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Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Choubey

Jamshedpur Research Review (RNI: JHAENG/2013/53159, ISSN: 2320-2750)


a. Name Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Choubey

b. Father’s Name: Late Sri. Sidheshwar Choubey
c. Date of Birth: 8-5-1971
d. Address for Correspondence: 62, Block No.3 Shastrinagar, Kadma, Jamshedpur,
e. Contact No. 09334077378

Degree Institution Year of Main Subjects % of marks
Ph.D.( In consonance Faculty of 20.12.2013 Management -
with UGC Guidelines Commerce and
2009 Business
Ranchi University,
MBA( Marketing) School of 1998 Marketing, 3.5/5
Management HR
Studies, IGNOU, New
PG Diploma in IGNOU, New Delhi 2011 Journalism 71%
Journalism &Mass

Diploma –in- Computer IICE, Jamshedpur 1997 MS Office 86%

BSc(Chemistry Hons) Ranchi University 1992 Chemistry 61%

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Designation Institution Level Duration Subjects taught Experience
Guest Jamshedpur BA 2014- till a) Advertising.
Faculty Women’s ( Mass date b) Public relations.
College Communicati c) Development
on & Communication.
Journalism) d) Economics
a) Design Softwares
Like Coral Draw.
b) Printing
c) Computer
Academic IGNOU, MBA 1-1-2006- a) Marketing, HR 13 Years
Counselor Jamshedpur date
Guest Karim City MA ( Mass 2011- a) Advertising, 4 Years
Faculty College, Com) 2015 Publicity, Public
Jamshedpur Relations.
b) Media
Guest ABM College B.Com 22.11 a) Marketing & 8 years
Faculty ( Advertising, 2005 to Research Work
Sales 2011
promotion &
Guest ICFAI MBA 2005 a) Marketing 3 Months
Guest Karim City Add on- 10-04 a) Advertising, Sales 4 Years
Faculty College, ASPSM -2007 to Promotion &
Jamshedpur 2011 Sales
Lecturer Jamshedpur MBA 1-8- a) Marketing 11 Months
(Full time Women’s 2008- to b) HR
Contractual) College 30 -6

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Title Name of Index No. Details
the journal
a) Corporate social Land To lab ISSN-975-282X Vol 4 No.13A, January 2012
trends and
b) Buyer behavior of Jamshedpur ISSN 2320-2750 Vol 1 :Issue 1: December 2012
small city Research
customers of Review
organized retail
c) Jugaad Jamshedpur ISSN: 2320-2750 Vol 2: Issue 2: March- May
Technology , Research 2013
Reverse innovation Review
and disruptive
d) Hedonistic Jamshedpur Jamshedpur Research Vol II: Issue VII : June 2014
philosophy: Research Review
Ancient and Review
modern view
e) Science of Jamshedpur Jamshedpur Research Year III Volume III Issues X 2015
Meditation for Research Review
inner peace and Review
f) ककततबघर कक बबद दरवतजक कक इसपतकतकत 2231-4806 अबक 10, वरर 5 जगलतई –कदसबबर 2015
पपछक गगम लगगदप उपनयतस
g) Haradih and its Jamshedpur ISSN 2320-2750 Year III :Volume III: Issue X
Historic temples: A Research :March 2016
ground report Review

h) Two years of BJP Jamshedpur ISSN 2320-2750 Year V: Volume I: Issue XIX
Govt in Jharkhand Research 2017

i) Political Jamshedpur 2320-2750 Vol 4: Issue XXIX: April- May

Advertising in Research 2018
India Review
j) Performance Jamshedpur 2320-2750 Year 7 Vol 1: Issue XXXII:
Appraisal of four Research April- January 2019
years of Jharkhand Review
Total: 10


Year Organization/ Topic Place Level

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a) 2-4th November XLI Annual Conference Jamshedpur Women’s National
2018 of ISGS on Gandhi and College
one Word
b) September 2017 कत-कदवसपय अबतर अनगशतसकनक रतकषषय जमशकदपगर कक-आपरककटव ककलकज, NATIONAL
सककमनतर कहबदप कसनकमत मम अकभवयक जमशकदपगर
भतरतपय समतज और सबसकक कत
c) March 2015 68th All India Commerce Binowa Bhawe NATIONAL
Conference, KIIT University, Hazaribagh
d) March 2014 67th All India Commerce KIIT Bhubaneswar INTERNATIONAL
e) March 2012 2 Days Workshop on Sri Sankaracharya National
Research Methodology Mahavidhyalaya. Bhilai
f) January 2012 National seminar on Sri Sankaracharya National
modern marketing and Mahavidhyalaya. Bhilai
society-Marketing ethics CH.
and responsibility
towards society.
g) March2012 Foreign Direct Karim City College, National
Investment : Changing Jamshedpur
h) March 2011 Trends in contemporary Vidhyasagr University, National
management principles West Bengal
i) February 2011 Empirical research in Vidhyasagr University, National
diverse streams of West Bengal
commerce and business
j) 1-3 October 2010 Green Marketing 63rd All indie National
:Strategy & Challenges Commerce Conference,
k) October 2010 Annual Conference on Indira Gandhi National National
Market Economy and Open University, New
Gandhian Ethics Delhi
l) January 2009 International business IIT Kanpur International
and entrepreneurship

6. Orientation programme/Training programme attended : Total-03

Course Year Duration Organization
Orientation/training March 2 2019 March 2 2019 Indira Gandhi
programme for National Open
academic counselors University, Ranchi

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Regional Centre.
PhD Course Work Session Six Months 2016 University
2016(16PHDCOM04) Department of
Commerce & Business
Department of
Commerce & Business
Academic 09-10-2010- to 7-01- 3 Months( 3 Credit) Staff training and
counsellor’s training – 2011 Research Institute of
online(ACT-Online) Distance Education
IGNOU New Delhi


Name of the book Year of Publication ISBN
San Assee(सन अससप) 1916 978-93-5267-586-9
(regional Best Seller)
Jansanchar Wahini 2018 978-93-5281-400-8
Total -2


S.No Topic E.No Year of

1. Job Satisfaction level of Call centre employees : A case study 142088270 2016
of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
2. Entrepreneurship among young Muslim women in India : A 1111688272 2015
case study of Jamshedpur
3. Measuring the dealership effectiveness of Jaesh industrial 130170389 2015
suppliers Pvt Ltd, Jamshedpur
4. Impact of occupational health and safety policy and 130170253 2015
practices : A case study of Tata Motors Jamshedpur
5. A contemporary study of employee satisfaction levels of 100140946 2015
private and public sector banks of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
6. Employee Satisfaction level of Tata Steel Workers: An 111168580 2015
empirical investigation
7. Study of Quality of Work life Balance in JUSCO, Jamshedpur 072274148 2011

8. Impact of Globalization on Tata Steel A case study of 121826129 2015

Jamshedpur Plant of Tata Steel( Under progress)
9. Attitude of graduate engineers towards Personal & 072280435 2011
professional ethics and moral values : A case study
10. Study of ethical and moral values among entrepreneurs of 110958565 2014
Jharkhand with special reference to Gandhism and Budhism
11. Marketing of rural crafts and artworks of Jharkhand 080958888 2011
( JHRARCRAFT): A case study of Jharkhand
12. IMPACT OF IRDA Guidelines IRDA 2010 on the marketing 126839064 2013
strategy of LIC of India and other insurance companies of

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13. Attitude of workers towards trade unions: A case study of 083475171 2011
14. Attitude of teenage boys and girls towards brands. 970068585 2001

15. Analysis of buyer behaviour of air conditioner. 002325787 2002

16. Scope of advertising industry in Jamshedpur: an empirical 970070109 2002

17. Impact of incentives on middle class for FMCG: A survey of 980100842 2003
18. Scope of network marketing business in India: an empirical 980101990 2003
19. Buyer behaviour of life insurance products in India: A study. 034701486 2004

20. Today’s market for ethnic paper greetings cards: an 024116832 2004
empirical study.
21. Attitude of middle class urban Indian women towards 012878537 2004
branded cosmetics: an empirical investigation in
22. Buyer behaviour of slender and modern design kitchen 032383115 2005
chimney: A study
23. Impact of sales promotion incentives on branded tea: an 990030337 2005
24. Initiatives adopted by Life Insurance Corporation of India to 024116818 2005
face the challenges of post liberalized market conditions.
25. Customer survey for the home segment of personal 032382801 2005
26. Marketing initiatives taken by Amul ice-cream : an 011361062 2005
27. Dealership effectiveness of Mithila Motors limited: A case 042967997 2006
study of TATA MOTORS.
28. Unethical advertisements: a case study of India advertising 032382675 2007
29. Mind mapping of urban middle class teenagers: an empirical 043301969 2007
30. Buyer behaviour of domestic water purifiers: a case study of 051253013 2007
RO water purifiers.
31. Marketing of rural products in urban markets: a case study 052552107 2007
of Gramshree Mela.
32. Buyer behaviour of organized retail formats in ‘Grade C’ 032383179 2007
cities of India: A case study of Jamshedpur market.
33. Buyer behaviour of 150 cc motorbikes: A study 061097328 2007

34. Children’s role in family buying decision making. 043301421 2008

35. Impact of celebrity endorsement on customer : A study 970070639 2008

36. HLV oriented Marketing of life insurance products: a case 990217661 2007
study of LIC
37. Problems and challenges for micro, small and medium size 071173764 2008
enterprises and their financial institutions: A study
38. Study of marketing mix with respect to HCL Info system. 062439227 2008

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39. Marketing initiatives taken by a private sector bank to 062438572 2013
market its financial products
40. Critical analysis of physical distribution system of TRYL with 052335052 2013
respect to its customer satisfaction
41. Advertising effectiveness of what an idea Sirjee ad. 070978771 2009
Campaign of idea cellular
42. Future of direct to home TV : A case study of Indian Market 072201787 2009

43. Corporate social responsibility in Tata steel : A study 061097872 2008

44. Problems and challenges before organized retail business in 062438232 2013
current recession period : a case study of organized retail
45. Marketing Initiatives Taken by a private sector bank to 062438572 2008
market its financial products.
46. Sales force management practices in private sector bank: A 043301177 2008
case study of Axis Bank.
47. Brand Extension Strategy of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer 062438028 2013
Healthcare: A case study of Horlics brand
48. Impact of Economic Recession on Employee psyche: A case 024116420 2013
Study of Tata Motors.
49. How Green is your shopping Bag? 072201225 2010

50. Reasons for Declining sales of Tata Nano: An Investigation 052502919 2011

51. Customer Attitude Towards Pyari Jodi Plan of BSNL: An 081032420 2011
empirical investigation
52. Attitude of Graduate engineers of TATA MOTORS towards 72280435 2013
personal and professional ethics& moral Values: A case
53. Role of Adityapur Industrial Area in Accelerating 072201716 2010
industrialization process in Adityapur Area of Jharkhand.
54. Behaviour of internet users of tier III cities of Indian : A 062439162 2009
55. Marketing Strategy of Perfetti Van Millie : A case study 072213846 2011

56. Brand building initiatives through mega cricket events : 403301270 2010
Miss or Hit
57. Marketing Strategy of a new type of a fast Moving 072202076 2009
Consumer Durable : A case study of Aliva crackers
58. Brand perception of Lafarge Cement : An empirical 062438952 2008
59. Impact of recession on the buyer behaviour of four 072201913 2009
wheelers: A case study of Indian customers.
60. Fuel Branding : A case study of Indian Fuel Retailing Sector 042968136 2012

61. Revivify traditional Advertising Media : A case study of 062439170 2008

Indian television
62. Selling life insurance products : Problem and challenges 050502711 2010
before Indian private life insurance agents.
63. Problems and challenges : A case study of ‘Tata Swach’Water 052502787 2010

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64. Measuring the training effectiveness of Indo Denish Tool 0913313334 2010
Room Jamshedpur-
65. Impact of Termination of Hero Honda Joint venture the 091534839 2011
brand image of upcoming motorcycles of Hero Group
66. Attitude of adult middle class customers towards instant 091398292 2011
67. Attitude of small city customers towards FDI in retail 091569672 2011

68. Impact of social media on the buying behavior of Consumer 083305187 2011
Durables: A study
69. Revival Strategy of BATA India: A case study 052502854 2011

70. Khane ke baad kuch mitha hojaye : a case study of Cadbury 091534839 2011
Dairy Milk
71. SWOT analysis of tourism industry of Jharkhand 105190585 2012

72. Fun, Taste and Digestion: A case study of Dabur Hazmola 091446633 2012

73. Advertising effectiveness of ‘Khusbu Gujrat ki’ & ‘MP Gajab 091446623 2012
Hai’: A comparative Strategy

8. Awards & honours

a) Sohan Lal Tater award for best research paper in2018 jointly organized by Jamshedpur
Women’s College and ISGS at Jamshedpur Women’s College.
b) Won the best research paper and case study award in UGC sponsored national level
seminar organized by Sankaracharya Mahavidhala , CG. 2010
c) Won second prize in national level competition on ‘IPO and Stock’ organized by IIT
Kanpur, UP.
d) Honoured by Jharkhand Journalist Welfare association in 2018

9. Other Academic Responsibilities

Designation Area Institution
a) Vice –chancellor’s Degree level Mass Com Jamshedpur Women’s College,
Nominee, Board of Studies (Honours Prog) Jamshedpur
b) Question paper Setter Degree level Mass Com Jamshedpur Women’s College,
honours Prog Jamshedpur
c) Question paper Setter Degree level Mass Com ARKA Jain University,
honours Prog Jharkhand
d) Evaluation work- MS-100 IGNOU, New Delhi

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Choubey

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