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BURCH, DETTMAN, BANYON & FORD ATTORNEYS AT LAW ANDREW J BURCH 111 EAST NAPIER AVENUE, STE JACK ANYON TELEPHONE (269) 9264135, Wats §. FORD TR FACSIMILE (265) 9267920 October 21, 2005 ‘To Whom It May Concern Regarding Efren Paredes murder conviction; I was retained as trial attomey for Bfen Paredes Jr. At the time of Effens trial I had approximately fifteen years of trial experience. This was not my first murder case In terms of strategy, I advised Efren that he should not be too emotional during the trial because he was innocent and a staged show of emotion could imply to the jury that he ‘was guilty and that he knew he was in deep trouble This may have backfired; because the judge cited this as one of the reasons she gave to sentence Efren as an adult. Thave to say, after 30 years of criminal defense trial work this case still haunts me in the middle of the night. One reason for this was the circus like atmosphere that surrounded the announcement of the verdict. ‘The Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and jury members were giving high fives in the hallway and congratulations were being extended to law enforcement I spent hours with Efren in preparation for trial; never did he falter in his claim of innocence. I questioned him at length; he never gave me any reason to doubt his innocence, 1 cannot reconcile the situation where a child of 15 (who by law cannot consent to sexual activity), can be held fully responsible for conduct that is criminal in the adult world, If you have questions I can be reached at the phone number above. Sincerely, Cube * Andrew J. Burch (