Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Why do you think ISB chose you?

ISB should be grateful that applied… it’s a loss to Harvard Like many others here, I am also I may not be cutting edge but I and Wharton.. very good definitely fit the batch

Of course, infact I am planning to expand the horizons to make it to Do u think you can crack the one the first million dollar salary at May not be one crore crore salary? ISB somewhere close to it

Boss be realistic… the person who but cracked the one crore job deserved it… his background was different

Expected carrer shift

IT to Finance, Modelling to They say your work life balance Derivatives, Gossipping to You know what, I am having will for a toss if u opt for I Consulting second thoughts on consulting? banking

Dream Job

Mc. Kinsey, Goldman Sachs

I Bank…. Is not for me. IT it is… May be only Goldman Sachs and How about Accenture, Booz Deutsche Allen?

Where do u see yourself in the class? Dean's Lister

Top 20 percentile

Top 30 percentile

Everyone says the curriculam is Are you crazy asking me this Term 2 is slightly difficult, but I very difficult. Do u think you can question? Do you know to whom should feel better once am through cope up with this? are you speaking with? with this.. Also term 3…

1. Actually ISB is still not perceived as a finance school, let me see what I can do about it 2. I want to build a global network and make ISB felt in the global map 3. Some This term, let me do something for courses at ISB are not very May be point 3 is difficult, but I myself. Dont think I have What do you plan to do different alligned to the markets, its high will definitely do something forgotten what I said. Watch out during your ISB stay? time to change it meaningful about points 1 and 2 for me during the electives..

Infosys… TCS? Chick Kinsey. but I am definitely I must be within the 3 sigma range great in (….5 it matter? ISB? xxxxx is ok Haven't you read Peter Drucker's May be I will be a better IT Even Prahlad says stick to core article which says. Bronze Woman Bags… as long as they are willing to take me and pay me enough so that I repay the loans Prof lister Just below prof lister TA lister Thank god for ISB's non grade disclosure policy This is not the time to focus on It should get better once the core Oh my god… the core terms were just curriculam.. work on your professional. Anything >1.wait let me think) of acceptable candidates Ad coms do make mistakes I am sure ISB student's avg salary this time around is going to Slightly less than average also increase to a great extent. I may not be as good in grades or extracurriclars.. I will be should be fine… afterall how does Has anyone's salary actually happy if I am even slightly above a few thousands here and there dropped after having come to My EMI is xxxxx. model competence strengths.Term 4 Term 5 Term 6 Term 7 I am a typical student. better concentrate on it know what you are talking about Actullay I think the administrators are doing a great job and visibiliy of the school is improving Who cares? What different? Do want me to My resume is already complete walk in the ceilings? Or request and there is no place for additional sun to rise in the west? bullet points (spikes) . Wipro. Atleast Satyam. not your weaknesses? It is IT Microsoft. You came here for This is placement season… I don’t terms are over far better a job. Google.

.Term 8 You know what. Salary is not the criterion you should choose while deciding on your career I always enjoyed my job and am going back better equipped Whats in a job? Most MBA grads quit their first jobs within one year of joining You know what… grades are not the only things you should focus upon… Learn to benefit from the overall expereince Thank god it’s a one year course ISB is one of the best institutions I have ever come across . the overall application is what counts.

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