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catalog number

6" Theatre Fresnel .r
Superior photometric performance for theatre lighting I
High intensity spot with a
smooth, even flood field .r
,,[.T+r c\l
Lightweight, rugged aluminum

Superior ventilation system

guarantees cooler unit operation
with extended lamp and gel life
All operating controls thermally
insulated for cool handling

Torlon@ insulators provide

smooth focusing operation

UL Listed, CSA Certified

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Specifications: 6" Theatre Fresnel Lamp Data:
Housing is constructed r:ri Perlormance with catalog number For 120V applications:
die cast and extruded aluminum 176-171 (ANSIcode BTR) lamp in a CatalogNo. Description
components, with high temperature 12.5" field with 175,000 beam 176-167 500 watt, 120V, 3050"K, 500 hr.,
black finish candlepower, in spot focus, and in ANSI Code BTL
Optical Train consists of a medium flood focus a74.6" field with 11,200
prefocus tungsten halogen lamp, an beam candlepower
1 76-1 68 500 watt, 1 20V, 3200'K, 1 00 hr.,
etched super pure aluminum clad Mounting heavy steel yoke, with
reflector, 6"x4" low expansion painted malleable iron C-clamp for 176-169 750 wan, 120V, 3050'K, 750 hr. ,
borosilicate fresnel lens mounted in pipe up to 2" 1.D., with a tapped and
a hinged door for easy lamp threaded steel hanger pin. Stand 176-170 750 watt, 120V, 3200'K, 200 hr. ,
replacement mounting requires combo stud ANSI Code BTP
Socket shall be medium prefocus Electrical 36" cable, 3 wire leads
procelain insulated: UL recognized covered with black sleeving with
176-171 1 ,000 watr, 1 20v, 3200'K, 200 hr. ,
for 250 volts, 1200 watts, 2004C connector as specified by option F or 2201240Y applications:
continous operation. Rated lamp number below
seal temperatures are not Voltage: 1201240 AC/DC 476-091 1,000 Watt, 22OV,32OOeK, CP 52,
exceeded 2OO hr., P28
476-092 1,000 Watt, 240V 3200sK, CP 52,
200 hr., P28

Spot Focus (Beam angle 6.1e, Field angle 12l5e)

.lllumination 194/2160 I 09/1 21 5 701778 49/540 Photometric Performance
DiameterBeam:Field 3.2.96:6.6/1.97 4.311.28:8-8/2.63 5.3/1.6:11.0/3.3 6.4h.921'13.1/3.94 6" Fresnel 213-515
(feet/meters) Lamp No. 176-171 1000W ANSI Code BTR
Distance 612 9/3 1214 '15/5
Field diameter at any distance:

Multiply that distance by .219 for spot

and 1.52 for flood

Beam Candlepower:

o Flood: 11,200

Flood Focus (Beam angle 64.5e, Field angle 74.6e)

Distance 6/2 913 12/4 15/5
Diameter Beam:Field 7-612.5:9-'l/3.a 11.313.8:13.7/5.A 15.115.O:24.9/6.1 1a-916.3:24.9n.6
* lllumination 31 t/2800 138/1244 78/700 501448
" All illuminaiion data is measured at beam center.
' All illuminalion data is measured at beam cenler.

Ordering lnformation
lnstruments: Accessories:
catalog number description catalog number descriplion
21 3-51 5 6" Fresnel with 3-wire lead only 1 20-005 Diflusion Frame
oPT-00001 6" Fresnel stand model with 12'cord and household 1 38-059 Salety Cable
U-ground connector with in-line switch 118-013 Eight Leaf Barndoor
oPT-00002 6" Fresnel with 20A, 2-pole, 3-wire grounding pin 122-147 Set, Single, HalflSingle Scrim
9e!nectol 1 30-003 Dichroic Filter
6" Fresnel with NEMA 5-15P connector on 36" cable
1 38-045 Combo Stud for Flat Yoke
Sqme with 2OA. 2-pole. 3-wi re grou nding twistlock 1 38-049 6" High Hat
152-052 Stand

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