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• Flexible daily and annual enrollment options.

• Excellent student/staff ratio - family-like environment - plenty of individual

• Open until 6:00pm.
• Staffed by warm, caring, experienced individuals who create a positive, safe
• ACS & HRA vouchers accepted for grades K & Up.

2019 - 2020 SCHEDULE OF FEES

Fees include coverage from the end of the school day - 6:00pm, a light snack, homework supervision, and daily activities such
as Arts & Crafts, Sports, Dance, Drama & Music. Fees do not include half or full day programs.

Entire Year 10 Week Packages

Our most popular option. Buy 10 week packages to use when needed.

Choose the schedule you need. This arrangement works well for freelancers, families
Days are set at the time of enrollment & may be changed. with members who travel for weeks at a time, and
There is a $75 registration fee. those with caregivers who are away.
Fees are payable monthly.
One month deposit is required. There is a $75 registration fee.
Sibling Discount - 25% off the second child signed up for 5 day weeks: $160 x 10 = $1600
an Entire Year registration.
4 day weeks: $150 x 10 = $1500
5 Days a Week 3 day weeks: $140 x 10 = $1400
$4,500 for 38 weeks in 10 monthly installments of $450
4 Days a Week Pre-purchased credits to cover part of the afternoon
$4,380 for 38 weeks 10 monthly payments of $438 or the whole afternoon. Part of the afternoon is $35
and the whole afternoon is $50.
3 Days a Week There is a $75 registration fee.
$4,100 for 38 weeks 10 monthly payments of $410
Flex packs come in increment of $350 or $700*.
2 Days a Week Purchase $700 and get $735 worth of credits to use.
$3,300 for 38 weeks 10 monthly payments of $330
“Flex” credits purchased are non-refundable and must
be used by June 19, 2020.

Register online @

What are my registration options?
We offer two flexible registration options to fit you and your family’s needs -Entire year and Afternoon Packs.
The Entire Year option is our most popular. You can choose anywhere between three and five days a week of after-
school care. Our other registration option is Afternoons Packs. Here you may purchase packs of 10. You may send your
child for an afternoon or use two to cover Thursdays.
What specialty programs do you offer?
Kids Orbit offers a variety of specialty programs including drama, clowning, dance, soccer, music, martial arts,
circus, chess, and step. Please visit our website and check out our sites’ daily schedule.
What is needed before my child can start Kids Orbit?
The first step to having your child start Kids Orbit is our online registration and payment. This can be completed
on our website. Next we require a signed parental consent as well as an up to date medical form, including a copy of
your child’s immunization record. Please note that it is important that we have these forms before your child’s first day.
When will I be charged/expected to make a payment?
If your registration type is Entire Year you will be charged on the 1st of every month, with the exception of June,
which has already been charged at the time of registration. If your registration type is Afternoons you will be charged at
the time of registration. You will be billed for a new pack of afternoons once all purchased have been used and your
child attends an extra day of Kids Orbit.
What time is pick up?
Although you may pick up at any time during the afternoon, Kids Orbit dismissal starts at 5:45pm. The school
buildings close at 6pm and we are not permitted to stay inside.
What happens if I am late for pick up?
Please make sure your child is picked up before 6pm. In the event that you are running late, please call our office
and speak with one of our staff. Please note there is a $10 late charge for the first fifteen minutes, and a $15 late charge
thereafter until 6:30pm. This charge is to be paid to the staff member who has waited with your child.
What happens if I need someone else to pick up my child?
When you register for Kids Orbit you will be given a chance to provide names for the dismissal list. You can
update the names on the dismissal list at any point in time by emailing or by filling out the
form on our website located on the Parents Page.
What happens if I need my child to attend an extra day?
Please let us know by email,, by calling our office, or by filling out the form on our
website. If it is after 1:30pm the day of please call our office so we can alert our staff in time. There will be a small
charge for the extra day.
What happens if I need to get a message to my child during Kids Orbit?
Just give the office a call and we will relay the message to the supervisor on site! Our administrative office is
always happy to help when you need to relay a message to the staff on site--feel free to reach out.
Does Kids Orbit operate on half-days & school closing?
Kids Orbit runs a supplemental program on certain half-days and offers full day programs during school breaks
thru our affiliate the Park Slope Day Camp. Please visit our website for a list of school closings to see when we are
offering care.

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