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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Guests of Honor................................................................................................................................................................. 2
Some Enchanted Evening by Julian Bynoe.......................................................................................................................5
Burning Waters by Fere N. Ermelis.................................................................................................................................. 8
Just You and Me by Fere N. Ermelis...............................................................................................................................13
Anthrocon 2019 Staff.......................................................................................................................................................20
Cubes and Stars by Fere N. Ermelis................................................................................................................................37

Samoht Lion............................................................................................................................................ 1, 5, 14, 36, 39, 41

Julian Bynoe.................................................................................................................................................7, 8, 16, 24, 28
Thyrre.........................................................................................................................................................................10, 29
Sketchy Mouse.................................................................................................................................................................. 12
Jun Peng Yu......................................................................................................................................................................19
Cirrus Kitfox..................................................................................................................................................................... 31
Ysera She’nai.....................................................................................................................................................................38
Cuprohastes..................................................................................................................................................................... 40

Cover by Moth Monarch. Layout by Ysera She’nai.

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Steve Gallaci always had a passion

for art and illustration as a small child; how-
ever, it is in 1974 while serving in the U.S. Air
Force as a Graphics Specialist that he devel-
oped his professional experience with illustra-
tion and found interested in the science-fiction
fandom. By 1978, Steve was creating fanzines
and laying the foundation for Albedo Anthro-
pomorphics which is cited as one of the greatest
inspirations of what would become the founda-
tion of furry fandom.
Steve Gallacci is also known for his illus-
trations with the retro sci-fi adventure comic
Fusion, Elin Winkler’s Tales of the Fehnnik,
and short bits for Ken Fletcher’s Spontoon fan-
zine. Steve also works with custom modeling,
creating object in various mediums such as
wood and metal.

Four-time EVO champion and winner of

the 2018 Best eSports Player award, Domi-
nique “SonicFox” McLean is part of
team Echo Fox, and is well known for competing
while in fursuit and displaying a carefree attitude
at tournaments. He is also known within the pro-
fessional gaming world for his versatility to pick
up a new game or character and master it for pro-
fessional play quickly.
It was at the age of 3, through the influ-
ence of his older brother, that SonicFox first be-
came interested in fighting games. Since the age
of 13, he has found success in fighting games such
as Injustice: Gods Among Us and Dragon Ball
FighterZ. Most humbly in his Best eSports Player
acceptance speech at the 2018 Games Awards,
SonicFox said he “never did it for the fame,” that
he’s “done all this just to make new friends and
bonds in the community.”

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

In his 30 years of voice acting experience, Ben

Diskin has voiced a multitude of characters
in anime, western animation, video games, and
In anime, he’s known for the roles of
Joseph Joestar in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:
Battle Tendency,” Sai in “Naruto Shippuden,” Ban
in “The Seven Deadly Sins,” Death Gun in “Sword
Art Online,” Shoutmon and Cutemon in “Digimon
Fusion,” and many others.
In western animation, he starred as
Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2 in “Codename:
Kids Next Door,” Eddie Brock/Venom in “The
Spectacular Spider-Man,” Boris Badenov in “The
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle,” and Baby
Gonzo in the 2018 remake of “Muppet Babies.”
He’s been doing video game voice over
“Okay, I have no idea why I’m writing this bio.
since the early days of the PlayStation 2. He was
Let’s face it, the only reason I got invited was
Eric Sparrow in “Tony Hawk’s Underground,”
because of Haida. I know it; they know it; why
Young Master Xehanort in the “Kingdom Hearts”
beat around the bush? I mean, ain’t no one
franchise, Daichi Shijima in “Devil Survivor
here to see the voice of Humphrey from the
2: Record Breaker,” Jakob, Saizo, Hayato, and
‘Alpha and Omega’ sequels or Valefor from
Matthew in “Fire Emblem: Fates” and “Fire
‘Magi: Adventure of Sinbad.’ Although, I guess
Emblem: Heroes,” Rokurou in “Tales of Berseria,”
I should write those down somewhere just in
Sig and Lemres in “Puyo Puyo Tetris,” and Mega
case and waaaaaaait a minute...! I just did!
Man in “Mega Man 11.”
Wow, good job, Me!”
His most notable FURRY role is Haida in
He also writes terrible bios for
Sanrio’s “Aggretsuko” and, real talk, he knows
convention appearances and clearly can’t be
that’s the only reason you’d want to meet him
trusted to tie his own shoes, let alone self-
and he’s totally cool with that. In fact, he’s sitting
promote. ... Come say hi!!
in front of his computer right now, thinking,

Anthrocon 2019
Surf Pacific
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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

DECEMBER 5-8, 2019




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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Foxx surveyed the swim- up the party. He’d even given him a blushing a little since he wasn’t used
ming pool area around him and felt reasonable budget to cover the costs to such high praise. “It…was noth-
proud of his work, even if he did say and hired his best friend – and secret ing.”
so himself. The fourteen-year old red crush – Vixen, to help him out and “Nothing?? You call three
fox had been in charge of planning, was invited to the party too. weeks of work, plus designing the
creating and setting up the look and Yeah, that would be worth party e-invite with the clever term
design of Rex Harrington’s luau- it, Foxx thought, wanting to see her BYOB – Bring Your Own Bathing
themed pool party just before they wearing a swimsuit. As a loner he suit – nothing? You got real talent,
headed back to school to start grade didn’t have many other friends, what dude, seriously! I’ve seen your com-
eight. with him being the archetypical shy ics, man.”
He was surprised that the and artistic type. Having to deal with Tell that to my old man, he
class ‘silver spoon’ would hire him to his parents’ very bitter divorce six thought downheartedly, but kept
design and decorate the lavish pool years ago with his absentee mother that to himself. He almost had to
area at his palatial home; plus invite gone out of his and his dad’s lives, fight with his dad to let him go to the
him along with their entire grade including adolescence; was hard pool party, since he hardly was invit-
seven homeroom class to an end-of- enough. ed to any of the middle school parties
summer/back-to-school party, con- “Looking good there, Foxx!” that seemed to pass him by, like he
sidering that he practically ignored said Rex, coming out through the pa- was invisible. Other than Vixen, who
him for most of the school year. tio deck with a box of plastic lei neck- also was in his art class; he usually
Nevertheless, Rex said he laces. The badger looked at the pool kept to himself and was happy just
was impressed on how he super- area and the working lava lamps that to work alone on his monthly online
vised the set design in art class for surrounded his turntable set, as he comics he created in his bedroom ev-
the school’s production of Hamil- was also the party’s DJ. “This place ery weekend to post on his website.
ton last spring, that he was the lead would put Maui to shame.” Rex checked his cellphone
star in; and texted him in July to set “Thanks, Rex,” Foxx said, for the time. It read four thirty and
saw the early evening sky had turned
slightly pink. “Well, the party starts
at five thirty. Better grab a bite first
before the guests arrive, set the re-
freshments and then slip into our
trunks and wait for them to come,”
he said as they walked back into the
house, giving a hearty slap on the
young vulpine’s back.


Vixen clutched her duffel

bag that held her swimsuit, towel
and toiletries as her mother drove
her to Rex’s house a little nervously.
When Foxx texted her about helping
out with the party decorations last
month, and later received the party
e-invite on her cell; the swift fox felt
excited and sick to her stomach at
the same time.
Deep down, she thought
Foxx was cute since the fourth grade.
She even noticed during the sum-
mer how he had a growth spurt and
now went past her eyes in height, but
never really asked him how he felt
about her. She boldly thought about

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

asking him to go to a couple of school bandeau number with the double- night as the kids swam, partied and
dances with her last school year, but strapped matching French-cut bikini danced to Rex’s mixes of new-school
she knew that Foxx’s dad kept a pro- bottom. Finally they settled on one and old-school tunes at the turntable
tective leash on him and wouldn’t let they both liked and was more appro- set.
him go in any case. priate for the party and its theme. Everyone was having fun…
She’d never know what it “All right, I’ve embarrassed except Foxx.
was like to have a father around, you enough for tonight,” her moth- He felt like the odd one out,
since her attorney mom wasn’t too er chuckled. “Be safe and have fun, despite that he had on a festive pair
forthcoming about how she became a okay, honey?” of tropical print swim shorts like al-
single parent. However, she was very “Okay. Bye, Mom. Later,” most everyone else did. It seemed
nurturing and loving and did all right she said while her mom leaned over nobody else really noticed the party
in raising her daughter all by herself, and pecked her on the cheek, as décor, so Foxx stood around the re-
although she could be a bit overbear- Vixen got out of the car and closed freshment table nibbling on Hawai-
ing on why she wasn’t as pretty or the door afterwards. Making her ian pizza and downing a couple tum-
popular as she was when she was way to the pool, she still was uncer- blers of punch. He was the wallflower
fourteen and not into jurisprudence, tain about going to this party and here and it showed. He wanted to ask
all the while Vixen really wanted to the swimsuit that she was now hav- one of the girls to dance, but shyness
be an architect. ing second thoughts about wearing. got the better of him and his cour-
The brunette vixen saw her I really hope he’ll like me in it, she age quickly dissipated. I never did
reflection in the side mirror. She thought. have luck in the social department,
wore glasses, had braces on her he morosely thought. Why’d I even
teeth since she was eleven, felt very *** come to this stupid party?
plain-looking and a bit on the flat He had just turned his head
side. Mom had told her not to wor- The pool area really did look and saw this canine girl rise up from
ry, that she’ll “glo-up” soon enough, great. It was all festooned in papier- the pool and clamber onto the deck.
get tall and curvy all over and have mâché palm trees, Polynesian statu- She wore a purple hibiscus print
those braces removed and contacts ette carvings, the balloon rainbow tankini top that bared a little torso
in when she turned sixteen, like she half-arching over the pool, the tropi- and a black bikini bottom that com-
did. You’re just one of those late cal floral patio lanterns glowed and plimented her lovely figure, shim-
bloomers, honey, she had said. lit bamboo torches illuminated the mering wet in the torches’ firelight.
Sixteen??? Vixen thought,
horrified that she’ll have to wait that
long. That’s forever!!
“Got everything, Vix?” her
mother asked her, as she approached
the driveway where the kids were
already heading toward Rex’s back-
yard. “Got your phone all charged up
and stuff?”
“Uh-huh,” she nodded,
checking her cell to see if Foxx had
texted her, but he hadn’t. “The party
should end around ten, will call you
then to pick me up.”
“Great! And ready to get the
guys hot and bothered?...”
“Mother…” the teen groaned,
rolling her eyes at her mom’s little
sly smirk. They had been shopping
for a swimsuit for the occasion last
weekend after Mom insisted that no
daughter of hers was going to go to
her first teenaged pool party in that
old blue one-piece that was as dull
as dishwater. And Vixen wasn’t im-
pressed with the choices her moth-
er pointed out that were either too
flashy or too revealing, like that red

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Toweling herself off, Foxx noticed back to her duffle bag before Vixen at him with her auburn eyes boring
she had these unbelievably shapely started talking again. “So, enjoying through him that increased his heart
legs – which looked oddly familiar the party?” rate. “Just follow my lead.”
– and seriously stirred up his sens- “It’s….it’s okay. Looks kind “O-o-okay,” Foxx mumbled,
es but couldn’t place her face, until of good.” watching her feet do a basic dance
she looked up after rubbing her hair “Oh come now, we did a pattern, slightly dragging him with
damp and said with a smile: “Hey, great job here, partner! Everything her until he finally got the rhythm,
Foxx!” looks great, including these Tiki god making his nervousness around her
He snapped out of his ogling statues we worked on,” Vixen said, disappear. The night air was warm
revelry. “Huh?” as they stopped by the four statuettes and with the dimmed lighting, the
She slowly trotted towards and tapped the second one on top of evening cast its spell on the dancing
the table and came up to him, mak- its head. “My favorite is this one.” crowd including the two young foxes.
ing him nervous for some reason but Foxx grinned a little. “Yeah,” Rex played two more slow
he still didn’t recognize her. “Foxx, he said, feeling a bit confident now numbers in a row and before Foxx
it’s me…” she smiled again, showing and proud of his work, as much as knew it, Vixen already had her head
off her braces this time. “Vixen.” her appreciation for it. “You really resting on his shoulder and holding
“V-V-Vixen??...” he stam- are a good artist, Foxx,” she compli- him closer. Feeling a rush of anxiety
mered. Foxx couldn’t believe his eyes mented. “Maybe you could be a stage overcoming him, he wondered if he
that his best friend could look this or movie set designer one day.” should break away from her popped
good in a swimsuit. “Thanks. I…I think I’d rath- into his mind. Hearing Vixen let out
“Uh-huh, in the flesh,” she er be a cartoonist,” he blushed. Oh, a small, contented sigh and seeing
giggled, as she twisted her paws up- lordy…please don’t let me puke in her eyes were half-closed, he decided
side-down, making goggles for her front of her now... to go along with it. And besides, he
eyes with her thumbs and second Awww…he’s even cuter and really liked it as much as she did.
fingers mimicking her customary redder when he blushes... When the party ended at ten, Foxx
spectacles. “A girl sure looks differ- A slow song started up. “So,” and Vixen were waiting for their re-
ent without the glasses and ponytail, the swift fox asked, “want to dance?” spective rides. A calm silence hung
huh?” “I…don’t know,” he said over them until he asked her, “So…
“Uh, yeah. Umm…nice tentatively, “I’m…not really good at see you here tomorrow morning for
swimsuit, Vix,” he managed to mus- dancing, Vix.” the cleanup?”
ter up. Oh, yeah. That was a smooth “Hey, I can help,” she said, “For sure, Foxx,” Vixen
opening there, genius. taking Foxx’s right paw. Gently plac- smiled. “Want to go for ice cream af-
“Thanks,” she replied, but ing it on her hip and clasping his oth- ter we’re done?”
felt tingly inside. They walked a little er paw into her own, she looked up “Sure, sounds like fun,” he
replied, giving a little smile back.
Knowing they were standing close
together, Vixen rose up on her toes
and tilted her head to his mouth, her
lips beckoning. Foxx felt the same
feeling as well and he too moved his
muzzle to greet her mouth…
His father’s truck had just
rolled up, knowing that it was time
for him to go. “It’s my dad,” Foxx
sighed, backing off from her now.
“Text you later, Vix. ‘Night.”
“Later,” she said, as he
walked toward the truck and got in.
Waving goodbye as they drove off, he
couldn’t help feeling disappointed in
having his first kiss interrupted like
“So how’d it go, son?” his fa-
ther asked.
“It…was some enchanted
evening, Dad.” Some other time,
man. Some other time...

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Morning of August 25th, 1883 sand and typhoon-swept palm leaves the sun, cool and content with the
– just outside the village of Su- overloading his keen senses. The Ju- very basics, trinkets of porcelain,
mur, western Java, Indonesia kung captain would be back in about glass and metal decorating the wo-
seven days to pick him up. He had ven-reed walls. He thought of pad-
The young explorer Francis very little time to look around and, ding in and perhaps nabbing these
Brushton-Foxworthy was left stood as his inimitable patriarch said “boy, abandoned treasures of shipwrecks
in a Norfolk jacket and his woolen you need to bring Vulpic civility to long past, but there was something
breeches on the rickety jetty, tail ca- those savage tails”. otherworldly about this whole set-
ressed by the warm eastern currents. Paws above, dad, really?! up.
“Paws alive, this is very dif- Francis just wanted to meet Something or someone
ferent to Venice!” them, experience a different culture seemed to surround him. Someone
Indeed it was! His home and perhaps pick up a trinket or two was watching him.
Earth in London – with warm mud along the way. He spun on his footpaws as
walls, worms on demand and, most The beach was empty, left if to catch that someone spying; but
importantly, his heavily pregnant open to the sky and the swash of the there was no one there.
mate - felt like it was a million miles Sunda Strait; but now Francis laid “Over here, my friend!”
away too; but he wasn’t about to let his eyes and nose on a shack in the The voice came from no-
that stop him “growin’ a tail” as his undergrowth that made him wonder where. It was only as he peered over
father put it. With the smell of his whether he was truly alone out here. the rocks and down to the shore that
dad’s insistence in his nose, Fran- He approached it cautiously, sniffing he noticed someone relaxing on what
cis padded down onto the beach to at its primitive interior as he stuck looked like an old wooden crate.
explore. The weather was warm, his head through the makeshift door. They were smoking or drinking
the smells of stagnant seaweed, hot It smelled so familiar. It was out of something... he couldn’t quite make

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

it out. “Uh gosh I…” Francis had all because I tricked a farmer into a
“Don’t keep me in suspense, to be brave at some point, “Sure, I swamp at night so I could steal his
boy. Come meet me… know me bet- guess.” chickens. Soooo lame!”
ter.” Rubah rummaged in an He got up, emoting with his
Francis gingerly made his earthenware pot nestled in the sand paws as he did so, protesting his in-
way down to the fox’s side, out in at his footpaws to delicately pinch a nocence in the only way a trickster
the sunshine. He was the young sort, single bean between the sharp claws fox knew.
probably in his thirties with large, on his left paw, before handing it to “Blah blah blah, anyway… I
black-lined ears, a thin muzzle and his new charge. Francis took it and washed ashore here and made my-
deeply maroon fur down to a long tail nibbled nervously. self at home. But the locals though,
with a tip like charred meat… and all “Bleh!” sheesh! They chase me… constantly.”
this bare to the sun, where a pair of “Hahahahaha! A little bitter “Why ever do they do that?”
tan shorts and his tatty beige shirt for you, Fran’?” “Fear, my dear boy. No one
didn’t reach. “You could say that!” He spat dares converse with me for fear
“And you are?” out the fragments of shell and grainy they’ll be… cursed. Wooooooo! He-
“Francis. Francis Brushton- kernel. heheheh!”
Foxworthy. Explorer.” “Heh, where you stayin’, His laughter died slowly as
“Wow, that’s a mawful!” friend?” he desperately tried to take himself
The fox giggled, looking sideward “I uh… I don’t know. I was seriously.
at his company, a sly smile coursing going to trek up to the village and…” “I’m just trying to make-up
his muzzle, paused from supping on “Heh, I wouldn’t do that if I for my wrongs. But my anger does
something that smelled like coffee. were you… not now you’ve met me.” get the better of me. When I was
The boxes he sat on were broken and “Why?” first cursed, I had a halo of fire over
splintered, imprinted with black let- “Oh, paws alive, here we go!” my head. It slipped to my paws and
ters that read ‘V.O.C’. Rubah put his porcelain cup down, hocks to become north, south, east
“I’m Rubah. Rubah Api… and looked up at the youngster, “You and west when I allowed Tambura
professional time-waster.” And out here for stories, boy?” to erupt in eighteen-fifteen.” He pad-
came a paw, Francis shaking ner- “Not really, I…” ded closer, “See? It singes my fur
vously. “Good! Then I’ll keep it from time to time.”
“Can I offer you a snack, short.” Rubah sat up, his tail swish- Francis beheld a close-up of
Francis? Worm, perhaps?” ing around as he did so, the box the fox’s red-black wrists, encircled
“No uh… no thank you.” creaking beneath his weight; and by the finest lithium-like fire. They
“Coconut shavings?” now he was sat staring up at Francis, were just like the ones around his
“Uh, no thanks.” “I was cursed to be one of the Hudoq hocks, a twisted flame surrounding
“Cacao bean?” by Inari. He cast me to the ocean, them like cuffs.

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

“Eighteen-fifteen?” He looking at their markings through a before speaking as if to defend him-

murmured, still gazing at Rubah’s silver loupe; and all whilst Rubah sat self.
‘chains’, “But… you look so young.” and watched, sipping on his seem- “No but… hey now, wait a
“Heh, looks are deceiving, ingly never-ending cup of coffee. paws-damned minute, I…”
my dear fox.” He grinned slyly, “Lis- The archaeology aside, the resident He was actually arguing with
ten… I know you had your eyes and fox was always sure to cast an eye a volcano!
nose on what I have here. Let me over to the volcano Krakatoa. It was “OK alright, that was me.
show you where to find the best of almost as if he were talking to her. Yes, and that!”
it.” Smoked fish, dried insects Another pause struck as if he
Rubah led the way down and sweet leaves were the pair’s were listening.
the beach, Francis noticing that in snacks as the sun crossed the sky, “Alright, and that too and…
every pad of his black-red footpaws the darkness of dusk still not damp- hey, there’s no need to rub salt into
the sand would turn to glass. He was ening the spirit, especially since my tail! I get the picture, but you
an enigma; but what he had to show Rubah seemed to have his very own mustn’t… you can’t be serious?!”
him was stunning! He barely had to ‘night lights’. The fire on his paws Rubah’s muzzle fell, the co-
wade a foot into the warm waters be- had seemed to grow much wilder lour draining from his fur.
fore he was pulling porcelain cups, throughout the day, Francis remark- “You need to leave.” He mut-
clasps and trinkets from the surf. ing on it only as Rubah became dis- tered without even turning to look at
“Dutch East India Company tracted and silent. He’d got to his Francis.
ships used to sail past here.” Rubah footpaws and gone to the shore as “Wait, what?! I can’t. They
murmured, handing over a blue- the sun faded – must’ve been about won’t be back for another week.”
white tea cup, “But some wrecked, seven o’clock; and now he was con- “They’ll be here. Go to the
and their cargo litters this whole versing across the waters to Kraka- jetty at midnight, and they’ll be
beach and the shallows. I know this toa. there.”
is what you’re after.” “Calm yourself!” He mur- “How do you know all this?”
Needless to say, Francis mured, paws outstretched as if to “I… I just do.” He turned to
spent the whole day examining his soothe. glare at him with a simpering smile,
finds, carefully washing them off and And he waited for a ‘reply’, “You believe in ghosts, Francis?”

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

“Uh, not really.” “I did actually.” Francis window for Earths of all sizes”, had
Rubah just grinned and his turned and saw the eruptions light been a huge success.
eyes glowed red, like the flames from the sky, huge clouds of ash filling Francis was reading a news-
two phosphorous matches caught in the air. His heart sank and his tail paper and drinking his favourite oak-
miniature drinking glasses. drooped instantly. leaf and almond coffee when one of
“Remember… midnight, my He padded out to the deck, the many small articles on the front
friend.” tears brimming in his eyes as his page of the Daily Tail caught his
muzzle was crossed by the unbeliev- nose. Another island, Anak Kraka-
Midnight on August 26th, able fire and fury. Watching the hot toa, had emerged from the same cal-
1883… lava hit the water was simultaneous- dera in the Sunda Strait but two days
ly amazing as it was frightening. earlier.
Sure enough, a Jukung was Francis bounded back in- “Tremendous, what?!” An-
there to take him out to open water; side as the captain put the footpaw other club member came padding
but Francis was just as eager to bring to the pedal and steamed them away over, paws about a whisky tumbler.
Rubah with him as he was to find out as fast as the engines could manage. “Um, yes… indeed so.” He it-
how they knew to fetch him. Luckily, erated intently, a pang of guilt hitting
one of the crew knew broken Eng- Late evening of December 31st, him.
lish; but would only want his com- 1927 - Jamaica Wine House, St “You adventured that far
plicity in a swift exit, later revealing Michael’s Alley, City of London out?”
that they had received a sign from a “Yes, I… I knew someone out
spirit fox “coated in fire” who’d told We skip forward and bring there.”
them to be at the jetty. you to Francis sat at his favourite “Are they well?”
“You have family, sir?” haunt, surrounded by caramel pan- Francis paused, his heart
“Yes, yes I do. My mate is els, greens and the darkness that skipping a beat. He squinted at the
pregnant.” Francis answered pen- foxes were used to the world over. photo and, with a closer look, he
sively, “But what about Rubah Api? By now, he was retired, hav- could make out someone sat on the
You’re just going to leave him to ing not only made it back from In- beach… distinctly cultrate ears, re-
die?” donesia in one piece, but also having laxed footpaws and porcelain cup in-
“Please. Rest.” made his money in stocks - cacao paw.
“You’re not listening to me! and glass, you see! The “Magnificent “I do believe they are.” He
We can’t leave without him!” Brushton-Foxworthy Moon and Sun murmured happily.
The older oarsfox muttered
something, a guttural disagreement
that had his motheaten tail batting
angrily; and that waft of musk made
Francis obey.
“What did he say?” He mur-
mured sheepishly, paws cupped in
his lap.
“He say… devil fox touch
you. No let him here.”
And that was the last he saw
of the beach and of the endless trail
of cracked porcelain, seashells and
palm leaves. Francis had no say. It
was either go with these rag-tag lo-
cals, or forever be abandoned in the
They sailed from the strait
towards a freighter, the SS Paws For
Thought, where Francis clambered
aboard up the rope ladder, full ruck-
sack on his back and his tail trailing,
heavy with salt and sad musk.
“You didn’t have any friends
on Java, did you?” The captain
murmured nervously as he stared
through binoculars at the islands
they were leaving behind.
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Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

He’d been in with Dr. Au- gin’ around with…” And Kit paused, school. This special friend.”
brey Skarl for at least an hour… and cos’ he noticed the young wolf arriv- Pax paused, sitting up slight-
his father was pacing up and down in ing for his shift as intern at the recep- ly on the therapist’s couch, his ears
the waiting room with a permanent tion desk; and their eyes met with a pinning and his muzzle blushing
scowl on his muzzle. shared, awkward exchange of smiles, pink.
“For paws’ sake, Kit, would “Never mind.” “You… you won’t tell any-
you sit your tail down for just one He slumped to a sulk next one, will you?”
second?!” to his long-suffering mate, his dark, “This is just between you
“I don’t like it, love.” He musky tail draped over the right paw- and me, young fox.”
muttered, shaking his head and giv- rest. Kit was yielding his patriarchal “OK, well… his name was
ing off a scent from his tail that said authority over his cub and even his Dean. Man, he was so beautiful. But
nothing more than impatience and mate, paws forbid! And he hated it! my dad, you see… he found out about
intolerance. He grew up in an Earth where the me hangin’ around with him and told
“Uh huh…” Jillian started, dog fox was supreme, and the cubs me I wasn’t ever to do such a thing.”
flicking through her magazine with and vixens obeyed every word and “Was Dean a bad influence
a nonchalant exhaustion that came wag; but the world had changed, and on you, Pax?”
from hearing her mate’s extremely his young cub, Pax, was nearly eigh- “No!” The youngster was
unsocial sentiments twenty-four/ teen and his rebellion had peaked. pretty insistent, to the point of nearly
seven, “…well if you’d let the poor Paws alive, he didn’t want to think of bursting into tears, “I… I just wanted
boy spend some time with his friends him living above ground, exposing a friend and I… I’m tired of living un-
- the ones that he wants to hang out his beautiful pelt to the sun and the derground.”
with, not the ones you’ve ‘pre-ap- musks of those that were grey. “In your home Earth, you
proved’ - then he wouldn’t ‘ave run mean?”
away and he sure as shoot wouldn’t *** “Yeah, I’m… I want to go out
be in there now talkin’ to a shrink!” into the moonlight and the sunshine.
“I just don’t want him han- “Tell me about your friend at Just like Dean and his cool family.”

Oct 11-13, 2019

Seaside, OR

Page 13
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

“Is that why you ran away?” “Did he tell you why he did love of what’s out there in the oceans.
Pax sighed and closed his that?” But would meeting him again make
eyes, pulling his tail up from dan- “He just said, as a fox, my you want to run away a second time,
gling over the couch’s edge to hold it duty was to the ‘subterranean’, to the Pax?”
nervously in his paws like a sentient land and to a vixen when the time “Well, no, I guess not… as
comfort blanket. came.” long as my da’ will gimme a break
“No.” He murmured in a “So, the pier – where the po- and let me do what I want with who I
sulk. lice found you – it reminds you of the want. I’m not a cub anymore!”
“So why exactly did you run wolf you want to be friends with?” “Legally, you are still a cub,
away, Pax?” “That’s right. I don’t want Pax, and…”
“I wanted what Dean had.” the soil and grit in my fur. I want it to “… foxes aren’t permitted to
He huffed impatiently, “He lived be sand and saltwater and seaweed sail on the oceans without the King’s
above ground and dreamed of goin’ and bits of shells and…” Pax’s voice pawprint and scent, some kinda’ off-
on cruise ships and at sea, cos’ his started breaking, “I guess none of it’s land form or somethin’… yes, I’ve
dad was a Lupic Navy captain. But worth thinkin’ about cos’ I’ll never heard it all before!” Pax got up and
he lost his father when his ship went get to do it.” sat with a growl on the edge of the
down on patrol. Dean said they never “Everything’s possible, couch, paws either side of himself
found him.” young fox. This wolf you knew seems and his head hung, “You sound like
“So, you comforted him to have been the catalyst to a lifelong my dad! Paws alive, I’d rather just
when he was sad?”
“Absolutely. He recovered
real well from it, pro’ly cos’ o’ his
hobbies… building model ships. Sil-
ver and grey ones. He painted one
with our names on it, and said we
should sail away together one day,
cos’ it was what his dad would’ve
“What did your family make
of that?”
“My mum’s always been sup-
portive, but my dad…” And he paused
with closed eyes and a sorrow-damp
twitch to his tail, “My dad has always
wanted me to be a digger or an earth
builder, remain in the Vulpic lands
to tunnel and build bigger and better
homes for foxes. Or something like
that anyway. I get fed up of hearing
it. He never lets me do what I want to
“You hate your dad for that?”
“I… I guess so. I don’t want
to. I… just… I just wanted to be away
from him for a while, s’all.”
The doc was making notes as
Pax poured his heart out, that young
muzzle trained to the ceiling, tears
starting to roll down his red-furred
“You model-build yourself?”
“Yeah, but I have to keep
everything secret.” Pax sighed and
shrugged, “Last time dad found a
ship I’d built, he stamped on it and
threw it in the bin, tellin’ me that I
wasn’t to ever think of going to sea,
let alone with another male of a ‘grey
Page 14
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific
sail out to sea and never go home... you?” do they look like?”
I love the light. I don’t want to go to Initially he just sighed, an “He’s smart and has a
ground again.” impatience borne of having been dressed tail, his shorts have an em-
The doc paused. here and done it with the doc many blem on them – it’s my school em-
“Well, what I’m going to do times before; but today, it was clear- blem… Cherry Earth Reds. That’s the
is ask you to relax and close your er for some reason. house me and Dean were in at school.
eyes. Lie back, there’s a good cub.” “I… it’s a… I mean, I’m on Oh and… there’s a surfboard. He’s a
He guided Pax back to the comfort of a tropical island out in the ocean surfer. His fur is wet and… wow, it’s
the lounger. somewhere. It’s real quiet.” so beautifully silver and grey and… I
The youngster huffed and “OK good. Are you alone, can feel the sand between my pads
puffed but obeyed. Pax?” and the water on my tail.”
“Now, let your tail sit still, “I’m not su… wait, no, I… His maw suddenly dropped
let it flop comfortably… and imagine there is someone else. Someone’s and started to tremble.
going to a place where you feel safe callin’ me over.” “He’s s… so… so... l… lonely.”
and happy. Tell me, Pax… where are “OK, well, pad closer… what Aubrey could see Pax was

Page 15
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific
starting to cry, so he leant over and as they were stuck smiling at each but for now she turned her attention
snapped his fingers to bring the other, ears pinned in shyness and not to her cub’s new friend.
young fox out of the trance. sure what to say or do. “Now Dean… you’d look af-
“It’s OK, mate, you’re back “Well heh… I uh, I’m glad ter my boy, wouldn’t you?”
with me now.” He murmured with a I saw you today.” Dean coughed to “Yes, ma’am.” Dean stood up
smile, “Our time is at an end for to- compose himself and handed Pax his straight, keeping his tail respectfully
day, but what I’m going to do is write prescription slip. still for his elder.
you a prescription for a low wag and “Me too.” The fox murred, “You’d keep ‘im safe?”
dulled scent. But I encourage you to clasping his paper whilst his eyes “Absolutely!”
talk about your feelings instead of never met Dean’s for fear of blushing “And you’d make sure he
letting your tail droop so badly, OK?” more. came back with plenty of memories?”
“All right.” Pax murmured He turned tail with his mum “Yes ma’am.”
sadly, staring into space with his tail and headed for the door, leaving a She smiled.
still hangin’ lifelessly over the edge of trail of mixed-up scent in his wake… “Well I think that’s a done
the couch. nerves, excitement and sadness. deal.” Her long brush wafted hap-
It had been an abrupt end to “Hey Pax! Wait!” pily, “Dean, you can tell ya’ mum to
the session, but he’d enjoyed seeing The young vulp turned back. scent me when she has the details.
his crush at least once more, even if it He’d secretly hoped to be stopped. And I’ll get the forms filled out and
had been in a dream. He padded out Dean had come ‘round the counter, scented for Pax to be off-land.”
into the reception, back to his moth- his tail wagging at a high hover. “I will, Mrs. Marsh. Thank
er and father who both got to their “Well, s’just that we’re go- you.”
footpaws as they saw him emerge. ing on a cruise for a couple o’ weeks. Pax was just bouncin’, he
But even before either spoke, Wanna’ come with? My older sister could barely contain himself. His tail
his nose hit on something; and sure can’t make it and well... we have a smelled so much better, and his ears
enough, over by the reception desk, spare ticket. I can teach you to surf n’ were perkier… and that smile! Paws
sorting documents and fiddling with stuff, show you all the islands my dad alive! His mum could scarcely be-
the photocopier was a very familiar visited when he was in the Navy.” lieve her nose.
tail. “Oh wow, I… I’d love to!” He waved happily at his
“Dean??” Pax’s four-feet of brush started waft- friend as he turned to leave, follow-
The young wolf turned to ing; he smelled so much sweeter in ing the trail of his disappointed fa-
follow the sound, his thick, velvety that moment. He turned to his moth- ther to their car… but somehow, that
triangle ears following suit, nose er, “Can I, Mum, can I? Pleeeease?” didn’t dispel this feel-good feeling.
snuffling to pick up an unfettered His father had turned away This was the start of some-
happiness. and left in a huff, storming out with a thing very special.
“Pax? Oh, paws above, I strongly-musky negative scent… but
haven’t seen you in months! How are his mother stood solidly behind her
ya’, dude?” boy. Her tail dragged lower thinking
“I’m uh… I’m good.” Pax’s about the fallout tonight at home,
white under-muzzle blushed, his
footpaws pigeoning shyly.
“Awesome, I uh… I was won-
derin’ if I’d made a bad impression
on you or somethin’. I didn’t think…
well I guessed you didn’t like me.”
“No I… I…” And it was then
that Pax noticed his father scowl-
ing at him from across the recep-
tion area, paw on the door handle
and ready to leave. His scent said as
much. Foxes never had to speak. It
was all in the wag of the tail.
“I’m sorry I was so distant n’
stuff. S’just that my dad wouldn’t let
me come over or hang out.”
“Oh uh… god, I… I didn’t
want to cause trouble.”
“Oh no no, you didn’t. It’s
me… it’s totally me.”
There was a nervous pause

Page 16
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Page 17
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Page 18
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Page 19
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

100% Butts Anita Muth BGS

Registration, Programming Artist’s Alley/Con Store Programming
Dancer and Nuclear Engineering Mother of the Leopard. I mean Chee- Holy cat, is it really BGS’s tenth AC?
PhD student. tah. I mean White Mage. ??? Tonkinese house cat with a massive
penchant for gaming.
Akasuki Anne Passovoy
Art Show Security Bichre Lee
Akasuki is a snow leopard - arctic Dorsai Grandma Operations
wolf hybrid who loves people, art, Interprefur Extraordinaire
singing, and making people smile. Arrow Quivershaft
This is her first year at Anthrocon Programming Bonnie Jones
and can’t wait to bring her high en- An IT bird who’s been working with Security
ergy to new people to make laugh AC for a long, long time. Professional cartographer and part
and smile. time extra on TV and movies. I’m a
Astor long-time convention runner and at-
Artist’s Alley/Con Store tendee. I find the furries sweet and
Alex ‘W4rlock’ Been going to Anthrocon so long I’ve fun to be around.
Krumwiede actually earned being a dinosaur by
Security this point. Bribable with jelly beans. Boozy Badger
This staff member was too busy to May produce Dad Jokes. Part time Programming
write a bio. zebra. Game Grumps fan. Car Nerd. Boozy is a badger. He does entertain-
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Bigger is ing things and laws. That’s it.
Alkali better. Rawr.
Programming, Charity Brent Smart
3 kids in a trench coat with a fancy AvWuff Security
top hat. Audio/Visual This staff member was too busy to
Av has been bottling fursuit juice at write a bio.
Amaruq Anthrocon since nineteen-ought-
Internet six. Back in the golden days, a bottle Brian Harris
Hmm, wha.. Time to wake up for an- sold for 6 farthings, but today a mere Director (Charity)
other Anthrocon? Go find the charity nickel will have you sporting a lus- Originally from western NY, active
auction table and events. trous shine. in the community since 1992, now
resides in metro DC. As a college stu-
Amber Folf B. Gabriel Helou, DI dent, helped found Anthrocon, and
Art Show Security has since been Charity Director for
This staff member was too busy to Gabe has learned, after several de- 23 years, with stints as Masquerade
write a bio. cades of volunteering at conventions, Director, and DJ’d at multiple con-
that surviving the weekend depends ventions.
Andy Oxenreider on “keeping it together.” He knows
Photography you can’t be loose and haphazardly Brianne
This staff member was too busy to slack -- you’ve got to be carefully Security
write a bio. taut. This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.
Angelus the Merciful Ben “Blithe” C.
Security Operations BrotherEnvy
Hello! I’m a Process Engineer from WESTERN PA FURRY WEEKEND! Security
Indiana. I became a furry officially Oct 4-6, 2019 I’m an accountant who likes to take
just a few years ago but have always a vacations every year from his job of
liked cartoon animals, as I used to WPAFW is an annual festival and working in a hotel/convention center
call them. Nowadays I play music fundraiser just north of Pittsburgh, to go and work in a hotel/convention
and dream of performing a main set PA! Food, beer, events, and fun, all center...d’oh!
at a con. Enjoy AC! in one cool, rustic location. Check
out for more info!

Page 20
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Page 21
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Buddy Goodboy write a bio. of the Supersponsor goodies.

Buddy Goodboy is a licensed attor- Chrissy D Taylor-Rodriguez
ney, performer, and cartoonist. He Security Security
discovered the furry fandom through This staff member was too busy to This staff member was too busy to
art tutorials, and found out the com- write a bio. write a bio.
munity was wonderfully creative and
supportive. Cody the Husky Danger Little Lamb
Audio/Visual Security
Carol Gobeyn I’m just a dog. So... BARK, BARK, This staff member was too busy to
Security BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, write a bio.
This staff member was too busy to BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK,
write a bio. BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, Daniel “Davin” Pawlowski
BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, Director (Operations)
Chaaralis BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, This staff member was too busy to
Registration, Art Show BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, write a bio.
Just happy to help at another great BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK,
Anthrocon. BARK, BARK Dave & Nelson
Art Show
Cherri Coolgy Furlough This staff member was too busy to
Technology Audio/Visual write a bio.
This staff member was too busy to This staff member was too busy to
write a bio. write a bio. David (Smrgol)
Chezne Cosmik Art Show
Show Office Programming, Registration Smrgol “found furry” in 1998 and at-
A cheetah with an unhealthy fasci- COSMIK has been entertaining the tended AnthroCon for the first time
nation for archery. Keep away from fandom since 2011, performing vari- in 1999. He was tagged as Staff by
bunnies. ously as a solo act, with his husband, Uncle Kage in 2000 and has been
Rhubarb the Bear, with Jake Wolf working with the Art Show every
Chiaroscuro (when in the UK) as a DJ, and as a year he has managed to attend. He’s
Director (Dealers Room) founding member of Bandthro. In from Long Island, NY and has other
This staff member was too busy to addition to staffing AC’s program- strange hobbies such as model rail-
write a bio. ming and registration depts, he roading.
serves on the board of Just Fur The
Chittebengo Weekend, and enjoys cooking & bak- David M Stein “Skippy”,
Show Office ing, travel, crosswords, and learning DI
languages. Follow @TheRealCosmik Security
Resident notbird. Tengu outreach
on Twitter, and check out https:// What a long, strange trip it has been.
program. Je me souviens! for exclu-
Chris “Sparf” Williams sive content. Daxter
Crossbow Just a red panda dog thing trying to
Sparf is a writer, actor, podcaster,
Registration, Art Show have fun helping other people have
and LARPer who has been doing the
Just another dragon looking forward fun!
furry thing for far too long.
to another great year!
Chris Foxx Decker
Crux Operations
Art Show
Programming This staff member was too busy to
Author of the (in)famous “Sabrina
This staff member was too busy to write a bio.
Online: The Story” and others, and
semi-mature slop artist under the write a bio.
name BondoFox. I’m highly ap-
Delphi Vinn
Cuprohastes Registration,
proachable, be not shy in coming by
Publications Artist’s Alley/Con Store
and saying “Hi!”
British, drinks tea, has opinions, Stop reading these silly bios and go
Chris Sandusky / once helped steal an elephant, wasn’t enjoy your convention! Find me in
DonQuixote allowed to use “The Puck You” as a the gaming room if I’m not helping
Security meal deal name that one year. register people. Or don’t; you enjoy
This staff member was too busy to Hides secret messages on the backs your thing your way.

Page 22
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Derek Long dryw when not working security can be

Security Art Show found at her dealer’s table.
This staff member was too busy to This staff member was too busy to
write a bio. write a bio. Eric Long
Derilka (Deh-ril-ka) Dys This staff member was too busy to
Art Show Registration write a bio.
This staff member was too busy to Fennec-coyote, adventurer, trouble-
write a bio. maker, stupid idiot, yinzer, para- Erika ‘Lexy’ Grabowski
medic. May or may not just be three Operations, Technology
dester’edra coyotes in a trenchcoat. This is Lexy’s 3rd year as a mem-
Security, Art Show ber of Anthrocon staff and she loves
Free time is overrated. Echoic Wolf working the con more and more ev-
Art Show ery year. When she’s not prepping
Dodger Art show is love, art show is life. for the con, she streams Pokemon
Charity and other video games on her Twitch
This staff member was too busy to Eleanor Troup channel:
write a bio. Security sharklexy.
This staff member was too busy to
Donna Long write a bio. Erin Masters
Security Artist’s Alley/Con Store
This staff member was too busy to Elrond Erin is a gamer, musician, furry, and
write a bio. Security student. In her free time, she can
Elrond has been an active artist in often be found practicing piano or
Draggor the fandom since 2009, specializing playing games with her friends.
Programming in feral fantasy works done with tra-
This staff member was too busy to ditional media. Today she publishes
write a bio. her fiction as Goldeen Ogawa, and

Page 23
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Fallengreywolf Giza (Douglas Muth) Greyse

Programming Technology Art Show, Publications
Do you want gryphons? Cause this is This staff member was too busy to This is my 12th year on staff in the art
how you get gryphons. write a bio. show and I’m delighted to be return-
ing yet again.
Fiend Glelin Scaleskin
VIP Relations, Programming Art Show GrmRepr
This staff member was too busy to This staff member was too busy to Programming
write a bio. write a bio. This furry–related article is a stub.
You can help Anthrocon by expand-
FIRE FOX Glen “Swift Fox” Rockhill ing it.
Registration Programming, VIP Relations
Not much to tell. Just your average Swift Fox has been staffing at An- Haybuck
gray muzzle with several fursuits throcon since it moved to Pittsburgh Operations, Technology
(FIRE FOX, B and W HUSKY, K9 in 2006. In 2010, he took on the re- This staff member was too busy to
HUSKY, HELL WOLF). And yes I am sponsibility of the Tabletop Gaming write a bio.
the one who has the “SUIT and TIE” Track. In 2016, Swift extended his
made of fur. A real “fur suit.” services to the VIP Relations Team. Heathyr Lamb, DI
He is a Furry Event Organizer in the Security
Fizz Otter Pittsburgh Area and avid fursuiter. This staff member was too busy to
Audio/Visual write a bio.
This staff member was too busy to Gooch DI
write a bio. Security Hengstolf
Origin point of the Migration Tags. Programming
Gabi Returning yet again and excited to
Registration, Art Show Grandma Kage be back for another great year. This
Gabi is an All Purpose Fox. This Operations horse/wolf can be found wherever
means she is able to answer any The chairman’s mother. Don’t mess fursuiters are. Mainly at the tag table
question (accuracy of the answer is with her. You’re not so big that she or headless zones.
not guaranteed). She also holds the can’t stand on a chair and take you
title of Tea Girl, which she honors by out with a broom.
offering tea - and cookies - to those
who find her at the right time. She
can also help you get your con stuff
in English or in Spanish. You may
recognize her by her fox hat, or per-
haps by her camera.

This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.

Gamma Ray Wolf

Show Office
No more counting dollars. We’ll be
counting stars.

Likes hugs! <3

Director (Audio/Visual)
Just an otter hoping everyone has

Page 24
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Hubble Husky John Cole Info Assurance, producer of Fuzzy-

Audio/Visual, Internet, Technology Director (Public Outreach) LogicTV, “retired” scenic designer
Awwoooooooooooooooooooooooooo This staff member was too busy to for the Anthrocon Tonight! show in
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo write a bio. the main Ballroom. Cosmik roped
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo me into this... This is what I get for
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Judah complaining about paying for a de-
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Audio/Visual gree I never use for an entire decade.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo This staff member was too busy to
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo write a bio. <X_X>
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kamau D Lyon Kevin Sonney
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Art Show Security
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo A fun loving Barbary Lion who be- Kevin Sonney is a technology pro-
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo came aware of furry in the ‘90s. fessional, media producer, and pod-
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo He’s certainly a gray muzzle, but caster. He has been a member of the
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo still young at heart. His interests are Dorsai Irregulars since 2014.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo writing, fursuiting, puppets and art.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo At cons he’s usually on staff (mostly Kijani
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Art Show). He can take a joke and Publications
will give as good as he gets in puns. Thrilled to be back for his 9th An-
Hugmonster He is not a party animal preferring to throcon and 8th as the con’s Publi-
Art Show share some good conversation with cations Editor. A former award-win-
This staff member was too busy to friends over a beer, or as he prefers, ning journalist turned casino dealer,
write a bio. English cider. He is a Mil Fur (Ma- this friendly lion enjoys fursuiting,
rines/Navy) and has a long list of life bowling, photography, and host-
Ianus J. Wolf experiences. ing When Furballs Strike, one of the
Programming world’s largest furry bowling events
Ianus J. Wolf runs the writing track Karnov DI for the Pacific NW furry community.
for Anthrocon, coordinating the Security Founder of Emerald City Critters, a
panels having to do with the printed This staff member was too busy to 501c(3) nonprofit for character en-
word. He’s performed this task for write a bio. tertainment to brighten up charity
the last several years at Anthrocon events.
and has stories published in several Kay Jarrell DI
formats. “Loadmistress” Kiric
Security Programming
Inulupus I moved from Michigan to Virginia, “Truly, if there is evil in this world,
Registration and love it. So cool to hop on a bus or it lies within the heart of mankind.
Always been fuzzy with a love of the Metro and be in a vibrant big city af- - Edward D. Morrison” - Tales of
outdoors. Enjoy traveling, camping, ter a life in the suburbs and country. Phantasia
good friends, and some fine rum on This is the life my annual Anthrocon
occasion. vacation has made me crave! Kitasu
Any new cocktail bars near the Security, Art Show
James J. Walton, DI DLCC? This staff member was too busy to
Security write a bio.
Happy to be working Anthrocon for Kaze Velara
the (mumble) year. Programming Ko
Just a blue Snep that spends their Registration
JayRose time in the game room. Oh my I’m still here....why am I still
Security here doing this? Oh yes...I’ve lost my
(Insert funny story here) Kazee Freakin’ Fullford and soul, if found please return to
(Super Genius) Anthrocon...or me..wait what am I
John “Joatmon” Lindgren Programming, Registration doing here?
Art Show Here goes the big ol’ list:
I’ve been studying animation for over Kofu
50 years. Can’t even draw a stick fig- Landlord, weapons manufacture, Show Office
ure myself. Still working on medical EMT with a license in 19 states (and (Not a tofu!) Your average Taiwan-
equipment for a living. Still growing counting), amateur hacker getting ese lion who spends a lot of time car-
older, but not up. a second degree in Criminal Justice ing for friends, and is going to enjoy
specializing in Cyber Security and

Page 25
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

U G U S T 1 – 4 , 2019
B A LT I M O R E / / N Y C O N . O RG

Page 26
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

theme so much this year! Excited Lifrin Look mom I’m in the con
to be back serving Anthrocon and Logistics book!!!!
guests of all levels for another year in WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Operations
Pittsburgh. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW This staff member was too busy to
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW write a bio.
Artist’s Alley/Con Store WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Luca Shoal
Kokuei is a yellow/red fire wolf. You WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Programming
will see him roaming around Artists WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Luca is a kitsune that cooks for a liv-
Alley/Con Store. However if you re- WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW ing and plays with video game stuff
ally need to find Kuei, an offering of WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW at cons. Please apply pats and food
sushi is sure to summon him. Now WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW or drink at your discretion. Drink
excuse me I must..... Oooo sushi. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW more water. “IF THE CON BANS ME
What’s that up in the air? Is it a bird?
Is it a...oh wait no it is a bird. Why
does it look like it’s going to impale
me on a spike? Why? Because that
is what a shrike does! Don’t worry
though because its just Anthrocon’s
Logistics director having a look over
Anthrocon’s STUFF! Once again this
shrike migrates to Pittsburgh and
with the help of his awesome staff
makes sure the con is set up for YOU!
Just ignore the blood-thirsty look in
his eyes...if you dare!

Lady Riesling aka

Nancilee Jones
A Dragon Rider Werewolf (Zephyr)
who transforms into a golden tiger
named after her favorite wine. In real
life she is a daredevil who loves rid-
ing roller coasters and skydiving. The
sky is her playground and puffy white
clouds are her friends. She loves ex-
ploring old abandoned buildings and
amusement parks. She is passionate
about being an Entertainer, DJ, Em-
cee and Game Show Hostess. Putting
smiles on faces is her motto. The love
of her life is Sir Grrr, a white Were-
tiger. They are celebrating 38 years.

Laura Pearson
This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.

Lauren Hayden
Interprefur Extraordinaire

Page 27
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Lynn Harris ChiROOpractor by trade and love to RPGs, bimeo james, and other non-
Charity take care of my furry friends! See ya sense. Keep a look out for his fursuit
Enjoys furry hugs! all around the con! character, Calias, who is a saber-
tooth, not a sergal, dangit!
Maci Mary Capaldi
Audio/Visual “Moth Monarch” Michael C Garrison
This staff member was too busy to Publications Security
write a bio. Artist responsible for the Friends of This staff member was too busy to
Anthrocon, large format street sig- write a bio.
Makoto nage, and other creative shenanigans
Art Show making AC more colorful and wel- MiltoniusPrime
This staff member was too busy to coming to attendees and the public Programming
write a bio. alike. Raises moths and yells about E|_____________________0_____|
bugs. Subsists primarily on black B|________0_0_0_0_2_2__0_____|
Marauder coffee. D|_2_2_______________________|
Art Show A|___________________________|
This is Marauder’s 14th Anthro- Matt Wardle E|___________________________|
con and his eighth year on staff. A Programming
black Labrador Retriever dog who Scrapper is a local to Pittsburgh, and mooncat
wouldn’t miss this con for the world, has been attending Anthrocon since Art Show
he was born and raised in southeast 2009. He and his partner ScratchKit- South Jersey resident. Collector of
Oklahoma and graduated from Okla- ty are also avid cosplayers focusing too many things. Gamer. Geek. Who-
homa State University in 2003. He on characters in the gaming fandom. vian. Chelioness, sometimes sabre-
also loves baseball, music, anything toothed. Also very shy. Easily dis-
Sonic the Hedgehog related, and Mel White trac...oooh, shiny!
spends his free time playing at home Security
with his dogs, Taffy and Buddy. He A.K.A. “Mama Mel” - one of the Dor- Morgain Yarn Tiger
also enjoys roleplaying online with sai Irregulars and a regular trouble- Operations
his best friend, Joey Gatorman. maker of many stripes. She’s cur- Morgain is having to take a break
rently working on a new DUNCAN from playing with yarn to help every-
Marc “Capt. Roo” AND MALLORY book. one navigate the con and have fun.
Wartenberg You should give her cookies.
Publications Mercury
This Roo makes his home just out- Operations Nemet
side Philly in NJ. I have been on the This staff member was too busy to Dealers Room
publications team for several years write a bio. Nemet has been across the Pacific,
now and enjoy the work! I am happy but has not surfed upon it.
to be able to give back to the fandom Michael “Lunos” Friesen
by volunteering my time. Feel free Art Show Nepal Plush
to say hi, I won’t bite or kick! I am a Lunos has been attending Anthro- Logistics
con since 2009. He likes art, tropes, Nepal has worked for the con since
2011 in Logistics. When he isn’t busy
with staff duties, he can be seen run-
ning around in the con as a big plush
snow leopard with a green scarf.
Please come up and ask for hugs.

Nicona Shadowwolf
Director (Registration)
Director of Registration going on 4
years now. Attending since 2009,
staff since 2010. Please, send help!
They will not let me go! NO, WAIT! I
am not typing anythuzhfbj k

I make loud noises and bright lights.

Page 28
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Osee DeSantis technology as well as enjoying hob- PhoenicIan

VIP Relations, Programming bies with fixing and fabricating! Show Office
Osee is a veteran convention staffer Do you have the time, to listen to
having served 9 years as Anthrocon’s Paradox Red Wolf me bark, about nothing and every-
VIP Relations Manager. When Osee Audio/Visual, Technology thing all at once? I am one of those
is not assisting convention Guests of tyuping wih pawqs is haardf imaginary fools, floofy to the bone no
Honor he can be found on stage or doubt about it.
behind the microphone in pursuit of Peter J Tivol
his passion for acting and voiceover Registration protocollie
in his hometown of Omaha. Osee is A large mooing object that is usually Programming, Audio/Visual
also a member of the United States found at Registration. iddqd
Army National Guard and sends a
salute to all MilFurs in attendance. PeterCat Quotation Marks
Director (Art Show) Programming
Oz Tigah Intrigued by the late-80s CBS-TV Quotation Marks (aka QM) is an ot-
Operations series “Beauty and the Beast,” Pe- ter. She organizes things and makes
This staff member was too busy to terCat discovered science fiction stuff. Squeak, squeak!
write a bio. conventions and began helping out
at art shows. He volunteered for the Rakedu
Panzier first Albany AnthroCon in 1997 and Operations
Internet has been Art Show Director since Hi! I’m a tiger from Michigan. If you
And the road travels onwards! An- 1998. Using the professional name see me, you should totally come say
throcon is a wonderful institution Peter Katt, is a freelance voice artist hi, I’m friendly!
of Pittsburgh, be kind to each other, ( He welcomes The secret word is legerdemain.
make a friend and come have a good hugs from fursuiters so don’t be shy!
time. It seems as if I’ve been staffing Randorn Canis
forever but each year is as fresh as Registration
a new day! I’m a big fan of arts and *flails* It was broken before Randy

Page 29
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Estrel Hotel, Berlin
August 14 – 18, 2019

Page 30
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

touched it lots. D= Rooth Rukario

Dealers Room Programming, Registration
Con piccies at♥ Rooth, AKA Rooth’ragon or Working for the legalization of
Rooth’roo, has been a community awoooooo for for all wolves world
Raven1841 member since 1990. He attended wide, Rukario believes in spreading
Audio/Visual and volunteered at many conven- good cheer and hugs to all that he
Caw CAW. tions over the decades, including his meets.
first visit to AC in 2006 and every
Rebekah Webb AC since. He loves deserts, artwork, Ryuusin Ackaneru
Security and costumes. He lives in beautiful Programming
This staff member was too busy to Colorado, where he works as a IT Big purple nine tailed dragon kit-
write a bio. guy. Find him supporting an awe- sune, who helps run various pro-
some team of Dealers Staff wearing gramming events backstage, primar-
RebelSqurl his signature white dragon tail with ily in the main ballroom in the DLCC
Registration the blue feathery mane. and stage area in the Westin.
Rebel has attended Anthrocon since
2000, has been a member of the
Registration staff since 2011, and
an Asst. Director for the past three
years. He hopes everyone enjoys the
convention this year, and looks for-
ward to seeing all y’all!

This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.

Rene Gobeyn
This is one of those stories that ends
with “Everybody is out of the hospi-
tal, but we need help posting bail.”

Riverton Otter
Artist’s Alley/Con Store
I’m an otter doing what otters do
along the big river in Florida. 14 year
veteran of Anthrocon and I’m glad to
be serving as staff.

Robert “Harbinger”
This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.

Robert Earl
This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.

Programming, Logistics,
VIP Relations
Part dragon, Uncle Kage’s handler,
loveable ball o’ fun, and does-all-the-
things. All noodles.

Page 31
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

RyuuYouki Sharky Simon Fox

Security Programming Audio/Visual
This staff member was too busy to Surfs up, and what better way to I need some hotdogs. Can you get me
write a bio. celebrate this year’s con than with five hotdogs? Just go right up to the
a great white shark? Back for his stand. I’ll pay you back. Please. One
Sabrina Stein 17th year, this shark will once again plain. Four with mustard. Two with
Security be swimming the halls with fursuit onions. Two with Kraut.
I am NOT the Werewolf programming. So wax up your surf
boards, chum the waters, and watch Sir Grrr aka Robert Jones
Salem Wolf out for that. Registration
Programming A serious, no nonsense white Were-
Another year, another time working Sharon tiger, who transforms into Nippy, a
as Staff at Anthrocon...and I would Charity fun loving white arctic fox. A Dragon
not have it any other way! Working This is my fourth year volunteering. Rider, chosen by his dragon for his
the Fursuit Games with my very spe- I enjoy the warm, friendly environ- terrible fear of flying, heights, and
cial friend, Sharky. ment, the fun, and the hugs!!! falling. In real life, he is writing an
anthropomorphic novel titled “The
Sam Paris ShiroTora, aka James Dragons of Talon,” where he is a
Security Eden knight of the Order of Lahm. In this
Optical physicist and Chicago history Art Show universe, he uses swords, claws, and
buff. Also lost prince of the Galactic ShiroTora is an anthro white tiger fangs to deal with a vast assortment
Empire, but it’s a secret so don’t tell cleverly disguised as a very tall hu- of rogues, traitors, and power hungry
anybody. man. His bio is usually much more despots. The love of his life is Lady
entertaining than this, but as of this Zephyr, a werewolf.
Sandy Schreiber writing, he was less witty than usu-
Security al and planned to write something skynero19
Sandy has been helping out in Secu- better later. Here are 50 quacks: Operations
rity for years as a proud member of Quackquackquackquackquack- Tiger writer in his second year on
the Dorsai Irregulars. She is also an quackquackquackquackquackquack- staff now. Old hat, of course, ready to
artist who can be found in the Deal- quackquackquackquackquackquack- show all the freshmen staff how it’s
er’s Den, selling badges, sketches quackquackquackquackquackquack- done! (Hang on, which way were the
and more during Den open hours. quackquackquackquackquackquack- auctions again?)
Stop by and say “Hi!” quackquackquackquackquackquack-
quackquackquackquackquack. SnowQueen TigerClaw
Sarah R Wolf Registration
Artist’s Alley/Con Store, Art Show, Shy Matsi Assistant Director of registration for
Registration Artist’s Alley/Con Store 5 years. 4 years as 2nd in command.
This staff member was too busy to Shy remains today one of the least Kinda helps being married to the di-
write a bio. known surfers. While much of his rector.
wave life has been exposed on Furry-
Scott “Talyn” Williams 4Life and other networks, one thing Sodomized Twinkie
Logistics, Operations that remains constant in almost all Monster
Bored? Social difficulties? Lonely of them is his aura of mystery, who Registration
even though you’re at a convention some say is caused by him being This staff member was too busy to
with thousands of like-minded indi- from NJ. write a bio.
viduals who are generally pretty open
anyway? Staff a con. That’ll keep you Siku Sorcha G.
busy. Worked for me for a decade. ;3 Show Office Artist’s Alley/Con Store
There once was a wolf who lived in Sorcha is originally from the Phila-
Scruffy a shoe. delphia area and has been flitting
Art Show around the fandom, and the country,
This staff member was too busy to Silaria for about 20 years. She is a profes-
write a bio. Programming, VIP Relations sional dancer, and amateur seam-
Silaria has been working for Anthro- stress and a wannabe fabric artist in
Shadow D Wolf con in various roles since it moved her copious spare time. This is her
Artist’s Alley/Con Store to Pittsburgh in 2006. Currently she first year on staff.
I fix the registers and do various oth- works as a member of the VIP Rela-
er things. tions team.

Page 32
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

2 0 2 0

March 5th-8th, 2020

Sheraton Vancouver
Guildford Hotel
Surrey, BC, Canada

art by Che - Twitter: @chebitz

Preregister now at

Page 33
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Spikeo The Foxish Travis Edwards

Audio/Visual Dealers Room Programming
#ThisIsHowRecordingWorks Another year, another con, another This staff member was too busy to
department store of the fuzzy variety write a bio.
Sprocket that needs lots of love and affection
Operations (and percussive maintenance some- Trevor Boyd
This staff member was too busy to times) to keep going. The Foxish Charity
write a bio. brings his game face around once Just a helpful mutt.
more to provide you with STUFF and
SteelTheWarrior THINGS. Please bring him caffeine Trianine
Programming and meat-snacks. He is so hungry. Security
Being an avid con-goer (one might *sad bunny face* A robot’s life is hard at a furry con.
even say a con-essiour!), Steel- So much fluff in the gears and servos.
TheWarrior has been running vari- Thomas Muth
ous amounts of gaming at cons since Artist’s Alley/Con Store turtyl
2003 and is excited to bring several Father of the Leopard. I mean Chee- Programming
of his home-made systems to you for tah. I mean White Mage. ??? At the forefront of a rising tide of vio-
a weekend full of roleplaying fun! lence brought on by Galbadia’s war
Stop on by! Thorfax declaration is a SeeD cadet named
Registration turtyl. Serious to a fault, turtyl has
Steven C. Simmons Lying was invented in 1912 by John earned themself the reputation of be-
Security Lie, who tried to sit twice at the same ing a lone turtle. A chance encounter
Steve Simmons has been working time. with the free-spirited Rinoa Heart-
Anthrocon since 2003. He still hasn’t illy, however, turns their universe
figured out what his fursona is. That Threach upside down... Yet there is no time to
used to bother him; now he’s kind of Artist’s Alley/Con Store ponder... for the job of dealing with
gotten used to it. I tell bad jokes and worse puns. the sorceress behind Galbadia’s irra-
tional hostility has fallen to SeeD and
“Stormy” aka Tracey Tibeius turtyl…
Bealer Operations
Charity This staff member was too busy to Uncle Kage
Surf’s Up My Dudes! write a bio. CEO
Operations, VIP Relations
Sylvia Ice Tigerwolf Chairman of the convention since
Programming Director (Internet) 1999, when Anthrocon, Inc. was reg-
A three-tailed ice wolf who helps Tigerwolf has been doing Internet istered as a Pennsylvania nonprofit.
run Anthrocon Tonight behind the Dens and Internet/communications
scenes. related staff duties at furry conven- Ursula Vernon
tions since 1993. Security
Tane This staff member was too busy to
Audio/Visual TimeSuppression write a bio.
This staff member was too busy to Audio/Visual
write a bio. Valrejn
Tango Pay no attention to the dragon be-
Security hind the curtain.
Tina Klein-Lebbink
Master of Werewolf Management,
Herder of Cats.
I’m excited to be coming back to Veyote
Anthrocon as I have been attending Programming
Teej Assistant dance coordinator coyote.
since, um..damn, I ran out of fingers.
Security Yapyap!
If you’re a birder and see a bald (fe-
This staff member was too busy to
male) Dorsai stop and say “Hello!”
write a bio. Waylon ‘Ashe’ Darosh
Tora Director (Programming)
TerkWolf Ashe has lost count of how many
Audio/Visual Security
This staff member was too busy to years he’s worked for Anthrocon, but
This staff member was too busy to he’s still here. With the help of an
write a bio. write a bio.
amazing team, he runs the Program-

Page 34
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

ming Department attempting to pro- Xacarith leading the fursuit parade banging
vide you, the attendee, with the best Registration, Art Show, on the noisy cymbal every year.
experience possible. If you encounter Artist’s Alley
him in the wild, he accepts cookies as I just help out. Ysera She’nai
bribes. Acting Director (Publications)
XydexxUnicorn Healing valid in the continental
Weisen Charity United States only. Void where pro-
Operations @XydexxUnicorn on Twitter. Be hibited. Some restrictions apply.
Just a cherry red wolf. good, have fun. Standing in fire voids healing war-
Witchiebunny Yappy Fox
Dealers Room Programming Zylos
A little purple bunny. Having been to every single Anthro- Audio/Visual
con since #1 in 1997, he has been This staff member was too busy to
write a bio.

Page 35
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific


Surf Pacific

Page 36
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

“Where’s the cruise ship, dried meat, electronics and paint to from things, this isn’t exactly what
Cory?” the other side of the world… oh, and I had in mind!” Lee padded around
As they drove closer to the you and me too!” to the boot of the car and unloaded
dock, Lee became all the more insis- Cory’s giggled end to that their two suitcases, his golden eyes
tent. sentence was not met with equal en- wide and lingering with dread on the
“Where is it, Cory? All I see thusiasm by Lee who was stuck in a paint-peeled, cold and skyscraper-
are like, industrial boats and tank- consternated stare out the front of high hull of their quote-unquote
ers.” their car, his jaw dropping and his ‘cruise ship’.
Still his boyfriend didn’t re- ears pinning in disbelief. But Cory was already bound-
veal the surprise. “A month of just you, me ing over to the huge ropes and chains
“Paws alive, Cory, where’s and the sea!” The fox got out and that held the container ship steady
the ship?” breathed deep, inhaling stale airs of whilst in port, marveling at its size
The fox finally parked the brine, dead fish and rusting iron, his and waving like a schoolcub at the
car in some shabby lookin’ car park eyes keen and excited on the huge workers already aboard.
about a stone’s throw from the roots ship before them. “This is such an old man
of the breakwaters, the offices, jetties “A month?! On that?” thing to do… paws alive!” The Al-
and hulkin’ great container ships. He “Yep. Well, once we get to satian huffed exhaustedly, “It’s like
relaxed in his seat and pointed a paw New Zealand, we’ll have more time we’re train spotters or something.
forward. on land, before we fly back.” You really weren’t kiddin’ when you
“There she is!” He beamed “Paws alive, baby, wh… said you loved boats.”
proudly, “The VSC Caudate taking when I said I wanted to get away “This isn’t a boat, sweetie,

Page 37
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

it’s a ship and...” Cory turned tail boyfriend had wanted to hear. He local supermarket with a tail full of
and was faced with his boyfriend’s still smelled real ticked-off too. dreams. He simply wanted to have
less-than-impressed muzzle; his tail “But hey…” Cory bounded fun with his life, explore the vast
drooped and his ears pinned as he over the first deck, his ‘long-suffer- oceans and the swathe of Vulpinity
padded solemnly with him towards ing’ mate trailing with the two cases across the globe.
the rope walk. “I’ll… I’ll uh, shut up in paw, “…we still get our own pri- Cory craved to smell differ-
now.” vate cube, like a self-sufficient con- ent musks, eat different meats and
There was an instant droop tainer with tail washer, shower and worms, and feel the wags of a mil-
in poor Cory’s tail, realizing that this a bed – plus one of the containers lion cosmopolitan tails as they went
‘surprise’ wasn’t exactly being met has supplies for tourists and crew – about their everyday lives. Foreign
with as much enthusiasm as he’d jerky, smoked meats, grasses, dried was fun for Cory. Lee on the other
hoped. He felt the rich, angry waft bugs, salted chocolate.” paw just wanted to let his fur down.
of his boyfriend’s scent strike at his Cory was trying his best to He had plenty of challenges at work…
very heart. perk-up his mate as they got settled; he didn’t need them on holiday.
“I uh… I did it all for you, ya’ but nothing seemed to work. “How many tourists are
know.” He murmured shyly as they “I feel like a part of some gi- there?” Everything was now punctu-
made their way up the ‘walk’, thor- ant tetris game!” Lee exclaimed as he ated with a heavy sigh.
oughly chastised by nothing more was met with endless walls of con- Cory sheepishly showed him
than olfaction. “I know you wanted tainers as far as the eye could see and the two digits of his right paw.
to see the world.” the nose could smell. “Seriously?! It’s just you
“Right… but slummin’ it His boyfriend managed to and me and these… these… blue-tail
wasn’t exactly how I wanted to do it.” chuckle at the observation, but it was workers?”
“You’re mad at me.” The fox obvious that Lee still wasn’t in the “Oh come on, try and relax
replied, his ears pinned and guilty. mood! The gruff and no-nonsense and have some fun.”
“I’m…” Lee sighed deeply to Alsatian owned a security company Another sigh was Cory’s re-
punctuate his chagrin. “I’m not mad and was looking to get away from the sponse as they climbed another set of
at you, Cory, I… look, let’s just get darkness, the industrial and the clin- rusty stairs to their cosy ‘cabin’. Only
onboard and get this over with.” ical for a few weeks. His boyfriend of time would tell how much of a pain
That wasn’t exactly what his three years, Cory, was a bagger at the in the tail Lee was going to become.

Page 38
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

“But I still get to lech, right?” in together yet, so Cory was loving
*** Cory nudged him again. being away from his dark and dank
Raised eyebrows and a dis- home earth… to be above ground for
As they got going, the sun tinctly perturbed, annoyed tail scent weeks on end was wonderful. Lee on
soon made the vast two-tone blue was all he got in reply. the other paw had a terranean ter-
a little more tolerable – it was gor- “Paws above… whatever, race in a southern city of the wol-
geous on tired fur and footpaws. Lee! Be miserable!” The fox put his ven homeland… but paws alive, he’d
“We’re moving?” Lee hesi- paws up in ‘surrender’ and huffed wanted away from the hustle and the
tated, his muzzle snuffling nervously with an upsetting break in his voice, bustle, the endless sea of workers
and his paws gripping the railing that before turning tail to pad up to their and sweat. This wasn’t exactly para-
ran the length of the ship on port and cube to change. dise for him right now!
starboard, “This is gonna’ take for- Much to Lee’s consternation,
ever.” Cory had already been buggin’ some ***
And there was another sigh! of the workers on their breaks as they
“But you’re with me.” Cory sat on the tops of the containers at It took all of those first three
murred, nuzzling his mate’s ruff and the very head of the ship. He’d ask weeks at sea for Lee to finally mel-
cuddling his left forepaw. about the effects of salt on their pelts low; maybe it was because he had
Lee was kinda’ non-plussed and tails, amongst other nonsensical little choice but to do precisely that.
by it all. He was still mad… and Cory things. Most found Cory curious… Cory preferred to see it as his boy-
knew it. others, a little irritating. Neverthe- friend was finally ready to enjoy
“Well…” The fox started, less, these were paying customers himself. The Alsatian could be seen
“I’m gonna take a jog around the who were here for the duration; so, chillin’ and listening to an old CD
ship, get some sun on my fur and frustration or not, the crew behaved player he had brought with him, all
watch these hawt hunks of mid- themselves and indulged the curios- whilst lying in the sun atop their own
shipfoxes go about their duty.” ity of their guests. personal container. The corrugat-
“That would be a military This semi-domestic arrange- ed surface and the smells of flaked
designation, darling. These are just ment for these guests – especially for paint, crusty rust and seawater lulled
crew.” Lee replied with a conceited so long – was a new concept to the him to a snooze in the glorious un-
frown. couple after all. They hadn’t moved interrupted sunshine of mid-Pacific.
He had wondered why Cory had de-
terred him from bringing his iPaw.
Duh! No paws-damned internet out
here. ‘Course there wasn’t!
It wasn’t until they were out
in the centre of this vast puddle, that
– in the lulls between storms through
which they’d passed – he realized
how much of the night sky he could
see from the ship. It made so much
of a change from work, where he only
ever stared up into a vast melamine
orange, swathes of light pollution
from cities and towns that drowned
out galaxies and edges so distant it
was tail-boggling.
After a brief dinner of steak,
beef broth and sashimi worms, he ac-
tually initiated the moonlit walk with
Cory. The young fox – who wasn’t
the passive- aggressive type no mat-
ter the arguments they’d had prior
- thought his boyfriend may have
had a sudden onset of fever, jokingly
taking his temperature by pressing a
paw to his forehead.
“Nope, wow… it really is you
suggesting this!” He giggled, before
taking the Alsatian’s strong, tan-gold

Page 39
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

Page 40
Anthrocon 2019: Surf Pacific

paw and padding away with him to drinking glass. There were also smart Striking windblown fur
the deck. ocean chalets in the distance, fingers and sand-coarsed pelts became like
In the heat of the night, they of jetties and boardwalks reaching smudges of polychrome oil paint
padded along the outer deck, looking into the blue. against the ever-blue sky, life that
up to see the stars and the crossing of “Say uh… that looks like had both substance and the musky
transpacific flights. fun.” Lee murmured, grabbing his smell of contented tail.
“Heh…” Lee paused and boyfriend’s attention and pointing “Paws alive I feel like I’m
‘spoke’ to the skies, “I bet you guys out over the ocean, his tail wagging cheatin’ on you by watchin’ all this!”
have at-seat service, dry pawpads excitedly, “Are we stoppin’ anytime Lee laughed, coming back by his
and a whole bunch o’ cool stuff to soon?” mate’s side and taking his paw firm-
watch!” “French Polynesia I think, ly, those golden eyes chasing after
“But isn’t this cool?” Cory hon’… about two-thirds o’the way swiftly disappearing, semi-friends
murred, snuffling his muzzle be- across. We can’t be more than a day who were already tail-deep in the
neath Lee’s. or two away.” swash and ready to dive.
The gruff dawg was kind of Sure enough, the massive “Are you kiddin’, I’ve been
caught off-guard; but he broke into VSC Caudate docked at Pape’ete on checkin’ out the tail ever since we left
a smile, swathes of char-black and the island of Tahiti, Lee and Cory L.A.”
straw-tan glistening as his maw ac- having the opportunity to disembark And it was then that the Al-
tually tore to happiness. It was a mir- and – once they were away from satian finally cracked a proper smile.
acle! the grubby quay – pad along the “Hey, Corz?”
“I have to admit… this is pretty awe- white sands and beneath the beau- “Hm?”
some.” He murred, putting a paw tifully picture-postcard palm trees. “Thank you for suggesting
around Cory’s slender shoulders, They’d leave for Auckland in another this and… like, gettin’ it all arranged
his tail batting then curling lovingly twenty-four hours, and this was long n’ stuff.”
around the fox’s musky brush. enough for the pair to see the hustle “No problem, honey tail!”
and bustle of young tail enjoying the Cory nuzzled his boyfriend’s sun-
*** sunshine and the surf. Groups of warmed ruff, fragrant with woods,
swimsuit-clad foxes and wolves were sweat, clay and salt, “Besides, I knew
They began to pass some dashing past to dive into the waves, you’d warm up once we did some-
of the atolls, including Tikehau and boards at the ready. thing real… s’pacific! Get it? Get it?”
Rangiroa, surfers out on the wave “Salut!” came the call as Lee The dog just shook his head
crests like struck, smudged red and and Cory parted to make way for a with a laugh and held his boyfriend’s
black paint on the surface of a huge lagging ‘yote and his dalmatian pal. paw tighter.

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