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Dear Mentee

Thankyou for taking part in the third ever Monash College Student Mentor program
as a student mentee. Hopefully you enjoyed your time as a mentee and you and
your mentor experienced positive outcomes from the program.

As part of our commitment to continually improve and deliver quality programs

we ask for you cooperation in providing insight into your experiences as a
student mentee. The attached survey will provide us with vital information
which will lead to improvements that will benefit future Monash College
Mentors andbeginning students.

As part of the Mentee requirements you need to fill in the attached survey and
return to your mentor or to myself at
before May 9. Your mentor will not receive their certificates if your form has not
been returned.

You are invited to attend the certifiacte presenation to see you mentor receive their
award on Wednesday 9 May, Atrium, Building 73 at 3.30pm. Refreshments will be
provided. Please RSVP to me before Friday 4May for catering purposes.

Once again thankyou for your hard work and cooperation.


Joel Evans
Student programs Coordinator

Phone: 03 9905 8674

Mobile: 0418 330 464
Fax 03 9905 5274

Your Name:________________________________

Your mentors name:____________________________

Did you enjoy your experience as a student mentee?

Will you continue to meet your mentor after the completion of the program?

What were the greatest benefits to having access to a mentor?

What benefits do you believe your mentor obtained from the program?

What were the key areas you believe you supported with by your mentor.

Curriculum information Social life in Melbourne

Administration queries Where things are located

University services Timetables

Transport Stress over study

Assistance with class work Introducing to new friends

An ear for listening to problems Social chat


Were you satisfied with the level of support from Monash College staff?

Is there anything you believe Monash College staff could have done to
enhance the mentor program?

Would you recommend other new Monash College students become


Why / Why not?

Do you believe the lunch activity during orientation week is the best time to be
introduced to your mentor?

What other time and / or place would you recommend?

What do you believe would be sufficient reward for a student mentor?

Do you believe three face to face meetings are an appropriate number of

meetings with your mentor?
What number do believe would be appropriate.

How did you first hear of the mentor program?

Email Monash College Staff

Information In post Other:

What do you believe would be the most effective way to attract new mentees?

Would you have preferred if there was another mentee assigned to your
mentor? Why / Why not?

Would an online system be better way to register for the program?

Would you like to become a mentor for future Monash College programs?

What suggestions do you have which could improve the mentor program for
next trimester?

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