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The Seamen’s Church Institute
Annual Report 2018
Volume 111 / Number 2
© 2019 The Seamen’s Church Institute
of New York and New Jersey
The Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) promotes the safety, dignity
and improved working environment for the men and women PASTORAL CARE
serving in North American and international maritime workplaces.
Founded in 1834, the Institute is a voluntary, ecumenical agency
SCI maintains a staff of
affiliated with the Episcopal Church. professional chaplains with
interfaith and cross-cultural
To make a financial gift, go online to and click DONATE,
backgrounds. Chaplains and
or mail your contribution to our headquarters in New York.
volunteers assist thousands of
mariners each year, extending a
hand of friendship and hospitality.
Twitter: @seamenschurch
Instagram: @seamenschurch


50 Broadway, Floor 26 9650 High Level Road

New York, NY 10004 Houston, TX 77029
T +1 (212) 349-9090 T +1 (713) 674-1236
F +1 (212) 349-8342 F +1 (713) 674-1239


129 South Water Street 118 Export Street

Paducah, KY 42001 Port Newark, NJ 07114
T +1 (270) 575-1005 T +1 (973) 589-5828
F +1 (270) 575-9152 F +1 (973) 817- 8565
SCI’s Center for Maritime Education
(CME) empowers mariners with
valuable training, providing professional
advancement opportunities through
SCI-developed and USCG-approved
courses. Instructors train mariners using
adult education principles and the latest
computer simulation technology.


SCI operates a full-time, free legal aid Volunteer knitters from around the
program for merchant mariners. The country create garments as symbols of
Center for Seafarers’ Rights (CSR), soon SCI’s mission of hospitality. Each year,
to become the Mariner Advocacy Center, SCI distributes these warming gifts to
works to improve laws and practices that mariners far away from home, in port
protect mariners and increase the safety and along inland river waterways.
and security of the maritime industry,
as well as promoting well-being issues
such as physical and mental health.
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n 2018, SCI enjoyed Bruce G. Paulsen, Esq. Jens Alers Mrs. C. Robert Allen III
another great year. We Richard R. Alexander Morton Arntzen
adopted a new five-year VICE CHAIRMAN Richard R. Calhoun Richard S. Berry, Esq.
strategic plan, “Charting Mark K. Knoy
Our Course, 2018–2023.” Timothy J. Casey Gale Rundquist Chen
The plan continues our K. Blythe Daly, Esq. James F. Farley
mission of of pastoral PRESIDENT &
Matthew D. Davis David S. French**
care, legal advocacy, and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
The Rev. David M. Rider Donald M. Dowd Peter John Goulandris
maritime education, while
refocusing on cross-training Richard T. du Moulin** Chester D. Hooper, Esq.
SCI’s staff and increasing VICE PRESIDENTS Boriana Farrar George M. Isdale**
our collaboration with Niels M. Johnsen Kent E. Furlong Gerhard E. Kurz
maritime academies. SCI
B. Buckley McAllister, Esq. Mark A. Handin The Rev. Canon Peter
met with senior staff of
Craig E. Philip Gordon (Gordie) Keenan Larom***
SUNY Maritime and the
U.S. Merchant Marine James R. (Jim) Lawrence Deirdre H. Littlefield
Academy at Kings Point CLERICAL VICE PRESIDENTS Alfred Lee Loomis III** Thomas L. McLane
to discuss collaboration The Rev. Phillip A. Jackson
on new cadet orientation, Jennifer (Jenny) Moehlmann Captain James J. McNamara
The Rev. Dr. Daniel P. Jeffrey M. Platt
sexual harassment and bullying, group cohesion and bystander Lee Nelson
leadership, and suicide intervention training. Katharine Newman Charles A. Robertson
These discussions bore fruit when SCI offered cadet John D. (Jack) Noonan The Rev. Jean R. Smith,
workshops on prevention of bullying and harassment at sea, RADM Robert C. North
Kathleen C. Haines
where close quarters, round-the-clock living, and distance (ret.) Herbert W. Swain, Jr.
from home create the type of challenges that SCI has John P. Tavlarios
addressed since its founding. SCI also served cadets arriving TREASURER Ted C. Petrone
at Kings Point in August (see page 18). Alan S. Ginsberg Cynthia Spoor Peter M. Tirschwell
Paul R. Tregurtha
This Annual Report shares the stories of SCI staff, trustees
and donors working to benefit mariners in Port Newark, HONORARY CHAIRMAN Christopher Wiernicki
on the inland rivers, and around the world. We accomplish The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L.
this mission only by your generous prayers, leadership, and Dietsche * Ex officio
financial support. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank ** Chairman Emeritus
you for your continued confidence in our work. *** Director Emeritus

Bruce G. Paulsen, Esq. Current as of May 2019

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The Rev. David M. Rider, President & Executive Director

or thousands of years, human factors have impacted the successful voyages and quality of life for those who crew ships.
Since 1834, SCI has served the maritime world to promote the safety, dignity, and improved working environment for
men and women serving in North America and international maritime communities through pastoral care, training,
advocacy, and thought leadership. Just as our 19th century forebears addressed crimping and wretched health conditions
aboard ship, SCI continues to serve the daily needs of mariners while tackling decidedly 21st century challenges like bullying,
sexual harassment, and suicide at sea or along our inland river system.
Modern stressors can create challenges in any work setting. On the water, unique structural forces further endanger
physical and psychological health, and workplace morale, including:
• Long deployments away from family, friends, and professional resources;
• The 24/7 reality of crewing that impacts work/life balance and inhibits relaxing after a day’s work;
• A self-sufficient masculine culture that increases social isolation and reluctance to seek help;
• Cross-cultural social and language dynamics that create stress and foster isolation; and
• Close quarters and lack of privacy that heighten risks of bullying or sexual harassment.
SCI chaplains visit many vessels every day to monitor the welfare of crews and address their needs. From these visits, we share
insights with each other and with maritime leaders, helping them build a more secure workforce.
At SCI, we love the synergy that flows from our daily contact with mariners and their employers.
Your prayers and generous financial support enable us to pursue this advocacy mission with passion. On behalf
of our Board and staff, I thank you and invite you to learn about other SCI activities in this 2018 Annual Report.

SCI fondly remembers longtime Honorary Trustee, Kendall G. Chen, who passed away suddenly in September 2018.
Kendall, former Chairman, Energy Group Inc., served on SCI’s Board of Trustees from 1997–2009 where he met and married
fellow trustee Gale Rundquist. Kendall is remembered for his dedication and professionalism serving mariners and those in
the industry.
In the 1980s, Kendall was personally involved in rescuing over 2,000 refugees in the South China Sea who were fleeing
Vietnam, working with organizations and governments to see those survivors resettled. His lifesaving and humanitarian efforts
spoke volumes about Kendall himself and had a positive impact on many lives.
Kendall was an avid sailor and shared this passion with his wife Gale. Kendall’s kindness and leadership will be missed by all.
May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Kendall Chen, pictured with his wife, Gale.
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Port Newark Ship Welfare crew members had not been ashore for almost this situation. Through our combined efforts,
Visitor Michelle McWilliams four months! This type of punitive control over these crewmembers could go ashore in Norfolk,
shares the following story from the crew—denying them shore leave despite the Virginia—their next port of call—after four
a day in the life of seafarers existence of valid passes—was adversely affecting months on board ship.
calling at the East Coast’s their mental health and well-being. This was truly a team effort, with everyone
largest port: After hearing the concerns of several crew helping to achieve the best result. SCI played a

board ship, I members, I asked if they wanted me to talk to vital role in assuring that the men on ship were
often ask crew SCI’s Center for Seafarers’ Rights and/or place heard and confirming that their situation was
members if a call to the International Transport Workers unacceptable. This acknowledgment is sometimes
they have a Federation (ITF). One seafarer expressed fear of half the battle. Such a hostile environment made
shore pass. This question being blackballed, but others pleaded with me to crew feel, in their own words, like “prisoners on
can lead to a lot of do something, saying that they didn’t care about the ship.”
conversation, allowing me the consequences. They wanted to know why the
to highlight transportation Captain was denying their shore leave. UPDATE
services available to When I questioned the Chief Officer, he had no We asked Michelle whether she’d heard any more
seafarers through SCI and determine whether their good explanation. As I was leaving to return to the from the crew she helped. She replied:
company pays or reimburses a visa for them. On Center to place some calls, four seafarers told me “I met the only Sri Lankan officer and a couple
a recent ship visit, I noticed quite a few responses about their circumstances and resulting distress, and of others from the crew in question on another
that did not add up, and I knew something was gave me permission to act on their behalf. vessel later in the year. Each seafarer appeared
“off.” Different answers to my questions were I arranged for the Director of SCI’s Center happy to see me again, and they all said thank
being given depending on the nationality and rank for Seafarers’ Rights to initiate direct contact you for the work we’d done. Thankfully, they
of the seafarers responding. with the company, coordinated a visit to the didn’t suffer any repercussions for speaking up
Shore passes had been issued to the crew, but the ship from the local ITF representative, and the about what was happening. I found out that all
Captain had told a 4th Officer to lock the passes Director of our International Seafarers’ Center crewmembers were able to go ashore in Norfolk
away. One seafarer told me that in fact certain alerted the ship’s next port of call to resolve and at their onward ports.”
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In 2018, SCI visited 11,204

seafarers on 1,482 vessels in
the Port of NY and NJ. We
hosted 17,856 at the SCI
International Seafarers’ Center,
and our vans transported
13,714 seafarers, getting them
where they needed to go.

SCI Ship Welfare Visitor,

Cora Koehler, checks
in with a crew member
at Port Newark.
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CI’s Ministry on the Rivers and Gulf is the only ministry when required. Some have a maritime or
program of its kind in the U.S. Our chaplains military background, and some do not, but all are
provide services to the inland river community trained to the highest standards, and operate on
in good times and in bad, on mundane days behalf of SCI when deployed. Having a team of
and in extreme circumstances, building relationships River Chaplain Associates enables SCI to increase
that last from hitch to hitch and year to year. our geographical reach, enhancing our capacity for
It all began back in 1998, when SCI hired the Rev. ministry. The team is now thirty-strong, hailing from
Jim Wilkinson, an Episcopal priest and retired fourteen different states. Fourteen are U.S. military
Army chaplain, to become America’s first river veterans, and two worked as mariners themselves.
chaplain. Chaplain Wilkinson learned his model of Five RCAs are women and five RCAs are under
highly mobile, relational ministry in the Army, and it age 40. More than half are Episcopalian, but also
proved particularly well-suited to the idiosyncratic represented are the Evangelical Lutheran Church of
world of river towboaters. Spending time with America (ELCA), United Methodist Church (UMC),
mariners onboard their vessels, a river chaplain must Roman Catholic Church, Baptist Church, and recently
appreciate the dangers and isolation that mariners and significantly, both Judaism and Islam. One RCA,
face, the impact of separation from their family, and the Rev. Sue Sommer, spent her 2018 summer
the fact that some mariners prefer life on the boat to sabbatical learning about our unique ministry.
life at home. Chaplain Jim went out of his way to be Taken as a whole, RCAs are high-achievers who
fully present with towboat mariners, a spirit that still bring a wide range of talent, collegiality, diversity,
thrives in SCI river chaplaincy today. accountability, and adaptability to their work.
Over the years, the ministry has grown and grown As Ministry on the Rivers and Gulf enters its third
so that in 2018, SCI Chaplains ministered to 1,606 decade of service, we hope to expand the number
maritime workers on the inland rivers, providing crisis and geography of full-time and RCA chaplains to
intervention to 82 of these, and leading 175 of them serve the unique needs of river mariners on their
in worship or prayers. best and worst days.
In addition to current Senior River Chaplain Kempton
Baldridge, SCI welcomed Lower Mississippi River top: Jim Wilkinson (SCI’s first
river chaplain) welcomes
Chaplain Tom Rhoades in March 2018. Working out Chaplain Kempton D. Baldridge
of Paducah and Baton Rouge respectively, Chaplains to SCI staff in 2010.
Baldridge and Rhoades travel thousands of miles middle :
Some of SCI’s River
annually to serve river mariners in routine and crisis Chaplain Associates gather
situations. Three days after joining our team, Chaplain to hand out Christmas on
the River boxes to crews.
Rhoades responded to an onboard suicide on Easter
opposite : Chaplain Tom
Day, supporting the distraught crew and helping them Rhoades joined the SCI River
work through their initial shock and grief. Chaplaincy team in early 2018.
In 2018, SCI expanded a core team of River Chaplain
Associates (RCAs). This non-stipendiary group of
ordained clergy give their time and effort to SCI’s
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8    11
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11,204 1,482
seafarers visited on board ships in the Port of NY & NJ vessels visited in the Port of NY & NJ

17,856 42
seafarers, truckers, and port workers hosted at the new CSR cases involving contracts, wages, medical care, shore leave and
International Seafarers’ Center in Port Newark immigration, abandonment, criminal, repatriation, recruiting, and death.

13,714 976
seafarers transported by SCI vans in the Port of NY & NJ mariners from 30 different companies received training at SCI–Paducah
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     1 3

1,761 1,606
mariners from 23 different companies received training at SCI–Houston maritime workers met or assisted by chaplains on the inland rivers (of these,
82 received crisis intervention, and chaplains led 175 in worship or prayers)

4,411 225
users from 17 companies received online training
vessels visited on the inland rivers

6 16,535
feasibility studies were carried out through the Centers
for Maritime Education at Houston and Paducah knitted gifts received from 754 individuals and 151 groups from all
50 states as well as Australia, Italy, Canada, and the Philippines,
and delivered to mariners working away from home at Christmastime
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n January 19, 2018, a cold winter’s As a trained Critical Incident Stress Management After the workers left, Chaplain Baldridge mobilized
morning, SCI received an urgent call (CISM) responder, Chaplain Baldridge tapped his SCI River Chaplain Associates Don Reusch and Bob
for chaplains to respond to a shipyard military experience to work collaboratively with other Coulson for hospital visits and bereavement support
explosion with multiple fatalities and authorities. He helped EMTs lift the three fatalities from over the coming weekend. Soon, it became apparent
injuries just upriver from Paducah KY. Within an the vessel to a pier, praying for the dead while carrying that a memorial service might support the grieving
hour, Senior River Chaplain Kempton Baldridge the bodies to shore. Then he gathered 41 uninjured shipyard community. SCI opened its Paducah maritime
arrived on the scene—along with Coast Guard, workers, beginning a crisis-management protocol. He education center for a memorial service, gathering
state police and other first responders—to helped to provide accurate information as the situation nearly 100 family, workers and neighbors struggling
learn of a towboat engine explosion in which unfolded, advised workers on coping with stress with loss. The service concluded at precisely the same
three welders had died and six others had been reactions, shared SCI contact details for follow-up, and time of the original explosion—9:17 AM—with a
evacuated by helicopter to local hospitals. led prayers for the traumatized community. ship’s bell rung for each victim.
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     1 5

SCI river chaplains

are present in
times of crisis, but
also provide help and
support to mariners
on countless ordinary
days. In 2018, SCI river
chaplains met or assisted
1,606 maritime workers,
visiting 225 vessels on
American inland rivers.
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On World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2018,
SCI and the American P&I Club jointly released
Caring for Seafarers’ Mental Wellbeing. This new
publication provides guidance on responding to both
routine and extreme stressors that affect the quality
of life of mariners ashore and afloat, and promotes
awareness of seafarer mental wellbeing. The two
organizations share a passion and deep respect for
the men and women who are vital to safe maritime
commerce, and they seek to promote quality of
life for those who work on ships around the world.
Tapping nearly 300 years of combined maritime
service, the document speaks to the triumphs,
tragedies, and risks associated with maritime
commerce. It seeks to better understand the root
causes of failure and the resilience embodied by
seafarers at work 24/7/365 to support our modern
way of life.

This document flows from SCI’s experience with

thousands of seafarers who shared their personal
stories with our staff amid routine,
stressful, or tragic circumstances.
While we serve their needs, we learn
about their lives aboard ship, one
seafarer at a time.

It embodies SCI’s daily mission: to

promote the safety, dignity, and
improved working environment for
the men and women serving in North
American and international maritime
communities through pastoral care,
training, advocacy, and thought

An electronic version can be found

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     1 7


In February, SCI’s Center for Seafarers’ Rights hosted therapies, and medications, for issuing seafarers' Participants agreed with the need to eliminate stigma
a Mental Health Roundtable of representatives medical certificates. from trauma and other mental health challenges,
from flag states, ship owners, maritime insurers, Also discussed were strategies for mitigating seafarer even as companies must determine fitness for duty
medical professionals, academia, and seafarer welfare suicide risk, with training and awareness as central in isolated areas away from family and medical
agencies. The meeting addressed mental health tools for combating the problem. SCI representatives services. SCI advocates the goal of enhanced seafarer
problems among seafarers and exacerbating factors gave an overview of the ASIST (Applied Suicide resilience and quality of life at sea. As Executive
of life at sea, including isolation, separation from Intervention Skills Training) two-day workshops Director David Rider said to the group, “A front-end
support networks (friends and family), work-related offered by the Institute. To raise awareness of risks investment in health and wellness yields dividends by
stress, relationship issues, problems adapting to ship and intervention strategies, e-learning tools were also reducing claims for companies, increasing mariners’
life, and changes in online communication. Participants discussed, including a new SCI e-learning module on productivity, and making maritime careers more
discussed mental health factors, such as diagnoses, suicide awareness for the inland river industry. attractive to the next generation.”
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SCI’s new strategic river ministry and serving
plan renews focus young adults entering the
on serving cadets at maritime industry:
U.S. merchant marine “At Kings Point, as well as when
academies, beginning visiting towboat crews, it’s hard
with two academies in to overestimate the importance
the greater New York of a listening ear and a kind
area, SUNY Maritime word. I believe the simple
and the U.S. Merchant presence of the chaplains was
Marine Academy at Kings helpful to reassure the plebes
Point, NY. that this was a time of training
In August 2018, SCI and transition. We sought to be
Senior River Chaplain a grounding influence, showing
Kempton Baldridge served confidence in the plebes that
as chaplain in residence they can and will get through a
at the USMMA at Kings tough and stressful time.”
Point. For 18 days, he Chaplain Baldridge was
helped incoming plebe deeply impressed by what he
candidates transition from saw in tomorrow’s maritime
home life to maritime leaders. “I couldn’t help but
college during “Indoc,” be enormously encouraged
the intensive orientation about the future of the maritime industry—and our
aimed at teaching midshipmen to cope with stress: world—after living and working amongst them during
a period quite unlike any these young scholars had such a crucial time in their journey.”
faced before or will encounter again.
SCI believes and hopes that by forging connections
Training for the 280 candidates includes military with mariners at such a formative stage in their lives,
discipline, teamwork, physical fitness, basic we will be remembered as a strong support and
seamanship, and college-level academics. Students resource throughout their maritime career.
experienced weapons familiarization firing,
Waterfront Safety, Sexual Assault Response
and Prevention training, Honor training and
introduction to industry-wide Standards of Training
in Crew Watchstanding.
Chaplain Baldridge spent very long days teaching
candidates about the chaplaincy and chapel
community, preaching at the Sunday chapel service,
pastoral counseling with both plebe candidates and
upperclassmen, and participating in the plenary anti-
sexual assault programs’ “Bystander Intervention
Training”. He made real connections between his
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     1 9

Members of the Kings Point

Glee Club led attendees
in the national anthem
at the Silver Bell Awards
Dinner on June 6, 2018.
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In 2018, Christmas at Sea marked its 120th anniversary. We were
privileged to celebrate this milestone thanks to valued volunteers
across the country and beyond who have kept this program alive
and growing by knitting, crocheting, sewing, collecting, packing, and
distributing gifts to mariners far from home over Christmas.
This caring and abundant spirit sparked Christmas at Sea back in
1898 and keeps it going today. This generosity brings out the best in
humankind, creating a sense of community even among strangers.
We rejoice that knitting can have an impact on something as great
as the shipping industry. Even in a world of containerization and
advanced communications, two things remain constant; the human
need for warmth and for contact with one another.
In 2018, we warmly welcomed Joanne Bartosik as the new Manager
of the Christmas at Sea program. Thanks to 754 individuals and
151 groups of knitters from all 50 U.S. states and six countries,
SCI distributed nearly 17,000 knits to mariners, including gifts
to 5,700 tow-boaters working along America’s inland rivers over
the 2018 Christmas season. The largest individual gift came from
Helga K., in NC, whose combined knits and sewn ditty bags totaled
577 items. The largest group gift came from St. John’s Episcopal
Church of Southampton, NY whose parishioners contributed
630 pieces. Whether knitted items or financial donations, each and
every gift we receive is meaningful and helps ensure this wonderful
SCI program continues long into the future.

120 years
s at Sea
C h r i m1898-2018
st aof
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     2 1


fter the holidays, notes of appreciation flood
into CAS HQ. Written by busy mariners on CHRISTMAS ON THE RIVER
international and inland waterway vessels,
they demonstrate how much the handmade Thank you for your wonderful gifts to me and my
gifts SCI distributes mean to those who receive them. crew. I’m a deckhand on the Miss Danielle and we are
just so thankful for your support. Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year. God bless you.
We all woke up to find hand knitted scarves and
hats hanging outside our cabin doors which were
a welcome surprise. I can’t tell you how much it
means to us that the folks in your organization are
thinking of us while we are away from our families Good day to you all,
and loved ones this This evening—Christmas Eve—while passing through
holiday season. the Gibraltar Straits into the Mediterranean, we
We are especially officers and crew had a meal together to celebrate
impressed by the tags this special time of the year.
on the knitted items The wonderful Christmas gift bags that you provided
which stated that at for us were all the more special because we do our
least one of the ladies jobs away from our families and would otherwise not
who crafted our gifts get anything. It is exciting for me to be part of the
was 94!!! happiness it brings to the faces of my crew, and to
Warm regards, feel that we ‘belong’.

The Crew of the Ian D. Hebborn

Maersk Kensington Master, Arnold Maersk

1898 SOCIETY ESTABLISHED program. It is an honor to formally 1 8 9 8 S O C I E T Y M E M B E R S: *

acknowledge this with a special,
dedicated society to celebrate givers Norma J. Agatstein Ruth L. Fletcher-Ferrill

e formally established the 1898 who help sustain the program long Barbara Y. Bodden Jo Ellen Heil
Society in 2018, commemorating after their last stitch has been knit. Enid Storm Dwyer The Estate of Virginia A. Smith
the 120 th anniversary year of SCI’s All knitters who let us know that Mary Ellen Ferberder
Christmas at Sea program. This SCI is included in their estate * As of end of year 2018
special society honors knitters who include SCI in plans are recognized as part of the
their estate plans. 1898 Society, as well as the Roper
Christmas at Sea knitters and volunteers have Legacy Society. This includes any who For more information, or to enroll as a member of the 1898 Society,
generously supported SCI with in-kind, financial, notified us prior to the creation of please contact
and legacy gifts throughout the history of the the new Society.
2 2    A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8


of SCI, stating, “It is part of the pinnacle of my career
to be able to work with the Seamen’s Church Institute.
SCI is amongst the most selfless organizations I’ve ever
worked for, dedicating their efforts over many years to
the protection of seafarers.”
Finally, SCI honored three companies, Crowley
Maritime, TOTE, and Trailer Bridge Inc. with
the Humanitarian Award for their relief efforts in
Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.
The Silver Bell Awards Dinner raised nearly $820,000
to support SCI’s important programs including

CI’s 41ST ANNUAL SILVER BELL advocacy, continuing education and training, and Mr. Gregory Thorp, renowned maritime
AWARDS DINNER was held on June 6, chaplaincy for merchant mariners who arrive at photographer, was presented with the River Legend
2018. With over 700 guests from all sectors America’s ports and work on U.S. inland waterways. Award for his incredible career capturing and sharing
of the shipping industry in attendance, SCI the beauty of the inland maritime industry through his
presented the prestigious Silver Bell Award to images. RADM Dave Callahan, retired Commander
Mr. Jim Lawrence, Chairman of Marine Money & of the Eighth Coast Guard District, USCG, was the
Founding Partner of the MTI Network. A long-time recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.
friend and trustee of SCI, he is well-known and well- RADM Callahan fostered strong relationship between
loved in the industry and was a hugely popular choice. the industry and the Coast Guard, getting to know
In his acceptance of the award, Jim spoke warmly of crews and their unique challenges to better serve all.
his colleagues past and present, and his commitment Proceeds from the Luncheon benefit SCI’s programs
to and admiration for the Seamen’s Church Institute. serving mariners including the Ministry on the Rivers
“Any organization that takes care of seafarers is and Gulf (MOR+G), which remains the only one of
absolutely critical today, and the Seamen’s Church its kind serving the industry. River chaplains provide
Institute sits at the very top of the list, anywhere you year-round pastoral care, counseling, support, as well
go in the world,” Jim said. He urged those present to as crisis response and intervention to our industry’s
discuss the mission of SCI with one another, and think employees, their families, and shore-side personnel
about new ways in which they could support the On December 6, 2018, 500 guests gathered for working on America’s inland river systems and into the
important work of the organization. the 19TH ANNUAL RIVER BELL AWARDS Gulf of Mexico.
LUNCHEON in Paducah, Kentucky. The event
The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to raised $320,000 to support SCI’s programs For a full listing of upcoming events,
the United States Coast Guard’s Vice Commandant, serving mariners including SCI’s river m nistry. visit
ADM Charles (Chuck) Michel, as he approached Mr. John P. Eckstein, President & CEO of
the end of his illustrious career of service. In his Marquette Transportation, received the River Bell middle :
John P. Eckstein, President & CEO of Marquette
acceptance speech, ADM Michel also spoke highly Award for his leadership in the inland transportation Transportation, received the 2018 River Bell Award.
industry. John spoke about the how important the
top left : (L-R) SCI President & Executive Director David top right : SCI honored Gregory Thorp with the 2018 River
mariners and shore side personnel are to the success
Rider, SCI Chairman Emeritus and Silver Bell Co-Chair Rich Legend Award. Many of Gregory's photographs have been
du Moulin, SCI Trustee and 2018 Silver Bell Awardee Jim of businesses and are the most valuable asset any featured throughout the years in SCI publications, and one
Lawrence, SCI Trustee and Silver Bell Co-Chair Jack Noonan. company can have. was used as the 2018 River Bell invitation and backdrop.
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     2 3
2 4    A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8 (in thousands) 2018 2017
Contributions and grants $1,546 $1,556
2018 FINANCIAL SUMMARY Program service revenue:
The Seamen’s Church Institute of Maritime Education and Training 2,318 2,511
New York and New Jersey International Seafarers’ Center 79 103
Investment income, net 338 165
Special event income1 1,124 1,437
Other income 123 171

Program services:
Center for Maritime Education 2,867 2,846
Port Newark Seafarers’ Services 1,889 1,554
Programmatic Outreach 418 505
Policy, Advocacy, and Law 269 449
El Faro Relief Fund - 150

Supporting Services:
Management and general 1,375 1,280
Fundraising & Communication 770 853

TOTAL EXPENSES 7,588 7,637

Deficit of support and operating revenue (2,060) (1,694)

over expenses
Loss on disposal of leasehold improvement (1) -
Net realized and unrealized (losses) gains (1,235) 3,937
on investments

Changes in net assets (3,296) 2,243

Net assets at beginning of year 44,946 42,703

NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR $41,650 $44,946

Net of direct benefit to donors of $198 in 2018 and $220 in 2017

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     2 5


American Commercial Barge Line Ingram Marine Group
Sustaining Sponsors provide unrestricted financial
support of $100,000 or more per year. Supporting
Sponsors contribute at least $50,000 per year and
Contributing In-Kind Sponsors provide SCI with goods
or professional services in excess of $25,000 annually.
Together, these resources strengthen SCI’s chaplains’
ministry, legal advocacy and maritime education
programs. SCI expresses gratitude to our Sponsors, SUPPORTING SPONSOR CONTRIBUTING IN-KIND SPONSOR
elite companies that enable us to fulfill our mission. Kirby Corporation Seward & Kissel LLP

* Roper Legacy Society Member $25,000–$49,999 Binnacle Maritime LLC The Miller Law Firm Paducah- Cargill, Inc. Connecticut Maritime
** Volunteer Knitter Campbell Transportation New Orleans, PLLC Carlisle & Bray Enterprises, LLC Association, Inc.
American Bureau of Shipping Company, Inc. Moran Towing Corporation Channel Shipyard Co. Inc. Continental Underwriters
Canal Barge Company, Inc. Capital Counsel, LLC MTI Network Chembulk Tankers Cooper Consolidated, LLC
Herman B. Golub CGB Marine Ozinga Materials & Logistics Mrs. Kendall G. Chen* Cooper/T. Smith Corporation
$100,000 AND Charitable Trust Chevron Shipping Company LLC Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel/ Church Pension Group Cruise Industry Charitable
ABOVE ITF Seafarers’ Trust Compass Maritime Services LLC Pine Bluff Materials CIT Group Inc. Foundation
Estate of Charles S. Keene Crounse Corporation Scorpio USA LLC
American Commercial Barge Line Life Saving Benevolent Crowley Maritime Corporation Estate of Virginia A. Smith
Ingram Barge Company Association DNV GL Starr Marine–A Member
J. Russell Flowers, Inc. Marquette Transportation Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. of Starr Companies
Kirby Corporation Company, Inc. du Moulin* TOTE
Estate of Estelle A. Manning McAllister Towing and The Episcopal Diocese Trinity Church Wall Street
Orrin H. Ingram Advised Fund Transportation Company, Inc. of New York of New York, NY
of the Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jack Noonan Freehill, Hogan & Mahar LLP
of Middle Tennessee SeaRiver Maritime Inc. Gaslog Partners LP
George D. Benjamin
Foundation, Inc. $5,000–$9,999
Golding Barge Line, Inc.
$50,000–$99,999 $10,000–$24,999 Hines Furlong Line AEP
Inchcape Shipping Services AIG Property & Special Risks
Estate of Carolyn Davis AccuTRANS, Inc. American Cruise Lines, Inc.
James Marine Community Fund
Fernandez Allianz Global Corporate The American P & I Club/
of the Community Foundation
Genesis Marine, LLC & Specialty Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc.
of West Kentucky, Inc.
KeyBank Trustee for the AMA Capital Partners LLC Associated Terminals
Mr. and Mrs. Niels M. Johnsen
Kate B. Sheadle Trust The American Waterways Banterra Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Knoy*
Estate of Hildi Vandergraaf Operators, Inc. Bernhard Schulte Group
Kongsberg Digital Simulation
AmherstMadison Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lawrence
ANONYMOUS (3) Bureau Veritas
Marine Money
Aon Risk Solutions David & Marjorie French with Orrin Ingram
2 6    A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8

Detyens Shipyards, Inc. Hudson Structured Fernandes Maritime

Eagle Bulk Shipping $1,000–$4,999 Capital Management Consultants, LLC
Fearnley Securities Inc. 1919 Investment Counsel Inland Marine Service, Inc. Future Care, Inc.
Foremost Group American Merchant Marine International Organization of The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool
GARD (North America), Inc. Veterans - Dennis A. Masters, Mates & Pilots Grace Episcopal Church
Genco Ship Management LLC Roland Chapter International Seaways of Madison, NJ
Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC American River John B. Crockett Trust Great American Lines, Inc.
Heidmar Inc. Transportation Co., LLC Jones Walker LLP Mr. Joseph Gross
Mr. James Hohenstein and ANONYMOUS (2) Karl Senner LLC H&M International
Ms. Sheryl K. Parkinson Arcosa Marine Products, Inc. Kinder Morgan Terminals Mr. and Mrs. T. Carter Hagaman
Illinois Marine Towing, Inc. Association of Ship Brokers L’Église Française du Saint-Esprit Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haines*
International Registries, Inc. & Agents (USA) Inc. Church of New York, NY Harbor Freight Transport Corp.
J.B. Marine Service, Inc. The Bahamas Maritime Authority Laborde Products Henry A. Petter Supply Co.
James Marine, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Berman Larkspur Consulting LLC Hofmann & Schweitzer
JLT Specialty USA Bermuda Container Line Ltd. The Loomis Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Hooper*
John F. Dillon & Co., LLC Biehl & Company LP along with Mr. and Mr. Rick Hooper
Blessey Marine Services Inc. Mrs. Alfred L. Loomis, III* International Commerce
K & L Gates LLP
Fr. and Mrs. David Booher Lorris G. Towing Corp. Club of NJ
Liberian Registry
Caddell Dry Dock & Louisiana Machinery J.P. Morgan Capital Corporation
Lloyd’s Register Americas, Inc. Company, LLC
Marine Systems, Inc. Repair Co., Inc. Mr. Lawrence Kahn
CMA Education Foundation Inc. Estate of George P. Lumsden Kyle Conti Construction
MCA Associates, Inc. M.T. Maritime Management
Navios Corporation Cosco Shipping Lines Mr. Richard Lawrence Jr.
(North America) Inc. (USA) LLC
New York Shipping Mr. Brian Lee
Ms. Anne Newsome Davis** Maher Terminals, LLC
Association, Inc. Marine Container Services, Inc.
The Rt. Rev. and Ms. Denise Manning Brian McAllister and Jennifer Carpenter
Nicoletti, Hornig & Sweeney B. Buckley McAllister, Esq.
Mrs. Andrew Dietsche Marathon Petroleum
North American Maritime Marine Transportation McCallie Marine Service, LLC
Ministry Association Inc. Direct ChassisLink, Inc The Rev. John A. Rollins** The Corita Charitable Trust
Northern Shipping Funds Dorian LPG Marine and Insurance and Ms. Jan Paxton** $500–$999 Ms. Penelope H. Moodey
Claims Association
Paducah Rigging, Inc. DVB Transport (US) LLC Seafarers International Union AET Inc. Ltd. (American MSC Mediterranean Shipping
Marine Transportation Council of North America
Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. Ms. Enid Storm Dwyer* Eagle Tankers) Company (USA) Inc.
Marsoft, Inc. Seagin International, LLC
Mr. Craig E. Philip and East Side River Transportation, RADM and Mrs. Michael A. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Muecke
Inc. and JEM Transportation Martin Midstream Partners Seaside Engineering and
Ms. Marian Ott* McNational, Inc. Alfultis Mustang CAT
Estate of Charles F. Pope Echo Towing Service, Inc Surveying, Inc. APM Terminals Nordea Bank
Mr. Alan M. Ehrlich National Cargo Bureau, Inc. Seaways, Inc.
Port Newark Container Terminal New England Shipping Company Association of Ship Brokers Norfolk Tug Company
Ridgebury Tankers LLC Eisner Amper LLP SGS Petroleum & Agents (USA) Inc. Norton Lilly International, Inc.
Enterprise Marine Services LLC Dr. Abigail C. Nichols Mr. Edward L. Shearer*
SCF Marine, Inc. Blue Sea Capital Ms. Kim Nowell
Episcopal Church Women of North American Marine Shearer & Associates, Inc.
Sealift Inc. Consultants LLC Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Mr. Dave O’Loughlin
Seward & Kissel, LLP the Diocese of Long Island Southwest Shipyard LP Mr. Andrew Buchsbaum Odin Marine Inc.
Evansville Marine Service, Inc. Osage Marine Services, Inc. St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal
Skuld North America Paducah-McCracken Ms. Jennifer Carpenter Omni Corporate Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Franklin Church of Ridgewood, NJ Ceres Consulting, LLC
Statue Cruises, LLC County Riverport Mr. Andrew Orekar
GMD Shipyard St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Cox Maritime
Steiner Construction Parker Towing Company, Inc. Paducah Economic Development
Grace Episcopal Church of Gladstone, NJ
Company, Inc. Bruce G. Paulsen, Esq.* Dataprise Mrs. Karen Pearson
of New York, NY Team Services, LLC
Tidewater Inc. Penfield Marine LLC Decatur Marine Mr. Christopher Piazza
The Graham Family Fund of the Ms. Louise Todd Ambler
Trailer Bridge, Inc. Polen Capital Management Corp. DNB Nor Bank ASA Pier Sixty, LLC
Ayco Charitable Foundation Transportation Institute
The UK Club/Thomas The Port Authority of NY & NJ E 3 Environmental Services Ports America, Inc.
Miller (Americas) Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Green UBS Financial Services
Port of Paducah Propeller Club East Coast Warehouse & Regions Bank
United NY & NJ Sandy Hook Heartland Barge US Bank Distribution Company
Management, LLC Mr. Frank X. Prudent Resolve Marine Group
Pilots’ Benevolent Association Wepfer Marine, Inc. The Episcopal Church of the Holy
Ms. Jo Ellen Heil*/** Rapid Ocean Response The Rev. and Mrs. David M. Rider
Watson Farley & Williams LLP Mr. Kenneth A. Wheeler Trinity of Middletown, CT
Hill Rivkins LLP Corporation Roos Consulting Group
XL Catlin Whitlow, Roberts, Houston Episcopal Church Women of
Hill, Betts & Nash LLP Reed Smith LLP & Straub, PLLC Rushing Marine Corporation
the Diocese of New York
Höegh Autoliners Inc. Ms. Beverly J. Reeves ZF Marine, LLC Mrs. Lois P. Schetky
ERL & Law Valve of Texas
Holland & Knight, LLP Reinauer Transportation Co. Mr. Ole Schroder
Mr. John N. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rhoades Mr. Samuel Shults
SIMS Metal Management
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     2 7

Southern Star Shipping Co., Inc. Ms. Catharine L. Dohn** Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Kiser Vanguard Short-Term Treasury
Mr. Allen Stevens Mr. and Mrs. John Doyle, Jr. Mr. Gil Landy Fund Admiral Shares
Tisdale Law Offices, LLC Mr. Joseph P. Drucker Ms. Laura Laudicina Volunteer Barge & Transport, Inc.
Titan America and Mrs. Kathleen Lee Engineering Supply Co., Inc. Wallenius Lines Holding, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tobia Stoddart-Drucker Master Marine, Inc. The Waterways Journal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Toohey E-Squared Marine Service Ms. Ruth A. McElraevy Mr. Harold Watson
Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau Episcopal Church of the Good Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McLane* Women’s Guild of All Saints
Mr. and Mrs. David Woo Shepherd of Fort Lee, NJ Mr. Melzin Menke Church of Bay Head, NJ
Mr. Ian Workman The Episcopal Church of Mrs. Stephanie Merrill
St. Matthew and St. Timothy
Yager Materials, LLC of New York, NY The Rev. Deacon and
Mrs. John A. Mignano
Capt. John Esposito
Ms. Jennifer Moehlmann $100–$249
Mr. George W. Moore
Ms. Donna Fisher A. Wilard Ivers, Inc.
$250–$499 Mrs. Ruth L. Fletcher-Ferrill*
Mulzer Crushed Stone
Ms. Elizabeth Adams
National Maritime
Ms. Martha C. Adams Mr. and Mrs. David S. French* Historical Society Amazonsmile
Mr. and Mrs. Darin Adrian Mr. and Ms. Bruce M. Gast Mr. Bijan Paksima ANONYMOUS
Alphamar Group Inc. Ms. Vera Giertz Ms. Charlotte Perez Mr. Alexander Armstrong
American Institute of Ms. Patricia E. Grace Capt. Roy Pino Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Ayotte Kathy & Jack Noonan
Marine Underwriters Mr. Burchenal Green Capt. and Mrs. Stephen Polk Mr. David H. Beun
ANONYMOUS Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Greenlees Ray Black & Son, Inc. Mrs. Barbara Y. Bodden*/**
Mr. William Barr Gulf Intracoastal Canal Ms. Claudia Lynn Boehm Distribution Publications, Inc. Capt. Louis Ferrer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Reisert
Andrea and George Beard Association Mrs. Lorene Bonn Ms. Marjorie Dovman* Ms. Darlene Finch
Mr. Kirk Rider
Becker Marine Systems Samuel and Mary Lou Mrs. Anita Bonvento Ms. Juditha Dowd Ms. Debra Fontenot
Hartshorn Trust Ms. Miki Rieth
Mrs. Evelyn Benjamin* Fr. and Mrs. David Booher Mr. and Mrs. Basil N. Drossos Mr. Andrew Forbis
The Hiller Companies Mr. Michael Rodriguez
Mr. William R. III Ms. Carol S. Bowie Mrs. Katharine Michie Dulaney Mr. Andrew Force
Mr. Richard L. Horton Salley, Hite, Mercer & Resor, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Braun, Jr. The Rev. Deborah E. Brown** Mr. Urs Dur Mrs. Mary Kay Frost
CDR Robert J. Hughes, Jr. Mr. Douglas Scheffler
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. John F. Brown The Rev. Sally E. Durand Mr. Malcolm S. Frouman
Ms. Jane L. Isaac Schottel, Inc.
Celtic Marine Corporation Mr. Charles Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Edwards The Rev. Deacon Gail S.
Ms. Elizabeth Jewell Schwab Charitable Ganter-Toback
Corn Island Shipyard, Inc. Ms. Janice E. Burke Mrs. Eleanor G. Elkins
John S. Connor, Inc. Ms. Helen L. Scott Mrs. Deborah J. Gasior**
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Davis Ms. Joan Butler Ms. Dawn Elliot
Mr. Kevin Kendrick Mr. Theodore W. Scull Capt. Harry Gates
Delphi Maritime LLC Mr. Alexander Campbell Mr. Mark Engel
Mr. Robert J. Kent* The Rt. Rev. Allen Shin Mr. Andrew Gazzale
Capt. Deborah H. Dempsey Mr. Cesar Capio, Jr. Ms. Barbara J. English
Kindra Lake Towing, LLP Shipping & Finance, LLC Ms. Deborah Geibel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Dillon Daniel Cavaluzzi Ms. Diane Entrikin**
Mr. Peter T. and the Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Gerwitz
Ms. Bonnie Chambers The Episcopal Church of St. Mark
Rev. Dr. Jean R. Smith
Mrs. Nancy E. Charkes** of Brooklyn, New York Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Gillim
The Society of the Transfiguration
Ms. Caryn J. Chechanover The Episcopal Church of the Mr. Eli Ginsberg
of Cincinnati, OH
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Annunciation of Oradell, NJ Ms. Valerie Gittens-Colder
St. James’ Episcopal Church
Chubb, III The Episcopal Church of the Mr. Dennis Gordon
of New London, CT
Clawson Architects Good Shepherd of Tequesta, FL Jeffrey and Mary Gorski
St. James’ Episcopal Church
Capt. Donald A. Cloes Episcopal Church Women Ms. Joan B. Gossner
of Ridgefield, NJ
of Christ Church of Grace Episcopal Church
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Mr. and Mrs. Morey Coles Somers Point, NJ
of Montclair, NJ Estate of Edward W. Conklin of Paducah, KY
Episcopal Church Women of Grace Lutheran Church
St. Matthew By the Lake Dr. Gillian E. Cook the Church of the Good
Lutheran Church of Benton, KY RADM Kevin Cook of Somers Point, NJ
Shepherd of Rangeley, ME
St. Stephen’s Church The Rev. Dr. Robert Crafts, M.D. Ms. Lelia Greenewalt
Episcopal Church Women
of Jamaica, NY Dr. and Mrs. James M. Crawford of St. Philip’s Church Mr. and Mrs. G. Leslie Grimm
Terminal Shipping Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Sean Dalton of Brevard, NC Mr. John Gulick
Mr. Kevin M. Tokarski and Capt. Bishop Clifton Daniel III Episcopal Church Women of Mrs. Jane Haegele
Beverly G. Kelley, USCG Ret. St. Philip’s Church of Laurel, DE The Happy Hookers
Mrs. Betty Nexsen De Vries
TradeWorthy, Inc. Dr. Sara Erlich Penchuk of Palm Valley**
Ms. Celia Deeds
TransGroup Worldwide Logistics Mrs. Pamela G. Estes Mr. John Harms
Margaret Demedis
The Forsyth-Tse Family European Maritime, LLC Ms. Susan M. Haswell
DePalma Productions
Charitable Gift Fund Mr. John Fearnow Ms. Ruth L. Hess
Ms. Alice A. DeVoe
Arden & Alan Ginsberg
2 8    A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8

Ms. Judith P. Hodge Ms. Patty J. Stegall** Mr. and Mrs. Chester D.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Holzman Mr. and Mrs. Einar Strom Hooper, Esq.
Mr. Joseph C. Hoopes Capt. Harold Stumme Mr. George M. Isdale, Jr.
Mr. Charles Hoover, Jr. Mr. John Y. Taggart Mr. Robert J. Kent
Hudson Tank Terminals Corp. Mr. Charles N. Tammara Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Knoy
Ms. Faith Humann The Rev. Tim Taylor Mr. James R. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hurwitz Ms. Jillian Tillie Mrs. Deirdre H. Littlefield
Ms. Kate Jackson Ms. Juli Shea Towell Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Loomis III
CDR John Jaskot The Traffic Club of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McLane
Mrs. Etelvina U. Jimenez New York, Inc. Christian R. Mollitor, Esq.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson Trinity Episcopal Church Mrs. Eleanor B. Monaghan
Ms. Marcia Keeler of Clarksville, TN Bruce G. Paulsen, Esq.
Mr. Kurt Kienitz Trinity Episcopal Church Mr. Craig E. Philip and
Capt. Bjoern Kils of Cranford, NJ Ms. Marian Ott
Ms. Elsie B. Kimball Ms. Valerie K. Turer Mr. Edward L. Shearer
Mr. Jeff Kindl Capt. And Mrs. James B. Tuthill Mr. James L. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl King Mr. and Mrs. Kirt Vener Mr. Carlyle Windley
Mrs. Nancy Kippling Capt. Wolf K. Von Essen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Klein Chief Brian R. Vroome
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koenig Ms. Jane Ann Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kormanik Mrs. Maria R. Walsh ROPER LEGACY
Ms. Jeanne Kozlowski Mrs. Suzanne Walters** SOCIETY GIFTS
Ms. Nancy C. Kreager Mrs. Mellie Warner**
Herb Taylor, Mark & Mary Knoy Ms. Katherine M. Webster Estate of Edward W. Conklin
Ms. MJ Kress
Mrs. Katherine Weltner** John B. Crockett Trust
Ms. Linda Larson
Mr. Donald Werbeck Estate of Charles S. Keene
Mr. E. Bart Lawrence Capt. Andrew Murray Dr. Lynn Randle St. Barnabas’ Episcopal
Capt. Eric Wiberg KeyBank Trustee for the
Mrs. Diane P. Lehman** Ms. Diane Nagel** Ms. Rita Rasmussen Church of Brooklyn, NY
Willis Towers Watson Kate B. Sheadle Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mrs. Kathleen Nalen Mr. Kevin Reilly St. Francis Guild of The
Witt O’Brien’s LLC Estate of George P. Lumsden
Deane Leonard Mr. Edwin Neff, Jr. Mrs. Cindy Roach Church of the Good
Shepherd of Raleigh, NC Mrs. Maxine Woefling Estate of Estelle A. Manning
Mr. Martin Lunder Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nesbit, Jr. Mr. Hadley S. Roe and
St. George’s Episcopal The Women’s Propeller Club Estate of Charles F. Pope
Mr. Kenneth L. MacRitchie New England Harbor Mrs. Mary Lee Fox Roe
Church of Brooklyn, NY of the United States Estate of Virginia A. Smith
Mack Boring & Parts Co. Norman Brothers, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth E. Roosevelt
St. James’ Episcopal Church Women’s Propeller Club, Estate of Hildi Vandergraaf
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Makson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nourse Mr. William L. Russell
of Skaneateles, NY Port of New York
Mr. William H. Mallinson Mr. Timothy O’Connor Samunder NE
St. James’ Episcopal Church Ms. Mary-Jane Wood
Mr. David Manion Ms. Leslie O’Neal Mrs. Harriet Hawes Savage
of Hackettstown, NJ Working Harbor Committee
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios P. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Scara
Mr. Peter Olsen
Mr. Peter G. Schiff
St. John’s Episcopal Church IN MEMORIAM
Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Olsson of Little Silver, NJ
Ms. Hilary McCarron Ms. Donata K. Orsborn Mrs. Ida Z. Schindelman William W. Alexander
St. John’s Episcopal Church of
The Professors Ralph and Mr. Timothy Schoolmaster Arthur J. Barretta
Elizabeth McCullough
Ms. Dolores L. Osborne**
The Rev. Deacon
Springfield Gardens, NY ROPER LEGACY David C. Cates
Peace Episcopal Church St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewert of Rockport, IN Alice C. Schuiling of Port Leyden, NY
McLaughlin Sea Safety International, Inc.
Ms. Katherine E. Pedersen St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea Mrs. Norma J. Agatstein Tim Conklin and the crew
Dr. Robert T. Mead CDR and Mrs. Lee E. Shafer (Ret.) Episcopal Church of Point of the Tug “Specialist”
Capt. Ronald Perry Mrs. George D. Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Ms. Lynne Shand Pleasant Beach, NJ Marlene Daniels
Mrs. Maria Beatrix Petter Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bodden
Mecklenborg St. Paul’s Episcopal Church-in-
Mr. Jeffery B. Petterson Mr. Robert G. Shaw Mrs. Gale R. Chen L.A. Davidson
Ms. Marilyn M. Meek the-Village of Brooklyn, NY
Mr. William E. Pike Ms. Margaret T. Short Ms. Marjorie Dovman Edith H. DeVoe
Mr. John Miklus St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
PML, Inc. Mr. James D. Small, III Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. du Moulin Francis and Irene Fernandes
Mr. Christian Mollitor* of Rosedale, NY
Mr. Kenneth Poesl Mrs. John H. Smellie** Ms. Enid Storm Dwyer Jacquelin Ferrington
The Rev. Robert L. Montgomery St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Carole Poltrock** Capt. and Mrs. Richard T. Soper Ms. Mary Ellen Ferderber John (Jack) Gallagher
Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc of Sheridan, WY
Mr. Michael Potter Ms. Kathleen Spahn Mrs. Ruth L. Fletcher-Ferrill Herman and Helen Golub and
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Morea St. Philip’s Church of Joseph and Dora Golub
The Rev. and Mrs. Randall L. Prior Ms. Kristen Spate Mr. and Mrs. David S. French
Ms. Jessica Morelli Brooklyn, NY
Mrs. Jane S. Pyne Ms. Cynthia Spoor Ms. Jo Ellen Heil Baxter Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Stam
Mr. Joseph Ragusa Christian Hackwell
Ms. Carol Morton Ms. Freddi Steele
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     2 9

Ms. Maryann Bradley Ms. Lois Dillon The Rev. Elizabeth Golub Ms. Marie Howell
Ms. Katherine Brogan Ms. Catharine L. Dohn Ms. Beth Gonder Ms. Cynthia Hughes
Ms. Julia Brotherton Ms. Paula J. Domitio Grace Episcopal Church Itty Bitty Knitty Shop
The Rev. Deborah E. Brown Ms. Mary Drachler of Elmira, NY of Paducah, KY
The Rev. and Mrs. William Brown Ms. Sue Draht Grace Lutheran Church Mrs. Nancy Janicek
Ms. Kate Buck Ms. Janet DuBois of Somers Point, NJ Mrs. Georgia Jervey
Ms. Bridie Budz Ms. Verna B. Duffy Ms. Arlene Guellnitz Ms. Marti Johnson
Ms. Sandra Burroughs East Fishkill Community Library Ms. Miriam G. Guldin Ms. Vonnie Johnson
Ms. Patricia Burton of Hopewell, Junction, NY Ms. Ann Gurney Ms. Myrna Johnson
Calvary Episcopal Church Edgartown Council on Aging/ Ms. Gaby Gurt Ms. Maria Kain
of Flemington, NJ Knitting for Charity Ms. Connie Haag Knitters Anonymous of
Calvary Lutheran Church Ms. Estelle M. Ehlen-Mead Ms. Karen Hacker Fort Myers, FL
of Cranford, NJ Ms. Sharon Elijah Ms. Barbara Hall Knitting Nellies of Ft.
Mrs. Edith Campbell Ms. Doris Knudsen Emer Ms. Jane A. Hall Lauderdale, FL
Ms. Gertraud Casbarro Ms. Diane Entrikin Capt. Catie Hanft Ms. Macy Korbel
Cathedral Church of the Episcopal Church Women Ms. Martha Hank Ms. Helga Krug
Nativity of Bethlehem, PA of St Boniface’s Church The Happy Hookers of Palm Ms. Christine Krzemien
Ms. Marcy Cendroski of Lindenhurst, NY Valley of Oviendo, FL Ms. Victoria J. LaBombarde
Judith Roos, ADM Chuck Michel, and Cherrie Felder
Ms. Cindy Chapman Episcopal Church Women Col. Marilyn L. Hastings, Ms. Beverly Lear
Ms. Josie Chavis of St. Matthew’s Church USAF (Ret.) Ms. Diane Lecato
Jay Harrington Every Seafarer Christ Episcopal Church of Paramus, NJ Mrs. Frances A. Hawkins Mrs. Mary D. Ledyard
Capt. Quenton C. Harris Richard Soper of Budd Lake, NJ Episcopal Church Women of Ms. Katherine Hawkins Mrs. Diane P. Lehman
Christ Episcopal Church St. Philip’s Church of Laurel, DE Ms. Nancy Hearne
William Hengeveld Alan and Mary Watson Lend-A-Hand Circle of
of Short Hills, NJ Episcopal Church Women Highland Hookers Crochet Bethlehem, PA
Victor A. Jimenez
Christ Episcopal Church of St. Raphael’s Church Group of Johnstown, PA
Arnold Johnston of Crossville, TN Ms. Gloria Lenton
John T. Kochendorfer of Valdosta, GA Ms. Karn Hill Ms. Levdansky
The Episcopal Diocese of Idaho
Elizabeth Matthews GIFTS IN KIND Church of the Holy Spirit
of Lebanon, NJ The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio
Ms. Grace Hockenberry Ms. Barbara Lindsley
Jim McCoy Ms. Lisa Hoff Ms. Charon B. Littlefield
Gifts exceeding value of $100 listed Church of the Holy Spirit of Mrs. Joan K. Errick
Willard Mead Ms. Judy Honecker Mr. Robert Lobdell
Ms. Ann Abele Little Egg Harbor, NJ Ms. Patricia Essington
John Mirovsky Ms. Jennifer Fahrenbacher
All Saints’ Episcopal Church Church of the Holy Spirit
Sam Moffett of Tuckerton, NJ Ms. Helena Fallon
of Phoenix, AZ
Capt. Donald A. Penney Church of the Regeneration Ms. Janet L. Fenn
All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Deacon Tom Piccate of Scotch Plains, NJ of Pine Plains, NY Ms. Pat Ferguson
Bettina Quintavalle Dr. Angela J. Allgood, Ed.D. Mrs. Barbara A. Ciccone First Parish Church
Chris Roberts Ms. Mary Anderson Ms. Rosemary Cleaves Congregational UCC
The Rev. Richard Schoolmaster Ms. Barbara Anstadt Clinton Street Center of of Freeport, ME
Samantha Smith Mrs. Donna Austin Pleasantville, NY First United Methodist
George Sullivan Ms. Elna Bachman The Community of St. Mary’s Church of Elkhorn, WI
Robert Tesar Ms. Ann Backhurst of Greenwich, NY Ms. Debby Fischer
Madge Vorheis Ms. Barbara Bailey Ms. Janice L. Connell Rev. Kay Flores
Eugene White Ms. Grace Bailey Ms. Sandra Corp Ms. Karen Follett
Arnold J. Wichita Ms. Laura Balascio Crafty Circle Senior Group Fordham Major Reformed
of Newburgh, NY Church of Bronx, NY
Ms. Linda Baumann
Crochet Club of East Ms. Linda Foster
Ms. Roberta Belanger Northport, NY Ms. Susanne Fuller
Ms. Gail Bennett
IN HONOR Mr. Christopher Berger
Mrs. Lois R. Cruikshank Ms. Jessica Galassie
Ms. Mary T. Cullen Ms. Kim Garcia
Joanne Bartosik Mrs. Nancy Bertiaux Ms. Kathryn Cupp Ms. Peggy Gardner
Rich du Moulin Big Apple Knitters’ Guild Ms. Janice Daley
of New York, NY Ms. Marie Gartley
Carl Foster Ms. Laura M. Dare Ms. Lucille Gelineau
Alan Gibby Ms. Mary Bingman
Ms. Peggy Davidson GFWC Greater West Palm
Jim Lawrence Ms. Margie Blewett
Ms. Anne Newsome Davis Beach Women’s Club
Barbara Lindsley Mrs. Diane C. Borger
Ms. Alice E. Devine Ms. Domenica Giacobino
Craig Philip Mrs. Linda K. Bowlby
Ms. Katherine Diaz Ms. Cora Gillette Rick & Deb Calhoun with Max Colbert
3 0    A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8

Ms. Cindy Lombardo St. John’s Episcopal Church Ms. Marian H. Stokes
Long Island Crochet Guild of Southampton, NY Ms. Hellen W. Strassner
Ms. Margaret S. Lord St. John’s Episcopal Church of Ms. Jackie Sweeney
Ms. Gwynne Lorenzo Springfield Gardens, NY Ms. Elsie Szecsy
Ms. Floye Luke St. John’s Lutheran Church Ms. Christine Tafe
Ms. Marianne MacGregor of Summit, NJ Mrs. Theresa Thompson
Ms. Medora MacKinnon St. John’s Lutheran Church Ms. Bonita Tinney
of Walhalla, SC
Ms. Mary Madden Mrs. Virginia Todd
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Maria Maglio Trinity Episcopal Church
of Gladstone, NJ
Main Street Yarns of Mason, OH of Carbondale, PA
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Janet Mansfield of Metuchen, NJ Trinity Episcopal Church
Ms. Marjorie Marks of Cranford, NJ
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Virginia Marks Knitters of Kalamazoo, MU Trinity Episcopal Church
Mrs. Susan T. McCoubrie of Red Bank, NJ
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Mary McGaughey of Burlington, NJ Trinity Lutheran Church
of Rocky Point, NY
Ms. Marie McKeever St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
of Manchester, CT Trinity Reformed Church
Ms. Patricia McNulty
of North Plainfield, NJ
Ms. Helen R. McShane St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea
Episcopal Church of Point Trinity Wall Street Knitters
Ms. Harriett Mefford of New York, NY
Ms. Mary-Kay Michelsen Pleasant Beach, NJ
St. Matthias’ Episcopal Church Ms. Carolyn Turnbull
Ms. Mary Miller Ms. Jennifer Turner
Ms. Mary Moore of East Aurora, NY
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Twisted Warp & Skeins
Ms. Christine Moore of Merrill, MI
Boriana Farrar, Michelle Underwood, and Jenny Moehlmann of New York, NY
Mrs. Madeline N. Moran Ms. Julia Tyler
St. Michael’s Episcopal
Ms. Kristen S. Moretuzzo Church of Norman, OK Ms. Janice Underwood
Mrs. Kathleen M. Morrow Mrs. Nancy A. Reiter Smith Village Retirement St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church St. Michael’s Lutheran United NY & NJ Sandy Hook
Ms. Karen Morsilli Resurrection Lutheran Community of Chicago, IL of East Berlin, CT Church of Camillus, NY Pilots Benevolent Association
Ms. Alice Murphey Church Prayer Shawl Ms. Phyllis Snyder St. George’s Episcopal Church St. Michael’s-in-the-Hills Episcopal Ms. Debra A. Utko
Ms. Lois Natale Ministry of Cary, NC Ms. Martha Soccio of Newburgh, NY Church of Ottawa Hills, OH Mrs. Phyllis C. Vaccariello
Needle Night Ladies of Ms. Merrie Roach Ms. Judy Soncrant St. Gregory’s Episcopal St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Ms. Francie Vandagriff
Fanwood Presbyterian Dr. Patricia H. Robinson Ms. Pat Sorensen Church of Parsippany, NJ of Rochester, NY Ms. Evelyn VanderPlaats
Church of Fanwood, NJ Ms. Eileen Roche Ms. Diane Speiser St. James’ Episcopal Church St. Peter’s by the Lake Episcopal Ms. Mary Ann Vaughn
Ms. Jan Neish The Rev. John A. Rollins St. Andrew’s Episcopal of Hackettstown, NJ Church of Montague, MI Ms. Judith L. Vernice
Noble Maritime Museum and Ms. Jan Paxton Church of Hartsdale, NY St. James Episcopal Church St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Ms. Viola Virts
CloseKnit Group of Ms. Linda Roti St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church of Marietta, GA of Honolulu, HI Ms. Angela Vulich
Staten Island, NY Ms. Maureen Running of New London, NH St. James Episcopal Church St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Ms. Sandra Wacht
Ms. Diana Nuehring Ms. Roberta Russell St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church of Painesville, OH of Osterville, MA
Ms. Emily Waller
Ms. Helen Olochwoszcz Saint Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal of New Providence, NJ St. James Episcopal Church St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
of St. James, NY Mrs. Suzanne Walters
Ms. Nancy Owens Church of Bay Shore, NY St. Ann’s Episcopal Church of Spotswood, NJ
St. James’s Episcopal Church Ms. Judy Wareham
Ms. Virginia Parker Ms. Sandra Salchert of Old Lyme, CT St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
of West Hartford, CT of Brevard, NC Mrs. Mellie Warner
Ms. Barbara Parks Ms. Molinda Schoepe St. Ann’s Episcopal Church
St. James the Less Episcopal St. Stephen’s Episcopal Ms. Karen Warren
Ms. Nancy M. Parsons Ms. Patricia Schortmann of Sayville, NY
Church of Northbrook, IL Church of Waretown, NJ Ms. LaVonne Weaver
Ms. Pamela Patc Ms. Eugenia V. Sedgwick St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
of Sunfish Lake, MN Ms. Shirley St. John St. Thomas Episcopal Ms. Judy Weber
Peace Knitters of Missoula, MT Seward & Kissel LLP
St. Augustine of Canterbury St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church of Eustis, FL Ms. Patricia Weishaupt
Ms. Lucy Peloquin Ms. Irene Seybold
Social Knitworking Church of Lynbrook, NY St. Thomas of Canterbury Mrs. Katherine Weltner
Ms. Betty Ann Peterson Ms. May H. Sherrod of Edinboro, PA St. John’s Church Prayer Shawl Episcopal Church of Ms. Kathy Whitney
Ms. Dianna Phillips Ms. Marsha Silva Ministry of Darien, CT
St. David’s Episcopal Church Smithtown, NY Mrs. Myrne Wiebe
Ms. Joyce Pierce Ms. Barbara Simmons St. John’s Episcopal Church
of Cambria Heights, NY Ms. Jo Stadler WiNKS of Lexington, VA
Ms. Caroline Pierce Ms. Karen Simone of Huntingdon, PA
St. David’s Episcopal Church Starstruck Cat Studio of Ms. Barbara Wister
Ms. Cathy Pilkington Mrs. John H. Smellie of Cranbury, NJ St. John’s Episcopal Church Greenwood, IN The Woman’s Club of
Ms. Ruthe Ploskunyak Ms. Melanie Smerkanich St. David’s Episcopal Church of Little Silver, NJ Statue Cruises Morristown, NJ
Ms. Kathryn Polcrack Ms. Nancy Smith of Kinnelon, NJ St. John’s Episcopal Church Ms. Patty J. Stegall Ms. Claudia Youmans
Ms. Carole Poltrock Ms. Joyce H. Smith St. Elizabeth Ann Seton of Montclair, NJ Mrs. Hilde Stein Ms. Marsha Ziegler
Ms. Janet Preis Church of Wichita, KS Ms. Sheryl Stidham-Gebert Ms. Jody Zolli
A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 8     3 1

Captain John Arenstam The Rev. James Kollin
Instructor Port Chaplain

The Rev. Kempton D. Baldridge Michelle McWilliams

Senior River Chaplain, Ship Welfare Visitor
Ministry on the Rivers and Gulf
Lisa Nally
Joanne Bartosik Business Relations Coordinator
Manager, Christmas at Sea
Leslie E. O’Neal
Summer Bosley Director, Finance & Operations
Development Associate -
Captain Stephen Polk, MNI
Grants & Annual Fund
Director, Maritime
Jennifer Koenig Breen Education & Training
Director, Development
Maya Rabayev
Jonathan Burson Senior Accountant
e-learning Business
Thomas Rhoades
Relations Manager
River Chaplain
Kelly Butts
The Rev. David M. Rider
Administrative and
President & Executive Director
Marketing Assistant
Graveney Stuart Severin
Captain Thomas Chivers
Hospitality Worker/Driver
Captain Ernest “Ray” Sexton
Stefan Dreisbach-Williams
Associate Archivist
Douglas B. Stevenson, Esq.
Erica Esson
Director, Center for Seafarers’ Rights
Development Assistant -
Database Capt. Jeff Stover
John Fairbairn
Director, Human Resources Janet Temchus
Ivan Henriquez
Driver Johnathan Thayer
Senior Archivist
Captain David Howell
Instructor Nancy Van Epps
Director, Communications
Chao Huang
Staff Accountant William “Buck” Viniard
Building Facility Coordinator,
Matthew Hyner
Simulation & Database Manager
Timothy Wong
Viveka Jahn
Director, International
Special Events Coordinator
Seafarers’ Center
Captain Kelly Fitzpatrick Jones
* SCI staff listing as of May 15, 2019
Cora Koehler
Ship Welfare Visitor