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Causes of a high or low oil pressure gauge reading

In addition to a bad oil pressure gauge, problems with other systems and
parts within the engine can cause a high or low reading. A mechanic will
check these problem areas to ensure these parts remain in good working
order and are not causing the oil pressure problem.

 The oil needs changing: Over time, oil breaks down and loses some of
its viscosity, causing a low reading on the oil pressure gauge. The
mechanic will check the condition of the oil and change it if necessary.

 A blocked oil snubber/filter can cause an oil pressure gauge to

read high: The mechanic will replace the filter and change the oil in this

 A blocked oil gallery can also cause a high reading: If this happens,
a mechanic flushes the oil system while changing the oil.

 Sometimes the wrong grade of oil causes the oil pressure to read

 Always use hydraulic oil SAE 10,AW 68.