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Las Piñas East National High School



Read the following paragraph and answer the question

Why I want to Learn English
(1.) There are three reasons why I want to learn English. (2.) One reason is that English has become an
international language. (3) It is now used by most international companies, including the company where I work, for
business communication. (4) Another reason why I want to learn English is so that I can travel to English-speaking
countries. (5) The United States, England Australia and many other countries all use English as their primary language.
(6) Finally, I want to learn English because I plan to move to the U.S. in the future. (7) I will become a manager for my
company soon. (8) For all these reasons, I am very excited about learning English.

Write the correct number for each sentence

1. Identify the topic sentence. ____________
2. Identify he conclusion. ________________
3. Identify the first main point. ___________
4. Identify the second main point. _________
5. Identify the third main point. ___________
6. Identify the support detail for the first man point. __________
7. Identify the support detail for the second main point. _________
8. Identify the support detail for the third main point. __________

9.A narrative answers the question _______________.

a. who did it? B. what happened c. what went wrong? D. How do you do this?
10.Another word for narrative is?_______
a. poem b. story c. play d. title
11.The most important thing to do when you start a narrative is to?_____
a. name all the characters b. says when the action took place c. make the reader want to read on
12.One way to keep events in order when you write a narrative is to?__________
a. writes about a real -life event b. use consistent verb tenses c. choose an interesting place to write about
13.When choosing details for your story, you should______
a. chooses only the most important details b. use as few details as possible
c. includes as many details as you can d. writes the details in the order in which you think of them
14.Narratives are often organized by?____________
a. time order b. place order c. character order d. alphabetical order
15. The words spoken by the characters in a story are called?___________
a. action b. setting c. dialogue d. chronological order
16. To show which words a character speaks, put quotation marks________________
a. at the end of the character’s exact words
b. before and after the character’s exact words
c. at the beginning of the character exact words
d. at the beginning and the end of the entire paragraph
17. The best way to show that a different character is speaking is to?
a. use an identifying phrase such as he said
b. use a quotation marks around a speaker’s exact words
c. write .”Now a different character is talking”
d. start a new paragraph whenever a different character speaks
18.The story of a person’s life, written by someone else is a(n)___________
a. primary source b. autobiography c. biography d. dialogue
19.Good topic sentences?
a. contain very specific details b. contain clear controlling ideas
c. contain only ten or fewer words c. contain lots of good examples
20. The most important sentence in an essay is?
a. the first topic sentence in body paragraph one.
b. the final sentence of the conclusion.
c. the first sentence of the introduction.
d. the thesis sentence in the introduction