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HR Generalist paper 3


 Sabbatical leave, funeral leave, jury duty and vacations are examples of
1. optional pay benefits
2. unemployment pay benefits
3. compensation law benefits
4. supplemental pay benefits

 For continuous work growth, company's direct, non-financial and financial

payments are being received by employees, categorized as
1. benefits
2. stock ownership
3. loyalty scholarships
4. all of above

 Benefit paid to terminated employees or laid-off employees is

1. vacations and holidays
2. lifelong learning
3. severance pay
4. optional pay benefits

 Method according to which two or more people share a full time single job,
classified as
1. severance sharing
2. flexible sharing
3. benefit sharing
4. job sharing
 An interview, in which supervisor and subordinate review appraisal, called
1. structured interview
2. unstructured interview
3. appraisal interview
4. hiring interview

 The following is not a part of remuneration model

1. Job description
2. Job evaluation
3. Job hierarchy
4. Job analysis

 Equal remuneration Act 1976, prohibits discrimination in matters relating to

remuneration on the basis of
1. Religion
2. Region
3. Sex
4. All of the above

 ‘A behaviour which has rewarding experience is likely to be repeated’ is

postulated by
1. Reinforcement and expectancy theory
2. Equity theory
3. Agency theory
4. None of the above

Answer in brief
 Why effective recruiting is important in ITES industry
 Explain in brief, as a HR professional what various hr techniques you will be
using for employee engagement in Infosys, where the attrition rate is high
 HR managers need to be proactive and develop innovative employee
interventions to retain talent. Some suggestions are?
 List the Roles of diversity officer in global context

Answers :

1.Recruitment is a core function for Human Resource Management. Without effective recruitment, a
business will struggle to succeed in the long run, no matter how good their values, business plan and
strategy is.

Effective recruitment is done in a cost effective manner – getting it right the first time round.

A recruitment mistake could be damaging in various ways for an ITES company. Evidently, it is very time
wasting hiring the wrong candidate, as the same process will have to be repeated in order to replace the
mistaken employee. In doing so, there is a risk that team efficiency could potentially be damaged, as
well as a significant waste of money and resources.

It is very important to take time and effort in finding the right person. The right candidate is more likely
to stay in the business long-term, invest more interest and produce better quality work.

2.The main reasons for attrition in Infosys is lack of on-site opportunities due to visa tightening and Lack
of cutting-edge projects which made the job “boring” for many employees as they feel the job has
become more monotonous and less challenging.

To overcome this :

• Employees should be given more challenging tasks to perform suitable to their roles

• Providing work/life balance

• Reducing over-staffing as most of the people feels useless as they don’t get chance to show their
performance and gets less chance to them for their growth.
3. Some suggestions are :

• Training

• Mentoring

• Instill a positive culture

• Use communication to build credibility

• Show appreciation via compensation and benefits

• Encourage referral and recruit from within

• Coaching/feedback

• Provide growth opportunity

• Make employees feel valued

• Lower stress from overworking and create work/life balance

• Foster trust and confidence in senior leaders.

4. Roles of diversity officer :

• Partner with talent acquisition to reimagine how to recruit and interview.

• Ensure diverse composition of teams to create the best products and services.

• Require inclusive behaviours as essential management skills.

• Influence community philanthropy to have impact on diverse communities.

• Ensure that companies have diverse suppliers.

• Work with human resources to develop a diverse pipeline of leaders.