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4.3.9 Organization and Management Copal Ciy Development, LLC and Capa hy Panes, LLC ‘A. Description Legal Enty Capital City Development, LLC is 2 newly formed Vigna ited abilky company farmed to be {he equity Ownership entty ‘or te privately tnanced mixed-use development components ofthe Pan. For the fist phase of development, ths enty wil be captalzed with approximately $120, illo in equty fom local Rehman community investors and the Development Team For the second phase of development. tis enity wil be capitalized wih approximately S210 millon in equity fora total peojet ecuty captaizaton of over $326 millon The members ofthis imted Tabilty company willbe the investors nthe Project Capita Cy Partners, LLC & 2 newly crated Vigna limited sbiny company formed tobe the developer entity fo: the prveely financed mixed-use development comeonents of fe Plan which inclaes the day-to-day maragement oversight of planning. Cesign, consiuction, on-going soure- ing f private capa, and ha Development Management enity leading n the development othe New Arena and Blues Armoy. CCP, LLC wil aco work with te Respondent's Logal and Finance “Teams to supper the TF urderuring within th bond fring that wal allow forthe development ofthe New Arena and Blues Armory. ‘An organizational chert for CCP can be found in Appenilix Section A B. Roles of Enity Memsers and Key Personnel Principals of Capea Cy Parnes, LLC include: Michael Halim Susan Eastisge Sean Duncan) aio Halle ©. Contact Person Susan Eastidge, Manager ‘Capital City Development, Lc ‘Capal Ciy Partners, LLC ‘lo Concord Easing ne. 2701 Prosperity Averue, Sute 20 Foiax, VA22031 (877) 850.5070 D. —Controling Interest of Lega Entity ‘Concord Eastdge, Ine. and Future Cities, LLC Legal: MeGuire Woods Financia: JP Morgan Chase and Cigroup Global Marks nc. FFinanelal Capabi ‘The Respondents working with Crigroup and J. P Morgan. experts in spars fact and tax in. crement financing, onthe New Arena andthe Biues Armory plan of nance. AS shown In detail in our response Gueston 43.6, te plan of france forthe $230 millon financing assumes the Issuance of revenue bonds secured by incremental ax revenues gonereted by the development Project end by certain dedicated rovenuos gonerated by the New Arena and Blues Armory. The plan o nance has been stuctured consistent with sinlar sports an tax Increment transectons, ‘and to generate sufcient investor demand to provide the necessary proceeds required forthe ‘evelopment ‘Utmatoy the amount of leverage evalabe trom the proposed bond alfering, and underwtng of the transscton, wil be based upon number of actors, cluding 1. final due etigence of he security structure including the pledged revenues (as described In secon 43.6 C), inclucing tinal tir pary reports; 2 tna tac analysis propared ty McGuire Woods: 3. interest rates atthe Une of sale: and 44. the execution ofa Bond Puchase Agreement with Chigroup Global Markets ne. and J.P Morgan. Thic-paty consultant MuniCap, a ational publc financing advisor, Is working wih te tam to valdale the bond undenaing in the tax Increment nancing projectons found in Appendix Sec: ton, ‘The Respondent is identiying the equity investors that wil provide the needed capita forthe privalelytnanced mixed-use commercial development. Tho amount of required equ is approx: imately $120 milion forthe fst phase of development. In a similar fasion, Respondent wi icenity approximately $210 malion of equity investment for the second phase of development The total equty requremont for te overall projects approximately $350 millon. Adgonaly, the Respondents working with natonal and Fegional consttucton lenders in erder to secure tne ‘constuction loans needed fr thes phase of development G. Projects Comparable Sle and Complexity Included in Appendix Section A, HL References: Please S00 Bet Partners A. Description of Legal Entity