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Zoom to hard or soft edges with fields ranging from 150 to 35o
Catalog No.213-165

Zoom des'gn provides hard or

soft field edge.
! Variable field range between
! lnternally baffled to prevent
lighi leaks.
L- Thermally insulated focus
handles for ease of operation.
! UL listed and labeled.
ll Lenses are shock mounted in
silicone to prevent lens
breakage during lrouping.
I Pattern slot provided as
ll Each shutter operates in its
own independent plane.
! 55 foolcandle illumination at 70
feel, in narow focus posilion.

Vaiab e thiow app cations

16' (4 8m) lo 75 (22 5m)

O Copyright September 1987 LEE Coorlran

Specifications Spec cis sL b e.l lo clan.le Eth..rt r.l.-.


HOUSING shall be constructed ol d e cast EACH UNIT shall be provided wilh a MOUNTING un t shall be prov ded w th a
and sheet a urn num, with a h gh pattern slol and operat ona risas heavy stee yoke, a ma leable iron C-clamp
lemperature b ack I nish. spec fied. A socket assemb y designed ior adlustab e up to 2", l. D. p pe with a tapped
OPTICAL TRAIN sha lcons st of a rapid filament algnment through an and lhreaded steel hanger pin. An
medium two pin base socket externa ly filted adlustment hand e to nsulated focus handle on the rear. and
accommodating 500, 750 or 1000 watt perm t peak/coslne I ed control wthout the co or frarne ho der shal be prov ded. The
Lamps, a specu ar doub e flatted A zac'f use of too s shal be prov ded. The ent re unil sha I rotate vertlca ly lhrouqh the yoke
rellecto a'1d pldno Lorve( er.os or lor assembly sha be easiy removab e for ease ol locusing.
expansion borosi llcate glass. Lens wlthout too s for lan'rp replacement. ELECTBjCAL Lrn t shall be provlded wilh
conl guration ol one 4y2" x 9" and one 6" SOCKET shal be prec sion locus type TP 36" VHT leads. wlth connector as
x 12" sha I be operaloaadlusled to achieve 220G, UL recognized, stea ite insu ated, die spec 1 ed by catalogue nLrmber.
15o 35" I e d angles. Lens focus hand es cast a um num consiruct on. rated ior 600 APPROVALS: IJL lisl-.d and lab-a ed
sha lbe lherma ly ins!lated. vo ts, 1000 watts, 200oC continuous
THE GATE assembly shall conta n foLrr operat or'r. Rated sea temperatures shall
adluslab e sta n ess stee traming shlrlters. not be exceeded.
each operating in ts own lndependent PERFORMANCE w th a 1000 watt 300
plane through a rnaximum of p us or m nus hour, 3200oK (ANSI code FEL) lamp sha I
30o of rotat on wlth up to 120o tota be 270,000 beam candlepower n peak
angu ar rotation belween adlacenl b ades. focus w th a 15' I eld ang e, and 136,000
These b ades shal be equ pped with beam candlepower in peak focus w th a
thermal y- nsu aled hand es w th 35' f eld ang e

Ordering lnformation Photometric Data 1000 watt lamp No. 176-033 ANSI code FEL
Cataloq No. Description
213-T 62 LEE Coloriran Zoom El pse w th
6912 Field diameler
a 20 amp, 2 pole, 3 wire
grounding pin connector.
1.5/3.8 2.A5-7 2.917-6
at any dislance:
M! trp y thal distance by W de
213165 Same w th 3 wire lead on y tti
3na 1679 944 0.63 and Na(ow 0.26
213166 Same with 20 amp, 2 po e, 3 w re
twist ock NEI\rlA L5 20P llluminalion
213-167 Same with varialiorT on slandard
(Describe) l at any distance:
Accessories Narro\'/: D vide 270,000 by the
l. ),." € distance sq!ared
Catalog No. Description J-" W de Divid€ 136 000 by
T 20-005 Color Frame
I the d stance squared
138-003 Pattern Ho der I
138-009 lr s Kil 20 30 40
138 059 Safety Cable
I 1t
7.4t18.9 LAt25.2
Beam Candlepower'W d€ 136 000
and Narrow 270.000
Recommended Lamps I
151 &5
tll c ency Nar,o\! Vi de

Pp3i Lumens 66.19(24 60!)8559(31 /001

r20v 3200"K
(EHC/EHB] C0sine Lumens 7106(26 301b)9299(34 4qb)
12 18 21
500u1 r76031 I20V 3000.K l I I
(Ello) 2000 hr 0 30ml 1.613.2 :2.4i4.7 12.715.5
Br{j,n1!!9,,! Wde Narro!!
r000w r20v 3200"K 1875 433 612
(FEL] Peak r36,0rt0 ,0000
176 r 85
I20V 3200qK I
I Cos ne 82.000 206 rl00

r76 r 87 l
I llluminal'on wilh other lamps:
lEHE] l.
1000w 240V 32000K
h? :! mu lip y il umination by
_ 9 l. rnu t p ying factor (mi) ior that
650W FX 66 220/2,10V 3r00"K --_t lamp shown.
1000w 22atuav 32aaoK I
asEl0 I
30 75

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