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STATE OF CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC PROTECTION DIVISION OF STATE POLICE ‘Bureau of Professional Standards and Compliance ‘Complaint against Personnel (Te Form fe ONLY to bo utzed bythe Bureau of Professional Standards and Complienes) {casa Number: 1816-020 “Eapayes volved (CU FST TD Womb Unie Date of Complain ‘Goodale, Arthur 008, EDHO oansiie Type of ivestantions Date af nident Ty Rather Employee Ivaea? arab ry onan the ee [internal dacs Inversion IPVee his Fo fof 1 0S 578-6) ‘Origin of Compl: ‘Camplin’ Name, Adress, and Telephone Number LTC James Canon Profecsional Standards Dotizen Soeparmenal_ Blower ‘Complain Classiteation: Upon Récea Tress beectaton of Perfomance (cia Rights Voaton rcessve Force [Blas Based Pong ~ Tale Stop (Acer Discharge of earn les end Regulations ~ [}ias Based Pot — Fifer (Gintntona Disctarge af rear -Osadly Forco (P Staton ‘Camplin Summary Volaten Aoged ih Juateatne ‘Gat0-t38 has boon reviewod ana it wae determined during tho lnvesgation nfomationfctatemants wer in cont to other ‘ecouns of event givon. Asa result tho Investigation has bean elovatod to an A investigation. 101820 wl servo to furor ‘review te verclty a the statements given in the G# investigaton that are ln quostin, “astanad ietigator Namo, Ran 10 Ware Uni ‘Major Michael Davis #013 (Taped ivestiator Namo, Rank 10 Namibors | ser Michael Davis #013 ? “eat te at by Pres ‘Signature and ate: tre. Janes Cami ho 2B rate and Oat DiapeaRiSn ST CORA Sussinos—Dcpine __C]suutsned—No Decne ErNolSuetaned [Unfounded _C)Gxoneated -fBisstenes—Discipine _[) Sustsnod-— No NotSuetaned [Unfounded _C)Etonastes 2) [SicoinedDicpine [Sustained No Deane __CJNot Sustained _C) Unfounded _ [1 Enerted 4) DisiesinesDscpine [1 Suraines No Ocoine _[]Not Sustained __C) Unfounded __ J anerated * asym once Cte cece Csoape Chutes Festa OE nas eaten aeons tees Ure Sen S Rekenstry tas [ere [ope WU Fess Drs.ev.c te 100972) An Affrative Actua mplymentOpperany Employer STATE OF CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC @ PROTECTION y DIVISION OF STATE POLICE See [MOREAU OF PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS & COMPLIANCE INTERNAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATIVE REPORT CASE NUMBER: 1-18-0201 6-18-05 EMPLOYEE INVOLVED: Arthur Goodale Tile: Major Employee Number: Date of Appointment: March 5, 1983, Western District Commander Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection COMPLAINANT: LTC James Canon Professional Standards Commanding Officer Meriden, CT APPLICABLE STATUTES, RULES, REGULATIONS: Violation #1 142.26