Zevallos Nollan, ENGL135 D03415978

Prof: Nelly Aguilar

Nollan Zevallos D03415978 Week Eight Final Research Paper DeVry University, ENGL 135 Professor Aguilar August 26, 2010

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they are the only ones that know what is best for them. Having to look for a school. For these reasons. it represents a second chance to fulfill their aspirations and acquiring a bachelor degree.Zevallos Nollan. 2 . For some. who were not able to complete their education. there are always other obstacles starting to pop up that will make their aspirations sometimes look unattainable. compare. the process of selecting a suitable school can be nerve-racking. Going back to school requires making difficult choices. one has to face when going back to school. In many occasions. A note of advice to these individuals is not to think about the obstacles but of the rewards that they will gain later. and prioritization of their personal life. work. Since they are the only individuals who really know and understand their own needs. Some of the difficult choices. they will need a program that is marketable and that satisfies their necessities. However returning to school is not as simple as it sounds because mature individuals-as they have grown older.are more likely to have acquired more responsibilities such as family. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar ³RETURNING BACK TO SCHOOL´ For some individuals. funding to pay for school. going to school is the dream of their life. Furthermore. and social commitments. these individuals will feel tempted to stop the pursuit of their dreams. careful research to protect your investments. In view of the fact that they are the only person who knows what they really want to do with their life and what they want to study and accomplish. they will need to find the right program and understand the many pg. and recognize the different program requirements that colleges are now offering can be a challenge in itself. are the selection of the school one will be attending and the financing of his/her education. for others.

Some benefits of group learning as cited on www. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar requirements. and more importantly. opening their minds to more important questions that will only come to realization as they interact with different institutions officials. professional social gatherings. Some of the benefits of on-campus based schools are: socializing opportunities.Zevallos Nollan. 3 . The main reason is that prospective students would be able to visit these types of schools / colleges and meet with representatives of those institutions. and a combination of the two options (On Campus and On Line). This mentor-pupil face to face interaction could be critical for some students that need guidance and advice. group learning settings. Mentors/professors are actually role models for students and sometimes that close interaction helps to bridge their insecurities of what to look for in their future. active learning. pg. and acknowledgment of individual differences. On-line.thirteen. The different types of classroom settings are On-campus. classroom settings provide the opportunity to build lasting friendships. A prospective student should first focus on campus-based classes.org are interpersonal development. as well as encouragement when face with difficulties. Furthermore. especially if one is returning to school after a lengthy absence. On-campus schools offer a great way to network while studying for a degree. could lead to great contacts in the search for job opportunities. For instance. among others. The presence of a teacher who can help with a problem on the class subject is important. like in school conferences. the mentor-pupil interaction.

This is when a good action plan or well-balanced schedule comes in to place. The reasoning behind is that if the student for any reason cannot understand any portion of the material they should be able to go back over the session very easily or ask for the professor¶s help via email for clarification. pg. labs. and the fact that the student will have to work alone or better said. online education disadvantages include lack of face-to-face interaction. making this type of education ideal to some students. webcast. careful research on various aspects pertaining to the institution is advisable. In order to protect one¶s investments. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar The online education methodology comprises of online tutorials. type o degree and/or certificates being offered. For students in search of a more flexible education an online setting could be more suitable. and online tests. which is a combination of the two methodologies mentioned above. 4 . to cope with the day-to-day activities. Some of the benefits of online education are: no need for commuting. flexible study time. The third educational methodology is a hybrid or blended education. Now a day.Zevallos Nollan. such as its location and curriculum offerings. and the fact that peer interaction is not bound to a region or a classroom. ³Fend for oneself´. going back to school requires a big investment. and very importantly the school reputation. This approach is geared towards students with busy life schedules and the desire to accomplish their goals in a shorter period since by choosing this methodology they will have more course offering opportunities. On the other hand.

´ Although for-profit school are accredited there may be programs offered that are not. Latin for ³Let the buyer beware´). 2010). therefore leaving students without the ability to obtain the certification / license that they were expecting to receive. In this article. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar School location is important when one has decided to attend an onsite campus.. ³74 percent of Department of Education¶s fraud cases have centered on for-profit schools. Unfortunately. the online and onsite curriculum might be similar when referring to the number of credits and courses there still exist the possibility that one of them might not be certified or recognized. some of the factors to keep in mind are proximity to home or work to minimize commuting time. advise the buyer to examine the goods and buy at their own risk. it does not mean that it will offer the degree or certificate one is looking for. it does not imply the program is recognized or certified. Even though. (Yeoman.Zevallos Nollan. Barry Yeoman recently reported on for-profit schools in the June issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. Since going to college is without a doubt a big investment.g. Researching for the correct program can be confusing because of conflicting information sometimes received from recruiters and counselors. he wrote of a pg. even though one might be able to find a school that offers these flexibilities. Caveat emptor. one should research the institutions of choice very carefully in order to protect and maximize their investment. (e. For example. the value or validity of a degree may vary depending on whether the classes were taken onsite or online. 5 . making this a critical decision factor in the school selection. The fact that an institution could offer the program of interest. It is advisable to enroll in a school that has campuses at various locations and can offer at the same time the flexibility of online classes.

she received her degree in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound. when looking for colleges or universities. but more important which credits and towards what specific requirement. ³After attending school for a year and a half. Furthermore. one must keep in mind their previously earn credits if they want to accelerate their graduation and save money in the process. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar student who took what she thought to be a program in ultrasound technology that would lead to her obtaining a certificate to practice. it is an accredited institution. it may be possible to transfer credits to another institution and count them towards a degree. if this is the case. When she applied to take the exam to become certified. dipping in to pg.. a few options to consider are taking money from savings. However. Another difficulty a returning student faces is the strain on finances.´ This was due to the school not having the accreditation for this particular curriculum. talk to career coaches and students attending the school. You can meet with recruiters for the school. the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography informed her that she was ineligible. keep in mind that this will only be possible if the institution they are planning to attend is willing to accept the number of credits they have earned. If they are considering transferring previously earned collegelevel credits and planning to attend an accredited college or university they should make sure that. It is important to get information confirmed by a number of sources before continuing to pursue any course of study. There are many financial responsibilities which must be considered and weighted when deciding how to pay for school.Zevallos Nollan. 6 .

friend. There are some tax advantages through this type of savings plan. One of the best sources to obtain financial aid is straight through the college or university financial aid department. Nonetheless. Some ways to consider paying for school expenses are 529 College Savings Plan. The completion for this type of Applications should be done by April. Generally. one must keep an eye on the goal and decide which option they can live with because it will benefit them in the future. Students that have completed their FAFSA applications are encourage to seek grants and pg. It is advisable to ask directly their Admissions or Financial Aid representative if they qualify for financial aid assistance. In fact anyone can contribute to this saving plan. all of which may seem unwise.Zevallos Nollan. 7 . and applications are accepted beginning in January. Another way to pay for school is the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This type of financial help is based on the student¶s dependency status and their family¶s income as well as assets. Most of the time. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar the retirement plan or taking a student loan. including family members. FAFSA and scholarships. The 529 College Savings Plan choice is only good if you have had the time and money to put a side. it is the parents who put money aside for their children education and as time passes by. As a norm. or even oneself can invest in their future education. this kind of savings plan starts early in life and accumulates through the years. the family of the applicant is expected to contribute with a portion of the education cost. the money grows by the interest they gain. These officers can grant the potential student access to a list of common aid programs for which they can submit an application as well as special grant programs that could represent even higher levels of financial aid. The money saved in this type of Savings Plan is used to pay for education incidentals such as tuition fees and other school related costs.

For example. not having to pay for medical benefits or perhaps better working days/hours. rent or pg. 8 . better salary. Family is also important due to the support that they could offer when things appear to be collapsing around them. as well as becoming a role model for their kids. Students should not neglect their responsibilities. No matter which way one look at it. This is the time that families are most valuable since they will need to give students the reassurance that they should continue to move forward and no to be tempted to drop their classes.S. or help them if looking for a new carrier to change to. family is the main reasons why many people return to school since they want to further their careers and obtain the rewards associated with it. They should also be reminded that it will benefit them if they graduate since it could further their careers. ³free money¶. and Canada´ as posted in DeVry¶s website. Family is a priority and will continue to be one of the reasons that many adults are considering returning to school. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar scholarships that do not need to be repaid. These rewards could range from more vacation time. going back to school requires prioritization of one¶s personal life. The simple reason is that mature individuals with families would have acquire crucial needs.Zevallos Nollan. ³DeVry University offers more than $29 million in scholarships to prospective students in the U. Finally and of equal importance or more. another reason why family is a priority could be due to the support that they will need to provide students when things appear to be difficult. such as food.

This is a reason why job responsibilities are both good and bad for students. Students should also remember to read book assignments as instructed to be better prepare for classes. In conclusion. They will become more marketable since they will have learned new skills that will advance their careers in their field of choice. becoming a priority over all other needs since without a job they will not be able to pay for school. ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar mortgage. Mature students sometimes will need to make compromises with their immediate supervisor at work. placing the student on a disadvantage since they will need to learn the class material on their own. Although it might seem difficult at times. They will be a able to demonstrate their children that if they put their eye and focus their minds on their pg. returning to school requires careful considerations. They will be able to show by example to their children that anyone and at any age could return to school and fulfill their dreams. On the other hand students should not neglect their scholastic responsibilities like attending classes when schedule. one should remember that they are making the right choice because it will help to ensure a stronger future for their families. letting them know that specific days during the week and due to school they will not be able to work pass certain hours benefiting both their families and their student commitments. this will also include taking the quizzes and tests when schedule. Students should think of school as they think of work since school is nothing less than a second job with similar responsibilities that will need to be accomplish to obtain the desire degree. support their families and keep a roof over their heads at the same time. 9 .Zevallos Nollan. since the majority of in class lectures after they are finish there is no way to repeat it.

ENGL135 D03415978 Prof: Nelly Aguilar goals.Zevallos Nollan. pg. they will always succeed and the end and will receive satisfaction of one day getting their bachelors degree. 10 .

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