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Summer 2019

Back to Africa!
After helping start a new, one-of-its-kind, apprentice mission
pilot training program in the US (Steve) and helping to train over 100 missionaries in cross-cultural skills (Alace),
we’re excited to return to full-time, overseas work in Gabon! We need 25 additional monthly, funding teammates.

Join Our Team of Sustaining Partners!

Alace and I are searching for additional
teammates to fully fund the project in
Gabon. Please consider becoming

a teammate in this critical work
to bring Hope & Health to
marginalized peoples.

(IMPORTANT: If you have been supporting us
through M.A.G., Please change to the C&MA
by the end of June)

““ and enter “Steve Next Chapter ~ Main Objectives:
Straw” where it says “Type name of

worker”. Then simply follow the directions. Alace…

~ Encourage team of Int’l workers in Gabon
2. BY MAIL: Make checks to “C&MA”, and put ~ Continue degree program in counseling
“Straw-mm” in the memo. Send to: C&MA-mm, ~ Serve the Hospitality Team at Bongolo Hospital
8595 Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920 ~ Help train up the next gen of missionaries (ICC)

3. BANK AUTO WITHDRAWAL: Contact Steve Steve…
and Alace at “” and they ~ Ramp up Gabon aviation
will send you a form to fill out. services to 100%
~ Serve the Visitor Team at
4. BY PHONE: The C&MA will also help you Bongolo Hospital
make a contribution over the phone, with your ~ Continue to assist with
the Gabon shipping
credit card. Please call 866-443-8262 (9:30am-
container team
5pm EST, Mon-Fri). ~ Serve the Education ministry of
the Gabon C&MA church to develop
Psalm 96:3 Aviation equipping programs
Declare HIS glory among the nations, ~ Pray for others to respond to the call and join the
team to equip Africans to use the tool of aviation
HIS marvelous deeds among all peoples. to bless others & build the Kingdom!
Upcoming Calendar: Some of you know the story of Henricka. She is
a young, Gabonese woman, who lives at the Hope
June: French Language Immersion step House home for at-risk children. Our kids used to
play with her and the many others when we 2012 Henricka's 1st Flight!
I (France) visited Hope House. Her dream is to be a pilot!
(see video at
July/Aug: Staff Team at Inter-Cultural I didn’t think it would be possible, but I prayed &
shared the story with you. In the past year, I met
Communications Course (US) another missionary pilot with the same dream- to 2018- Helping at
train up nationals! As part of his master’s program, PK27 Airport
Aug/Sep: Language Immersion step II; he is developing a distance-learning format. He just
so happened to have room to add Henricka to his
transition to Africa first trial run with students from Uganda, Kenya, &
DR Congo! Thanks to an I.T. friend (Doug Newcome),
Sep - ? : Cameroon (pick up aircraft; we were able to get Henricka a used laptop! (thanks
to Dan Lewan for transport!).
pilot recurrency), then fly to Gabon and 2019- Distance
Aviation Learning!
launch next term of full-time field work! NEXT STEP- A TRAINING AIRPLANE!
To take the “book” knowledge and turn it into
practical knowledge, we will need a hangar, a
Note: We’ll be living and serving with classroom, and a training airplane. So, another
the C&MA team at Bongolo Hospital. “God Encounter” was a conversation with a
Reservations for the aviation service are long-time supporter who contacted me with a (not actual aircraft, but
desire to prepare an aircraft for mission same model)
already coming in! service. I shared with him the need for a
smaller, training aircraft, and he shared with me about a friend of
Bongolo who had just such an aircraft, sitting in a hangar in the US,
Summer Reading (wish) List: waiting for a purpose! So, the wheels are in motion to see this
Summer can be a time of catching up on some reading aircraft delivered to Gabon in the next year or so. Stay tuned!
(see video of same training aircraft in Africa:
that we’ve wanted to do all year long. We’re gonna do
our best to read some of the following:

REAL TALK… With Alace…
Soul Care by Rob Reimer
We are in the midst of our 9th major move since beginning our
Looming Transitions by Amy Young
careers as international workers. This move back to Gabon is
Leadership Pain by Samuel R. Chand
our first without our kiddos…sob. I write this from our tiny
Cross Cultural Servanthood by Duane Elmer
Airbnb studio apartment in Montpellier. We’re here for a month
Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero
of language immersion and study.
You Already Know How To Be Great by Alan Fine
As we have packed up and moved many times I thought I would
Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach by Jane Vella
share some real life moments of packing, sorting and storing a
How To Solve Your People Problems by Alan Godwin
life. First of all, I realized I have a shoe problem! It became
Small Cloud Rising by Dave Gibbons
evident when I cleared out all my winter shoes and discovered I
still had over 20 pairs in my closet. Since we had decided to

pack for our month in France with only carry-ons, I could
Concerns / Needs:
clearly not take 20 pairs with me. After a quick Google search
- One time transitional costs- personal ($6900) on how many pairs of shoes the average American woman
- One time transitional costs- aircraft ($3900) owns, I discovered, surprisingly, that the average is anywhere
- On-boarding well with team in Gabon from 21 to 37 pairs! So I fit right in. In the end, I narrowed it
- Renters for our house in NC down to 4 pairs.
- 25 Additional Sustaining Teammates I also discovered that I am great at procrastinating the
- Bongolo airstrip prep & inspection ($1800) overwhelming task of packing up a life. Netflix is like a siren call
- Gabon annual flight permits ($5000) to my transitioning soul. We did manage to get it done and I am
- Family (kids & parents) during our separation. so glad we are sorted and ready for this next phase. I am a pre-
- Provision for Alace’s tuition griever, which means that I grieve most heavily before a move
rather than being a post-griever, which is after the move. My

pre-grieving can get in the way of the tasks of moving as my
Staying In Touch emotions hang heavy in my heart and mind. It can be
immobilizing if I let it. So I imagine the end of the day and think
Email: & through what completed tasks would bring me a sense of
Whatsapp: 336.350.2517 and 336.350.2520 victory in the midst of seismic changes. Those things then
US Address: c/o YAC, 501 Rathton Rd, York, PA 17403 become my practical goals- for example, if I could sort through
Africa: EACMG-Straws, B.P. 13.021, Libreville, GABON all my clothes before the end of the day or if I could clean out, sort and store all the bathroom stuff. Baby steps learned from
watching “What About Bob”…wait is that on Netflix?...