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VAT Return

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About this Guide
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This guide is designed for new users of Sage 200 or those who simply want a refresher on the VAT return process in Sage 200. Doing a VAT
Return is incredibly simple in Sage 200. This guide walks you through the key reports and best practice procedures you need to follow for a stress
free VAT Return.

About this Series

This series was created to help new users learn key processes and functions within Sage 200
and for experienced users to get a quick refresher. Feeling frustrated with
Sage 200?
A lot of the content was already written, created by our fabulous Sage 200 support heroes
in response to requests from customers. We simply consolidated, tweaked it and made sure
that every single step was clear, simple and easy to follow - with detailed screenshots to
walk you through the process. If it isn’t the easiest to follow guide on software you have ever
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Vat Return Step 1
The VAT return system is simple and requires no reconciliation other than making sure all transactions are entered into
SAGE200. The VAT transaction file does not require transactions to be updated to the nominal, it will register transactions B
even if they are in deferred postings.

A To run the VAT return first check all postings for the current C Once all is OK, select the Produce VAT return
VAT period have been entered.Then go to Nominal Ledger, button. You will be advised that this can only be run
Period End, VAT Analysis. once. Tick and accept this box.

B Ensure the VAT Return period is correct. Select the Current
Period Return tab. Any of the blue summary lines can be
clicked on and transactions checked within that section.

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Vat Return Step 2 B

A Enter the next VAT Return date and Produce the VAT Return. B This will produce 2 files either on the screen or into
You will be advised when the Return has been completed. the spooler. The VAT Return and VAT Transactions.
This completes the VAT Return.

Changing the vat return date.
Go to Nominal Ledger, Utilities, Amend VAT Period
End Date, run the utility Amend VAT Period End Date.
Change the date to the correct period End.
Note: this cannot be a date prior to a period end that
has already been run.

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