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FRIEBERG, NELSON & ASK, L.L.P. ATTORNEYS AT LAW ROBERT B. FRIEBERG ‘Sender's Address: THOMAS H. FRIEBERG 115 N. 3° St LARRY A. NELSON. P.O. Box 511 BRENDA M. ASK (SD & 1A) Beresford, SD 57004-0511 ‘SAMUEL J. NELSON PHONE: (605) 763-2107 AUGUST FRIEBERG (1863-1982) FAX: (605) 763-2108 ROSCOE A, FRIEBERG (1903-1982) EMAIL: BLAINE 0. RUDOLPH (1925-2018) June 11, 2019 Vickie A. Larsen P.O. Box 137 Alcester, SD 57001 RE: Open Records Request of June 4, 2019 Regarding Overtime and Compensatory Time for City Employees Dear Ms. Larsen: This letter is in response to your numbered request for information on June 4, 2019. Regarding your second numbered request for overtime and compensatory for our current finance office employees, no such records exist. The city does have minutes which address overtime and compensatory time dating back several years, but I do not believe they are what you are looking for. Since compiling those records would take more than an hour, I would encourage you to inspect the minutes of the meetings at your convenience. This letter serves as the city’s final response to your request in this matter. Thank you. Yourg vgry truly, SAMUEL J. NELSON For the Firm City Attorney Alcester, SD