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Elizabeth ​“L

​ iza​”​ James​ ​ ​484.466.5126 + 

​ reakdowns, Supervising, Shop & Set 

Costume Department Supervisor + ​Blindspot S4​ + 2019 NBC Series

Designer:​ Sarah Beers ​UPM​: Hillary Smith C ​ o-Supervisor:​ Rachel Leah Greene
Costumer + ​Creed II ​+ 2019 Feature Film
Supervisor​: Mark Peterson, ​Designer​: Lizz Wolf
Stunts Costumer + ​Glass ​+ 2018 Feature Film
Supervisor​: Rita Squitere, ​Designer:​ Paco Delgado
Ager/Dyer + ​Escape at Dannemora ​+ 2018 Showtime Series
Supervisor​: Stev Taylor, ​Designer​: David Robinson
Costume Department Supervisor + ​Master of None S2​ + 2017 Netflix Series
Designer:​ Dana Covarrubias ​UPM​: Gwen Bialic & Teddy Au
Costumer + ​The Upside​ + 2017 Feature Film
Supervisor:​ Kortney Lawlor Shurte, ​Designer​: ​Kasia Walicka-Maimone
Costumer + ​Split ​+ 2016 Feature Film
Supervisor:​ Rita Squitere, ​Designer:​ Paco Delgado
Costumer + ​Creed ​+ 2015 Feature Film
Supervisor:​ Rita Squitere, ​Designers​: Antoinette Messam + Emma Potter
Costume Department Supervisor + ​I Am​ ​Michael ​+ 2014 Feature Film
Designer​: Brenda Abbandandolo, ​Director​: Justin Kelly
Costumer + ​The Intern ​+ 2014 Feature Film
Supervisor:​ Mark Agnes, ​Designer​: Jacqueline Demeterio
Assistant Costume Supervisor + ​The Great Comet of 1812 ​+​ ​2014 Off-Broadway
Supervisor:​ Victoria Bek, ​Designer:​ Paloma Young
Costumer​ ​+ ​Girls S3 ​+ 2013 HBO Series
Supervisor:​ Barbara Hause, ​Designer​: Jen Rogien
Key Costumer + ​Casse Tete Chinoise ​+ 2013 Feature Film
Supervisor:​ Hartsell Taylor, ​Designer​: Anne Schotte
Costume Department Supervisor + ​Broad City S1E10 ​+ 2013 Comedy Central Show
Designer​: Staci Greenbaum, ​Director​: Amy Pohler
Costumer​ ​+ ​Orange is the New Black ​+ 2012 HBO Series
Supervisor:​ Barbara Hause, ​Designer​: Jen Rogien
Costume Department Supervisor + ​Broad City S1E1 ​+ 2012 Comedy Central Show
Designer​: Dana Covarrubias, ​Director​: Lucia Aniello
Costumer + ​The Dark Knight Rises ​+ 2012 Feature Film
Supervisors:​ Laura Downing and Kevin Draves, ​Designer:​ Lindy Hemming
Costume Department Supervisor + ​Very Good Girls ​+ 2012 Feature Film
Designer​: David Tabbert, ​Director​: Naomi Foner
Costumer + ​Boardwalk Empire S2/3 ​+ 2010/2011/2012 HBO Series
Supervisors:​ M. Stanton, H. Butler, K. Draves, J. La Corte, ​Designers​: John Dunn + Lisa Padovani

Specialties:​ Logical Solutions, Interpersonal systems, Organization, Conflict resolution, Department

Supervision, Costume Breakdown (age/dye), Tailoring, Draping, Pattern Drafting, Building & Fabrication
Elizabeth “Liza” James​ 4​ 84.466.5126 + 
Multi-Disciplinary Art, Design, Direction & Production CV 

Founder & Sole Proprietor​ at The KisMetic Studio

Cosplay, Props & Custom Character Design, Online & Physical Sales since 2001

Founder & CEO ​at The Catalysis Bridge Collective, LLC since 2017
A Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Organization based in Philadelphia, PA

Founder & Creative Director​ at BridgeHouse, 501c-3 since 2019

Future Brick and Mortar Multi-use Community Space and Resource Center
Managed by The Catalysis Bridge Co.

The Solari Chronicles
Graphic Novel Series with a projected publication date for the first book in 2021

Fine Art Painting

Philadelphia Zoo, Reptile House Mural Restorations, 2019

Collaborative Productions
Warriors;​ Photographer Robert Cornelius, 2019
In Their Own Worlds;​ Photographer J.R. Blackwell 2015
Boudoir​; Photographer Ashley Smith, 2010
Gazella Brigantine​; Photographer R.A. Friedman, 2009

Production Designer
Wild Idle;​ Writer/Director Christina Acevedo 2011

Costume Designer
The Woman In The Movie​ short; Penny Deluxe 2017
The Last Monster​ short; Writer/Director Carrie King 2016
Doreen’s Library​ series; Penny Deluxe 2016
Lord Chauncey
Lord Chauncey II
Sing the Years By m ​ usic video; Whitewater Pass 2015
Rock This Road​ music video; Shakka & Basement Jaxx 2015
9 Ball​ Feature; Mainstreet Entertainment 2010
Party in the Back​ 48 Hour Film; Woodshop Films 2010
Ford Fiesta ​Spec; Woodshop Films 2010
Where the Wild Things Are​ Theater on Ice PSCHS 2009

IATSE Commercial Art Director

​ inch Mark Films 2018
Prego C
Bush’s Beans​ Schrom 2016
IATSE Commercial Wardrobe Stylist
Perdue Chicken​ Schrom 2015
NFL​ NFL Films 2016
ESPN FIFA​ Imperial Woodpecker 2014

Non-union Commercial Styling & Merchandising

Laurel Road P ​ hasmatrope 2018
Tom James​ ecommerce & events 2015 - 2017
Flavonoid​ Visual Innovations 2017
Philadelphia Zoo​ Visual Innovations 2016
Axalta​ Visual Innovations 2015

Props Fabrication
Future Weather​ 2010
Telescope-head​ 2009

Internships & PA Positions

Boardwalk Empire​ Series 2010
Shadowboxing​ Short 2010
Girl in Trouble​ Feature 2010

Other Notable Employment

Online Sales & Consignment 2009 - 2017
Online Community Manager & Social Media Consultant at Poptent 2007 - 2010
Nanny & Domestic Assist 2003 - 2007
Archivist at Mount Airy Family Practice 2000 - 2001
Research Assistant 1999 - 2001

IATSE NY Local 764
International Association of Professional Women
The Catalysis Bridge Arts Collective

Conflict Analysis and Transformation
1st Aid CPR, Child & Adult

Software Proficiency
Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite, Google Docs, Sync on Set, CPlot Pro, Airtable, minimal HTML

Childcare and Early Childhood Education experience
Highly organized, clear attention to detail
Various power tools