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Final Supervised Visit Reflection

Standard 1
At this point in my Prac experience at Phoenix, I feel as though I have really gotten
to know the students both personally and academically. I have grown to understand
the different students' individual needs as well as expectations I need to set for them
in order to get the task done to the best of their ability.

Knowing that the students respond well to play-based learning and games, I focused
this lesson on the theme of pass the parcel, which they seemed to really enjoy.

Weeks ago I collected data based on issues that students were having with their
emotions, and allowed that to influence my planning through my verbal
reinforcement that all emotions are okay to feel. Especially in PATHS lessons, I try to
gauge where students are at in terms of their understanding and feelings towards the
lessons in order to go forward with engaging, beneficial future lessons.

I try to make all of my lesson tasks fairly open-ended so that all students can
complete the work to their greatest ability, however Alena needs differentiation. She
is great with recalling information and drawing what she knows, so I had her use our
"Paths Feelings Poster" to fill in my template with a drawing of the emotion, as well
as a drawing of a situation where she felt this emotion. She did a great job at this
and exceeded my expectations by copying down the name of the emotion, which I
did not expect.

Standard 2
I have gotten to know the PATHS program over the past term of taking on weekly
lessons. I have made an effort to engage with the content of the lessons from the
planner while adapting and altering the planned lessons to suit my own style of

I would improve my lesson by reinforcing the reason why we need to be able to

recognise what a certain emotion looks like as a facial expression or body language.
This would then have given more meaning to the game activity so they understand
that when you can recognise what an emotion looks like, you can appropriately
respond to peers feelings in an empathetic, understanding way.

Standard 3
All students were able to meet this objective as I taught it. They each got my tick of
approval between the steps of the task so I could ensure that they completed each
step to the best of their ability. They were able to name an emotion, relate it to their
own experience, and draw what it looks like.

As we have come to the end of the formal PATHS lessons I will not be doing
anymore future planning specifically for this unit. However, the social/emotional side
of PATHS has informed how I will create a safe, supportive environment in future
lessons of the same concept.

Standard 4
While there were a few technical difficulties and weather getting in the way of
completing my lesson outside as planned, I believe that the physical and emotional
environment within the classroom was very supportive of my content within this
Final Supervised Visit Reflection

PATHS lesson. The students were engaged and (mostly) listening to one another
speak as they put forward ideas.

Even when Lily got upset about her work, the other children continued to play the
pass the parcel activity as I tried to console her separately.

In the future, I would perhaps set clearer guidelines and expectations (directed at
some of the boys in the classroom) for how we must listen to one another when
someone is speaking and to respect certain thoughts and feelings that people may
choose to share.

Standard 5
I created a checklist to ensure all students completed all 3 parts of the activity and
objective expectations. This assessment showed me that all students can do the
work although they will do it to different standards.

I have been making a conscious effort to collect all of the correct data so that I can
monitor students progress as well as make sure my activities I ask the students to
complete are worthwhile. All of my assessments are now up to date on my Weebly
page and it is really interesting to see the work samples and how students have
progressed with support.

PATHS is a tough one to assess because most of what is assessed is verbal

participation and recognition of more social, emotional aspects of learning. I
managed to assess students that were engaged and included all aspects I expected
of them, and most of them achieved highly in this way.

Standard 6 and 7
I have formed good relationships with other staff members which has allowed me to
take a lot of feedback and advice from them about both the personal aspects of
teaching as well as different ideas I have picked up along the way for lessons. Today
in particular I had a great chat with the year 1 teacher who inspired me to implement
the 6 thinking hats into my literacy lesson next week. I have also attended all staff
meetings and engaged in a moderation practice when my mentor teacher and
another teacher were comparing student work samples for Bright Path.