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The end-to-end digital platform for the construction


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An APROPLAN and GenieBelt product bundle

GenieBelt focuses on the project schedule with activity planning and progress reporting live from site.
Executives and managers have a complete overview of the project progress always, and on-site workers
use an intuitive mobile app for progress reporting in real time.

APROPLAN supports key on-site processes related to quality, safety and drawings. Teams on site no longer
have to use pen and paper to perform site inspections and complete checklists – everything is digitised and

Why LetsBuild for the construction phase

LetsBuild is a tool designed to help on-site teams deal with:

● The frustration of using numerous tools on site

● Poor communication flow between different stakeholders
● Lack of complete visibility, accuracy and transparency of the project at the site level.
● Inability to efficiently capture data from site and report to the top executives.
● Huge admin burden because of manual and outdated methods of reporting.
● A huge gap between where the project is at and what the reports say due to lack of a live schedule.

How LetsBuild does it
● Snagging / Punchlists
● Checklists & forms
● Documents and drawings
● Real-time schedule
● Field progress reporting
● Business dashboards

Snagging / punchlists
Easily add new snags using photos, comments and annotations
on the latest version of the plan. With an exhaustive view of all
current and future snags, improve visibility and communication on
your site.

● Tracking the statuses of your snags/punchlists

● Assign statuses and levels of urgency to the various
● Distribute tasks to responsible stakeholders
● Get the complete and detailed history of your tasks
● Close out projects

Checklists & forms
All of your field reports, forms and checklists on your tablet. Collect
accurate information through an automated checklist process.

● Library templates of forms

● Standardised inspections
● Customisable inspection forms
● Mobile inspections on site
● Task relevant checklists
● Notifications on the status of checklists in real time
● Immediately show checklists status across projects

Documents & drawings
With an easy-to-use application, guarantee transparency of construction
projects and allow all employees to keep track of any changes to the site
in real time.

● Central Dropbox for all your documents and drawings

● Add notes using photos and comments on your drawings
● View and compare plan versions automatically
● Ensure you are always working to latest version of the plan
● Easily spot modifications to be made on your site

Real-time schedule
With our shareable schedule, any changes made are reflected
instantly and members can have text based conversations in real
time against each scheduled task.

● Interactive & shareable Gantt chart for desktop & mobile

● Assign tasks to project members and teams
● Schedule importing from MS Project / Primavera /
● Full audit trail for each scheduled task
● Real-time Resource Management

Field progress reporting
With our mobile field reporting app, updating progress straight into
the project schedule has never been easier.

● Instant communication from site to office

● Bring the schedule into the hands of the field workers
● Report progress, changes and problems from smartphones
● See immediately where workflows are ahead or behind
● Get the right information to the right people, fast

Business dashboards
With our Business Dashboards you get a top-down overview of all
your projects and gather all your data into actionable reports and

● Overview across all projects

● View project progress, delays and red flags in real time
● Complex data presented simply
● Decision making made easy


Daily follow-up used to be a major pain on site. LetsBuild will
allow our foreman and construction manager always be on top
of things and have direct access to the expertise of our
planning and QHSE teams to support them without any
unnecessary admin.

Rémy Robijns - Head of the Quality-Safety-Environment Department, CIT Blaton


We are using APROPLAN to increase the quality of our projects.
Adding the planning to the equation will be a major win for our
teams and clients. LetsBuild will offer a great way to track
consistently our project and ensure the best level of quality for our

Stephane Caillaud - National Product Quality Director, Bouygues Immobilier

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