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I have graduated from English Education Department, Muhammadiyah University of

Makassar. After graduation, I work as an English educator. During my teaching

experiences, I usually found some difficulties in teaching English for specific purpose
and different ages of learners, but the facts in the classroom, my ability in designing
lesson plan based on syllabus in curriculum and classroom management are
somehow still difficult to achieve the objectives of study due to the obstacle such as
inappropriate syllabus to the context of real life of students specifically teaching
English as foreign language.

It finally motivates me to gain more knowledge to learn about issues of planning and
development material and pursuing master degree on education, specialization on
Magister Pengembangan kurikulum, in University Pendidikan Indonesia. Other than
that, this program also set Courses which typically concentrate on examining
curriculum models and learning detailed strategies for assessing, creating and
restructuring curriculum, therefore those knowledge that I gain will enable me to take
role as curriculum specialist in my home university and to become a lecturer which
can teach curriculum and material development and more courses related in the
faculty of teacher training and education.

Modules description

A master's degree program in curriculum development trains individuals to develop

educational programs for teachers and students. These programs start with detailed
study of curriculum models and learning theories, and then students gain real world
experience by applying the assessment skills that they have learned in the classroom.

Study Program and Courses

No Code Subject Groups Credit
1 2 3 4

1. TP409 Curriculum Development Policies 3 X

2. TP407 Competence Based-Curriculum 3 X

3. TP414 Curriculum Development of Local Content 3 X

4. TP419 Models of Curriculum Development 3 X

Number of Matriculation subject Credits 12

II. Core Subjects

1. Expertise Foundation Subjects

1. PS602 Research Methodology 3 X

2. PS603 Applied Statistics 3 X
6 3 3 0 0
B. Expertise Subjects of UPI Graduate Program
1. PS611 Philosophy of Science 2 X
2. PS701 Pedagogical Foundations 2 X
4 2 2 0 0
C. Expertise Subjects of Study Program
Foundations and Principles of Curriculum
1. PK701 3 X
2. PK702 Curriculum Development 3 X
3. PK703 Curriculum Implementation 3 X
4. PK740 Curriculum Management 3 X
5. PK750 Curriculum Evaluation 3 X
15 6 6 3 0
III. Subject Choices: Special Expertise Subjects **)
1. PK762 Tertiary Education Curriculum 2 X
2. PK761 Middle Education Curriculum 2 X
3. PK760 Basic Education Curriculum 2 X
4. PK763 Teachers’ Education Curriculum 2 X
5. PK770 Curriculum of Training 2 X
6 PK722 Education Information System 3 X
7. PK721 Instructional Design 3 X
Foundations and Concepts of Educational
8. PK711 3 X
9. PK733 Instructions through Media 3 X
Number of Special Expertise Subject Credits 10 2 2 6 0
10. PK798 Thesis 6 X
6 0 0 0 6
Number of Credits for Students who have curriculum
41 13 13 9 6
development education background

This program will produce educators who are dynamic and reflective therefore I will be
able to enhance practice and knowledge through teaching, research, consultation,
publication and use this knowledge to solve problems related to curriculum

Short Description of Dissertation

Indonesia still faces the inconsistency of the application of curriculum year by year,
even nowadays, some of schools are still implementing KTSP and some of them are
trying to use 2013 Curriculum. Therefore, I would like to conduct research in
analyzing efficiency, obstacles or even challenging which are faced by certain schools
for both curriculum in order to have depth analyzing and understanding towards its
implementation, and hopefully my research will contribute as further information and
evaluation towards government to analyze the need of students and teachers related to
suitable curriculum, lesson-plan, and material design that can improve the process of
learning and teaching in the classroom.

Extracurricular activities

I would like to involve in student services which have been developed by university to
help students achieve the best learning outcomes and graduate on time. Some of these
services are language courses and workshops on academic writing, research proposal,
and thesis. As the result, during my study I will be able to enrich my research skills
and promote my research and innovation in the form of presenting paper in
international seminar, published articles, and writing a book.

In addition, to build my leadership potential and to gain professional network with

others students or others institution, I am going to join in a student communication
forum, which enables me and others students across batches and study programs to
interact and exchange ideas. This forum also allows me to hold various academic and
social activities which can contribute to society.