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— OueN , City of SE ae May 28,2019 ER: C2019010395 JOSEPH X CAROLLO JOSEPH X CAROLLO 3230 MORRIS LN 3230 MORRIS LN MIAMI, FL33193231 33133-3231 MIAMI, FL33133231 33133-3231 TICKET | CITATION ‘Subject Property: 3230 MORRIS LN. Folio: 0141150110100 ‘Name of Violator(s): JOSEPH X CAROLLO, Ticket Number: 297180 Location of Violation: 3230 MORRIS LN Folio: 0141150110100 Legal Description of Property ROCKERMANHGTS PB 53-27 LOT 11 & PORT OF LOT 12 DESC BEG SELY COR OF LOT 12TH NELY25 SFT NWLY A/D 37.52FT NLY A/D 30.48FT SWLY60.42FT SELY40.03FT TO POB BLK 1 LOT SIZE 10666 SQFT OR 20175-1050-1052-20496-1402 1 ‘Violation Date: May 28, 2019 Violation Time: 08:02 AM ‘Code Section(s) Violated: VIOL REF# 2125-Tree removal/relocating/trimming/root prunning without a finalised peimit. (Any required mitigation must be City Code Chapt 17 ‘Correction: Based on the onsite inspection with the City of Miami Environmental Department team, the tree in front of the home was determined to be Hat-racked between 2015- 2016. It was determined thatthe tree failed as a result ofthe aggressive tree trimming. After-the-Fact permit must be pulled and finalized to comply the violation. ine Amount: 1,000.00 * 1 = 1,000.00 Name of Inspector: Genesis Troutman Division: South East Office Address: 444 SW 2 AV Miami, FL 33130 era ora S gS en Pee 9224 8969 0099 9790 1bz8 1529 14 TTT 30.600 | nents) $3.60. ctor atthe above listed office phone number Monday through Hor Genesis Troutman “ity of Miami Code Enforcement Inspector i a 5 JOSEPH x CAROLLO ‘Sie MAM PL SraBagy,s0t33.9231 Brot st, rotate, (iy Sa Zee File: CE2019010395 Payment and Appeal Options IMPORTANT: If you do not pay or appeal within ten (10) days of service of citation, a lien will be placed on the cited property. Liens in the amount ofthe unpaid penalties ean be filed against any real or personal property and foreclosure action may be taken. ‘TO PAY: Payment may be made following one of the three options below. 1. Conveniently online t and search for "Make A Payment", ot 2. In person at 444 SW 2 Av Miami Florida 33130 to the Cashier's Office on the 4th Floor; or 3 Mailed tothe following: City of Miami Department of Finance, PO Box 330708, Miami, Florida 33233, ‘TO APPEAL: A request for appeal can be made following one of the three options below. ‘TL Conveniently onfine at and search "Appeal a Code Enforeement or Solid Waste Ticket", then complete the hearing request, or > Mail written letter to City of Miami Hearing Boards, 444 SW 2 Ay, 3rd Floor, Miami, Florida 33130, or 3 In person at 444 SW 2 Av, 3rd floor Miami Florida 33130 with Hearing Boards