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Tipología #Paper Titulo Autor País Año Fuente

Problema 1 Fatigue Performance and Multiscale Chen, Bo; Guo, United 2014 Advances in
Mechanisms of Concrete Toughened by Liping; Sun, Wei Kingdom, Ne Materials Science
Polymers and Waste Rubber w York and Engineering
Problema 2 Freezing-thawing and impact resistance Gonen, Tahir 2018 Construction and
of concretes containing waste crumb Building Materials
Problema 3 Vibration reduction performance of Yanke Liang, Xiaopei Cai, China 2018 SAGE
rubber concrete backfill layer in Yanrong Zhang and and
highspeed railway tunnel Yanglong Zhong
Problema 4 - - - - -

Técnica 5 Research on Pump Primers for Friction Liu, Guoming; Chen, United 2017 Advances in
Reduction of Wet-Mix Shotcrete Based Lianjun; Cheng, Kingdom, Ne Materials Science
on Precreating Lubricating Layer Weimin; Huang, Yanan w York and Engineering
Técnica 6 Use of Steel Fibers to Optimize Self- Mohamed K. Ismail and United 2017 ACI Materials
Consolidating Concrete Mixtures Assem A. A. Hassan States, Farmin Journal
Containing Crumb Rubber gton Hills
Técnica 7 Influences on Shotcrete Rebound from Liu,Zhaoxia 1 ; Bian, United 2018 Advances in
Walls with Random Roughness Wenhui ; Pan, Kingdom, Ne Materials Science
Gang 1 ; Li, w York and Engineering
Pengcheng ; Li, Wenxin

Aporte 8 Composites with recycled rubber Nelson Flores Medina , United 2018 Construction and
aggregates: Properties and Reyes Garcia , Iman Kingdom, Ne Building Materials
opportunities in construction Hajirasouliha , Kypros w York
Pilakoutas ,
Aporte 9 Mechanical Properties of Steel Fibers Yihong Wang,1 Jiawei United 2018 Advances in Civil
and Nanosilica Modified Crumb Rubber Chen,1 Danying Gao ,1,2 Kingdom, Ne Engineering
Concrete and E. Huang1 w York
Aporte 10