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Red, Yellow, or Blue? Here's What Each Rose Color

Means For Your Relationship
Kathryn Mayer 18 hrs ago

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© Unsplash / Emily Fletke Red, Yellow, or Blue? Here's What Each Rose Color Means For Your Relationship

Giving roses to someone can say many different things - I'm sorry, I
love you, cheer up, thank you, and so on. And choosing roses for all of
these occasions isn't surprising. They're beautiful, they smell amazing,
and they come in a ton of different colors. But did you know that each
color actually has a very specific meaning? Yeah, so if you were
thinking of giving someone special a bouquet of roses, you might
want to make sure the color isn't actually appropriate for funerals
(queue the awkward silence). Keep reading to see a breakdown of
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what every color means, so you're armed with the right information
and ready to purchase.

Red: Traditional red roses definitely hint at love and romance, so if you
got them from your significant other, things are looking good. They
also signify beauty and perfection.

Pink: Gentler in shade than their red counterparts, pink roses have
many meanings, including admiration, gratitude, elegance,
gracefulness, and joy.

Yellow: As you would expect from such a bright, cheerful color, yellow
roses convey cheer and joy and are a great flower to express
friendship (i.e. these are NOT what you want your significant other to
send you!).

Dark Crimson: This deeper color is appropriate for funerals, as it

conveys grief and sorrow.

White: White is the color of purity, so it's no surprise that white roses
represent innocence. They go along with the white dress at many
weddings, where they also symbolize new beginnings.

Orange: Someone may be looking to spice things up with fiery orange

roses, which are traditionally the color of passion and desire.

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Blue: You may be someone's secret crush if you receive a bouquet of

blue roses, which represent mystery and intrigue.

Peach: These "thank-you" roses are the perfect way to show

appreciation or gratitude.

Lavender: If you receive a bouquet of lavender roses, things could get

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Microsoft as they represent love at first sight. Privacy & Cookies Privacy Settings Terms of use 
Salmon: With a hue that falls somewhere between orange and peach,
salmon roses symbolize desire and excitement and are a great choice
for a new relationship.

Purple: It was Prince's favorite color for a reason - in addition to its

associations with pride and enchantment, the purple rose also has ties
to royalty.

Burgundy: They might be a little too subdued for romantic holidays

like Valentine's Day, but burgundy roses, which represent
"unconscious beauty," are a great choice for Wintertime decorations.


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