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Agenc:i Case# 201912928 562019CF001775AXXXXX

Arrest Affidavit

Court Case#
Use separate forms for each defendant and for multiple offenses occurring at different time, date or location
Copy To: Clerk of Court I State Attorney I Jail I Arresting Agency I Defendants
0 Juvenile
0 Warrant

jTorres I !Alyssa
.,.L-as_t.,...N,...a_m_e_ _ _ _ _ ...F-irs_t_N_a_m_e_____ Middle Name
II Marie 11 11(561)529-6016
._A-lia_s_e_s(-A-.K-.A-.-)_ _. Phone Number
I lo1/06/19901EJI1 IFemalel
Date of Birth Age SSN Gender

I 1920-95 Se Hillmoor Dr 11 Port St Lucie

'"'P'""e_rm_a_n-en-t'"'"A'"'"dd-r-es_s_ _ _ _ _ _ ___, ...C,...ity
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __, State
I~ 134952
I IT620013905060 l~I
State ._C-it-ize_n_s-hi_p_ _ _ _ __.
Drivers License #

IHispanic I IBlack I I Brown 115'01 I~ I

.,,Ra,__ce_ _ _ __, .,.H,_a.,""C-ol,...or_ __.... ...E,"""o..,.lo_r_ ___. ...H.,..e-ig.,...ht_ __, Weight
I l11ndependance Ear
.,.D-is-ti-ng-u-is-h-in_g_M_a_rk_s_ _ _ _ __..... Occupation I Employer I School

1201912928 11 Auguste, Maiga 1102928 11 Port St. Lucie Police Department 11 FL0560200 11 Domestic Violence
._A_g-en_c_y_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __. Agency ORI#
...A_g-en-c-y""C-as-e~#---- Officer Officer ID# Domestic Related

Offense Date
I !0030
Offense Time
111920-95 Se Hillmoor Dr
Offense Street Address
11 Port St Lucie
,___ _ _ ____, State
Offense City
11 Probable Cause
Charge Status
Arrest Date
Arrest Time
Ij 121 Sw Port St Lucie Blvd
Arrest Street Address
11 Port St Lucie 1~134984
,___..,,.,...._ __..... State
Arrest City
Zip 11...,..._---
Residence Type

IAlcohol Influence
IOIBAL Drug Influence
Weapon(s) Seized Weapon(s) Type

-• • _,;>··· .. .. ...
•p : : ••\

Statute# Statute Subsection & Definition Counts T"""' Activitv

782.04 (1A1) I FC2535 I Homicide-murder First Degree Premeditated 2 Felony Committed
J( 784.045 (1A2) I FS4134 I Aggrav Battery-person Uses A Deadly Weapon 1 Felony Committed

Ci State Zi Phone

».Victim Rivera, Felix German 1920-95 Se Hillmoor Dr Port Saint Lucie FL 34952 (561) 628-9602
x Victim Martinez, Amarilyss Jianni 1920-95 Se Hillmoor Dr Port St Lucie FL 34952 (772) 301-8298

I . . . _ I_ _ _ _ 11_ ____
B-1#_ _ _ __, Booking Officer
Bondsman I Surety Name Bond Amount

On June 24, 2019, I was directed by Detective Sergeant Martin to respond to 1920 SE Hillmoor Drive in reference to a double homicide.

Upon arrival, I made contact with Officer Kukova who relayed the following facts pertinent information:

Officer Kukova and Officer Dailey responded to the location and was met with Ofc Green, Ofc Gibbons and Sgt Lawler had already made entry into
the apartment. Upon making entry at the stairwell he found a woman (later identified as victim #1
appeared to have trauma to the face and head. She was conscious and breathing and was in a panicked state. Officer Kukova asked victim
sitting on the stairs. victim
if she
had been shot and she replied "no" but stated that she had been hit with a firearm.
Officer Kukova made his ways to the top of the stairs where Officer Gibbons and Sergeant Lawler were evaluating the two gunshot victims. Sergeant
Lawler was in the bedroom closest to the parking lot with one victim that was later identified as victim #2, Felix Rivera. Officer Kukova attempted to
checked for a pulse but did not feel anything. Officer Kukova observed Felix lying in the bed with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.
Officer Kukova located a third victim, Amarilyss Martinez (8-year-old) in the far bedroom with a gunshot wound to her head.

Officer Kukova conducted a neighborhood canvass where contact was made with witness who relayed the following facts pertinent to the

witness stated she was sitting outside in front of her door ) when the incident took place. She
advised that she saw a woman (victim on the second floor hit the window, and then actually begin to hang out of the window where she began
screaming fOr help. witness advised that she then called 911 and began banging on her multiple other neighbors' doors for help. witness advised she

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contacted 911 and observed someone exit the front door (victim apartment) and enter a silver Toyota RAV4 driving away from the scene.

After being briefed by Officer Kukova, I was informed that victim had been transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center where Detective
Capozzi was sent to make contact with her. Detective Capozzi stated upon his arrival, he made contact with the victim who stated the following facts
pertinent to the investigation:

victim stated she was with , Alyssa Torres (suspect) earlier in the night. victim stated they both could not sleep, so she suggested they
take a sleeping pill. victim advised Alyssa gave her two sleeping pills (possibly blue in color) and victim went to bed and was awoken by a loud
pop. victim attempted to wake , Felix Rivera; however, victim noticed he had been shot and was not responsive. victim explained as
her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw a dark figure near the end of her bed, so she confronted the subject. victim stated she began to fight with
the subject identified as , Alyssa Torres. victim added she was being pistol whipped and stepped on preventing her from being able to
fight back. victim advised she was thrown to the floor and Alyssa left the room and she could hear yelling and more commotion. victim was able to
break free from Alyssa and she ran to their bedroom and locked her bedroom door. As she locked her bedroom door, she heard yelling and then a
second gunshot. She then opened her bedroom window and began yelling outside for help when she saw Alyssa leaving in her silver
Toyota Rav4.

While on scene, Detective Auguste made contact with resident, witness 2 . who relaying the following facts pertinent to the investigation:

witness 2 and heard a loud noise and screaming from apartment 95 early this morning,
between the hours of midnight and 1230am. witness 2 advised it sounded as if large items were being thrown and heard a lady screaming for her life.
witness 2 stated he grabbed his firearm and exited his unit where he observed the neighbor across the street saying, "call 911 shots were fired". witness 2

knocked on the door to apartment 95 and heard a lady screaming and crying for help and witness 2 identified himself and victim opened the door. witness 2

observed victim was bleeding and sustained bruising to her face. victim told him that (Alyssa) had just left and shot her stepfather
(Felix) and her child (Ammaryliss). witness 2 informed me he ran upstairs and observed , Felix deceased with a gunshot wound in the head
laying in the bed of the master bedroom and located the young girl (Ammarlyiss) on the floor with a gunshot wound to her head.

After speaking to witness 2 Detective Auguste made contact with neighbor/witness, witness who stated the following:

witness advised she was sitting outside of her apartment ( ) when she heard a lot of shouting across from
her. She thought it was just an argument and observed a woman open the window, kick out the screen and shout "someone help me, apartment 95,
she killed ". witness ran to her neighbor's house and contacted 911 and observed a lady get into a silver midsize SUV and leave the
scene. witness advised the SUV was parked directly across from Apartment 95.

Further investigation revealed Alyssa Torres has a 2005 silver Toyota RAV4 (Florida Tag #KPDT14) registered in her name.

After speaking to all parties, Detective Saffomilla relocated to the crime scene and walked upstairs to the second floor and at the foyer Detective
Saffomilla observed a single ammunition (Ruger 380) lying on the floor. Detective Saffomilla observed a male (victim- Felix Rivera) deceased with a
gunshot wound to the head, lying in the bed of the master bedroom. he observed blood splatter on the master bedroom walls and the hallway.
Directly across from the master bedroom was a separate room (guest bedroom) where a young female (Amarilyss Martinez) was found lying on the
carpet floor with a gunshot wound to her head.

! made contact 1.a,,iU1 Detective Capozzi \a,,110 spoke to ~.1arisol and confirmed that O'Nns a Ruger 380 firearm \•,,'hich should be located in
their master bedroom closet.

A search warrant for the residence was obtained and executed on the apartment, where Detective Saffomiila located firearm lockbox for a Ruger .380,
which was empty. I
On the morning of June 24, 2019, The United States Marshals Task Force located Alyssa's vehicle at 7401 S Indian River Dr in Fort Pierce. The
vehicle is a silver 2005 Toyota RAV4 SUV bearing FL tag KPDT14. The vehicle was parked on this property in between the main residence and the
small rental home behind it (on the same property). The United States Marshals Task Force consequentially apprehended Alyssa Torres inside of the
residence (the small rental home).
Alyssa was transported back to the Port St. Lucie Police Department for an interview. Detective D'Angelo and I conducted an interview. Post
Miranda, Alyssa confessed to taking her stepfather/victim #2 (Felix Rivera's) firearm from the closet of his master bedroom and hiding it in her room. i
She stated she waited until both her mother (victim and her stepfather (Felix) were asleep and entered their master bedroom, where she used
Felix's firearm and shot him in the head. Alyssa stated she planned on shooting /victim#1 (victim however, victim woke up and a fight
ensued. Alyssa confirmed that she used the firearm to batter and confessed to choking . Alyssa stated during the fight, i
was able to free herself, where she ran to the master bedroom and locked the door. Alyssa continued by stating her eight year old daughter I
(Amarilyss) was sitting down in the bedroom across from the master bedroom. Alyssa stated she entered the bedroom and shot her daughter in the I
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head, prior to fleeing from the scene in her silver Toyota RAV4.

Based on the facts surrounding the circumstances, assessing the crime scene and speaking to all parties involved combined with a confession from
Alyssa, probable cause exists to charge Alyssa Marie Torres with two counts of Murder, pursuant to F.S.S. 782.04 and one count of Aggravated
Batter, pursuant to F.S.S. 784.045

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The preceding is true to the best of my present knowledge or belief.
• Sequence } ' n e n from fin?nt card containing this OBTS # for this arrest.
~At 1l>c,~ lit(lf{;J

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