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Minutes recorded by Betty Schmidling, Secretary

FCC Board Meeting

Sunday March 17, 2019

In attendance:
Gregg Heyne, Betty Schmidling, Gary Shoemaker, Cheryl Perry, Leslie Pinkston, James
Becker, Linda Heyne, Darleen Page, Tamalyn Kralman

Meeting opened at 5:01 PM

Devotion read by Linda Heyne
Prayer by Gregg Heyne

January 2019 minutes reviewed and amended.

Pastor's Report by Pastor Gary Shoemaker:

-Requested to submit a semi-annual written report in addition to oral semi-monthly report.
-Marlin Erickson is recuperating at Mt Baker Care Facility.
-Memorial service for Marian Crim to be held on June 30,2019 at 2:00pm. Justice Sunday
activities will occur between church services and Marian's service.
-Gary's mentoree is being installed as Pastor at Queen Anne FCC/DOC Gary to continue as

Outreach Report by O.E director Tamalyn Shoemaker:

-Family Outreach host. Congregation doesn't appear to want to be a host church; our
building is an excellent facility but we lack people support. Tam requesting that a change
occur before our next scheduled week May 26-June 1. New co-ordinators are needed;
another host congregation is required to provide people support, food, administration; if
Opportunity Council can not provide for these needs Bellingham FCC may have to withdraw
as a host church. Gregg thinks we only signed on for one year and that one year
commitment will soon be up; suggested current co-ordinators contact Oportunity
Council/Family Promise with our concerns and needs.
-Clearbrook Lutheran Church wants Tam to preach for them more often; she will be there
the first Sunday of April, May, and June. She preaches for FCC/DOC the second Sunday of
each month. Gregg clarified that her contract commitments with Bellingham FCC/DOC are
for only 20 hours a week (although we all know she puts in way more hours than that) and
what she does outside that commitment is her decision. Linda said that Tam isn't asking our
permission, just keeping us informed to help with out planning for activities for example
Children's Church.

Education Report by Linda Heyne:

-Children's Church is appreciated by the congregation; the Beginner's Bible is used for these
-She explained the new curriculum, Godly Play, that will be used for Sunday School; her
sister is receiving training for this curriculum and will be a valuable resource. The
curriculum uses small wooden figures the children play with as the lesson is being taught;
we will need to have these figurines made.
-Easter events are being planned and worked on.
-Due to weather and health interruptions “Cabin Fever”, a Winter personal development
interlude, will be offered only once beginning Winter 2020.
-Childcare attendant is not working out. Search for a new attendant has begun. Job
announcements have been posted at WWU and WCC. Gary asked if we are paying enough to
attract applicants; we pay $15.00 for a weekly 3 hour position.

Property Report by James Becker:

-Window in the nursery has been replaced; cost $280.
-Toy chest has been locked up.
-Signage stating that cars illegally parked in the parking lot will be towed by Johnson's
Towing have been posted.
-Converting parking lot lights to LED will cost about $400/fixture. Gary will contact PSE
about possible grants to help alleviate this expense.
-Conditions of threshholds and entry doors to the building are being checked.
-Max and Cheryl Perry have been in contact with a contractor concerning repair of rat
damage to the carpet. She will get that information to James.
-Darleen asked about when Brian, a homeless person staying on our property, will be
leaving. Gary thought he had already left; apparently he has just moved his camp to a
different location on the property. It was asked who is responsible and how do we get him
to vacate the property. Community-to-Community, the group that provides and oversees
the garden for migrant workers, is concerned about the safety of the children who come to
the garden. There are also health concerns. Gary suggested we leave a documented written
notice on his tent advising him that he must vacate the property with a set deadline; then
it will become a police matter. Gregg offered to help Gary with this.
-Tamalyn also reported that the fire extinguishers and the hood for the stove had been
inspected. A different company than usual was used expecting a lower price, it wasn't;
concluded that it might have been just as well to use the company we have previously

Elders Report by Linda Heyne for Jane Kletka:

-Elders retreat was held on Saturday March 16,2019.
-The topic of discussion was the book Whole: A Call to Unity in Our Fragmented World by
Sharon Watkins, General Minister of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). (Note, I wasn't
sure of the title of the book so I looked up “whole in a fragmented world” two books came
up I guessed this was the correct book since it is written by our President/General Minister)
They will request the book be read by the congregation.

Trustees Report by Darleen Page:

-The Trustees have been working on building rental fees for non-profit and for-profit
organizations that want to use our building.
-Fees for use of each area of the building,i.e. classrooms, fellowship hall, kitchen,
sanctuary, have been considered (I did not get these written down; they will be posted on
our web-site). Fees for the entire building for one day would be $1150.
-Iglesia de Dios Setimo Dia, the congregation that uses our building on Friday nights and
Saturdays, will be hosting a regional event May 24-25, last year over 200 people attended
this event. The Trustees are requesting we charge them an additional $500 for this event
which will also be using the Sanctuary. Gary asked if we need to charge extra just because
more people will be using the facility. Darleen suggested we subtract what they normally
pay from the additional amount due for the use of the sanctuary. Gregg clarified that the
charge for the use of the sanctuary by a non-profit group is $400 for two days. It was
brought up that at last years event there had been some damage done to the building and
additional cleaning had to be done. A $100 refundable cleaning/damage deposit was
suggested with the $400 to rent the sanctuary; this was agreed upon.

Finance Report by Cheryl Perry:

-The bookkeeper had personally had a tough week. In reviewing the financial report Cheryl
noted some figures she had questions about, but that she had not been able to look at them
with the bookkeeper. Gary asked about a negative amount that was posted (Cheryl tried to
explain it was one of those negative but it is really a positive but it is posted as a negative
here because it is a positive over there kind of things that only accountants and
bookkeepers understand). After Cheryl is able to confer with the bookkeeper and clear up
her concerns a more clarified report will be provided at the next board meeting.
-Deposits look good.
-Darleen reported that the Fund for Living Ministry (FFLM) committee has not met for a very
long time but will be meeting soon.
-These committees have requested their FFLM funds: Evangelism, Christian Ed/Nurture
(Kathy Wheeler & Linda Heyne), Worship (Tamalyn Kralman & Gary Shoemaker),
Stewardship (Dick Talley), Mission, Property (James Becker).

Prayer of community and wisdom by Tamalyn Kralman

Old business Discussion and Reports

-Vision Task Force (Steve Hutchins, Renee Hoeman, Leslie Pinkston) report by Leslie
Pinkston: Dick Talley has offered to lead a visioning process “New Beginnings” for the
congregation. He has led this process multiple times and as a member of FCC/DOC
Bellingham has offered to forgo the usual fees. The Elders discussed the program at their
retreat and have approved starting a visioning process (yet again). The Vision Task Force
will review this offer and if approved will ask for Board approval at the May meeting. Tam
asked if we can give pre-approval so the task force doesn't have to wait until May to initiate
the process. Linda suggested we wait for the task force report then using emails the board
can make its approval. Agreed to.

-The Opportunity Council has chosen to not accept our offer to sell a portion of our land to
them for low income housing. This opened other possibilities for this land. Gary and Tam
were meeting with a Community-to-Community representative who suggested that Catholic
Community Services might be interested in the property to provide housing for migrant
workers. CCS has several low income housing units in the area. California Christian Homes
may also be interested.
Gary mentioned that we need to address our Ministry goals and desires for the use of this
land. It was asked if we need to form a task force to address these issues; does this fall into
the responsibilities of the Vision Task Force? Leslie suggested we do some research on what
our options might be before deciding if we need a task force.
-Family Promise Update: The family's that have stayed at our facility have been pleased.
(See previous concerns presented by Tam.)

New Business
-The Community-to-Community garden has built a fence around the garden with the plans
of planting fruit trees and doubling the size of the garden. There has been some concerns
and confusion concerning this fence that it was built without the approval of the
congregation. Gary explained that he had been talking to the C-to-C people; they told him
about their idea to build the fence; he said it sounded like a good idea; based on their
personal interactions with clergy (Catholic) they believed that Gary, as Pastor of FCC (DOC)
Bellingham, had the authority to approve the building of the fence; since he said he
thought it was a good idea it was interpreted as approval to build the fence; therefore the
fence was built. It was a misunderstanding of how our denomination works; Gary said he
will explain this to them.
-It was suggested that C-to-C visit us to present information pertaining to their programs.
-James asked if the pea gravel could be removed from the nursery play area. Pros and cons
of different play surfaces were given. He will research.

Meeting was closed with prayer.