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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Student 7 was asked to orally retell a familiar fairy tale to an

audience. She was instructed in the importance of including
actions, intonation, pitch and eye contact to enhance the retell of
the fairy tale.

Student 7 has a fair understanding of employing actions to amplify

the spoken word. She also has a developing comprehension of tone
of voice which she exercises to differentiate between each
character in the fairy tale retell. One area of development that has
been identified through this assessment is Student 7’s application
of vocabulary. Some further lessons will be required to strengthen
her learning and implementation of vocabulary.

Student 7 demonstrates a satisfactory example of orally retelling a

text including the typical structural features of a text that has the
purpose to entertain, in this case a fairy tale. Student 7 is also able
to retell texts verbally in the correct sequential order. Student 7
could benefit from greater exposure to the significance of
supplying background information to the audience prior to
delivering the oral retelling of a text.

In order to stimulate a deeper understanding of the import of the

use of vocabulary in spoken texts, Student 7 will participate in
focused lessons that will aim to strengthen her skills in this area.

Miss Emily Ferraro

Year Two Classroom Teacher