BASE24 is an integrated payment engine to acquire, authenticate, route, switch, and authorize financial transactions.BASE24 operates on the full range of HP NonStop computer systems. The combination of fault-tolerant hardware and software provides 24/7 fail-safe operations. Tandem system is designed to run NonStop processes. When a process runs NonStop by definition it has a primary process running in one CPU and a backup process running in a different CPU. Base24 is developed under TACL (Tandem access command language) or TAAL (Tandem access advance language). BASE24-atm is an integrated Electronic Fund processing and switching system that provides ATM device driving, transaction routing and authorization, host and interchange interfaces, management reporting and network control. XPNET is a high-performance electronic-delivery system that centralizes network operations. XPNET manages a client/server environment where applications reside. These applications are accessible from a variety of endpoints. Key Features n Allows more than 50 regional, national and international exchanges. n Provides non-currency dispense n BASE24 is currently used by organizations with ATM systems ranging from 100 to 15,000 devices. n Provides transaction and operational security n Offers host interface software modules that enable BASE24-atm to interface with virtually any host system n Provides authorization methods to suit a variety of authorization needs. n Provides refresh and extract capabilities to maintain and update cardholder databases. .

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