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YR. & SEC: ________________________ SCORE:

I. Multiple Choice (20 pts.)

DIRECTIONS: Choose the correct answer on the items below. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. It allows you to create not only personal accounts but also pages and groups where you can share content.
A. Online Platform B. Social Media Platform C. Blogging Platform D. Vlogging
2. These are online courses that simulate the classroom online.
A. Online Games B. Online tests C. Podcasts D. Coursewares
3. It is an unwanted email mostly from bots or advertisers.
A. Malware B. Spam C. Phishing D. Pharming
4. This type of image can support or display up to about 16 million colors.
A. .PNG B. .GIF C. .JPG D. Screenshot
5. This adjusts how the image behaves around another objects or text.
A. Clipart B. Shapes C. Mail Merge D. Text Wrap
6. It is an external material that allows you to insert organizational or structural templates like organizational charts
and flow charts on your document.
A. Chart B. Pictures C. Screenshot D. Smart Art
7. It is an episodic series of video streamed online.
A. Sound, Music, or Audio B. Vodcasts C. Podcasts D. Videos
8. This is a program that runs in the background without you knowing it.
A. Virus B. Spyware C. Spam D. Malware
9. It is one of the tips in conducting online research wherein you are going to focus on a question you want answered.
A. Advanced Search B. Narrow it down C. Look for credible sources D. Have a question in
10. It is also called as a Generic Letter and is the first component of our mail merged document.
A. Source Data B. Final Letter C. Form Document D. List or Data File
11. These are sites that allow you to connect with other people with the same interests or background.
A. Social Networks B. Social Media C. Bookmarking Sites D. Convergence
12. These are sites that allow you to upload and share media content like images, music, and video.
A. Social Media B. Social News C. Media Sharing D. Blogs and Forums
13. It is an open source operating system developed by Google.
A. iOS B. Android C. WebOS D. Blackberry OS
14. These are websites that contain dynamic content.
A. Folksonomy B. Web 1.0 C. Web 2.0 D. Web 3.0
15. It is a social media wherein one can post short updates online.
A. Media Sharing B. Microblogging C. Social Networking D. Bookmarking
16. Its goal as a threat is to acquire sensitive personal information like passwords and credit card details.
A. Malware B. Spam C. Phishing D. Pharming
17. It is the right on how your created idea, invention, form of literary work, or research should be used by others.
A. Copyright Infringement B. Cybercrime C. Online Research D. Intellectual Property
18. It is a provision which means that an intellectual property may be used without consent as long as it is used in
commentaries, criticisms, news reports, teaching, and etc.
A. Online Research B. Copyright Infringement C. Fair Use D. Look for Credible Sources
19. This refers to a type of blog where most or all of the content is in video form.
A. Vodcasts B. Blogger C. Vlog D. Videos
20. The following are examples of a video blog except for:
A. Review & Unboxing Products B. Beauty / Fashion / Fitness C. How to / Education
D. Music Video

II. Modified TRUE or FALSE (15x2 =30 pts.)

___________________1. You can find the Start Mail Merge button in the home tab.
___________________2. The Preview Results button allows you to see the result of your mail merge even before you print or send
it out.
___________________3. The contact list is the file that contains the information you need to merge with your main document.
___________________4. Copyright Infringement is a crime committed or assisted through the use of the Internet.
___________________5. Rogue security software is a program designed to send you advertisements, mostly as popups.
___________________6. The image compression type that allows you to display images in full color just like in digital pictures is
___________________7. A virus is a malicious program designed to replicate itself and transfer from one computer to another
either through the Internet and local networks or data storage like flash drives and CDs.
___________________8. Mail Merge is a feature of Microsoft Word that allows you to efficiently create documents
that have the same general content but may have different recipients or purpose.
___________________9. The type of text wrap that allows text to flow even tighter, taking the shape of the image is Tight.
___________________10. .png is the image compression/file type capable of displaying simple animations.
___________________11. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.
___________________12. Web 2.0 deals with the use of different communication technologies such as mobile phones, telephone,
Internet, etc.
___________________13. The evolution of Web 1.0 in which the user is able to see a website differently than others is called Static
Web Pages.
___________________14. Tagging allows users to categorize and classify/ arrange information using freely chosen keywords.
___________________15. The type of text wrap that allows your image to be dragged and placed anywhere on your document but
with all the texts floating in front of it is In Front of Text.

III. Analogy (20 pts.)

A. Direction: Fill in the blanks with the correct analogy. Write the LETTER and the WORD to answer. (15 pts.)

Example: IOS: Apple Symbian: c. Android

a. Windows b. Blackberry c. Android

1. ________________: Uploading pictures; Piktochart: Making Infographics

a. WordPress b. Photoscape c. Canva d. Photobucket
2. Static: __________ Dynamic: Web 2.0
a. Web 1.0 b. Web 3.0 c. Semantic Web
3. Social News: Reddit Microblogging: __________
a. Tumblr b. Facebook c. Twitter
4. Web 2.0: Dynamic Content __________: Static Content
a. Web 4.0 b. Web 3.0 c. Web 1.0
5. Blogs and Forum: WordPress __________: StumbleUpon
a. Bookmarking Site b. Microblogging c. Social Media
6. Media Sharing: Youtube Social Network: ___________
a. Instagram b. MP3Juices c. Google +
7. _______________: Facebook; Blogging: WordPress
a. Social Media b. Balance c. Website d. Newsletter
8. Trojan: ___________ Spyware: Keyloggers
a. Worm b. Rogue Security Software c. Pharming
9. _____________: Unwanted Email Adware: Advertisements
a. Spyware b. Malware c. Spam
10. Social News ______________: Microblogging
a. b. c.
11. Screen Capture: Captures the screen and saves it; _______________: Divides a single photo in multiple parts.
a. Editor b. Viewer c. Splitter d. Print
12. Windows Mobile: Microsoft Blackberry OS: ___________
a. Android b. Blackberry c. IOS
13. Infographics: _______________; Image Manipulation: Photoscape
a. Movement b. Facebook c. Canva d. WordPress
14. Preview Window: show how the website would look like; ________________: allows to select preview
A. Customization Tools B. Social Media C. Preview Selection D. Blogging
15. Social Media: Facebook Media Sharing: __________
a. Reddit b. Daily Motion Video c. Pinterest

B. Direction: Analyze which does not belong to the group. Underline that word. (5 pts.)

1. (Balance, Center, Variety, Repition)

2. (Contrast, Consistency, Colorful, Clarity)
3. (Online games, Online tests, Coursewares, Videos)
4. (Social Media, Blogging, Youtube, Vlogging)
5. (JPEG, PNG, Screenshot, Smart Art)

IV. MATCHING TYPE (5x2 = 10 pts.)

DIRECTIONS: Choose the correct answer on the items below. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.


_________1. It is an area in the design that may appear A.. Balance

different size, texture, shape, or color to attract the viewer’s B. Photobucket
attention. C. Blogging
_________2. These are used to represent information, D. Canva
statistical data, or knowledge in a graphical manner usually E. Infographics
done in a creative way to attract viewer’s attention. F. Photoscape
_________3. This is a free online app that allows you to G. Emphasis
create your own infographic. H. Social Media
_________4. This is used to create and manipulate images
and is easier to use compared to Adobe Photoshop.
_________5. It is an online platform which typically looks like THERE IS ALWAYS A GOOD REASON FOR
a newsletter where you are given options to change to your EVERYTHING! God bless! 
liking. -Maam Zorah-