ELDAR FORCE LIST FOR SPACE HULK 1st EDITION RULES (Updated March 2012) Timer Table: Eldar

in Battlehost Time Allowed (Min 1.30) 5 or Less 2.00 6-10 3.00 11-15 4.00 16 or more 5.00 Farseer +0.30 Warlock +0.30 Exarch (each) +0.30 Farseer, Warlock, or Exarch Killed -0.30

ELDAR FORCE LIST Troop type Close Assault Cost Farseer (off-board using cards only) 0 points Farseer Model (Lv. 4) armed w/ Force Weapon & Pistol (1D6 base) 20 points Warlock (Lv. 1) w/ WitchBlade & Pistol (1D6 -2 base) 5 points (+ 3 per Lv.) (2) Dire Avengers (1D6 -2 base) 1 point (2) Striking Scorpions (1D6 -2 base) 1 point (2) Howling Banshees (1D6 -2 base) 1 point (1) Dark Reaper (1D6 -2 base) 2 points (1) Fire Dragon (1D6 -2 base) 1 points Aspect Exarchs (one per type max) Special 2 points WraithGuard (2 max) (1D6 base) 2 points Guardian Squad – 10 Guardians (1D6 -2 base) 5 points Squad Leader w/ dual pistols & plasma grenades Seven (7) Guardians w/ Shruiken Catapults Two (2) Guardians w/ either Las-cannon, Shruiken Cannon, Melta-gun, or Missile Launcher equipped w/ plasma & crack missiles (1D6 -3 heavy weapon ) Recon Squad – 5 Guardians (1D6 -2 base) 2 points Squad Leader with dual pistols & plasma grenades 4 Guardians w/ Shruiken Catapults Assault Squad – 15 Guardians (1D6 -2 base) 8 points Squad Leader w/ dual pistols & plasma grenades 10 Guardians w/ Shruiken Catapult 4 Guardians w/ either Las-cannon, Shruiken Cannon, Melta-gun, or Missile Launcher equipped w/ plasma & crack missiles (1D6 -3 heavy weapon ) (2) Harlequin Troupers (dual pistols, or pistol & hand wpn)(1D6 -1 base) 1 point Harlequin Troupe Leader (armed as Trouper or H. Kiss) (1D6 -1 base) 1 point Solitaire w/ Harlequin's Kiss & Fusion Pistol (as Melta) (1D6 -1 base) 2 points Harlequin Warlock w/ Force Claw (psi-points) & pistol (1D6 -1 base) 2 points Death Jester (1D6 -1 base) 1 point Great Harlequin (1D6 -1 base) 1 points Small Troupe 1 Troupe Leader (may upgrade to Harlequin's Kiss at no cost) 3 points 4 Harlequin Troupers Large Troupe 5 points 1 Troupe Leader (may upgrade to Harlequin's Kiss at no cost) 8 Harlequin Troupers Great Troupe 7 points 1 Great Harlequin 1 Troupe Leader (may upgrade to Harlequin's Kiss at no cost) 8 Harlequin Troupers & 1 Death Jester

ELDAR FORCE LIST FOR SPACE HULK 1st EDITION RULES (Updated March 2012) ELDAR GUARDIAN WARRIORS Eldar Guardians are the workhorse troops of any Craftworld, representing the civilian population who are called up to defend their home in times of crisis. Guardians squads consist of troops armed with shruiken catapults & heavy weapons, and a squad leader armed with dual pistols and plasma grenades. Guardians have 5 AP's, and follow the same AP movement costs & shoot-to-kill stats as Dire Avengers on the appropriate charts. Guardian base Close Assault factor 1D6 -2. ELDAR SUPPORT TEAM

Occasionally Eldar will field heavy support teams, which are made up of a two crewmen (Spotter & Gunner), and a weapon platform armed with various heavy armament. The heavy weapon may either be mounted on a mobile anti-gravity platform,or a relatively stationary tripod platform. Both Tripod and Grav-Platform occupy 1 square. Crew are both Guardians with 5AP's, and are armed with a Shruiken Pistol (Gunner) and Shruiken Catapult (Spotter). The platform itself has no AP, and requires all functions to be preformed by its crew. In order to move or fire a mobile anti-grav platform or tripod, it must be adjacent to, and within LOS of a crew member (meaning he can't operate a platform behind him). Moving the Platform: Both the platform and a crewman move together as a single action. Platforms may be moved in any direction, so long as their operator has appropriate LOS. Move Platform Turn Platform 90': 1AP Fire Platform Weapon: 2AP's 1 square :2AP Tripods may only move 1 square per turn maximum, or make up to two (2) 90' turns. Tripods may change facing 90' for free after moving. ● Firing the Platform: In order to fire the platform, at least one (1) crewman must be adjacent in one of its side or rear squares (diagonal counts). Both the platform and an adjacent crewman must have LOS to the target, and the target must be within the fire arc of the platform (45'). ● Platforms may NOT perform move & fire actions. Firing the platform gun requires 2AP from the operating crewman (side or rear). The platform allows LOS through itself for the crew when calculating shooting requirements (for instance, the crew may stand behind the platform & have LOS to any potential targets beyond). However, they may not shoot their personal firearm over/through the platform, nor may they be shot through the platform as it counts as an obstacle, and must be destroyed first. In effect, platforms become heavy barricades. Grav-platforms and Tripods are fairly well armored: Grav-platforms are destroyed as a Bulkhead, and Tripods are destroyed as a door.

ELDAR FORCE LIST FOR SPACE HULK 1st EDITION RULES (Updated March 2012) SUPPORT TEAM WEAPON PLATFORMS Scatter Laser - The Scatter Laser is a heavy weapon commonly used by the Eldar. It is capable of unleashing a hail of laser bolts and uses laser technology significantly more advanced than that of the Imperium. It is powered by a crystalline energy cell which gives the weapon a high rate of fire and accuracy. The Scatter Laser rolls to kill as an Assault Cannon burst, and if a kill is scored the Scatter Laser may keep its sustained fire bonus from the last target if it is able immediately to fire again on a new target. (For example, using 2AP's the first crewman fires the Scatter Laser at a terminator in range, using 3D6, needing a 5 to kill. If they hit, the second crewman can spend another 2AP's on the next terminator, now needing only a 4 to hit and kill). The Scatter Laser may go on Overwatch for 2AP, has no chance of jamming, and has unlimited ammunition. However, no sustained fire bonuses are applied to the Scatter Laser on Overwatch. Las-Cannon – A large, powerful laser cannon. See weapons reference table. Heavy Plasma Gun – An extremely powerful weapon using searing hot plasma, capable of both rapid and maximal fire modes. See weapons reference table. Missile Launcher – Capable of firing Blind, Plasma and Crack missiles. See weapons reference table. D-Cannon - The Distortion Cannon or D-Cannon is an Eldar heavy support weapon. A D-Cannon uses small warp engines to create a temporary hole between warp and real space on the battlefield. This warp-space rift is then projected towards an enemy. Anything it touches is torn momentarily from real space. Although the target is not forced into warp space for more than a fraction of a second, the immense wrenching force exerted on them in that time will dismember all but the strongest of targets, and cripple most vehicles. It has unlimited range, can fire once per turn, & cannot be placed on overwatch. The D-Cannon is a section effect weapon, destroying everything in the target section on a 3 or better (including doors, bulkheads, crates but not rubble). Roll for each model, door, obstacle or item. Additionally, the immense force of the warp-shift could cause instability in the Space Hulk. Roll for every floor tile in the section, on a 5-6 the floor panels disintegrate and leave only pitfalls in their place. Use appropriate pitfall markers (if available). SUPPORT PLAFORM FORCE LIST Includes weapon platform, Spotter, & Gunner Anti-Grav Tripod Scatter Laser 6 points Las-Cannon 5 points Missile Launcher 5 points Heavy Plasma 5 points D-Cannon 10 points

4 points 3 points 3 points 3 points 7 points


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