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Industrial Engineering
1st Source:
(a) Sabuncuoglu, Ihsan., Kara, Y. Bahar., Bidanda, Bopaya
(b) 2015
(c) Industrial Engineering Applications in Emerging Countries
(e) This book focuses on industrial engineering applications on logistical problems.
Industrial engineering was created in the US but it has had a rapid growth in a lot of
countries. This book explains the process of modern application of industrial
Engineering tools and methods and how it translates to different countries.

2nd Source:
(a) Rui Manuel Lima, Diana Mesquita, Carla Rocha, Mauro Rabelo
(b) 2017
(c) Defining the Industrial Engineering Management Professional Profile: a longitudinal
study based on job advertisements
(e) This research article shows the problem with universities and businesses acting
independently with the formation of engineering professionals. Universities work on the
initial education of engineers and the business focuses on training and technical side of
it. This causes industrial engineers to not be ultimately ready for professional practice.
In order to fix this, universities and organizations need to have joint responsibilities to
get the engineers ready for the professional world.