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Networking – 1
Test/ Assignment
1. Which of the following is 7. What are the special types of
NOT a type of motherboard interfaces that connect audio
expansion slot? and modems?
a) ISA a) PCI
b) PCI b) ISA
c) AGP c) CNR
d) ATX d) AMR

2. What is the typical access

time of DRAM? 8. What type of drive would
a) About 80ns have a rating of 32x-16x-4x?
b) About 15ns a) A CD-ROM Drive
b) A CD-R Drive
3. Which IRQ does COM1 c) A CD-RW Drive
commonly use? d) A Hard Disk
a) 3
b) 4 9. A molex power connector is
c) 6 used to power?
d) 7 a) Floppy Drives
e) 14 b) Hard Disks
c) Motherboards
4. What is the difference
between DIMM and SIMMS? 10. Which of the following
a) DIMMS have memory on retains the information it's
both sides of the PCB storing when the power to the
b) SIMMS have memory on system is turned off?
both sides of the PCB a) CPU
b) ROM
5. Which of the following is not c) RAM
a type of computer hard d) DRAM
drive? e) DIMM
a) IDE
b) EIDE 11. All UB devices share the
c) SCSI same IRQ when connected to
d) FDD a PC?
a) True
6. Will an AT motherboard fit b) False
into an ATX case?
a) Yes 12. What are IA, PCI and AGP
b) No commonly known as?
a) Types of peripheral port
b) Types of memory slots

SEED Group Networking (Test-1)
c) Types of CPU slot
d) Types of expansion slot 16. Which of the following
processors cannot have 4GB
13. Where is the hard disk RAM?
controller found in a modern a) 80286
system? b) 80386
a) Motherboard c) 80486
b) Host adapter d) Pentium
c) Hard disk enclosure
17. Which of the following is
14. Typical CPU fan, where NOT a type of RAM?
would you plug the fan in? a) DIMM
a) Plug into Molex b) SIMM
connector from PSU c) ROM
b) Plug into motherboard 3 d) SLIPP
pin CPU fan socket
c) Plug into Berg connector 18. What is 333MHz DDR also
from PSU called?
d) Plug into motherboard 3 a) PC100
b) PC166
pin chassis fan socket
c) PC333
d) PC2700

15. Which IRQ does the system 19. What type of connector is used to

timer commonly use? plug a telephone line into a

a) 0 moderm?
b) 1 a) RJ-11
c) 10 b) RJ-45
d) 15 c) RJ-10
e) None, it doesn’t use an d) COM1

20. What is the bus width of ISA

a) 8 bits
b) 16 bits
c) 32 bits
d) 64 bits

21. What is different between AT and ATX supplies?

a) AT supplies use a single P1 power connector while ATX uses P8 and
b) AT supplies use P8 and P9 power connectors while ATX uses a single
P1 connector.
c) AT power supplies run on 120V AC current while ATX uses 220V AC
d) They are identical except for their shape.

SEED Group Networking (Test-1)
22. How many pins does a SIMM have?
a) 50
b) 64
c) 30 or 72
d) 168
e) 128

23. How many pins does a DIMM have?

a) 50
b) 64
c) 72
d) 128
e) 168

24. What is the difference between DRAM and SRAM?

a) DRAM operates at faster clock speeds
b) DRAM needs constant refresh
c) SRAM can store vast amounts of Data
d) SRAM is more efficient than DRAM

25. Parity is:

a) A system for balancing the voltage coming out of the power supply
b) A byte stored in the FAT to indicated remaining slots
c) The last setting for controlling hard drive configuration of IDE drives
in the CMOS
d) An Extra bit stored with data in RAM that is used to check for errors
when the data is read back
e) The optimal transmission speed of data over a CAT 5 cable

26. You have a CDROM rated as 48X. What does “48X” mean?
a) The CD spin at 48000rpm
b) CDROM data transfer speed is 48 times faster than the hard drive
c) X refers to 48 times the normal CD speed of 150 KBps
d) X is a static reference used to rate CDROMs
e) X in unknown

27. What are the four key functions of computer system?

a) Input, Processing, output, and storage
b) Keyboard, display, memory and disk drive
c) Word processing, spreadsheets, database and contact management
d) Read, write, calculate and display
e) Bits, bytes, words and OSI

28. If you are using DDR 400MHz memory in your PC, what should your FSB
speed be as standard?
a) 100MHZ
b) 166MHz
c) 200MHz

SEED Group Networking (Test-1)
d) 400MHz

29. What kind of connectors are used to connect a PC power supply to a hard
a) Mini-Molex
b) Molex
c) P9
d) Chamfer
e) AT

30. How would you change an IDE device from Master to Slave?
a) Change the value in CMOS
b) Change the jumper pins on the Back of the drive
c) Change the value in the registry
d) Open up the drive and change the jumper pins

31. If after you install a new IDE hard drive into a legacy computer you find
the computer has no device, what should you do?
a) Load your O/S and enter the ‘add new hardware wizard’
b) Load your O/S and troubleshoot the device, under the ‘devices’ menu
c) Enter the BIOSCMOS setup and in the fixed disk area enter your drive

32. How is data transmitted to the floppy drive?

a) In Parallel
b) In Serial

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SEED Group Networking (Test-1)