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FRIEBERG, NELSON & ASK, L.L.P. ATTORNEYS AT LAW ROBERT B. FRIEBERG Sender's Address: THOMAS H. FRIEBERG 115 N. 3° St LARRY A. NELSON P.O. Box $11 BRENDA M. ASK (SD & IA) Beresford, SD 57004-0511 ‘SAMUEL J. NELSON PHONE: (605) 763-2107 AUGUST FRIEBERG (1853-1932) FAX: (605) 763-2106 ROSCOE A. FRIEBERG (1203-1982) EMAIL: BLAINE 0. RUDOLPH (1825-2016) June 11, 2019 Vickie A. Larsen P.O. Box 137 Alcester, SD 57001 RE: Open Records Request of June 4, 2019 Regarding Curb and Gutter at 518 Anderson Street Dear Ms. Larsen: This letter is in response to your bulleted request for information on June 4, 2019. 1) No city employees authorized the vandalism of any streets, curbs, or gutters within the city. Mr. Heuer did speak with the Finance Officer about having driveway approach cut into his curb, and was told he was allowed to do so. 2) The requested documentation in your second bullet does not exist within city records. 3) The requested documentation in your third bullet does not exist within city records. This letter serves as the city’s final response to your request in this matter. Thank you. Your: y truly, SAMUEL J. NELSON For the Firm City Attorney Alcester, SD