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Vickie A.

P. O. Box 137
Alcester, SD 57001-0137

June 17, 2019

Mr. Sam Nelson
Frieberg, Nelson and Ask
P. O. Box 511
Beresford, SD 57004

re: Alcester City Attorney Letter 06/04/2019 FOIA Second Notice Answer

Dear Mr. Nelson:

Unfortunately sir you labor under some misinformation with regard to the
authority of Finance Officer Pat Jurrens. Finance Officer Pat Jurrens is NOT a city
councilwoman, she gave that position up when she applied for the position of
Alcester City Finance Officer after she voted to fire former Alcester City Finance
Officer Mike Kezar.
First using your own words arising out of a city council meeting in which
you interrogated me with regard to who was advising me legally, "...'if you refuse
to answer, it didn't happen;...'you are wasting my time discussing this...' " I would
reiterate I was appearing 'pro se' during Public Input and had it been necessary to
quote an attorney ACA Nelson, you may be very certain I would have name
dropped. Furthermore ACA Nelson your comment, " are wasting my time
discussing this...", I would point out it was your choice to initiate the interrogation
as to who was counseling me and I answered your query.

Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson, Frieberg, Nelson and Ask June 17, 2019
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So with this semantics practice session in mind ACA Nelson and with your
direct off-the-cuff opinion voiced in open council session, "...if you refuse to didn't happen" I shall apply the idiom, "what is sauce for the goose, is
sauce for the gander..." In other words if you, ACA Sam can opine when I fail to
answer you interrogatory, the action in question did not happen, then I can infer
when you, ACA Sam state, "...the requested documentation in your second bullet1
does not exist within city records..." that there was NO variance issued, NO council
approval give formal or otherwise. In addition ACA Sam, Alcester Finance
Officer Pat Jurrens does not have the authority to give approval of any
vandalisation or modification of city property without council approval. Alcester
City Finance Officer Pat Jurrens has grossly over-reached her authority as city
bookkeeper. Therefore Alcester City Finance Officer Pat Jurrens has explicitly
participated in and abetted vandalism of city property!
Once again my argument to the point in your letter where you restrain my
search for open records with the phrase, "...this letter serves as the city's final
response to your request in this matter...", ACA Nelson I would direct you to the
quote, "it (the opera) ain't over until the fat lady sings..." and ACA Sam I have not
written the music yet much less my Aria!
I am,
sincerely yours,

Vickie A. Larsen
cc: File
City of Alcester
Union County State's Attorney Jerry Miller
"Full and complete documentation/council variance approval for the vandalisation/modifications of the curb
portion of the curb and gutter abutting 518 Anderson Street, Alcester, South Dakota 57001 and owned by Randy R.
Heuer, FOIA request on 04/22/2019-II, Second Notice of FOIA request June 4, 2019 by Vickie A. Larsen"
Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson, Frieberg, Nelson and Ask June 17, 2019
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Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson, Frieberg, Nelson and Ask June 17, 2019
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