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Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at
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12:24 PM
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June 27, 2019

Governor Charlie Baker

Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor, Rm 280
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02133


Dear Governor Baker:

I am respectfully reaching out you personally, to request a formal meeting to discuss potential
opportunities for reaching mutual agreement associated with the ongoing litigation – HARIHAR v
US BANK, et al (Certiorari Petition No. 18-7752, Appeal No. 17-1381 and Lower Court Docket No.
15-cv-11880). Respectfully, you are aware that the Commonwealth is a Defendant in this $42B
As you know, HARIHAR v US BANK et al has now evidenced (as a matter record) judicial abuses of
power at every level of the MA State and Federal judiciary, including SCOTUS.[1] Also evidenced
is a failed process for addressing judicial misconduct in the First Circuit, including the Office of the
First Circuit Executive and the Administrative Office of US Courts. Formal misconduct complaints
have been documented against fifteen (15) First Circuit Judges, including Chief Judge Jeffrey R.
Howard. Formal Treason claims have been brought under Article III and 18 U.S. Code § 2381 -
against eleven (11) judges (9 Federal, 2 State) for continuing to rule after jurisdiction had been lost.
Even now, there appears to be a continued pattern of corrupt conduct in the Middlesex Superior
Court (Referencing HARIHAR v WELLS FARGO, Docket No. 1981CV00050) as - eight (8) judges
are considered disqualified and recent failures by the Clerk’s office indicate that the integrity of the
Court has been compromised. Your office was recently copied on email communications that
evidence these failures.

As a matter of record, I’ve brought ALL of these evidenced claims including judicial Treason[2] to
your direct attention (via email - and social media/Twitter -
@MassGovernor / @CharlieBakerMA ). Respectfully, you are aware that there has been an
unprecedented ten (10) recusals (9 Federal, 1 State) from my litigation alone. No accused
judicial officer has challenged a single claim, including treason. It remains unclear as to WHY -
after updating your office for over four (4) years (and as required by Federal law), there continues
to be no response.

In the US Supreme Court, the same, identical pattern of corrupt conduct has now been evidenced
by all nine (9) Supreme Court Justices, who as a matter of record, ruled without jurisdiction when
they denied Certiorari Petition No. 18-7752. Formal complaints (including evidenced Treason
claims) have been brought to the attention of POTUS, the US Supreme Court (via email to the
Deputy Clerk), members of Congress (via a formal letter directed to the attention of US Senator –
Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)) and to your office. With the assistance of social media, ALL has been
evidenced in full public view. Collectively, I have publicly evidenced a failed Judicial Branch of
Government (Federal and State). Based on these evidenced systemic failures, HARIHAR v US
BANK et al is now recognized nationwide as the most egregious abuse of judicial power in
US history. It appears that collectively, the only intention of the Judicial Branch (Federal and State)
has been to ultimately arrive at a corrupt and pre-determined outcome. Any objective observer
who has thoroughly reviewed the 8-year history of this litigation would certainly agree. As an
American-born citizen of The United States and resident of this Commonwealth, this is
Separately, you are aware that I have evidenced failures within the Executive Branch (Federal and
State) as both the DOJ and MA AGO are on record as saying that they will not bring criminal
indictments for related, evidenced criminal claims. And in the Legislative Branch, I have
evidenced an 8-year email/social media trail exemplifying nonfeasance by legislative leaders
here in the Commonwealth, who have consciously chosen to turn a "blind eye" to these
evidenced failures.

Respectfully, you have long been aware that this is also RICO case, as I have evidenced (as part
of the record) Collusion between: (1) the US Attorney's Office; (2) MA AGO; and (3) Attorneys
for Bank Defendants - Wells Fargo and US Bank (Referencing the West LegalEdCenter
continuing education course entitled, “After the Bubble Bursts”.[3]

Put it all together - I've now evidenced systemic failures in all three (3) branches of government
(Federal and State), showing cause to NOT ONLY amend the original claims against the
Commonwealth, but to also bring a new complaint in the US Court of Federal Claims against The
United States. If there fails to be a mutual agreement with the Federal Government - or if the Court
exemplifies the same patterns of corrupt conduct, I will have exhausted all legal remedies available
to me as a US Citizen, showing cause to file a new complaint against The United States in the ICJ
(International Court of Justice, The HAGUE, Netherlands). Keep in mind that there are two (2)
primary components which are considered to have a National (and potentially global) impact: (1)
Legal Precedent being set, as it pertains to Illegal Foreclosure; and (2) Economic Espionage, as
it pertains to my IP (the HARIHAR FCS Model©)[4] - again, having a National (and potentially
Global) impact. For these reasons, HARIHAR v US BANK, et al has gained international attention,
including the ICJ.

Clearly, the Nation is watching... On my LinkedIn account alone, I have over 1500 new contacts
including: (1) 20+ people from the EOP (Executive Office of the President); (2) Executive Producers
from ABC News, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, 60 Minutes, Inside Edition...; (3) Law Professors from
Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Suffolk...; (4) Dozens of Attorneys/Law firms, etc... Everyone is
watching - and EVERYONE knows I'm right.

Since the infancy stages of this (8yr) litigation, my intentions have been (and remain) twofold:

1. To recoup damages suffered from my identified illegal foreclosure [5]; and

2. To ultimately gain alignment with the State/Federal Government involving my
referenced Intellectual Property/Trade Secret, designed to deliver substantial economic
growth to this Commonwealth and to The United States (including substantial relief to
illegally foreclosed homeowners Nationwide).

Respectfully Governor Baker, it was never my intention to evidence corruption at the highest levels of
government and banking. If the law was upheld years ago, I would still be in my home and/or a
mutual (and fair) legal agreement would have likely been reached between parties. Instead however,
the evidenced failures by all three (3) branches of government bring us to where we are today. Left
uncorrected, a failed judicial system is threat to every American. If there is no agreement
between parties and the law is NOT upheld, it will remain my intention to continue the pursuit of civil
and criminal accountability against ALL parties – including judicial officers, regardless of timeline. If
these failures continue, it is incumbent upon the Executive and Legislative Branches to initiate
corrective action under ARTICLES II & III.

I pray that as the leader of the Commonwealth, this letter will not fall on deaf ears and that ultimately,
we can work together towards a legal solution that benefits both parties – while providing a path for
economic growth for Massachusetts and the Nation. As part of the potential solution, I’m prepared to
personally demonstrate the implementation of the FCS Model as a case study and potential template
for Massachusetts and beyond. Potential solutions might also include legal agreements made with
the Federal Government and other Defendants in order to maximize the benefit, while limiting legal
risk to all parties.

Respectfully, please be advised, since this matter is related to ongoing State/Federal litigation and
includes evidenced claims against the Commonwealth, it becomes necessary to copy multiple
government offices/agencies on this communication (See above). A copy will separately be filed with
the Middlesex Superior Court via NOTICE for documentation purposes. Defendants in the referenced
state litigation have similarly (in good faith) been given the opportunity to have a mutual agreement
discussion. Finally, copies of this letter are necessarily made available to the Public and to media
sources nationwide, for documentation purposes and out of continued concerns for my personal
safety and security.
Thank you, Governor Baker. I look forward to your response with great anticipation.



Mohan A. Harihar
7124 Avalon Drive
Acton, MA 01720
617.921.2526 (Mobile)

[1] This includes ongoing litigation in the Middlesex Superior Court, Docket No. 1981CV00050; the
Hon. Judge Maureen Hogan presiding - following the recusal of Judge Kenneth J. Fishman.

[2] As required by Federal Law, witnessed acts of Treason (ARTICLE III, Section 3) must be reported
to the Court, the Governor of your respective state or to the President of The United States. To date,
formal Treason claims have been evidenced against 11 (9 Federal, 2 MA State) judges – and
separately against ALL 9 Justices of the US Supreme Court.

[3] See Attached PDF

[4] See Attached PDF

[5] The referenced Property belonging to Mohan A. Harihar was identified as an illegal foreclosure by:
(1) The Department of Justice (DOJ); (2) MA Attorney General’s Office; and (3) Federal Bank

2 attachments
After the Bubble Bursts.pdf
Harihar FCS Model.pdf