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Dear FTC and Me to We Staff and Family,

It is with great sadness that I read this message from Dan on his last day in the office.

As his director and someone who embodies and teaches leadership within the organization and
impacts tens of thousands of young people, this message is extremely inaccurate, lacks courage,
and does not embody any qualities of leadership.

The work of both Free the Children and Me to We is remarkable – the most remarkable we have
ever seen in our long history of working with youth empowerment and social change.

I can assure you, these issues were not brought up to us in the tenure of the organization – if they
had we could have discussed them and addressed them in a positive constructive way. Such an
e-mail lacks courage for what we do and what we stand for at Me to We Leadership, and by
extension, the both organizations. It stands against everything we are trying to teach young
people about open and honest communication seeking solutions when issues arise.

We do our best to provide a forum for open and honest ongoing communication. We seek to
always build bonds of friendship and understanding. We are sorry Dan chose to air his thoughts in
such a way. We ask you to not share this e-mail with anyone as we need to be mindful of the
potentially challenging impact it could have for stakeholders, supporters and especially young
people who are active in our programs.

We are always working to improve the organization and always working to improve our ability to
communicate and create change. We always welcome any feedback and seek to make this a very
special place for all staff. We are very proud of what we do and so proud of you, each of you, for
working towards this social change.

We are about to prepare for a series of remarkable events which will transform hundreds of
thousands of young lives. We are about to verge on something so special which will have a
tremendous global impact. We need to ask you to look past this sharing of one team member here
and focus on what is possible when we stay focused on our collective mission. We are so excited
for what is ahead.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to speak to us.

Have a nice long weekend!