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Section A – Answer all questions in this section

1. (a) What is agriculture? (1)

(b) Give three career opportunities found in agriculture. (3)
© Which branch of agriculture deals with the maintenance of roads? (1)
2. (a) State one advantage and one disadvantage of mixed farming over specialized farming. (2

(b) Colour codes on containers of agrochemicals have meanings.

What do these colour codes mean?

(i) (ii) (iii)

Orange Red Purple

3. (a) Explain the following and give an example for each.

(i) Unskilled worker
(ii) Skilled worker
(iii) Semi skilled worker

(b) Outline two precautions to be followed when using chemicals.

4. (a) Zimbabwe is divided into how many farming regions?

(b) What aspects are observed to classify farming regions?

© Which farming region is suitable for cattle ranching?

(d) Give one example of an area which is in region I Total

5. (a) Name the four major components of soil. (4)

(b) Which soil is suitable for vegetable growing? (1)

6. (a) What is the difference between climate and whether ? (2)

(b) What is regarded as a major cause of climate changes? (1)

(c) State any one crop which is sensitive to frost when growing in winter. (1)

(c) Give 3 advantages of organic manure to the soil. (3)

(d) What enables farmers to grow wheat in winter? (1)

(e) Give four characteristics of a crumb.

d) Give one example of a cereal crop.

Total 5


Answer any two questions

7. (a) How best can u conserve water in a home? (2)

(b) Which field crops need to be raised on the nursery first? (2)

© State any 3 benefits of agriculture at a community level. (3)

(d) Why is soil air important in agriculture? (2)

(e) Give an example of organic manure (1)

8. (a) State three reasons why a budget is important. (3)

(b) Explain the importance of a tool issue record. (1)

© What is recorded on an income expenditure sheet? (2)

(d) Name two other farm records you know. (2)

(e) Mr Jabu spent $350 on growing beans. He sold his beans for $450.

(i) Did he make profit or loss? (1)

(ii) For how much? (1)

9. (a) The pie chart shows the soil components. Which components are labeled a, b, c and d?

(b) Draw the plant and label all the main parts. (4)

(c) Give two cereals which are in a grass family. (2)

10. (a) Which fertilizer is used to top dress maize? (1)

(b) what do you understand by banding of seeds?

(C) Give three advantages of organic matter. (3)

(d) Give four characteristics of crumb structure of soil. (4)

(e) What enables farmers to grow wheat in winter?(1)