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Essays on act of kindness

It was just after 3 p.m. . Zahid had just finished his lessons today. The hot
sun shone mercilessly from a cloudless sky. Beads of sweat gathered on his
forehead and he was drenched I perspiration. When he was waiting for the
bus, he saw an elegant woman. She looks like a rich person. Maybe she is in
her early 30s. But there were two men who look very suspicious. They stared
the woman eagerly.
“Maybe she knows them” he said.
But his thought was wrong. In a blink of an eye, one of the men grabbed
her arm. He was trying to get the woman’s chain. She is being robbed! The
woman tried to put on a fight. The other man then tried to take her handbag.
The woman was pushed away. She screamed hysterically for the help. The
two robbers who were panicked at her scream ran away swiftly.
Zahid stared in disbelief. He then went towards the woman to help her.
Some of the passersby saw what has happened. They gave the snatchers a
chase. Zahid tried to get the woman to stand up. She got some injuries on
both of her knees and the palm of her hand. He assisted the woman walk to
the bus stop to give a shade for her. He ran hurriedly towards the public phone
which is located besides the bus stop to call the police.
A few minutes later, the police came. The passer by who help to chase
the two snatchers managed to catch them. Both of them were handed to the
police. The woman thanked Zahid. She offered some money to him but he
kindly rejected her offer. He said he is sincere to help her and do not want
anything in return for his kindness.