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2 Advertising & Brand Management For the above same product Student has to study Brand elements. Explain the concept & need of Branding Explain the elements of Branding. Direct Tax Pl. Draft 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ s) on each of the following topic a) Basic concepts incl. residential status b) Income from Salary c) Income from House Property d) Income from Capital Gains Pl. note the following 1. Total MCQ s 10 * 4 Topics = 40 MCQ s 2. Out of 10 MCQ s 2 MCQ can be either Yes / No type or True / False Type, other MCQ s for each topic must contain minimum 4 options. 3. MCQ may even contain practical problem. After framing MCQ s correct answer must be given in bold letters along with the reasoning. Examples of MCQ s Q. No. 1 A B C D E Option Question Answer (Correct Answer = 1, Wrong answer =0) 0 0 0 1 0 8

Residential status of Individual may be Resident & Ordinarily Resident Resident & Not Ordinarily Resident Non Resident in India Any one of A, B or C None of A, B and C Explanation An Individual may be either R&OR or NOR or NRI depending upon the physical presence of the Individual in the relevant previous year and the preceding 10 previous years.

Y. while it is AR if owing to vacancy AR is less than FR. From GAV 30% deduction for repairs is allowed to calculate Income From House Property. SR and AR. If there is vacancy then income from house property will be Rs. Do you have any suggestions? .500 and not Rs.000 while Standard Rent is Rs. 50. 1.2.000 for A.000 and Actual Rent is Rs. 35. 150. Women assesses (excluding Sr. really been successful? Give your reasons. safety and security of women employees. 50. 45. therefore option E is correct. 29. 45. Has the implementation of these various Acts. 24.500 1 0 3 A B C D E 0 0 0 0 1 International Business Management Elaborate on the different stages of a International Market research study for the feasibility of " Electric powered cars" in emerging markets like India. 45. Labour Law List a few Acts which have been implemented for the betterment.000 Rs. hence option D is also incorrect.2 A B In India. 2009-10 while for Women it is Rs. then income from house property will be Rs.000 Rs.400 if vacancy for 2 months None of the above Explanation GAV is higher of FR or AR when there is no vacancy. 29. In this case. Income from House Property = GAV Rs. Options 1.400.000 30% = Rs.000 If Fair Market Value of House Property is Rs. Citizens) gets more tax concession than Men Assesses True False Explanation Minimum Exemption Limit for Men (below 65 years) is Rs. Rs. 35.3 are not correct as they merely provide figures as it is for FMV.

We need specific tools that can help us make the right quality decisions. quality identified problems at the source. Explain with the help of diagram Functional and Business unit type organizations. As consumers.MCS 1. Explain budgeting process with reference to manufacturing industry. TQM focuses on customer-driven quality standards. talking about solving quality problems is not enough. continuous improvement. Give examples to prove the importance of Marketing Research in Marketing Management process. 4. only to find that a piece of the product is missing or defective. Many of us have struggled to assemble a product the manufacturer has indicated would need only ³minor´ assembly. we expect the products we purchase to function as intended. producers of products know that it is not always possible to inspect every product and every aspect of the production process at all times. 2. This could be a new backpack with a broken zipper or an ³out of the box´ malfunctioning computer printer. Explain formal control system with the help of diagram and explain in brief all elements of the system. 2. We have all had the experience of purchasing a product only to discover that it is defective in some way or does not function the way it was designed to. The challenge is to design ways to maximize the ability to monitor the quality of products being produced and eliminate defects. and quality made everyone¶s responsibility. One way to ensure a quality product is to build quality into the process. Performance Management Design a performance evolution sheet using BARS (Behavioral Anchored Rating Skill) Quality management 1. MR Explore the relationship between Marketing Management and Marketing Research. These tools come from the area of statistics and are used to help identify quality problems in the production process as well as in the product itself. quality built into product and process design. However. Explain any two methods of evaluation of capital expenditure. and advantages of each type of structure. 3. . However. Explain the importance of capital expenditure planning. managerial leadership.

3. Interview different salesmen from different company Questions: 1. SPC answers the question of whether the process is functioning properly or not. 4. (b) Statistical process control (SPC) involves inspecting a random sample of the output from a process and deciding whether the process is producing products with characteristics that fall within a predetermined range. Spend a day with a salesman 2. (a) Write in detail about the various control charts that that are available for keeping the process in a µstate of control¶ and what is µacceptance sampling¶. rebates for consumers/ trade 4. Credit system 8. Acceptance sampling determines whether a batch of goods should be accepted or rejected. Order taking process 5. Target policy etc Hint: 1. (c) Acceptance sampling is the process of randomly inspecting a sample of goods and deciding whether to accept the entire lot based on the results. the range. Pricing 3. Discount. would statistical process control help in improving profit margins. Product range 2. in your opinion. Scheduling 9. (b) What are common (also termed as random) causes of variation and assignable causes of variation? Can they be overcome? (c) How. the ultimate goal of any organization/firm/company? S&D A product/ product category/brand/ company will be decided by student in consultation with faculty. Statistica1 quality control (SQC) is the term used to describe the set of statistical tools used by quality professionals. How the sales forecasting/ plan is finalised by the product under consideration by the distributor? . The student has to find out Sales related information like 1. Delivery system 7. Statistical quality control can be divided into three broad categories: (a) Descriptive statistics are used to describe quality characteristics and relationships. standard deviation. Included are statistics such as the mean. Order form 6. PJC. and a measure of the distribution of data.

) SFM There have been several large M & A deals in India recently. Identify one deal for which information in newspapers and business magazines is available. Also. SAPM 1. Finance Manager. SBM An auto component manufacturer making GEARS for the cars desires to enter into the HYDRAULIC BRAKES line for the cars. Write a report describing the reasons for the merger. 3. the Asst. Find out special schemes/ offers/ discounts and other sales promotional activities carried out during last one year by the parent company. 4. What is the actual performance of the distributor against the sales target for the last three years? If there is a deviation in the actual sales performance against targets finds out the reasons for the same. The first session was conducted by Ms. the basis for valuation and the exchange of shares. Write a detailed explanatory note on Bond Market in India . (Make your own assumptions and justify the same. She was briefed . Carry out a detailed SWOT analysis. collect financial data and information about the acquiring and acquired company. Priya. the HR Manager. has recently joined the company and is going through the orientation program. Find out whether these sales promotional activities delivered the expected results. Do you think the merger was in the interest of the shareholders of both companies? T&D Topic: Training Methods Introduction: Ms. Michelle. You may use secondary data available.2. Find out order taking process & final product delivery process for the product under consideration.

In her previous job she had the authority to make decisions and sign the documents. Ms. Praful briefed Ms. She was also given a detail explanation about her job related activities. Priya prepares letters and starts the procedure of salary calculation and release of the money for the same. Neither was she taken for a brief visit to other departments of the organization. Michelle asked Ms. In the previous organization Ms. she had a tough time coordinating and getting things done. Priya was not introduced to the employees of other department. Priya regarding it. Priya completes her training and starts working on the job. The orientation program got over but Ms. She has been an expert in her field and has 3 years experience in this field. After all the letters get ready. Priya confirmed that she was clear with the policies. She believed that the same authority and autonomy would be available in this organization. Priya was sure that she has got all the required information. Nothing about this was discussed nor was anything asked by Ms.about the HR policies of the company. At the end of the session Ms. Ms. Ms. Priya comes to know that the letter need to have signature of the Finance Manager. As she was not formally introduced to the employees of other department. She also faced problems in finding out as to whom a particular document is to be submitted or whose signature had to be taken. Due to this confusion the . Her second session was about the details of the finance department. At the end of the session Ms. Priya s signature was sufficient on these types of documents. The list of employees and their respective increments are forwarded to the finance department. She was then taken to her cubical for further information. The big problem: The yearly appraisals are conducted by the HR department and the increments are to be done from the next month. Mr. Priya if she had any doubts. Priya has to coordinate the entire procedure. On the Job: Ms. Priya about the overall operation of the finance department. Ms.

Here Ms. Recommend the best training methods in such situation and the reason for choosing the particular method. Priya gets a memo and questions had been raised about her efficiency as finance professional. about half is going into phase I of the Chakan facility.3-billion company looks to crack the US car market that accounts for more than a fifth of all cars sold globally. She immediately got another job in an organization who was the competitor of the previous organization. Nandini Sen Gupta. She was offered the post of Finance Manager. The company is currently channeling Rs 5. She proved to be a valuable asset for the company and her performance was appreciated by one and all. 1. being a confident young professional with a very high self esteem. Priya s qualifications and expertise were recognized during the selection process. 0013 hrs IST. said Pawan Goenka.000 crore. WCM M&M looks to drive into US market 19 Aug 2009.000 crore to augment capacity at its Chakan plant that is expected to be operational in October. Priya. Explain the traditional training methods 2. She immediately put up her papers. Out of Rs 5. This had led to irritation among the employees. ET Now Cars-to-software conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) will spend around Rs 2. Ms.letters had to be redrafted and this led to delay in the payment of increments. The consequence: This incidence had created a bad impression about Ms. She.000-crore capex to build a new plant at Chakan and roll out three new vehicles. as the $6. was not able to tolerate it. .

adding that the new models in India will be tweaked for an export roll-out. M&M will debut in the US in February-March 2010 with a US-specific pick-up truck and will follow up with the American version of Scorpio a year later. hence forth. Phase II will kick in for plans beyond the next two years.000-crore capex. M&M spent Rs 300 crore on its US product and is likely to spend significant amounts replicating that market-specific export strategy in a couple of more markets. Please answer the following: Part 1: a) Please undertake literature search and please report.000-crore capex plan to take its capacity and product pipeline up to 2012.500-2. b) Please list out and explain those principles of WCM. Of course. There clearly will be an investment beyond phase I. Of that kitty. which will be its US distributor. It will also invest in new market-specific products for select export destinations. which M & M will have to emphasize & implement during their entry into USA market. The Chakan plant comes on stream in October 2009. We will invest close to Rs 1. an SUV and a world truck from its JV with Navistar. Let s say. any future products in India will keep a US launch in mind. Part 2: a) Please list out likely problems M&M is expected to face in their entry for the first time in US auto market. The Chakan investment isn t the only capacity addition the company is planning. The current phase will last through 2012.000 units. Goenka.president of M&M s automobile division. Mr. M&M had announced Rs 5. he said. we do about 300. 2010) of M&M abovementioned USA plans. point by point. That plus the Rs 700 crore. That includes a sub-one tonne light truck to take on the Tata Ace. the company made from Goldman Sach s debenture issue will fund the Rs 5.000 crore on that. That takes care of half the space we will have in Chakan.000 units now. it will spend Rs 500 each on three new products through to 2012. The capex freeze in October-November last year means M&M has enough surplus cash on its books. the latest status (as on July 31. . said the phase II plans are not yet frozen and will depend on how the volume growth takes place . The company has tied up with Global Vehicles. Goenka said. Mr. if we add another 250. The rest of the money will be spent on machinery and equipment as well as increasing capacity at M&M s other plants. however.

the Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA) you recommend to M&M. and workforce trends affecting HRM today? b) Examine the causes and problems of mergers among firms. Discuss the reasons for the mergers. Marks will be deducted if not done so. SHRM a)What are the most important demographic.b) Please list out. Note: Please include all references / documents you have accessed / utilized in answering above questions. What role do HR managers have in managing mergers? Name two organizations that have merged with another firm in the recent past. What challenges did these firms confront as a result of mergers? Were these firms successful in managing these challenges? Do you think there were better ways of approaching these issues? Describe them . in your order of priority. societal.

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