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CG Assignments


List of Assignments
Faculty Mr. H. P. Jagad
Subject Name Computer Graphics
Subject Code 3331602
Semester 3rd
Department Information Technology
Assignment 1: Introduction to Computer Graphics
1. List and explain various applications of Computer Graphics.
2. Differentiate between Raster scan and Random Scan System.
3. Define the following in brief:
1) Persistence 6) Coherence property 11) Shadow mask
2) Resolution 7) Aliasing 12) Visualization
3) Horizontal retrace 8) Aspect ratio 13) Image processing
4) Vertical retrace 9) Pixel 14) Graphical user
5) Scan conversion 10) DVST interface
4. Draw and explain working of CRT.
5. What is Color CRT? Discuss all methods for Color CRT in detail..
6. List and Discuss various Flat panel Display.
Assignment 2: Output Primitives
7. Write and explain DDA line drawing algorithm.
8. Write and explain Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm.
9. Write and explain Midpoint circle drawing algorithm.
10. Write and explain Midpoint ellipse drawing algorithm.
11. List and explain various Character generation methods.
12. Explain following:
1) Scan line Polygon Fill Algorithm
2) Boundary Fill Algorithm
3) Flood Fill Algorithm
13. What are concave and convex Polygons?
Assignment 3: Applications of CG in image Processing
14. Briefly explain importance of Image Processing.
15. Differentiate Digital Image and Real Image.
16. Explain Image Sampling and Quantization.
17. Explain Human Visual Perception.
18. Explain CIE System.
Assignment 4: 2-D Geometry and Viewing
19. Explain Scaling and translation with proper equation.
20. What is Rotation in 2D Plane? Explain Rotation with respect to a fixed point. Represent the
equation in homogeneous plane.
21. What is composite transformation? Explain with example.
22. What is reflection? Explain reflection with respect to different axis in 2D homogeneous
23. What is line clipping? Explain Cohen-Sutherland line clipping Algorithm.
24. Define window port and view port? Explain window to view port coordinate transformation.
25. Explain Text clipping.
Assignment 5: 3-D Geometry and Viewing
26. In 3-D explain translation, rotation and scaling.
27. What is Projection? Explain Perspective and Parallel projections in 3D plane.
28. Explain Reflection in 2 D and 3 D Homogeneous plane.
29. Explain Shears in 2 D and 3 D Homogeneous plane.
30. Explain 3 D Viewing Pipeline. THE END