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Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model

P.O. Box 15031

Saint Louis, MO 63110
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On June 24, 2019, two young men followed a neighbor walking on Castleman Avenue

and fired gunshots at him, as he entered his residence here in Shaw. This violent crime is deeply

troubling. Unfortunately, this violence is part of a broader pattern of increasing violent crime on

the south side of Saint Louis City. Our group is a nonprofit committed to preventing crime in

Shaw, as well as, informing residents of Shaw about incidents to avoid unhelpful speculation.

The Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model will work with our elected officials,

including the Police in the Second District, the Circuit Attorney’s office, as well as, all elected

and appointed officials to bring justice to our neighbor and prevent incidents like this from

occurring. Gun violence in our city should be the concern of all of these public servants.

I ask our neighbors to join us in this effort. If you have a private surveillance camera in

your home, please consider linking it to our network so we can help the police investigate. A link

can be found on our website here. Also, consider volunteering to help us prevent and prosecute

crimes like this. I encourage all neighbors to look at their surveillance cameras to see if they also

have footage that might aid this investigation.

The Shaw NOM is a citizen led neighborhood outreach organization dedicated to

reducing the ripple effect of crime and improving the quality of life in the Shaw neighborhood.

Through partnerships with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and other St. Louis

neighborhood NOMs, the Shaw NOM is committed to empowering residents with information
Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model
P.O. Box 15031
Saint Louis, MO 63110
Visit us at

and best practices to help improve their personal safety. Formed in August 2018, the Shaw NOM

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Very truly yours,

David W. Aubrey, Esq.

Board Member of the Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model