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Company Profile


Our company is fully committed to providing best quality
services which consistently meet the needs and expectations
of our clients in a safe, co-ordinated and timely manner.
About Us

Since its inception, A&S has grown from 04 staffs to our currently 240 staffs to service
our clients. Our team of carefully selected professionals are trained to carry out their
duties with speed, excellence and most importantly, a client-centric approach.

Our key clients comprise of high-profile organizations including the Sankyu Singapore
Pte Ltd, JEL Maintenance Pte Ltd, Microtac Systems Pte Ltd, Hyperwox Engineering
Solutions Pte Ltd, Buildforms Construction Pte Ltd, Vancam Construction Pte Ltd, Hertel
Singapore Pte Ltd, Holcam Construction Pte Ltd and 800 Super Waste Management
Pte Ltd to list a few. These organizations are well-known for their exacting standards
and their continued partnership is evidence of their trust in A&S Service Engineering
Pte Ltd quality and commitment to their projects.

A&S Service Engineering prides itself on four main strengths: A strong rapport with
clients and suppliers. A dedicated and experienced management team, a commitment
to continually equip its staff with more skills as well as the management’s hands-on

Working closely with our clients, we determine their exact requirements, limitations,
and budgets. Based on these parameters, our engineers, coordinators, and workmen
are able to plan and strategies the most efficient manner to deliver the best quality

We value the trust and feedback of our clients and are invested in building long-
term relationships with them. To this end, we are committed to providing top quality
products and customer service standards for each of our clients.

Looking forward, A&S Service Engineering is committed to a continual improvement

of its services by promoting work process integration as well as the implementation
of efficient and innovative solutions. Its utmost priority is in providing a safe working
environment for its staff with a proactive approach by its project teams. Being a young
and dynamic organization, A&S Service Engineering and its staff are well geared to
take on more challenges in the years ahead.

Core Values

Our Vision
To be the preferred Service Provider in plant design, fabrication & construction
and maintenance to the process industries in Singapore, and beyond.

Our Mission
To deliver efficient, reliable & quality products & services to customer in a SAFE
AND TIMELY manner.

We always think about the impact on our customer
We offer the best quality and service
We provide innovative solution
We treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect
We communicate openly, honestly and promptly
We prioritise safety

We strive for quality in everything we do
We continuously improve

We maintain the highest standards of integrity
We always try to do the right things

Courage, determination and great teamwork are the

foundations for our success
Our Policies

Health, Safety
& Environment
We aim to achieve this through :

• Educating and instilling the importance of Health, Safety and Environment

awareness through training and communications.
• Preparing all employees to take personal accountability in the course of their work
in order to create a hazard-free and healthy workplace.
• Ensuring that all managerial and supervisory personnels are pro-active in
promoting the company’s HSE expectations by adopting the industry’s standards
to all employees and contractors.
• Acting responsibly in the course of our operations to lessen the impact to the
environment by conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling materials
without compromising on safety.

Our company’s enduring emphasis in the safety and health of its employees, vendors
and contractors contributes to our success in maintaining an accident-free workplace.
We will continue to ensure that adequate steps are taken to mitigate any hazards
inherent in the work environment for all our employees, contractors and general public
in all area of our operations.

We aim to achieve this through :

• Continual improvement and enhancing efficiency in our work processes.

• Promoting continual learning & training opportunities for our employees to enhance
• Taking individual and collective responsibility for ensuring product and service
• Heavy focus on meeting customer’s needs and requirements.

Our company is fully committed to providing best quality services which consistently
meet the needs and expectations of our clients in a safe, coordinated and timely

our services

We provide services Process & Utilities to our clients, including:

• Piping Works - Fabrication & Installation

• Equipment - Assembly & Erection
• Structural & General Steel Fabrication & Installation
• Plant Maintenance & Shutdown
• Plant equipment installation
• Rigging, heavy lifting & material handling
• Storage Tank - Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Testing
• Process Plant Shutdown and Short Services Contract
• General Building Construction and Upgrading
• Manpower services
• Integrated industrial supply
• Tower, vessel & reactor internal works

Steel Structure Works

A&S Service Engineering Pte Ltd specializes in steel structural works (supply, fabrication
& erection/ installation) for petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical plants, Sludge
disposal plant, common factories, and warehouses. For every project undertaken, A&S
Service Engineering Pte Ltd prioritizes successful on-time completion of top-quality
work, hence achieving complete customer satisfaction and a remarkable reputation. A&S
Service Engineering Pte Ltd is spearheaded by renowned elites bestowed with a huge
wealth of knowledge and experience in steel structural works. A&S Service Engineering
Pte Ltd provides consultancy and project management services in the steel structure

Plant Construction
Supported by a team of competent multi-skilled workers, we are capable of meeting
the strictest requirement from our clients. Along with vast experience in the shop/site
fabrication, on-site installation and heavy lifting work in the area of piping and metering
skid, cryogenic tanks, storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other steel
fabrications. We're confident that we can deliver with the highest efficiency and quality.

Regular & Ad-hoc Maintenance Services

Regular Maintenance
We're able to provide regular maintenance of the plant to ensure that it is always operating
in a satisfactory condition. For such maintenance contracts, a team of dedicated managers,
supervisors and skilled workers will be tasked to charge of the general maintenance of
the contract site. Their scope mainly includes but not limited to maintenance vessels,
exchangers, towers, tanks, and valves.
Shutdown Maintenance
This is a more extensive and in-depth maintenance work compared to regular maintenance
and would require a planned shutdown of the plant to carry out more throughout cleaning
of the plant. Our managers and engineers will propose a comprehensive plan to ensure
that the plant is shut down, cleaned up and back in operations within the shortest possible


Labour Supply

A&S Service Engineering Pte Ltd specializes in supplying skilled labor to major
construction companies in Singapore and the region. We possess unlimited resources
of various tradesmen such as welders, fitters, erectors, scaffolders, painters, foremen,
rigger/ signalmen, lifting supervisors, safety supervisors etc.

A&S workers maintain a high level of discipline and work attitude. At A&S, we operate
along a 24/7 regime, having invested in essential infrastructures such as trucks, lorries
and dormitory accommodation.

Manpower Supply Qualified Welders Supply

• Safety Supervisor • SMAW

• Steel / Pipe Fitters • GTAW
• Certified Welders • FCAW
• Rigger & Signalman
• Lifting Supervisor • Carbon Steel
• Construction Workers • Stainless Steel
• General Workers • Duplex & Super Duplex
• Skilled Workers • Alloy Steel
• PCM Workers • Copper Nickel
• Forklift Operator • Copper Brazing
• Transportation & Delivery • Aluminium
• Construction Works • All Position
• Site Cleaning

Client : United Energy Pakistan Limited
Scope : Fabrication and Installation of Gas Lift Compression Package (Skid A, B, C)
Project Name : 800 Super Sludge Disposal Plant at Tuas
Client : 800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd
Scope :
1. Erection & Installation – Incinerator (4 Units)
2. Erection & Installation – Gas Air Heater (4 Units)
3. Erection & Installation – Heat Recovery Boiler (4 Units)
4. Erection & Installation – Bag filter & Chimney (4 Units)
5. Erection & Installation – Balance of Plant
6. Fabrication & Installation - Hot & Cold Air Duct System
7. Fabrication & Installation - Hot Steam Line, HP & LP Piping System
Duration : August 2017 to July 2018

Zero fatalities for all personnel

Zero recordable incidents
Zero incidents
Zero environmental incidents &
100% compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
Project Name : AURORA
Client : Exxonmobil Chemical Asia Singapore
Unit : Aurora Poly Area 6 (BRM & RCL)
Description : Verious System pipe spools fabrication and installation work.
Duration : 2nd March to 30th July 2016
Fabricated Dia : Total 11.336 inch
Materials Type : Duplex Stainless Steel, 304/304L Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel

Project Name : Jurong Water Plant Singapore (2016)

Client : Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc.
Description : Dismantling, fabrication and installation of Daft Tank,
scrapper motor and drum screen conveyor Verious System pipe spools

Project Name : Jurong Water Plant Singapore (2016)

Client : Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc.
Description : Dismantling, fabrication and installation of Daft Tank,
scrapper motor and drum screen conveyor Verious System pipe spools

Project Name : JNestlé Office Project (2016)

Client : Nestlé Singapore Pte Ltd.
Description : Install ceiling casette unit, Refrigeration gas, Install Daikin VRV
system, condenser connected to refrigeration gas pipe

Project Name : PUB and Tuas Project

Client : Public Utilities Board
Description : Install chiller water pipe, Install control panel, Install cold room
system, Install Mitsubishi heavy VRV system, Pressure test for
refrigerant gas pipe
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