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Scene Breakdown

*Please note that the character breakdown by scene is subject to change.*

Scene Song Character(s) Pg #

Act 1
1A Prologue | Good Morning Baltimore Tracy, The Dynamites, Full Ensemble 1-3
1B The Nicest Kids In Town Corny, Council Members, Tracy, Penny, Edna, Prudy, Velma, 4-11
Amber, Link, Spritzer
1C Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now Tracy, Edna, Wilbur, Penny, Prudy, Amber, Velma, Full Ensemble 11-17
1D I Can Hear the Bells Tracy, Penny, Link, Velma, Amber, Council Members 17-21
1E Miss Baltimore Crabs Tracy, Penny, Link, Velma, Amber, Council Members, Little Inez 22-24
1F Detention | The Madison Tracy, Seaweed, Detention Kids, Principal, Corny, Students, Little 25-30
Inez, Amber, Link, Penny, Council Members
1G The Nicest Kids reprise | It Takes Two | Velma’s Corny, Link, Amber, Council Members, Spritzer, Velma, Penny, 30-38
Revenge Edna, Wilbur, Tracy
1H Welcome to the Sixties Tracy, Edna, The Dynamites, Full Ensemble 38-46
1I Dodgeball Tracy, Link, Amber, Council Members, Seaweed, The Dynamites, 46-49
Gym Teacher, Penny
1J Run and Tell That Tracy, Seaweed, Penny, Link, Little Inez, The Dynamites 49-54
1K The Record Shop Tracy, Seaweed, Penny, Link, Little Inez, The Dynamites, 54-60
Motormouth, Amber, Velma, Edna, Wilbur
1L Big, Blonde & Beautiful Full Company 60-66

Act 2
2A Entr’acte | The Big Doll House Tracy, Edna, Penny, Velma, Amber, Motormouth, Little Inez, 66-71
Matron, Guard, 3 Female Council Member , Female Ensemble
2B Good Morning Baltimore reprise Tracy, Edna, Penny, Motormouth, Little Inez, Wilbur, Matron, 71-74
Guard, Female Ensemble
2C You’re Timeless To Me Edna, Wilbur 74-79
2D Without Love Tracy, Link, Penny, Seaweed, Prudy, 8 Council Member 79-87
Teen Ensemble Members
2E I Know Where I’ve Been Motormouth, Little Inez, Seaweed, Penny, Tracy, Link, The 87-92
2F (It’s) Hairspray Corny, Amber, Kate Forsythe, Kathryn Depaola, Stephanie Ernst 92-94
2G Cooties Amber, Velma, Wilbur, Motormouth, Seaweed, Corny, Male 94-97
Council Members, Ensemble Members, Kate Forsythe, Kathryn
Depaola, Stephanie Ernst
2H You Can’t Stop the Beat Full Company 97-107
2I Curtain Call Full Company 107