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Cisco VN-Link Virtual Machine Aware Network At-A-Glance

and Storage Services

Introduction Introducing Cisco VN-Link Mobile VM Security & Network Policy

As companies invest in server virtualization for consoli- Cisco® VN-Link technology was developed to address • Policy moves with VMs during VMotion event for
dation purposes, they also want to address areas such as these challenges. It bridges the server, storage, and persistent network, security, and storage compli-
resource agility, high availability, and energy efficiency. network management domains so changes in one envi- ance
Virtual machine (VM) portability, or live migration, is ronment are communicated to the others. For example, • Safeguards DRS or live migration from impacts due
central to the value of server virtualization; however, there when a customer in a VMware ESX environment uses to disparate VSwitch or port group configurations
are a number of challenges that inhibit broader adoption VCenter to initiate VMotion or move a VM from one • Robust mechanism for business continuance, per-
of the technology: 1) inability to apply security and policy physical server to another, that event is signalled to formance management, and security compliance
at the VM level and have that policy move with the VM, 2) the data center network and SAN, and the appropriate
lack of visibility into VMs, which complicates accounting network profile and storage services move with the VM. Transparent, Flexible, Consistent Management Model
and troubleshooting, and 3) organizational challenges • Aligns management and operations environment for
introduced by the virtualized environment. Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Switch VMs and physical servers in the data center
The first implementation of Cisco VN-Link network • Maintains existing VMware operational model while
services is with the Cisco Nexus™ 1000V virtual switch, allowing administrators to concurrently define and
which is designed for the VMware ESX environment. The apply network policies to the infrastructure

switch interfaces directly with the ESX hypervisor using • Reduces TCO through operational consistency and
VMware’s DVS technology to provide a tightly coupled visibility in the network
operational environment. • Offers flexible collaboration between server,
network, security, and storage teams while sup-
Operating App
System App

VN-Link Storage Services


porting various organizational boundaries (siloed,

System Operating
System App System App

System Following the established intelligent fabric model, VN- converged, hybrid) and individual team autonomy
Link storage services are embedded in a Fibre Channel
fabric built with Cisco MDS fibre channel switches. For More Information
For more information, visit
Benefits vnlink and
Cisco VN-Link server virtualization technology helps
ensure consistent policy-driven network capabilities
across all physical and virtual servers in a data center.
Policy-Based Configuration of VM Network
Sales VMware
Finance VirtualCenter™
• Real-time coordinated configuration of network,
security, and storage services
• Consistent VM-centric management model for
more efficient and flexible server administration

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