(some of them even directly in front of the terminals): X7. Deutsche Bahn( Airport Berlin-Schönefeld Public Transport: From the airport's train station(located 400 meters/0. unlimited travel for up to five adults on any regional train in Germany. Car Rental: Avis(+49 30 6091-5710/ http://www. Tickets are expensive if you pay full Since May 2006. Single Tickets start at EUR2. For some. For information on public transportation visit:(http://www.10 and 7-Day Cards at EUR25. however.10. Berlin is bicycle heaven. 50Hz. Taxi: Taxis are located in front of the airport at thePlatz der Luftbrücke. One day unlimited travel within Berlin and Brandenburg for up to five adults. Tauentzienstraß Airport Berlin-Tempelhof Public Transport: Airport Berlin-Tempelhof is the most central airport of the city with easy access to the subway U6 at thePlatz der Luftbrü but the DB does have a range of specials which make train travel more Alexanderplatz. Taxi: Taxis can be found at ground level outside of Terminal A and Terminal C. Day Passes at Hertz(+49 30 6091-5730/ http://www. To reach other major German or European cities by Fun Facts Berlin State: Berlin Country: Germany Berlin By The Numbers: Population: 3.hertz. See the website for details. and Zoologischer Garten. Central European Time(CET) Electricity: 230 volts AC. the nearest stop is Budget(+49 30 6091-5700/ http://www. and Westkreuz. you have to book in advance under SIXT(+49 1805 252525/ http://www. the central stationBerlin Hauptbahnhof is located in Berlin Mitte. Hackescher Gullivers Reisen GmbH(+49 30 89 0660/ http:// www. Hauptbahnhof. and RB14.2 miles north).e-sixt.hertz. locals find the motorist/cyclist relationship in Berlin rather Nationalcar(+49 30 4101-3383/ SIXT(+49 1805 252525/ http://www. Brandenburg-Berlin Guten Abend Ticket(Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket Night): EUR21. For a list of companies and phone numbers. Quick Facts: Time Zone: GMT+1(GMT+2 daylight savings time). Train: At the train Europcar(+49 30 6349160/ http:// Europcar(+49 30 418520/ http:// www.europcar. © NileGuide 34 Weather StatisticsJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Temperature C Average High3481419222424191473 Average Mean115914171919151051 Average Low-1-1251013151411730 Temperature F Average High373947566671757566574438 Average Mean333441485763666659514035 Average Low303035414955585852453732 Rainy Days10891089101087811 Rain Fall (cm) Snapshot continued Imported coffee was banned by Friedrich II in order to encourage sales of the local beverage: beer! © wcities.0 Rain Fall (in)1.91.91.

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