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NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA na50 WapLes Mitt Roap FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA 22030 June 25, 2019 Revan McQueen 1601 Northwest Expressway, STE 1100 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Revan: Pursuant to Section XL.C of the Services Agreement, this communication serves as written notice of the NRA's immediate termination of all business with Ackerman McQueen, Inc, ("Ackerman") and the Mercury Group, Inc. ("Mercury and, together with Ackerman, "AM". The grounds for termination are ‘numerous, are partially set forth in two current lawsuits filed by the NRA against AMc, and constitute prior material breaches of the Services Agreement. AMc has also breached multiple common-law duties to the NRA and perpetrated intentional torts against the NRA. That AMc has recently purported to bar ‘good-faith communication between businesspeople provides yet another ground for termination, and underscores why the relationship cannot viably continue. ‘The NRA demands immediate delivery of all materials encompassed by Section XLE of the Services Agreement, including all Confidential Information (as defined by the Services Agreement). The ‘NRA will pay for accumulation of these materials, and reiterates its previous requests for an advance price quote to this end. Nothing in the Services Agreement, or the law of any applicable jurisdiction, provides for any transfer or assignment to AMc of any right, ttle, or interest in works made for hire pursuant to Section VI of the Services Agreement. Accordingly, if AMc damages or converts the NRA\'s property, or if the NRA perceives an imminent risk of the same, the NRA will pursue legal recourse. ‘The NRA regrets that a longstanding, formerly productive relationship comes to an end in this fashion. However, given the circumstances, this action must be taken in the best interests of the Association and our members. ly, P ‘Andrew Arulanandam

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